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  1. alex66

    How do you name your SD cards?

    I started using cards once, when backed up putting them in a wallet labelled camera year sequence ie GX80b 2019 1 and so on. A 16gb card costs less than a fiver, a 32 just over, I paid more for the cost of a roll of film plus dev when you could get low cost dev all over the place so it feels a...
  2. alex66

    Let's support the best Olympus teacher on YouTube

    Lets be honest that dead fly would give more useful information on photography than Tony. Could not resist
  3. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Got two 32gig Ultra SD cards going away so should be filled relatively fast, plus for some reason they were less than 16gig ones.
  4. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Ikea AA batteries are pretty sound, their white pre charged ones that is.
  5. alex66

    Architecture & Gardens of the Chateaux of the Loire Valley (Image Heavy)

    Superb pics, I can strongly recommend the Loire as a wonderful area to take a holiday we have gone a good few times. Though if driving use a map as sat nav likes to take you round Paris and through big traffic jams. There is a rather good park with miniatures of all the Châteaux's of the area as...
  6. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    I bought a GX7 as it was cheep uses the same batteries as my GX80's and can act as a nice back up when away reducing the number of different batteries plus its IQ is good enough. I find the smaller GX line cameras a joy to work with, have not tried an 8 so can't judge though personally I find...
  7. alex66

    What's the best m4/3 deal you've gotten?

    15mm Panasonic £55 the outside is battered a fair bit but optics seem fine.
  8. alex66

    Show: Random picture thread

    Canvey Island
  9. alex66


    I like the 60mm it is the nearest I can get to a 135mm equivalent and 2.8 does not really bother me. The IQ for what I paid makes it a bargain and as I don't have the need for a macro and the Oly would be 4+ times what I paid. I may well look on the auction site for a spare or two.
  10. alex66

    Interesting Thread on Street, Homogeneity, Changing Landscape, Sharing, Etc.

    That was quite interesting, I think he is quite on the button with a lot of the so called influencer types a lot of their output can be quite lack lustre. Not sure about street photography as a genre, just think a lot of them try to badly copy past photographers subject matter without the...
  11. alex66

    Which lens?! Budget end of things.

    I have both the 12-32 and the 12-60 "kit lenses" plus a Mk 1 Oly 14-42, I adore the 12-32 for its size and both the Panasonic kits are good in the IQ dept for their cost you can't go wrong with either. I will throw a couple of curve balls in there, if you don't need 12mm then the 14-45mm is...
  12. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    A Panasonic 15 1.7.
  13. alex66

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    Sold a Think Tank Retro 10, bought a GF5 to get the charger and battery then sold it for a profit of £7.
  14. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    I have the MK1 apart from no EVF it is a great little camera and the IQ is really good.
  15. alex66

    OM-D EM10 vs Lumix GX85/80:At the same price

    I think the Canon M series is a questionable line to get into, it is an effectively dead end system. If you want to go APS either Fuji or Sony both have produced a lot of lenses for the cameras, especially Fuji but in general use all the modern cameras will give you excellent quality photographs.
  16. alex66

    OM-D EM10 vs Lumix GX85/80:At the same price

    The GX80 is a cracking little camera, look for a used one they can be had a lot lot cheaper and a lot of the dealers will give you a warranty. The Olympus also are good if you can find some place to try them to see what you prefer, it is a bit of a wash over which give better IQ.
  17. alex66

    Everyday pocket cameras?

    I got a G9X silly cheep and am very pleased with the image quality I get out of it, the only downsides being no hot shoe and no eye level finder oh and carrying it in hand just after a shot it has a habit of changing settings when the touch screen is touched.
  18. alex66

    Travelling with one prime

    I can see the plus points of both a 17 and a 25 a nod to the latter with being more instinctive and a bit better for closer people shots. Now for those who have used the various 25's is the 1.4 PanLeica worth the upgrade from the lowly Panasonic 1.7?
  19. alex66

    Buy VF viewfinder or 2nd body with viewfinder?

    I would say given a Panasonic G3 can quite often be found for the cost of or less than an external VF it may be worth considering. A second camera gives you the advantage of reducing lens swaps and having a back up camera also.
  20. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    10 8gb micro SD cards as I don't reuse and wanted smaller than 16gb for point and shoot cameras. A Panasonic GF5 for its charger and spare battery, will sell body on with no bits. Finally, a Billingham 225 bag that matches my Hadley Pro both being Sage green.
  21. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    It's worth spending to buy a good tripod, my Manfrotto is late 80's early 90's bought used and still going strong. Tripods are one of the best examples of buy good buy once as a good one will out live you.
  22. alex66

    Sony A7R4

    I had a couple of the 20mp Samsungs and the files they produced were great, alas they had useless buffers and would leave me waiting after 3/4 shots, well implemented they could have been really great cameras and they should have pushed Pentax into coming along for the ride.
  23. alex66

    What's the best m4/3 deal you've gotten?

    EM10 with 14-140 for about a hundred sold the lens a week later for over two hundred, a good few cameras with kit lens for less than a hundred then sold kit lens for near or more than the combo cost, two G3 in this. A G1 with 14-45 that had a card slot fault sold it on as faulty for more than...
  24. alex66

    Continuously circular xenon ring flash, cheap and slender for m4/3

    This list may help people with trigger voltages Photo Strobe Trigger Voltages, I think the safe voltage is the same for most digi cams but it would be worth checking.
  25. alex66

    Continuously circular xenon ring flash, cheap and slender for m4/3

    Yes you can get a hotshoe to sync socket for peanuts off the austion site.
  26. alex66

    Continuously circular xenon ring flash, cheap and slender for m4/3

    I have a Jessops ring flash that is available used under other brands, it comes in under the safe voltage range and can be had for less than a tenner (UK Pound) model Centon MR20, RingFlash Resource » Centon MR20 Ringflash review , It works ok but on some lenses it is too heavy for the motor.
  27. alex66

    Cameras are just tools...but...

    I went through a period of using a Sony A7 but although the photographs produced with the 55mm were wonderful I always had that nigle in the back of my head that the GX7 was far more enjoyable to use. As illness has dictated I had to move to a lighter set up so I came back to m43 and realised...
  28. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    You could always get an older less expensive body for the second lens, no lens changes then and the G3 takes up little space nor weighs much.
  29. alex66

    3:2 ?

    The problem with the old paper sizes was down to them matching common LF film sizes, so ideal if you were contact printing though 5/4 8/10 10/16 all scalled well. With a 1 inch border 645 and so 4/3 fitted well on a 10x8 though and I did have some 12x8 that was quite handy for 645. I never...
  30. alex66

    Reliance on Manufacturer JPEG Styles Too Much Is a Crutch

    Well I guess the "post processing is a crutch" preachers would have said the hours Adams or Smith or Davidson etc spent in the dark room was a crutch for their lack of skill and if they were propper photographers they would have taken their roll of Superia down to Snappy Snaps. It is a horse...
  31. alex66

    Photo books - any online that don't require tons of time?

    I found Tesco a UK supermarket photo books and Photobox were relativly easy to make and offered a plain page option. Sadly that does not help you in the US but for UK readers might be helpful and the quality was OK.
  32. alex66

    Fuji's 100mp BEAST

    If you need 100mp its a good choice but you would have to need that resolution quite frequently to cover the expence of the thing. I could see it being a popular rental for pro's that occasionally need massive files and does Phase One not offer a 150mp option. I would not wan to be carting this...
  33. alex66

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    Sold the remainder of my Nikon 1 kit as the V1 possiably had a power fault, still with it listed with that over all I made back £140 more than the lot owed me. Replaced with som Canon G series compacts.
  34. alex66

    Time to get serious about backup

    Well I have a very OTT method, 1 keep SD card after use, 2 on main PC 2 sets of images one SSD one HD then two USB drives atached. 3 backed up to two other machines on network and 4 Amazon photos so there is in all 8 copies of all images knocking around. I lost a pair of drives once the main and...
  35. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    £35 pounds how could I say no?
  36. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    I found using a tablet revolutionised my PS work, one of the best presents my wife gave me.
  37. alex66

    I'd Really Like a Simpler M4/3 Camera...

    I would like less buttons than all these cameras seem to have now. The multitude of Fn buttons don't get used as there is for me no use for them so I just don't use them but it would be nice to have a reasonable body with less buttons on it. Not too bothered about menu diving, I use it to format...
  38. alex66

    What are you listening to?

    Our 2 year old woke us up at half five, but I managed to get tickets for the mighty Eureka Machines for next month so quite handy.
  39. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    A Canon G10 for £35, OK I already have a G11 but this can live in the car and well could not resist.
  40. alex66

    What are you listening to?

  41. alex66

    Your Ideal m43 Travel Kit? (No more than 3 lenses)

    Any body (though I prefer the GX line and take spares) 12-60 is enough range, 17 and 25mm primes for low light and when pushing buggy so I don't faff with zooming. That being said as we mostly go by car I take a body for each lens and invariably take the 45mm also. By plane it will be 2 lense 2...
  42. alex66

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    A Canon G11, it was very cheep and ideal as a replacement for my even older GX100 that I loved but has issues and the Raw to Raw time is now too frustrating. The G11 is the ideal going shopping dont want to take the other bigger cameras plus I had a Canon G9 that I frequently regreted selling.
  43. alex66

    fixed focal length lenses vs. zoom lenses

    Instinct, I can with a 25(50) look at the scene raise the camera and just get it bang on to what I felt was the photograph in there, I am getting there with the 17mm but not as precise. A lot comes from when I first got a camera a second lens was not an option financially for a good few years so...
  44. alex66

    Stupid GAS question

    I have 6 bodies, though only four get regular use, I don't take all out at once usually two depending on what lenses I fancy using that day. I would unless you need a new camera or lens now see what the EM5 mk3 brings to the table when released.
  45. alex66

    Full Frame

    This, people have become especially the online influencer crowd that a lens has to be perfect corner to corner at f.01 that makers have made the lenses so over corrected with extra ellements to compensate for light fall off etc. For digital the lens should ideally hit the sensor at right angles...
  46. alex66

    Super Sebring - Endurance Racing in Florida

    Now this would be good Did ‘Super Sebring’ mark a new dawn for WEC-IMSA relations?, certainly for the WEC given there is effectivly one team in the LMP1 class now and I have read good things about the IPSA? series. Combining the two would be quite good to increase competition.
  47. alex66

    Super Sebring - Endurance Racing in Florida

    I enjoyed these, don't come across much of the US endurance racing here, I follow the WEC (Le Mans etc) a fair bit. I think your LMP equivalents are very different though with engine types etc.
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