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    [EXPIRED] [FS] E-M5 gripped, 12-35f/2.8, 35-100 f/2.8 | Location: Canada | Ships: None

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling [FS] E-M5 gripped, 12-35f/2.8, 35-100 f/2.8 Prices E-M5 - $400 HLD6 - $140 12-35 - $875 35-100 - $1075 Location Canada Ships to None Description Looking if there's interest for this gear. I really need to...
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    Share: Fujifilm X-images

    Brooklyn Bride by Drewbot 95, on Flickr Manhattan by Drewbot 95, on Flickr Empire State Building Observatory by Drewbot 95, on Flickr Herald Square by Drewbot 95, on Flickr
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    Fuji is closing the lens gap with m4/3

    Still fleshed out a system faster than any of Sony's....kudos
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    New Olympus EM-10 coming soon ..

    TLDR; There are so many used E-M5's out there. Seems like a more reasonable deal. I just picked up a 2nd body+grip for less than half the price of the E-M1 (and the launch MSRP of the E-M5)
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    New E-M1-alike Fuji X-T1 on the way

    At f/1.2 it'll easily blow out ISO200. Hopefully it's not more than a stop, perhaps recoverable in RAW
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    New E-M1-alike Fuji X-T1 on the way

    Don't really agree with the title. How is this E-M1 alike? All these cameras pay homage to their own respective SLR ancestors. Fuji has been playing the retro card since the X100...
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    Fuji X-T1 Rumors and Release (1/28/14)

    Hopefully some early adopter will buy this and put up their E-M1 on the classifieds. I would really like a 2nd one.
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    Share: Fujifilm X-images

    Ice storm... <iframe src="" height="576" width="1024" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>
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    M4/3 to Fuji and back?

    TL;DR Want a complete system as of today? Get m4/3 Want a smaller supplemental (2nd or 3rd) system to your DSLR? Get Fuji X Want incrementally higher IQ? Get Fuji X Want very nice fast zooms? Get m4/3 Want very nice fast primes? Get either (but my preference is Fuji)
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    SLR Gear Reviews Olympus 12-40 f2.8

    But there are so many on eBay for $1k
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    EM1 vs A7(R)

    The Panny 35-100 is great. Good sharpness wide open, deadly sharp at f/4. I was debating the 75 but I really appreciate the zoom when traveling and hustling around. Of course, it works great with the 12-35. On your comment on zooms vs. primes, that was what I decided on with my kit. Fuji was...
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    EM1 vs A7(R)

    If this was a Fuji FF I'd be drooling until launch. However, I just don't know what Sony will do with their lens lineup. Ideally I'd want 14-200, in 14-24/24-70/70-200 in f/4 zooms, a 35 f/2 or faster, 50 f/2 or faster, and 85 f/2 or faster.
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    Sony FF mirrorless - game changer?

    In the end you HAVE to commend Sony on their technical prowess. Let's just hope that Sigma mounts their instant classic 35/1.4!
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    Bonjour from Quebec, Canada

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    Historic Toronto, mixed with today

    Good idea. Maybe you could find photos in between now and then, and have a stitch of the gradual change.
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    So, are any EM5 owners planning to get GX7 as replacement?

    May consider one to complement. Panasonic menus, in camera CA correction, built in flash and viewfinder.
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    OMD EM-1 Leaked on Engadget

    The grip looks somewhat unproportional now. It probably feels great but the camera isn't very tall.
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    MFT will be dead, again

    Yet I don't see people shooting Hassleblads with its uber large sensor all the time, do we? Oh wait we learn to compromise....
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    Brag About Your Computer Here!

    More time for traveling and photography!
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    Brag About Your Computer Here!

    I'll brag: I spent all of 1 day deciding I wanted to upgrade to a new iMac 27" and no longer worry about specs and components on hardware sites!
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    If you want a black GX-7 in the U.S.....

    Order from Henry's in Canada.
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    Toronto, Ontario

    Oh man the Jays are terrible....
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    Panasonic GX7 - The Most Revolutionary Micro 4/3 Camera to Date?

    If I wasn't completely infatuated with my X100s I would be drooling all over this...
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    First GX7 pictures

    They make their own color filter array on top of a Sony sensor.
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    Why are the m4/3 "normal" primes all compromised?

    And when you mount those cheap bright/fast normal lenses on high resolution sensors they perform poorly. Even a Leica 35 Summilux would not fit your criterion. See Amin's post:
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    Micro 4/3 Native UWA Prime

    If it can take filters and less volume in a bag, then absolutely.
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    Not even sure why...d600?

    One thing I miss about larger sensor sizes is the easier ability to shoot wide AND shallow. Look at the new Sigma 35. Perfect.
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    Olympus 17mm f/1.8 DxOMark

    Too bad they didn't test against any Panasonic ones in their report. See: DxOMark - Compare lenses
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    Suggestion Box: User Mentioning

    See: [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging v3 (vB4) - Forum Essentially it works like a "mention" on Twitter/Facebook. You can tag a user in a post. For example, you could have written "@ drewbot can you explain how this functionality works and what it adds?" The next time I sign into...
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    Suggestion Box: User Mentioning

    Amin and Admins, Since this forum has exploded as of late I think it would be great if user tagging, or mentioning, was implemented. Threads can get lost quite easily nowadays. I've seen this function in other forums (car forums actually) and it works quite well. Any thoughts?
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    GX2 sketches -- an EP5 killer?

    I think I've seen that mockup in real life before...
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    Why MFT users are so INSECURE?

    I don't think I'm unsecure. I lock my car doors, use strong passwords, and shred files.
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    Fuji X-E1 VS OM-D EM-5

    Someone should create a thread to capture the multiple Fuji X vs. m4/3 threads. Seems like every week it's the same question.
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    Strange Issue

    This has happened to me on earlier firmware. But only that the camera would not come out of sleep/standby mode without a "battery pull".
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    Lookie here what I just ordered!!!

    The only lenses that would bring me back to FF would definitely be the 135L or 85L II, or Sigma 35...
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    Lookie here what I just ordered!!!

    Ah, the 135L still gives me the warm and fuzzies...
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    6D vs D600 vs ... E-M5

    Perhaps you could swing a dual system approach and try and not overlap. As you mentioned, you could go barebones to the E-M5 and 20 combo. When you don't want to carry a protruding lens, you have this little powerful combo. As you also mentioned, tracking and not zooming with your feet is...
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    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 discontinued!!

    I'm glad I don't have the Olympus 17, when all I really wanted was a faster AF Panasonic 20...
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    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 discontinued!!

    (FT5) Hot! First image of the new 20mm f/1.7 II lens! | 43 Rumors
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    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 discontinued!!

    Damn. Let's hope for an internal AF version. And in black.
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    Novel/Elegant Approach to 2-Camera Strap/Sling

    As the title says, I am looking for an elegant (not so bulky) way to have two cameras attached to one sling/strap assembly. I am aware that the BlackRapids of the world do offer this, but they are quite bulky for the weight of two OM-D's. I was wondering if anyone had another route...
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    Where are you P43/1.2???

    Depends on the working distance really. Shallow DoF is achievable with both lenses.
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    Pricing of Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100

    Until there is third party pressure, I don't see them comming down in price. Do note that in Japan they are cheaper when you convert currencies.
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    Showcase Panasonic 12-35mm X f/2.8

    Fun with Sparklers by Drewbot 95, on Flickr
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge #37 (100 Hours)

    College just west of Bay ;)
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    VSCO Alternatives

    Alien Skin Exposure. It has a different workflow though: LR -> RAW -> TIFF Export -> Alien Skin Exposure -> TIFF Product -> LR Export (assuming JPEG)
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    Why you choose M4/3 & will you stick with it?

    Let me start off with two powerful images: Losing weight with the Olympus OMD EM5 by Alan Frost Photography, on Flickr
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    Share: Fujifilm X-images

    I know a couple of us here have the X100S so I'll say it: it's the best Fuji X cam out there. It feels more complete than the X-E1 or Pro. After I got the 100S I felt like my E was so out of date...
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    Share: Fujifilm X-images

    I've delegated m4/3 for fast Panny zooms only. That combo is so versatile and I do not think Fuji has that in mind for X system. Actually I've sold my X-E1 kit to fund the 35-100, but am planning on re-entering Fuji X upon the release of the X-Pro2, and the 23/56 primes.
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