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  1. fredlong

    Continuous LED Video lighting for STILL photography???

    1800 lumens isn't very bright. I found some household LED strip lights similar to fluorescents. They are 25w each and the output is claimed to be 2400 lumens. If I use two of them at about 2-3 feet I get an exposure of 1/80s f/2.8 at ISO200. With two of the units you're talking about you can...
  2. fredlong

    What do you collect?

    I collect this stuff.
  3. fredlong

    Best native macro lens with auto focus for getting close to small subject

    As others have said, depth of field is an issue at high magnification. However at the same image size the depth of field will be the same no matter the focal length. Pick the magnification you need and then focal length for working distance. I would pick the Oly 60. The only one that gives you...
  4. fredlong

    Mount to sensor distance question

    Adapted lenses are just as far from the sensor as they were designed for. Using them on m43 won’t introduce any CA that wasn’t there already. Fred
  5. fredlong

    That umbrella

    I love the color in these photos! I get tired of unnaturally saturated contrasts color.
  6. fredlong

    Olympus lens on G2 camera

    Any Olympus, Panasonic or third party micro 4/3 lens will work the same on any micro 4/3 camera body. The older 4/3 lenses require an adapter.
  7. fredlong

    FastRawViewer and Olympus Viewer 3 RAW differ.

    None of the apps show a "raw image". They all process the raw data to produce an image. The Olympus software as well as most of the big commercial options use embedded data to do some corrections. That accounts for the distortion and vignetting. The histogram you see reflects the processed...
  8. fredlong

    SD Reader to Transfer EDITED JPEG Image Files to iPad

    When you export with Affinity Photo you can specify any size you want. I’ve had no problem exporting 16MB images as jpeg, tiff, psd and png files. Fred
  9. fredlong

    SD Reader to Transfer EDITED JPEG Image Files to iPad

    Put all the photos you want to import into a folder named DCIM. The DCIM folder should be at the root level of your SD card. If Photos doesn’t automatically ask if you want to import, open Photos and tap Import. Without third party apps iOS will only import photos and only to the Photos app. It...
  10. fredlong

    Affinity Photo for iPad

    This is exactly the solution I'm considering. Please let us know how it works for you and where you find road bumps. Fred
  11. fredlong

    Which MFT bodies would you avoid, and which MFT lenses do you like the least

    I'd avoid any body without a viewfinder. I haven't tried all the lenses so I don't know what I least like.
  12. fredlong

    Affinity Photo for iPad

    Yes, saved in the Affinity Photo file format, the layers, and undo history are saved and will work in the Mac and Windows versions. There is a user accessible file system of some sort coming to iOS 11 in the fall. That may make accessing imported files easier. But, right now I can import raw...
  13. fredlong

    Multi-Aperture Pinhole Lens

    If you just put a pinhole in a lens cap the hole will be much to thick. You need to remove a larger area from the middle of the cap. Cover the hole with some very thin material. Brass shim stock works very well. Put your pin hole in the shim stock. Your focal length is the distance from the hole...
  14. fredlong

    Why are classic focal lengths important?

    I'm very amused by the "need" for 17.5mm and 42.5mm lenses to "perfectly" match their equivalent 35mm format focal lengths. Mostly because the 2X "crop" factor isn't exact. But also because "classic" lenses with "classic" focal lengths were rarely the focal length they were marked as. I...
  15. fredlong

    New Godox Light AD200

    Totally off topic. How is it using the Roundflash ring adapter with m43 gear. I've looked at it a couple of times, but I'm concerned it would dwarf an EM10 with a 45/1.8. Would those bungees even grab a 45/1.8? Fred
  16. fredlong

    Opinions on the rumoured new Olympus 12-100mm f4

    The profile is embedded in the raw file. Lightroom will apply the profile. You can't turn it off. The profile isn't in Lightroom's database of profiles so it doesn't show up in the drop down menu in the distortion correction panel.
  17. fredlong

    eliminating reflected light

    The way we used to do copy work was to have one light on each side of the subject pointing at it at 45 degrees. We could copy a glossy photo with no glare. Fred
  18. fredlong

    Which prime: 17mm or 25mm?

    Well, between 17 and 25 I'd go for the 17. I just find it more versatile. However my first prime has always been a short tele. Any one of the 45ish choices is what I'd go for. Except the 45/2.8 macro. I'd want something faster. Unless I specifically wanted macro. Then I'd go for the 60/2.8...
  19. fredlong

    50% off on four thirds lenses at Olympus

    OK here goes. If you don't already have it, you don't really need it. So what if it's one of the best lenses ever made. In any system. There's other long telephoto options that are, you know, kind of good enough. So, um... don't buy it... You're welcome.
  20. fredlong

    THE best short lens for GX85? Pana, Oly, fast AF, 15/20mm?

    For one lens I'd prefer the 17mm. As far as which is better, they're both better. Fred
  21. fredlong

    O-MD E-M1 ii RAW Processing and Noise

    Noise reduction is a black frame subtraction that makes a second shutter closed exposure and is applied to the raw file. Noise filter is what's applied during conversion to jpeg. The camera always makes a jpeg based on your in camera settings. If you're shooting raw the jpeg is used as the...
  22. fredlong

    Eye Auto Focus - game changer?

    It's been available on m43 for a couple of years. It's on my EM10. You have a choice of nearest eye, right eye or left eye. Fred
  23. fredlong

    What's the best, single, photo tip you've ever received.

    A great photograph has a great subject in front of a great background. Related to this and the question that's always in my head lately "What's the hero of the shot? Fred
  24. fredlong

    what did i do wrong?? kinda disapointed em1.2

    In the first shot the target and the child's hand are both in focus. So focus and depth of field are fine. The face, and most of his body, are blurred from motion not mis-focus. Only a faster shutter shutter speed will correct this. Going from 1/125 to 1/250 is probably not enough so simply...
  25. fredlong

    What is this and how to cure it?

    The Noise Filter is applied during the conversion to jpeg. Noise Reduction is a black frame subtraction process that happens to the raw file before it is saved to the SD card. Fred
  26. fredlong

    Used OM-D E-M1 Mark II

    The EM1II is selling well enough to prove you wrong. What people are willing to pay for something is the only real indication if its value. Fred
  27. fredlong

    Fast-focusing prime for E-M5

    The Olympus 17/2.8 is also slow to focus. Like the 20/1.7 it's also not internal focusing. Both of these lenses focus by moving the entire group of elements as a single unit. Fred
  28. fredlong

    Help me choose. UWA vs Long Portrait

    It sounds like you want both lenses but don't really need either one or there would be no question. So my suggestion is flip a coin. Or since you can afford either one now, buy the more expensive one. It will be easier to save up for the other one. One last suggestion is to wait and buy...
  29. fredlong

    How much would you pay for panasonic 12-60 f3.5 - 5.6

    I'd consider replacing my 14-45 with the 12-60 for $200.
  30. fredlong

    On1 photo raw 2017

    So far Photo raw hasn't done m43 auto correction of geometric distortion. I haven't upgraded yet so I don't know if they've gotten around to it yet. Fred
  31. fredlong

    Live View boost

    With live boost on the image in the viewfinder is at a constant brightness. It doesn't change with changes in exposure. With it turned off you see under and overexposure as it will appear in the final image. Fred
  32. fredlong

    Olympus 25mm F1.8 vs. Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm F1.4

    What about Panasonic 25/1.7?
  33. fredlong

    What is your dream camera body?

    I'm on the fence. My dream body would be either the Hasselblad X1D or the Fuji GFX50.
  34. fredlong

    Can we judge a lens by its edited pictures?

    To me the answer is that a lens must be judged by edited images. There's really no unedited image to see. If an image comes straight out of the camera as a jpeg, which set of settings is "natural". If it's a raw image which raw converter do you use to get an unedited image. They all do some...
  35. fredlong

    Another luxury mirrorless: Leica M10

    Since there's a mirror in the rangefinder, can we really call it mirrorless?
  36. fredlong

    12-100mm f/4 Pro vs 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro?

    The standard was created with room for brand differentiation. It would be nice for us if there was 100% compatibility across all u43 gear but Olympus wants to sell theirs just as Panasonic want to sell theirs. Everyone uses the USB standard but you don't buy a chrome book to run photoshop. Fred
  37. fredlong

    What are your hobbies/passions outside of photography?

    My other passions are playing the steel guitarLynne's Birthday by fredlong posted Jun 3, 2012 at 3:17 PM And Marie (she's the one on the right)
  38. fredlong

    Adorama says professionals don't shoot micro-4/3

    Well that looks much more official than my memory! I'm pretty sure they've also said 4/3 is a reference to the format's ratio. Or maybe it was in a dream. Fred
  39. fredlong

    Adorama says professionals don't shoot micro-4/3

    That is the official line from Olympus so... Fres
  40. fredlong

    Aperture bracketing?

    Yes, that is exposure bracketing. The aperture, shutter speed or ISO is changed to bracket the exposure. That's all we used to have. Aperture bracketing alters the aperture for depth of field, focus bracketing alters the focus, WB bracketing alters the white balance, ISO bracketing alters the...
  41. fredlong

    The rest of us with our 'old' cameras

    Wasn't there a 250 frame back available for the F3? You loaded it with 50 feet of film. Or was that just the F2 that had that? Fred
  42. fredlong

    Aperture bracketing?

    The screen shot of the G85 manual shows aperture bracketing works in both Aperture Priority and Manual modes. I would expect automatically changing the aperture in Aperture Priority mode to hold the exposure constant. Fred
  43. fredlong

    Aperture bracketing?

    That would be exposure bracketing by changing the aperture and keeping the same exposure. Aperture bracketing in this conversation should be called depth of field bracketing. That's what the op is looking for. Fred
  44. fredlong

    12-100mm f/4 Pro vs 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro?

    A fourth option, which is my favorite, is a second body. Considering the cost and weight of the zooms you're looking at, a used body would be cheaper and possibly lighter. One body with the 12 and one with the 75 and a couple of less used lenses in the bottom of the bag. Fred
  45. fredlong

    Aperture bracketing?

    That's just something you have to learn. Or set up a button for depth of field preview. Fred
  46. fredlong

    Focus tweaking?

    Yes. You can get around that by setting up back button focus. Set the AE/AF button to auto focus and take AF off the shutter release. Then the shutter release only locks auto exposure (if you're in auto). Fred
  47. fredlong

    Ideal LTM -> MFT adapter?

    Most of the cheap adapters will focus past infinity and so mess up the close focusing distance. Panasonic makes a Leica M adapter which is accurate. There's also one you can get from Steve Gandy, the Voightlander distributor. Add an LTM to M adapter and you should be good. Fred
  48. fredlong

    On1 photo raw 2017

    It seems a lot easier to just make sure my camera is supported and use the original raw file. I stay pretty far from the cutting edge of new camera releases so have never had a problem with support. Fred
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