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  1. Mellow

    Unusual Hollow Boulders...Any Geologist Available To Identify??

    Wow, that's helpful! I'd guess the actual location is off to the right (east), where you can see rocks outcropping in the Google Earth image. From the geologic map these are rhyolites (Si-rich volcanic rocks), and from the descriptions I've been able to find online, these were probably very...
  2. Mellow

    Unusual Hollow Boulders...Any Geologist Available To Identify??

    I'm a geologist. First, it would greatly help if you could clarify exactly where the rocks were found. Look at this site, zoom in, and see if you can find it. "Northwest Utah" isn't all that specific, especially given the variable geology of that area! Both igneous and sedimentary rocks are...
  3. Mellow

    O9-18mm vs PL8-18mm given Mirrorcomparison review

    Thanks for posting this, but I literally laughed out loud (LOL'd!) when I opened that link. The photo tells me everything I need to know: the 8-18mm might be marginally better optically, but it's simply gigandous compared to the tiny 9-18mm. Since I'm one of those people who cherish m43 for its...
  4. Mellow

    Olympus E-M1, Olympus E-M10 II and Panasonic G80/G85 (with pana lenses)

    This is actually a good point, though the EG-3 costs $60 US. But if you have larger hands or shoot longer, heavier lenses, then it really improves the handling, making it much more E-M1-like.
  5. Mellow

    Olympus E-M1, Olympus E-M10 II and Panasonic G80/G85 (with pana lenses)

    Yeah, I'm with James and can't get on board with this at all. Olympus menus aren't as intuitive, but unless you're just renting a camera or trying it out in a shop, that doesn't matter. Once you've set the camera up the way you like it (and Olympus gives you a bazillion ways to do this) then...
  6. Mellow

    A day in the name of minimalism (image heavy)

    Wow. I'm both happy and sad when looking at these photographs. Happy because they get so much out of so little . . . amazing little gems. Sad because I'm such an inadequate photographer in comparison. (Yes, it's all about ME! lol)
  7. Mellow

    LX100 for aspiring photographer?

    I thought you could also zoom the lens by rotating the lens itself? Hmmm . . . will have to look into that. I absolutely HATE power zooms (hated the Panny 14-42PZ, for example, HATED it! lol)
  8. Mellow

    LX100 for aspiring photographer?

    Great advice, thanks. I guess I didn't explain as well as I could have: what I really like about the LX-100, for a beginner, in comparison to my cameras and most other m43 cameras, are the manual controls: dial to control exposure, ring on the lens to control aperture, and dial to control...
  9. Mellow

    LX100 for aspiring photographer?

    My 21-year old daughter would like to get "serious" about photography. She has an iphone and a go-pro, but would like a more advanced camera. She's seen me with my m43 cameras (EM-10 and GM1) and I think she'd like to try something similar. What do people think about a Panasonic LX-100? I'm...
  10. Mellow

    Well, back to m43 (again)

    Gotcha. I don't have a FF system, but I do love old vintage lenses . . . and, so far, the best affordable way I've found to use them is with an APS-C body. I'm patiently waiting for the price of a first-generation FF body to come down!
  11. Mellow

    E-M1 II and 4/3 lenses — very promising first impressions.

    I hadn't considered this, because I don't shoot with old 4/3 glass . . . but if the new EM1-II really improves performance with these lenses that would be a great reason to upgrade, especially if you're the kind of m43 user who doesn't really place a high priority on size/weight. There are so...
  12. Mellow

    Your light travel kit?

    Love this photo!
  13. Mellow

    Your light travel kit?

    That's almost my kit exactly, except: GM1 instead of PL7 + 12-32mm kit zoom (it's so good, and tiny) And isn't the Panny 45-150mm? That's the one I take. It's the smallest mid-range telephoto, though it does extend in use (which doesn't bother me when it's in the bag) I also picked up a very...
  14. Mellow

    Well, back to m43 (again)

    Gotta disagree. The problem with m43 is the crop factor. I like shooting normal or WA, and you just can't do that with m43 easily. APS-C is better, but FF would be ideal. I guess if you're into telephoto then m43 would have the advantage.
  15. Mellow

    Your Overall Preferences: Olympus or Panasonic Bodies, Lenses

    I probably should have picked other . . . For bodies, I generally prefer Olympus for the UI (especially the blinkies) and IBIS, but dang I love my GM1. The truth is I carry it around more than any other camera, because it's so small and capable. I'm truly agnostic about lenses, but it seems...
  16. Mellow

    Panasonic 14mm 2.5 vs 15mm 1.7

    In all honesty, I think the 15mm's rep for "rendering" is as much a function of its Leica label and high price tag as its larger aperture. If you can afford it, great, no doubt it's a great lens but for many of us the 14mm is not only smaller, sufficiently sharp, sufficiently fast, but a whole...
  17. Mellow

    Photo Ops near Quepos Costa Rica?

    Well, for goodness sake Quepos is just outside of Manual Antonio National Park which is one of the most scenic places in the world! Also, the park is host to zillions of monkeys that are brazen and hardly camera shy, so you should get lots of opportunities there as well. There are great paths...
  18. Mellow

    Madagascar eyes

    nothing to say by David Denicolò, on Flickr This photo is just amazing!
  19. Mellow

    Showcase D.O. Industries Navitar 75mm f1.3 (C-mount)

    Very nice. I especially like the last image of the ferns . . . so lush. Your lens seems a lot better than the one I bought and tried several years ago. I suspect there's a lot of copy variation, partly from having different manufacturers and partly because these lenses are old and used. Yours is...
  20. Mellow

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, September 2016
  21. Mellow

    mu-4/3 and College Football photos

    Those are great photos, but I fear the good times for UW may end in a couple of weeks in Ann Arbor. ;) Were you using the Oly 70-300mm for those? Impressive!
  22. Mellow

    A second f1.2 prime coming soon?

    Bingo, I was waiting for someone to point this out.
  23. Mellow

    why I've moved on from four-thirds

    Just curious why the OP never tried a body with IBIS? It seems to be a very Panasonic-centric post in an m43 forum. IBIS would have helped enormously with those longer shots. For a long time my go-to hiking kit was an EPL2 + Oly 9-18mm + Panny 20mm + Panny 45-150mm. Super-light, fit in my pocket...
  24. Mellow

    Panasonic 20mm or PL 25mm?

    This isn't hypothetical; I had both of these lenses and sold the PL25. Sure it's a great lens, but it's too large (for me) and I prefer the 20mm focal length. The 20mm will always be a classic because it's fast, sharp, and tiny--and that's a very, very rare combination in photography. If it...
  25. Mellow

    Post your National Park photos

    Grand Teton NP. When I took this picture it was -24 degrees F!
  26. Mellow

    IBIS and exposure question

    As far as I know, IBIS is completely decoupled from exposure. It'll try to stabilize the image regardless of the shutter speed; it doesn't try to minimize the shutter speed to achieve stability. So, if I understand your question, yes, you need to keep an eye on the shutter speed to avoid...
  27. Mellow

    Dangerous Ferguson

    Wow, those are some absolutely wonderful photographs you've compiled. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the runner or the guy beneath him. But they're all outstanding.
  28. Mellow

    Just switched to Olympus - should I switch to Olympus only lenses?

    I'm with CWRailman . . . Olympus bodies and Panasonic lenses, for the most part. The Olympus exceptions are the 9mm bodycap and 9-18mm zoom, both of which are tiny. I have absolutely no issues with using my Panasonic lenses on my Olympus bodies. Heck, being able to mix/match is one of the great...
  29. Mellow

    Aluminum or Carbon tripod for Landscape ?

    I was wondering how long it would be before someone posted this link. Not picking on you oldracer, but I really hate that article. Hogan basically says you need to spend $1,000 to get something adequate, so might as well spend it now instead of incrementally in an endless cycle of upgrading...
  30. Mellow

    A Crazy Idea - Has Anyone Ever Tried This?

    I don't have a thought about the weathersealing, but I wanted to chime in to say that photo is awesome! Amazing light.
  31. Mellow

    One week in the Alps ...

    Beautiful pictures!
  32. Mellow

    Been fooled for years, happy to discover (image heavy)

    I really like this set, and don't think the white balance needs to be "solved" at all. My favorite is the last.
  33. Mellow

    Why so little interest in Video - even here?

    I shoot video from time to time--with my iphone. That's all I need for my purpose, typically sharing with friends and family via texts. I have no interest in high-quality video, which is why I never, every use it on my camera. The idea of creating a high-quality video just doesn't appeal to me...
  34. Mellow

    2016 Polar Vortex in Pittsburgh, PA

    Awesome photos, thanks for sharing. My favorite is the Fort Duquesne Bridge Sunrise--what a wonderful composition.
  35. Mellow

    Anyone move from 025 to PL25?

    I've had both, but went the other way around--sold the Panasonic and got the Olympus. First, they're both great lenses, and I think there's very little between them. As to the "rendering", I must have pretty poor eyes, because to me the only difference is related to the slightly wider aperture...
  36. Mellow

    Serious point - why is video driving our camera designs?

    I agree with this, although I suspect I'm in the minority. I also think it's important to emphasize that my opposition is to high-end video--4K and the like--which is mostly being used to capture images of kids or cats to be shared on social media. I have no problem with video in general. Most...
  37. Mellow

    Bryce Canyon under the snow

    You lucky, lucky, lucky dog! I've been to Bryce several times, but never in the winter . . . and your pictures, which are gorgeous, attest to what I'm missing. Outstanding!
  38. Mellow

    Beware the winter gear churn!

    I really love this photo . . . where was it taken?
  39. Mellow

    The classic tripod saga

    I do too. But didn't cost $1,000! According to Thom, you're still going to get hit with a bill when you move on to Stage 3/4. (Tripods and Ball Heads by Thom Hogan)
  40. Mellow

    Poll: Being honest, do you really need pin-sharp lenses?

    I always want it, but truth is sharpness just isn't very important. The images I love would have been just as good if they were less sharp--every single one of them. I think sharpness gets undue attention because its relatively easy to see and measure, but ultimately not very important to the...
  41. Mellow

    COMPLETED For Sale: Mitakon 25mm f/0.95, brand new | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Mitakon 25mm f/0.95, brand new What are your prices? $399 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? CONUS Description Somehow (stupidly) I managed to order two Mitakon 25mm f/0.95...
  42. Mellow

    Any luck with off brand batteries?

    As gently as possible, may I suggest . . . What we have here is a miscommunication. The statement that lithium batteries can explode is very different from one that states they are likely to explode. Carlosfm seems to be arguing the former, while what's of interest to camera users is really...
  43. Mellow

    Any luck with off brand batteries?

    Wow, irrespective of the argument, I disagree with this profoundly. In fact, evidence is the heart of good argument. Otherwise it's just a bunch of people shouting at each other "because I said so!".
  44. Mellow

    Anyone receive their Mitakon 25mm f/0.95 yet?

    I like your confidence!
  45. Mellow

    Anyone receive their Mitakon 25mm f/0.95 yet?

    I placed a pre-order about a month ago, and was told to expect the lens in "late October". It's late October. Anyone got one yet?
  46. Mellow

    oh it's so NOT about the gear...

    Wow, so good. "American tourists in London" is my favorite from this collection . . . stupendous!
  47. Mellow

    What features do you expect/want in the GM5's successor

    It does seem that Olympus is conceding the tiny-camera concept to Panasonic, which is unfortunate. I like all that competition between EM1 and GX8, EM10 and G7, etc. etc.
  48. Mellow

    What features do you expect/want in the GM5's successor

    I agree with budeny . . . go back to the size of the GM1. People who want larger cameras have many choices in m43.
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