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  1. Kiwi Paul

    Bye bye m43

    What a complete exaggeration, there is a little bit of CA just visible in parts of the picture if you pixel peep at 100%, probably because I not put any CA removal in at all during processing. Paul
  2. Kiwi Paul

    Bye bye m43

    I have a Voigtlander 12mm (equivalent to 6mm m43) prime which is a lovely lens, small, compact and excellent IQ, Voigtlander are releasing a 10mm version too (5mm m43) so there is plenty of ultra wide choice, there is a 15mm version too. 12mm [ Paul
  3. Kiwi Paul

    Bye bye m43

    I put my remaining m43 kit up for sale today and most of it has had offers of interest or sold. So for the first time in over 8 years I will no longer have any 43 or m43 kit. It was my intention to run 2 systems, the Sony A7R2 + lenses as my main kit and the m43 as a compact travel kit, but in...
  4. Kiwi Paul

    How important is owning an ultrawide angle lens?

    I love them too, my 7-14 Pany lens is one lens I'd never be without. To me even 7mm isn't always wide enough, I also have full frame and I'm considering getting a 12mm lens (6mm in m43 terms) and no it's not a fish eye. My advice would be if you already have a lens that goes to 12mm then get...
  5. Kiwi Paul

    Consolidating my gear

    I used to have the 45-175 and to be honest, it is only a mediocre lens in IQ terms. Compare it to the 12-35 and 35-100 and there is a real difference in IQ. I doubt you would take much of an IQ hit if any using the Pany 14-140 which is a lens I use for travel along with the 7-14, while the...
  6. Kiwi Paul

    Scottish Highlands photos

    Thanks for the likes and comments folks, much appreciated. Paul
  7. Kiwi Paul

    Red doors

    I liked the repetitiveness of the open red doors..
  8. Kiwi Paul

    Show churches

    In Copenhagen, Denmark.
  9. Kiwi Paul

    Scottish Highlands photos

    Thanks for your comments. Yes the deer are certainly well camouflaged but that's where it was so I took the shot. All shots were with my EM5ii + 40-150 Pro, the Stag shots I was also using the 1.4TC. Paul
  10. Kiwi Paul

    Scottish Highlands photos

    Thanks Mike, you have finally joined, welcome onboard, Paul
  11. Kiwi Paul

    Scottish Highlands photos

    Thanks, aye it's a bonny place :-) Paul
  12. Kiwi Paul

    Scottish Highlands photos

    Here's some photos from my trip to Glen Affric and out west last week. I was using my Sony camera as well as the EM5ii so only showing the Oly photos on here. Glenfinnan Wld Stag Glen Affric
  13. Kiwi Paul

    Copenhagen - Denmark

    Here's a few photos of my trip last week to Copenhagen. It's a great city, nice place to visit, very laid back and friendly. All photos with EM5 Mkii + Lumix 7-14 or 14-140 lenses. There are more photos from there on my Copenhagen album on my flickr. Paul
  14. Kiwi Paul


    A rose by any other name...
  15. Kiwi Paul

    Warning - Imac 5k

    I have the Dell 27" 5K , wide gamut, monitor, it's lovely, it also has a LUT and supports 10 bit if the video card does. But you need a video card that supports 5K and has 2 display ports as the monitor needs 2 display port inputs to run at 5K. Paul
  16. Kiwi Paul

    Show: Random picture thread

    Rusty door
  17. Kiwi Paul

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    I liked this harvested field. Paul
  18. Kiwi Paul

    Rattray Head sunrise.

    Sunrise at Rattray head, GH3 + 12-35 Paul
  19. Kiwi Paul

    Why more than one M43 bodies?

    I have an EM5ii and an EM5, one usually has the 12-35 on and the other either the 7-14 or 40-150 so it makes it easier to use different lenses. The other reason is redundancy, I've been on several dedicated photography trips to Europe and Iceland and taken 2 bodies in case one clags out, the...
  20. Kiwi Paul

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    It's Loch Etive on the west coast of Scotland. Paul
  21. Kiwi Paul

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    Loch Etive in the west of Scotland.
  22. Kiwi Paul

    u43 sensor, is it really too small?

    I print up to A2 with no issues at all and use either LR cc or Photoshop cc to up-rez them. Paul
  23. Kiwi Paul

    u43 sensor, is it really too small?

    Yep you got it, although the Sony photo is just as good, any possible variations in perceived sharpness are possibly due to processing. Now I think about it I seem to recall doing one in LR and the other in Photoshop CC. Paul
  24. Kiwi Paul

    u43 sensor, is it really too small?

    The A7Rii + Ziess 55 f1.8 is a great combo and if you put the Sony 28 f2 lens in your pocket too then you have a nice little walk about kit. Don't get me wrong, if you were to pixel peep or look at the overall quality of the image very closely then the Sony setup would be better, but certainly...
  25. Kiwi Paul

    u43 sensor, is it really too small?

    The A7Rii has very good low light capabilities too, the A7xii bodies are the same size as the EM-1 (in fact ever so slightly smaller) so they do offer a lovely compact body with a FF sensor. The prime lenses are good too, not too big and hovering around the f1.8 -f2 mark. But the zooms are...
  26. Kiwi Paul

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    Here's a few photos from the Tatra mountains in Slovakia when I was there back in 2013. Paul
  27. Kiwi Paul

    u43 sensor, is it really too small?

    I've recently bought the Sony A7Rii and 4 primes (15mm, 28mm f2, 55mm f1.8 and 100mm f2), I was curious to see what all the fuss is about with these cameras and also I've only ever used 4/3 and m4/3 for my digital cameras, I've never owner a FF DSLR, so wanted to try another format to satisfy my...
  28. Kiwi Paul

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    A few coastal photos from NE Scotand. Mostly with Panasonic GH3 + 12-35 Paul
  29. Kiwi Paul

    u43 sensor, is it really too small?

    The law of diminishing returns has long kicked in too. FF sensors will always have an advantage wrt high iso, dynamic range, noise etc but as technology improves it gets to the point where we can no longer perceive the difference, lets say a camera is so good its at the limit of our perception...
  30. Kiwi Paul

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    Autumn colours. Scottish Highlands last year.
  31. Kiwi Paul

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    A few waterfall photos from Iceland. Paul
  32. Kiwi Paul

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Image Thread

    EM5ii + 12-35 Paul
  33. Kiwi Paul

    Using the Panasonic 14-140mm f3.5-5.6 on an Olympus body.

    I use the Pany 14-140 mark 2 for travel, I also take the Pany 7-14 which gives 7-140mm range with 2 compact lenses. I use Oly EM-5ii and EM-5 bodies. The Pany 14-140 is a very good lens, especially at the wide end, it does soften a wee bit with zoom but nothing to worry about. Paul
  34. Kiwi Paul

    Stairs and forest path

  35. Kiwi Paul

    Showcase Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO Image Thread

    A couple from me, first post in ages. Paul
  36. Kiwi Paul

    Dual monitor calibration

    I currently have a Dell 2413 and an HP Z24, I used to have the Spyder 4 that both could be calibrated with but I was never happy with the results, I could never get the 2 monitors matched, far from it so used the Dell as a reference and manually adjusted the HP. I eventually bought the I1 Pro...
  37. Kiwi Paul

    Who has gone for a 4K monitor?

    I've just ordered the Dell UP2715H 5K monitor, read reviews etc, all good but also had to buy a new video card to achieve full 5K (5120 x 2880) resolution, requires 2 display ports in MST mode. It's supports 99% Adobe RGB and has hardware LUT for calibration, looking forward to getting it. Paul
  38. Kiwi Paul

    Favourite sunset/sunrise- Please share yours

    Rattray Head sunrise.
  39. Kiwi Paul

    Wildlife: show us your walk on the wild side and post your wild animal photos

    Seals, Newburgh estuary, Aberdeenshire. E-M5, 40-150 Pro + 1.4 TC. P9110672.jpg by Paul Bousie, on Flickr'][/URL] P9110663.jpg by Paul Bousie, on Flickr'][/URL]
  40. Kiwi Paul

    Share Birds

    Some ducks and ducklings E-M5, 40-150 Pro + 1.4TC. P9180834.jpg by Paul Bousie, on Flickr'][/URL] P9170765.jpg by Paul Bousie, on Flickr'][/URL] P9170769.jpg by Paul Bousie, on Flickr'][/URL]
  41. Kiwi Paul

    Olympus Zuiko 35-100mm f2.0 vs Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f2.8 on E-M1?

    Yep I'll agree with the others, the SHG lenses are superb. I was fortunate to own 4 of them in my 4/3 days, 7-14, 14-35, 35-100 and 90-250 and I can testify the optics are second to none. They worked fine on a E5 but how they would work on an Em-1 I don't know, the 35-100 would probably be a...
  42. Kiwi Paul

    Are Monopods Still Useful?

    I've just ordered the Manrotto 334B auto monopod, it has twistable lower legs to lock and release but the top section has a lever in the handle that you hold to release the leg and let go to lock it so it makes it ideal for macro shots where you need quick but smaller height adjustments. I have...
  43. Kiwi Paul

    Poll: Tilt-Only vs. Fully Articulated LCD Screen

    For hand holding either or I don't mind, I use the EVF anyway, although for some macro hand holding shots the fully articulated screen is better but having said that I find the E-M5 is a great macro camera using the screen. For tripod work the fully articulated screen is far better, especially...
  44. Kiwi Paul

    A couple of macro shots

    OK so you can see them now?
  45. Kiwi Paul

    A couple of macro shots

    Thats bizzare , I can see the pics fine when I view my post. If I use the insert picture icon and paste the BB link into it, it doesn't work, if I copy the BB link and just post it directly onto the page it shows the pic when I view the thread. Paul
  46. Kiwi Paul

    A couple of macro shots

    Yes I use that but it's not working on here, dunno why, I use it on other forums and no probs. OK sussed it, a bit different than other forums. Paul
  47. Kiwi Paul

    A couple of macro shots

    Here's a couple of macro shots taken recently. E-M5 with 60mm macro lens. Paul P7050133.jpg by Paul Bousie, on Flickr P7050126.jpg by Paul Bousie, on Flickr
  48. Kiwi Paul

    Lightroom print cropping

    The only way I can think to do that would be to make a virtual copy of the image and crop the VC so only a small portion of the image is left. Then print that. Paul
  49. Kiwi Paul

    Printing cost

    I'm in the same boat as you, it's my hobby and I like to follow the process right through. I enjoy spending time soft proofing and knowing just how the print will turn out. I've just bought the Epson SC P800 so I can print up to A2 and also pano's with the roll feed, all part of the fun. And for...
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