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    Advice on OM-D travel lens setup for upcoming trip to Europe

    I like having a pancake (17/2.8) with me when travelling, as it can live on the camera, and the camera goes in a easily accessible jacket pocket for snapshots, then I have the bigger lenses in the bag which I can fish out if required. If I take two lenses, I tend to take my 17 and my 45-200...
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    COMPLETED Compact mu4/3 body, UK

    Just got the GF2 through from Sphexx, a pleasure to deal with :-)
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    Flashes, what have you used, whats the results?

    Other way round for me. My YN has somehow stuck on full power, and I like being able to just bounce and TTL for nice snapshots. Still got enough power to work outside in daylight too: SUS Blairadam - Mu-43 Gallery
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    COMPLETED Compact mu4/3 body, UK

    That gf2 sounds like it fits the bill - any chance of some pics to show condition etc? Anything wrong with it? Have sent you a pm. Broadway, thanks for the gf3 offer, but for now I'll investigate this gf2, unless you can move a bit on price.
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    COMPLETED Compact mu4/3 body, UK

    Hi, thanks, but a little too spendy for a GF2, they go for about that on ebay, often new (where people have bought for the lenses). Extra batteries I know, but this is a 2nd body so not so bothered about that. Keep the offers etc. coming though folks :-)
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    COMPLETED Compact mu4/3 body, UK

    I'm on the lookout for a second body to complement my G1. So I'm looking for something compact (for use with my 17). I don't have much budget though, about £100. I've been looking at GF3/GF2s, I guess an E-PM1 or E-PL3 would be ideal, but likely too expensive given UK pricing on oly. I might...
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    Nissin D1466

    Got one, love it. Also use it with radio triggers. HOWEVER, you note you plan to use it on the 7 - 14, this will only be fine if you're bouncing/selectively lighting/going off-camera etc. On camera, pointed at the subject, you'll not have the coverage for 7mm (no flash will). I've not...
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    September 2011 Photo Contest sponsored by NIK

    Red sky at night, shepherds delight.. G1, tamron 70-210/4 in F mount.
  9. Red sky at night, shepherds delight

    Red sky at night, shepherds delight

    tamron 70-210, pany G1
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    Panasonic or Metz for G3

    I Nissin Di466 here on a G1, I got it as it has manual control for off-camera use with radio triggers too, which is important to me. Relatively compact too. Only down side to it is only tilt, no swivel - but it's a pretty small downside. I mostly use it off-camera anyhow. No high-speed sync...
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    Sony creates PDAF-enabled adapter for NEX mount! Your move, mu43

    It'll never exist...but imagine "active" adapters like this for e.g. nikon-afs, canon-efs etc etc.....
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    Canon FD Advice

    Another alternative for your 50 is a reversing ring. The lens mounts reversed on the adapter, then effectively the adapter acts as an extension. I've got good results using a nikon 50 in this way - though of course the nikon adapter is longer than the Canon one. E.g.: (that's a large daisy...
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    Light but Stable Tripod gor GF1

    I use a cheap and cheerful £10 tripod I got from 7dayshop on my MTB, is pretty small (max height is about 1m if that) but solid enough (though some care needed with leg clips) and cheap enough I don't mind if I crash and land on it. Its other advantage is it's small, so fits nicely in the mesh...
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    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    At the risk of stating the obvious, how are you focussing? Most adapters I've tried actually allow focussing beyond infinity - so just setting the lens to infinity won't work.
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    Used G1 worth buying?

    Happy with my G1 - put it this way, I can't see any situation where the G2 would get you a better photo? Technically they're the same sensor etc. The handling's changed slightly, bu the G1 handles very well IMO (i prefer the handling to a GF1).
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    COMPLETED epl1 + kit + 17mm lens

    Hi, I assume you mean 14-42 lens? got any pics of the setup? Also, would you split? I'm really after a 17, but I'd consider buying the lot as a bundle if the price is right...I've a curiosity about the PENs (panasonic user :-) ). PM me if you'd rather use that for discussion.
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    picture turns out blue-ish on GF-2

    update: just checked the exif on your flickr pages for those pics. You have a tungsten (indoor) white balance set. That's your problem.
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    picture turns out blue-ish on GF-2

    P,A, or S on a Panasonic save the last WB mode you set. You've set it to indoor (or custom) as the above suggest. You probably want it on auto...
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    Macro Capability

    Funnily enough, Panasonic know ;-) Digital Camera - Lumix G Lenses - H-FS014045 - Specification - Panasonic UK & Ireland 30cm.
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    GF1 JPG engine setting for portrait

    Are you using flashes? If so you need to manually set a WB, not use *any* of the auto modes. See here for a fuller explanation:
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    Getting rid of my EP1.....

    I'm still interested in a pancake BTW, if you're willing to sell a bit cheaper, and would maybe consider taking the E-P1+pancake off your hands, depending on price... PM me if you want to make an offer and I'll have a think. I keep getting strangely tempted to try one of the PENs out (I have a...
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    COMPLETED Olympus 17mm Pancake (UK)

    I'll have to have a think about what I would trade/PX, but I'd certainly consider PXing some of my legacy lenses, if they'd be of interest (and possibly mu43 kit, but I'd have to think on that some more). I notice from a skim of previous posts you use FD stuff, I have a 28/2.8, 50/1.8...
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    COMPLETED Olympus 17mm Pancake (UK)

    Anything particular you're after trade wise?
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    COMPLETED Olympus 17mm Pancake (UK)

    Hmmm... been wanting one of these for a while, but price is a bit much for me right now. From your previous pics posted on here you might also be in Edinburgh (dealing in person is always easier), or close, so if it's still for a sale in a couple of weeks, or you decide to drop the price some...
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    Win an Olympus PEN E-PL2 from #mu43

    So I never enter these competitions, but an EPL2? I tweeted away... :)
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    Which TTL flash for Panny G1

    Nissin Di466 here, and very happy with it (on a g1). Over the metz it has manual operation - handy on radio triggers - and built in optical slave. I like being able to get the flash off camera:
  27. SUS Blairadam

    SUS Blairadam

    Nissin Di466 camera top right, YN460 camera left quite far back. Sun behind the tree.
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    Fuji X100 in the flesh!

    ..and then pay 20% VAT plus up to 4.9% import tax (not sure what the exact figure is) and then £8 handling fee...
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    Fuji X100 in the flesh!

    But it costs a lot more than that here, £1000 is $1600... EDIT: oops saw that others beat me to that point, teach me to leave windows open :-)
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    Wireless Flash Image thread

    Just remembered about this thread, one of my favs from the weekend: G1, 14-45 @18mm f5, 1/160, ISO400 2 flashes, bonus points if you can work out where they are ;-)
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    G1 with 14-42 - no focus mode

    Sounds silly, but are you sure you're checking it correctly? Did you check you can MF correctly on a different body? With a lens on, set to MF (on lens and body) press left then select to zoom in, then try and adjust focus - you have to turn the ring quite far to see an effect.
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    G1 with 14-42 - no focus mode

    Have you set it to auto-zoom when you MF? Should make it more obvious what you're doing. AFC will only appear different if the subject moves closer/further whilst you half-press - it will stay in focus.
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    G1 with 14-42 - no focus mode

    AF+MF mode should be half-press to AF, then with the shutter held at half press, turn the focus ring to focus.
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    Anyone using portable image storage?

    I found out about it trying to sync only 8Gb of photos (about 11k photos after the scaling down to 2MP that's done for synced pics), it would crash and restart after each sync. Annoying software bug, can't wait for it to get fixed. It's not a HW limitation, it's a limitation of how they've...
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    My GH2 Vacation / Mini-Review

    Great review, thanks. Just gotta pick you up on one thing though: You're wrong. The G1 behaves exactly as you describe for the GH2 if AF+MF is enabled in the menu. Half press, fine tune focus manually.
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    Anyone using portable image storage?

    Those suggesting the ipad, there's a possibly major flaw. I know when you try and sync photos to it from your computer, it won't sync across more than 16Gb, no matter the size of ipad. Hard limit in software. I'm not sure if this limit is present when copying from SD card however. I...
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    Wireless Flash Image thread

    Interesting. The test for your Oly would be to take a shot on a specific WB setting (e.g. incandescent) then put something in the shoe so it thinks there's a flash, but don't fire the flash into the scene, and see if the WB shifts. Deep red walls make the lighting make more sense now :-) It did...
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    Wireless Flash Image thread

    For those with panasonic cameras (olys may do this too, I have none to check) a little FYI from today's experiments: Actually, the above post is a relevant example for this. In the first picture, I see the orange tinged...
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    G1 white balance oddities and annoyances.

    First a little background info for those unused to flash photography. Bear with me, it sets the scene to explain my issue. If you're shooting a mix of flash and ambient, say a flash lit subject and the rest of a room lit by whatever lights there are, you gel the flash to match the colour of...
  40. WB testing

    WB testing

    showing some issues with G1 whitebalance settings
  41. WBtesting


    Incandescent WB setting, empty hot shoe
  42. WBtesting


    Incandescent WB setting, trigger in hot shoe (flash didn't fire)
  43. WBtesting


    Custom 3200k WB setting, empty shoe
  44. WBtesting


    Custom 3200k WB setting, trigger in hot shoe (flash didn't fire)
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    post your ONE best photo of 2010

    I'm not sure it's my best... I have some more abstract shots that are favourites of mine...and yet I keep coming back to this: G1, reversed nikkor 50mm on a nikon-m43 adapter.
  46. Fly on the flower

    Fly on the flower

    Nikkor 50mm f2 pre Ai. Mounted on a nikon-m43 adapter with a reversing ring, handheld. 1/800, ISO400 I forget the aperture, but think I was shooting f8-ish.
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    G1 EZ extra zoom and AF +MF won't work

    "2) I thought AF+MF on would bring the MF feature in when the dial was on AF. But it doesn't. To get any sort of manual focus I have to set it on the top left dial." With this set, half press the shutter to focus, and then keeping it half-pressed, adjust focus manually.
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    E-PL1 Flashing twice

    It'll be metering. My G1 and many compacts do this too. Do you have an option to set it for remote use? Failing that, radio triggers are your friend. I've just got a set of CTR-301P transmitter + 2 receivers for £18 off ebay, ace.
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    Does there exist a reasonably priced 12 or 13mm MF lens?

    "I'd be very wary of the extra weight burning out the AF motor." 14-45 focuses with internal movement, so this isn't an issue. It's an olympus WCON-08, there are various versions of this, mine's the 55mm rear thread version. I don't have any test pics uploaded online, here are a few with it...
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    Does there exist a reasonably priced 12 or 13mm MF lens?

    I've a 0.8x olympus wide converter I used with the 14-45, works well. Slightly soft at the corners wide open, but stop it down a bit and it's fine. I forget the exact model though...I think I posted about it before though.
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