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  1. WasOM3user

    Buying my first camera - Olympus E-M10 Mark II - and trying to figure out which lenses to start with

    Lots of good advice but I would comment:- We have a mixture of Panasonic and Olympus bodies in the house and both are capable of excellent performance each has strengths and weaknesses but I would suggest you go and try each one in a camera shop as how they feel in YOUR hand can be the key...
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    30mm f3.5 macro vs 60mm f2.8 macro

    I was being slightly sarcastic as if you can be bothered to do the maths you might find you might as well go back to 1:1 we started with!! To 1:1 etc is, and will be, the correct method. PS my Tamron SP90 Adaptal 2 does 1:1 nicely on my camera and the working distance is great - don't think...
  3. WasOM3user

    Original EM5 with problematic 5Axis.

    Try the following quick test (if you can) fit a lens with more than 100mm focal length and try and hold the image on an smallish object (leaf in a tree, top of a road sign etc.) with a half press of the shutter you should be able to see the stabilisation kick in. I have an original EM-5 and it...
  4. WasOM3user

    30mm f3.5 macro vs 60mm f2.8 macro

    Having read both sides of the argument I have some sympathy for the original concept that 1:1 was good for all film use as the grain size would be the same for all and therefore the measures are the same as would any enlargement. Perhaps for digital we need a new measure "Pixels per mm of...
  5. WasOM3user

    A 2nd camera ...

    I suspect your first thoughts may still be valid and you may have answered your own question:- "I actually kept my Nikon system around when I went to try out :mu43: - and while the latter has actually done what the Nikon DSLR hadn't, i.e. bring back my passion for photography" My EM5 did the...
  6. WasOM3user

    Skin tones in Lightroom

    Another vote for Huelight profiles. I struggled for hours on each photo in LR just to get anywhere near the quality of the OOC jpeg without really managing it (EM5). Installed the profiles and now only need seconds on each one to match them (like others use the natural setting in the camera)...
  7. WasOM3user

    Vote for 'Your' 'Best' M43 Camera ?

    EM-5 mainly because of the way it changed the perception of Pro's, FF advocates and the press to the m4/3 product ranges. A real "game changer". Yes it now has been bettered for functions etc. but still holds it own IQ wise with the newer models and still outperforms what I can do with it!!
  8. WasOM3user

    Monitor Poll

    I also have a Dell Ultrasharp monitor calibrated with X-rite i1 Display Pro. Works extremely well. I suspect this would give you 95-98% of what the high end Hardware calibrated monitors would give. I would only go to a higher spec/cost if I was a full time professional.
  9. WasOM3user

    White Balance preset if shooting RAW

    Like others I have found the EM-5's AWB to be pretty good most of the time and normally just let the "as shot" in Lightroom be the default. However shots taken on my wife's G3 on AWB appear to vary widely compared to shots taken at the same time on the EM-5 so end up using the "dropper" method...
  10. WasOM3user

    Too many lenses? What would you get rid of?

    With Indoor portraits it can be difficult with the 75mm due to the subject distance required which is where the 45mm F1.8 helps. The question then becomes "are you happy with the subject to background separation with F2.8 at 40mm? If yes then you are OK with the 12-40. Only you can answer...
  11. WasOM3user

    Genuine Panasonic batteries for Lumix GX7 ?

    We bought a couple of 10E's out of the USA at $30 each that even with the carriage vat etc was much cheaper than UK and arrived within 7 days
  12. WasOM3user

    good legacy macro lenses

    PS you can get an ADaptall2 to m43 adaptor for the Tamron if you don't want to "stack" mounts.
  13. WasOM3user

    good legacy macro lenses

    There are quite a few good legacy macro lenses in the 90mm - 105mm range from the 35mm film days. The independent manufacturers may be lower cost e.g. Tamron SP90, Vivitar Series 1 90mm, Tokina etc. and are available in a number of mounts as well as Nikon 105 etc. Have a search in the adapted...
  14. WasOM3user

    Question about write speed of E-M5

    Just been looking at the Lexar card specs and although they quote read or transfer speeds I haven't seen a write speed quoted other than "lower" than the read speed. Might be worth trying a Sandisk to see if it improves things
  15. WasOM3user

    Question about write speed of E-M5

    Red card logo only appears momentarily most times I don't even see it (only using 90+ versions now) Very different using an EyeFi Pro X2 card where I do have to wait.
  16. WasOM3user

    Question about write speed of E-M5

    I did a test with various speeds of Sandisk cards in my EM-5, I.e. 30MB, 45MB, 80MB and 90MB/sec and for each change in speed there was a corresponding increase in the number of shots taken "flat out" before the camera slowed down. My conclusion was that camera could use the full performance of...
  17. WasOM3user

    Need advise: Optical Performance 12-50 vs 9-18mm

    I have a 12-50 and the 12mm end is good but the 50mm end not so good. Close focus is better than expected and that and weather sealing useful but for landscapes ( when not raining!) I would look at the 9-18.
  18. WasOM3user

    Thinking of Diving In

    Congratulations on your purchase. I would suggest you search the forum for any threads on the initial set up of the EM-10 (or EM-5 as very similar) as it can take some time to explore all the menus, options and change them to suit yourself. Turning on the the SCP (Super Control Panel) will...
  19. WasOM3user

    Thinking of Diving In

    Darkhorse, many years ago I wanted a 100mm f2.8 to go with my OM1N/OM3's but could not afford a separate macro lens so purchased a Tamron SP90 f2.5 (52BB) to do cover macro/portraits instead (the 90 is a stunning lens too). Even though heavier and larger than the 100mm this lens became an almost...
  20. WasOM3user

    My first post

    I initially struggled with getting RAW processed to look better than the JPEG out of the camera (EM-5) whilst trying out the trial of Lightroom. I think this a reflection of how good the Processing is in the camera rather than limits in Lightroom. Just consider it a good benchmark for your own...
  21. WasOM3user

    I'm jonesing for a 25mm..... Oly/1.8 vs Pany/1.4 opinions??????

    This both the easiest and hardest lens choice to make. Easiest - both are very very good so no wrong selections. Hardest - because of the above not easy to make a choice. I umm'ed and arrr'ed for months but plumped for the Oly as the handling is very similar (superb) to the O45 on an EM-5...
  22. WasOM3user

    Do you shoot in 3:2 format by default?

    Having for many years been cropping 35mm film onto paper sizes like 16x12, 10x8, 8.5x6.5 then 4/3 seems reasonably normal!!
  23. WasOM3user

    First lens

    Can I suggest you wait a while before buying another lens? Spend a few days with the kit zoom. One day with the zoom set just at it's widest (14mm), one day with it just set in the middle (~25mm) and one day with at max telephoto (42mm). Then decide:- a, do you need a prime or will the kit...
  24. WasOM3user

    Travel Laptop

    With regard working on a 13.3" screen this is not really an issue when you are at 1:1 mode!! (you just see a bit less of the overall picture) so things like basic white balance and setting sharpness, noise reduction setting etc. are not really an issue but for more complicated work I do this on...
  25. WasOM3user

    Help me find the right tripod

    Hi Prophet, The ball head is excellent (worth the price just for that) the legs are as good as, and better than, most travel tripods and comes with the ability to weight them down. I've not even had to resort to removing the centre column yet with any combination of m4/3 camera and lenses...
  26. WasOM3user

    ZUIKO 12-40 2.8 for street photography...?

    I personally think the 12-40 feels too big on my un-gripped EM-5 and I personally might go for the Pana 12-35 with the camera un-gripped vs the 12-40 and have to add the grip but I am currently enjoying the small size of the Pana 14mm and Oly 25mm for street use (one lens on camera - one in...
  27. WasOM3user

    Would you keep an E-M5 or an E-M1?

    Even though I have an EM-5 I think I would keep the EM-1 set. The 12-50mm is at it's best at the 12mm end but performance drops off a bit after ~35mm (well my copy does anyway) so I don't think the 12mm F2 is going to give you a huge improvement and the "close focus" of the 12-50mm is...
  28. WasOM3user

    Well Said, Michael!

    I also am a firm believer that since the EM-5 "level" of sensor that the IQ is not really an issue for 95% of photographers (perhaps more). If you consider that most people either view pictures as a portion of a web page, on their phone, on a HD standard TV or perhaps iPad/Retina (say 2-3M...
  29. WasOM3user

    Help me find the right tripod

    I've been getting good results from my Sirui T-005. Nice and compact yet not expensive. Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43
  30. WasOM3user

    Travel Laptop

    I borrow my daughters Lenovo Yoga (13.3" IPS, i5, SSD disk) quick, light, almost a full day on one charge, can be used in iPad/tablet style. Always liked it after we bought it for her and she absolutely loves it. Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43
  31. WasOM3user

    Greetings need advice

    My manual focus Tamron SP90 F2.5 Macro AD2 from my OM3 works well for macro and "sports" tele due to the long focus throw making follow focus easy. Looks like the FF 90's are popular - I find the greater working distance to also be helpful. Whilst the "macro" mode on the 12-50 (more of close...
  32. WasOM3user

    What's the best balance of telephoto and discreet appearance?

    We have both the Oly 40-150 and Pana 45-175 and would comment that the Oly is ridiculously good for the money but the 45-175 slightly outperforms it on both our Oly and Pana bodies (EM-5, G3 and EPL-3) No it's not as good value for money but the handling is a lot easier at 125mm plus focal...
  33. WasOM3user

    New m4/3 member

    Welcome Mike, More UK users are always welcome but the nice thing about the forum is that all are friendly and helpful.
  34. WasOM3user

    What brand memory card do you recommend for Olympus OMD E-M10?

    The company I have been training with use lots of SD cards and had their first ever Sandisk failure in over 200 cards - still got all but one image off the card and a replacement one supplied without quibble. On my EM-5, possibly because I was shooting RAW and JPEG, you do get a difference in...
  35. WasOM3user

    Hard decision - EPL5 or E-M10

    As others have said it really depends on your own needs and requirements. For example if you intend to shoot macro then the Wi Fi remote viewing and release functions of the EM10 would be a benefit ( much as I love my EM-5 having to plug in a wired remote and getting into small spaces...
  36. WasOM3user

    Quick Panny 14mm f2.5 question

    I've had one for ~ 12 months. I think they mainly (like mine) came from camera/lens kits that have been split by dealers. Bargain - new at £105 ($165) Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43
  37. WasOM3user

    Quick Panny 14mm f2.5 question

    I have the 14mm, lots of 14-42's (both O&P) and a 12-50. In terms of resolution there is very little difference between the P14 and the O14-42 Mk2 except in the very corners where the P14 is a tiny bit better. Kit lens has less vingnetting though. I love the handing of the P14 though -...
  38. WasOM3user

    Purchasing New OMD EM-10 - Need lens advise for "product photography"....

    Second vote for the 12-50 if you can get one at the right price. The 12mm point if view will be different to what you are used to from your previous lens and the "macro" function is much better than I expected. Other option could be 45mm F1.8 plus extension tubes as this works well for macro...
  39. WasOM3user

    Mu-43 iOS app crashing when opening most threads

    Thanks Amin, Update working well for me too:):) Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43
  40. WasOM3user

    Help deciding on camera!

    EM-10 also has WiFi built in and the EPL-5 does not. Both good cameras though:):)
  41. WasOM3user

    Mu-43 iOS app crashing when opening most threads

    Quick Fix? Hope it's a quick fix as I am getting withdrawal symptoms with not being able to check whilst at work.:confused:
  42. WasOM3user

    Tiff/jpeg/orf ?????

    Spec for EM-5 says "12 bit lossless" for RAW files.
  43. WasOM3user

    New member, New Camera (E-PM2). Anything I should know?

    1. Yes the camera should use the touch point for focusing (unless you have changed something from the default. 2. You can adjust the brightness (and other settings) of the LCD - it's called the monitor in the manual. 3. Some of higher cost m4/3 cameras have the slot on the side but the bottom...
  44. WasOM3user

    Amazon patents studio lighting?

    I think the outrage is because that most people (myself included) were taught that you could not patent something that was already generally known or already being used extensively. I personally don't think there is sufficient difference to what had been used for product (and even portraits)...
  45. WasOM3user


    If you are fishing and are trying to get yourself in the shot then find 1. A camera to bank stick adaptor ( in the UK the Garner ones are readily available. 2. A camera that takes an IR remote or one that will take a third party radio one. (My Pentax A30 P&S was IR and would remote zoom too)...
  46. WasOM3user

    New member, New Camera (E-PM2). Anything I should know?

    PS EPM-2 has the same sensor as the OMD EM-5 and EM-10 and is one if the best currently available in m4/3. Enjoy your new camera:):)
  47. WasOM3user

    New member, New Camera (E-PM2). Anything I should know?

    PM - "Pen Mini"....EPM-2 has latest sensor PL - "Pen Lite".....EPL-5 has the latest sensor P - "Pen"......EP5 has the latest sensor. Main different with Mini and Lite is the Lite adds a tilt-able LCD and one extra dial. The last is less of an issue because of the touch screens (previous...
  48. WasOM3user

    If small and light is your absolute priority...

    I think the problem is that because we have found the m4/3 will do so much we want it do everything!!! Personally I think none of the lenses are "too big" but some suit some bodies better than others. The O12-40 doesn't feel right (to me) on my ungripped EM-5 but the P12-35 feels fine. Put the...
  49. WasOM3user

    HELP ME!!! Pan 20 vs. Pan-Leica 25...which is right FOR ME?

    The Oly 25mm feels just the same as the Oly 45mm on an EM-5, small, light, a joy to handle and super quick focus ... Love it:):)
  50. WasOM3user

    Camera Straps

    I just squashed the fold in the loop slightly and then pushed it through with a straightened out paperclip in the centre if the loop - about 20 secs per side.