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    My Pany 20/1.7 not so sharp?

    to me the 20/1.7 picture seems to be always 0.5 stop less exposed than the 14-150 Oly, in your examples. if you really want to compare them, use a good tripod, and the same exposure (same aperture and speed, same camera), and use the self timer. then blow it up to 100% and compare. from your...
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    i got it! looks like Panny just listened to me and came out with the 14/2.5 pancake. it's not exactly 14/2 but still a nice job Panny!
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    thanks for all the enthusiastic replies in such a short period of time! makes me feel like home right away. sorry i was a little vague, but i meant 28 mm equivalent to 135, which means 14 mm on MFT. I know there are 28 mm lens under 135 but they are too big for the purpose of using my GF1. i am...
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    Hi everyone, my working view is equivalent to 28 mm. Looks like there's no native MFT 28 mm yet. What would be my choice if I want a 28/2 or even 28/1.4? Thanks!
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    Greeting from Cary, North Carolina

    Just received my GF-1/20mm kit days ago and am enjoying it. I used to shoot landscape etc, and was using Nikon system (F3/F4, 17 mm - 400 mm prime lens) in the days of film photography. I also own a D60 but don't use it much, since many of my old lenses are not compatible. I sold most of my film...