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  1. mattia

    Landscape - M43's best vs Nikon Mirrorless and Zeiss Milvus

    If you’re just going to shoot a Milvus lens (manual focus), consider a Sony A7rII (or original even). Both have fantastic sensors, and are cheap ish. In terms of IQ you won’t give up much of anything to the Z7 or A7rIII.
  2. mattia

    Off-Topic: Headphones

    I’ve gone off and bought several headphones and a (very expensive) pair of IEMs since my last updates - on the full-sized end Massdrop now just ‘drop’) is a great way to get classic designs at a lower price. I have both their Sennheiser HD6XX (basically an HD650) and HiFiMan HE4XX (an HE400i...
  3. mattia

    Scuba and Snorkeling in Fiji with the venerable GF2

    Looking good! Based on personal experience, I would reccomend focusing on learning to master your buoyancy and become a better diver before upgrading to anything more - when you start out you need more mental energy to focus on your position in the water, and avoid touching the reef as you try...
  4. mattia

    RAW file verification options?

    My 10 year old Mac Pro is mostly still working excellently...except for all three WD Black hard drives. All of which are in some mode of failure or other, with one drive fully unreadable and the other two showing several signs of unrecoverable errors in their SMART info. I’ve gotten myself a...
  5. mattia

    Time for a computer upgrade - what would MU-43 do?

    Apple does overcharge, but you aren’t comparing apples to apples here (excuse the pun). Not all SSDs are created equal. You’ve spec’d a SATA SSD (max about 600 MB/sec, theoretical, actual 500-550) with a much faster PCIe 3.0 SSD (2500-3500 MB/sec). Samsung’s version is about double their price...
  6. mattia

    Time for a computer upgrade - what would MU-43 do?

    Assuming you do not need the laptop for any type of extended typing/writing in the go, I would opt for option 2. The MacBook pro with a slower processor and less RAM and the same SSD size is more expensive than the Mac mini. The iPad Pro should be more than capable enough for on the road work...
  7. mattia

    Faces in things (pareidolia)

    From a dive in Raja Ampat, with a Sony RX100
  8. mattia

    Compact camera + underwater housing or rugged camera?

    Housings add a glass layer, so not ideal for above water shooting. Plus very bulky. The XZ-1 is a very old tech camera - marginally larger sensor than the TG-4, but CCD sensor vs BSI-CMOS. And a slightly faster lens. I would go with the Olympus Tough. Which you can add a scuba case t if...
  9. mattia

    Headphone Recommendations

    Hadn't come across either yet - though I don't really like on-ear headphones much. I have a Sony Wh-1000XM3 and a Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless (aka HD1). Using my phone (iPhone), the Sony edges out the Sennheiser due to a fuller, more balanced sound. The Sony is a touch boomy/bloomy in the...
  10. mattia

    Headphone Recommendations

    Thanks for the tips for home use! On the road, my Bluewave GET (similar to the Earstudio) can drive the headphones pretty well (its the high output version), but it is a bit fragile (volume pot is non functional right now, but can control via the phone) and I get the feeling it's still a touch...
  11. mattia

    Headphone Recommendations

    I like the fairly laid back HD6XX signature, but the HiFiMan is a little more fun - bit more sparkle in the upper registers and slightly deeper bass. More 'airy' sound/open. Not sure if that's the Planar tech or something else. With the caveat that a) I don't have a headphone amp that can drive...
  12. mattia

    Headphone Recommendations

    Old post, but I'm curious how you rate the Noble Kaisers 10's compared to the Shure SE535 (which are my 'expensive' IEMs) in terms of sound signature? I like my Shures a lot, but I've been pondering experimenting with some other phones as well. The other in-ears I have are from advanced audio...
  13. mattia

    D500 vs. RX10 IV birds-in-flight shoot-out?

    Because you get a pretty excellent lens on a sensor that will punches above its weight (better than the size difference would suggest)? And because it can matter for travel. I'm still on the fence about what to do for my telephoto needs, which are fairly intermittent. I like holidays (travel...
  14. mattia

    Olympus Water Proof?

    Sprays may actually be worse. Immersion at shallow depths is less likely to allow water ingress than a stream of water with more force behind it.
  15. mattia

    DXO Software Half Off for Black Friday - What's Good?

    I'm a big fan of DXO photolab; much prefer the results compared to what I can get done with Lightroom (I have both) in almost all cases, provided the camera and lens you use are supported. I've been using DxO software since I think version 3 of optics pro. Also think viewpoint is very good if...
  16. mattia

    A7ii kit for $998 tempting anyone to the FF side?

    Simply untrue. But whatever floats your boat.
  17. mattia

    Do you really need that FF mirrorless system?

    Horses for courses. For now, I shoot both. But prefer the output and experience of my A7rIII for available light candids and landscapes. Love the E-M1 for the snappy handling, and great value telephoto options. But the size difference between it and a 12-40 and the Sony with the 16-35/4.0 is...
  18. mattia

    Panny FF rumors coming into focus

    Given the quality of lenses we've already got in Sony E-mount, including ultrawides, I'll jump in and say the whole whining about mount diameter is just a touch ridiculous. Good marketing move for CaNikon to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt, in any event. E mount is still a touch larger than...
  19. mattia

    Will the new Panasonic be a seminal change?

    If you're talking about first or second gen bodies, maybe. But the mark III bodies are easy to love - and handle at least as well as my Oly E-M1 or Canons of days gone by. If you want dedicated Fuji-style wheels, then it's not for you, but neither is an Oly, Panasonic or CaNikon. Most people who...
  20. mattia

    Sony A7iii

    You could always rent to dip your toe into the waters at an acceptable cost. I still have my 12-40/2.8, 7-14/4.0 and 45/1.8, and they're lovely, the be sure. But I much prefer the malleability and look (and resolution) of my Sony A7rIII files. For wide to normal, I rarely bother with my E-M1...
  21. mattia

    New Fuji XT-3 has a 26MP X-Trans Sensor....

    As should have Sony, for that matter (who do one of each in their current flagships).
  22. mattia

    New camera releases -- nothing so far changes anything for me

    Sorry, but what? Oly upgraded IBIS tech to full 5 axis glory starting with the E-M5, and was the first mirrorless with IBIS, but it was Minolta (i.e. the company Sony bought and built their ILC cameras on) that introduced it. Then Pentax followed. Oly was responsible for a small revolution...
  23. mattia

    Anyone tempted by the Nikon Z6 or Z7?

    The only thing Insee that looks interesting to me (as a mostly Sony shooter these days) is the better weather sealing. And the 35/1.8 would be an instant buy from me. It looks like a very nice camera, but nothing mind-blowingly better than my A7rIII (and since it's a first gen product likely...
  24. mattia

    A word to the wise for travelers to Ireland

    The third party cover requires you to pay for damage up front and reimburses that, in general. The rental company does t come into it.
  25. mattia

    Aperture question on M43

    Look up 'diffraction', it will help you understand the concepts a bit. In tend to stick with f 5,6 with most MFT glass, and with F8 to F11 on My full frame Sony gear. Except when stopping down is needed for the depth of field I want for the picture. Or fornalower shutter speeds if Indint have...
  26. mattia

    So you think "Pro" lenses are big & expensive

    They have a decent set of 'slower' compact primes - 28/2.0, 35/2.8, 50/1.8, 55/1.8, 85/1.8 - And now the slower high quality zooms (16-35/4, 24-105/4, and the 70-200 or 70-300). None of these are huge and all are at least good to very good. Prices...vary. And then there are Samyang's AF...
  27. mattia

    DXO Photolab Suite vs Photoshop CC

    I've been using dxo products since version 4, I think. By far my favorite raw processor. I only move to photoshop if I need to do detailed pixel level edits, basic lighting/distortion/sharpness/etc. I do with DxO
  28. mattia

    Thinking to switch to Sony

    In all honesty, I haven't used my E-M1 for non-telephoto in over a year. But the size and cost of a good telephoto option for my A7rIII for anything near equivalent reach/quality (comparing to the 43 50-200, 150/2.0 and both TCs) is prohibitive.
  29. mattia

    What went wrong with these shots

    I'd say you got pretty decent result for a first time shooting long glass, in difficult light (high contrast, backlit, shaded) in suboptimal conditions. The next step is to shoot RAW (ideally), and at least get comfortable with a bit of post-processing. I took the liberty of doing two quick and...
  30. mattia

    Resolution seems less important than sensor size...

    For stills, for a given generation of sensor (I.e. Similar or same per pixel noise and dynamic range performance), give me the higher resolution sensor. Every single time. Why? Because at any given display size the detail will be better and noise will be lower, or at least equivalent. This is...
  31. mattia

    A7 mk iii - looks really tasty, and the price is tempting

    I'm firmly in the 'both' camp right now. Though I have been tempted to replace the MFT with either an RX10IV or an FE 100-400 (which, with a 1.4 TC and 18MP in crop would give me a ton of reach on the A7rIII). But that lens is pretty slow at that point. And the 43 glass is ridiculously good...
  32. mattia

    Travel lens for Costa Rica

    Whats the point of owning high quality, weather sealed lenses of you dont take them places with incliment weather And amazing views?
  33. mattia

    A7 mk iii - looks really tasty, and the price is tempting

    Possibly. But MFT isn't far off and has a lot of options (from the exotic ultrafast fisheye to compact ultrawide). However, the Sony with the 16-35/4.0 is a heck of a combo, and is what I've landed on as my personal sweet spot for quality vs size. The 12-24/4.0 is also compelling, and if you...
  34. mattia

    Diving in Palau and Peleliu

    Great stuff! I dream of upgrading my humble rx100 underwater kit to something more substantial (ideally my Sony A7rIII with Nauticam wet lenses), but 1-2 weeks of diving per year and an investment of 5000 odd dollars makes it exceedingly poor value proposition. I think I'll stick with buying...
  35. mattia

    Post Processing Challenge #378

    Here are two quick and dirty edits, one color, trying to capture the feel of a warm summer's day gone by, and one pretty heavily processed in monochrome, a 'forgotten postcard' sort of vibe. Main processing in PS express (iPhone version) and the monochrome got some Snapseed love. IMG_9596 by...
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  38. mattia

    Is Sony a "threat" to micro 4/3?

    I'm not sure I agree - print can be pretty forgiving. The Sony files are smoother, cleaner (higher resolution means less noise at any given size) and can be pushed and pulled more easily than the Oly files. They're simply better. And my E-M1 is terrible for long exposures (e.g Milky Way shots)...
  39. mattia

    Is Sony a "threat" to micro 4/3?

    That would be the GM lenses, actually, and add a hell of a lot to price. And weight. The 16-35/2.8, 24-70/2.8 and 85/1.4 2.8 GMs (to list a few) are by all accounts stunning, but really very large and heavy and expensive. Ditto the distagon 35/1.4. The Sony/Zeiss 16-35/4.0 is a lovely lens...
  40. mattia

    COMPLETED Want to Buy: Olympus Zuiko 150 F2 | Location: USA | Ships: N/A

    Protip: click on Phocal's user name and check out some of his threads. Let's just say I blame him for my current ownership of the little tuna...
  41. mattia

    What was your 1st experiences in dipping into 4/3rds?

    By 2011, I'd graduated from a Minolta compact (4mp CCD) through Canon's original digital rebel to a pair of Canon 5DIIs with a broad range of the semi-affordable L glass. Wonderful stuff. Lovely images. Helped me make great memories on their final Big Trip to Antarctica late that year. But...
  42. mattia

    A7 mk iii - looks really tasty, and the price is tempting

    I'm one of the odd ducks who actually enjoyed the A7r original, and now shoots an A7rIII. At least for ultrawide to normal, though I added an 85/1.8 recently. Bigger and heavier than my E-M1 kit? Yep. But the files are much nicer to work with. And the r mark III is a perfect camera for me. This...
  43. mattia

    Sri Lanka what lenses to bring?

    I got the most out of my ultrawide zoom and normal prime, but we did do a brief safari, so I was glad I had the telephoto. But if you do not go wildlife stalking, wide to normal should cover a lot of bases. Bit of a personal preference thing though.
  44. mattia

    Take PL100-400 or leave behind?

    For me, if you do this type of trip and don't take the lens, why bother owning the lens? The only glass I rarely ever travel with is manual adapted glass, but this seems like a no-brainer. Even if it only gets used for a few days in the trip.
  45. mattia

    Take PL100-400 or leave behind?

    Take the telephoto - you're driving and cruising, not backpacking. For me this would be a no-brainer. But then I take a telephoto any time there's wildlife to be caught.
  46. mattia

    Thinking of switching to micro four-thirds

    I think DxO is definitely worth it - not just Prime, but also the lens/body combination calibrated sharpening algorithms that work really well. I personally prefer the color rendition DxO gives me to the camera JPGs (and I really don't like Lightroom's standard much at all) but it's pretty easy...
  47. mattia

    Shootout Little Tuna vs Micro Tuna - A Look at Resolution

    Honestly, the 'compressed RAW' thing is overblown, IMO. I've never run into issues, as I understand it it's mostly an issue in. Wet high contrast scenes with heavily pushed shadows, generally at borders. I have an a7r mark I and now a Mark III. The latter is better, by maybe a stop or so, but...
  48. mattia

    De-fishing with DXO Optics 11

    Remove fisheye distortion the create a 'rectilinear' wideangle image. For example: The Best Method of Defishing a Fisheye Photo – Lonely Speck
  49. mattia

    Would you accept10MP to get ISO 102,400?

    Plenty of Sony cams have this already. For stills I'll take the A7rIII (which I have) over a 10MP anything, per print size performance will likely be quite a bit better thanks to downsamping.
  50. mattia

    How future proof is the Oly em1ii?

    In the end, it depends on whether it's good enough for you - it's an excellent camera with some strong selling points and performance. The big question for me in the coming years is how good tracking AF becomes. Whether that matters significantly is a matter for you to decide. I own the mk I...
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