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  1. Bullfrog

    COMPLETED Sold: GF1 body

    Check your pm
  2. Bullfrog

    COMPLETED Sold: GF1 body

  3. Bullfrog

    COMPLETED Sold: GF1 body

    Opps, I meant Gariz. And it's this: Gariz Soft Shutter Release Buttons
  4. Bullfrog

    COMPLETED Sold: GF1 body

    Selling my GF1 body. Silver.Very good condition, absolutely no marks and very well cared for. Includes LCD scratch cover, Gariz soft-release button, battery, cables, original strap and this case: NEW Panasonic GF1 GF-1 Genuine Leather FULL Case Bag - eBay (item 170412560573 end time Jan-20-11...
  5. Bullfrog

    COMPLETED SOLD: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7

    Bump - price drop.
  6. Bullfrog

    [EXPIRED] Found: Panasonic 20mm f1.7

    I have mine for sale (see lower in the threads).
  7. Bullfrog

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Happy New Year to all. May your problems last as long as your New Year resolutions :)
  8. Bullfrog

    COMPLETED SOLD: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7

    Bump. Still open to offers.
  9. Bullfrog

    COMPLETED SOLD: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7

    Selling my 20mm to make way for more stuff. Excellent condition, with pouch, end caps, Nikon UV filter and metal lens hood. 260 euro all in, including postage. Open to reasonable offers.
  10. Bullfrog

    [EXPIRED] FS: GF1 Electronic Viewfinder

    I'm selling my GF1 electronic viewfinder. Excellent condition, well cared for, with case. Price: 130 euro Paypal only.
  11. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    Swans YouTube - Swans - No Words/No Thoughts YouTube - Swans - My Birth
  12. Bullfrog

    Recommend a leather half-case for GF-1?

    I have this one. I don't recall paying that price though - I think it was closer to 60 USD!!! It's very nice. Fits well, does the job.
  13. Bullfrog

    Health Issues

    Health, loved ones - treasure every second you have.
  14. Bullfrog

    About an LVF1 for the GF1?

    That's odd. I've not experienced that.
  15. Bullfrog

    Another (very very) old man

    He does look a bit sad. Maybe the Piets are acting up? Beautifully captured eyes.
  16. Bullfrog

    LVF1 on GF1

    Mine is never off the camera and I've never noticed a disadvantage to it being there.
  17. Bullfrog

    First pic published (sort of :) )

    Good on ya!
  18. Bullfrog

    How many Photographers use Macintosh?

    Just returned to the mac fold with a nice new 17" macbook pro :)
  19. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    Wire - Pink Flag Led Zeppelin V Pixies - Doolittle
  20. Bullfrog

    Say Happy Birthday to Streetshooter

    Happy Birthday Don! Have a great one. I'll hoist a cold one in your honour this evening.
  21. Bullfrog

    You know you are getting old when ... notice yourself making small inadvertent grunts when you bend down to tie your shoelaces.
  22. Bullfrog


    Want. Want, want want, want want. WANT!!!!!!! MUUMMMMMMYYYYYYY....WAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNT! Anyone wanna buy a GF1/ 20mm combo???? :)
  23. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    Ruefrex, in my opinion THE lost gem of Irish rock bands. YouTube - Ruefrex - The Wild Colonial Boy (7 Inch Version) - 1985
  24. Bullfrog

    38 years ago.....

    Beautiful links. Thank you.
  25. Bullfrog

    Is it an AR-35mm? A real streetshooter

    It's just....wrong.
  26. Bullfrog

    Dutch and/or South-Korean?

    I have my moments :smile: Being apart from family sucks. I'm in Helsinki next week for a bit and even now I can get bummed about not seeing my wife and kids from Monday morning until Thursday evening. Thank God for skype! Hug them crazily when they come back Joep. Nothing's more important.
  27. Bullfrog

    Dutch and/or South-Korean?

    The fact that it says Keukenhof on the clogs might be a giveaway Joep :biggrin: Very sweet picture.
  28. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    Today I have been totally captivated by this YouTube - Children are people too: Wayne Kramer It's Wayne Kramer (ex MC5) covering a Johnny Thunders song based on the poem Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte. I think it is a fantastically beautiful song.
  29. Bullfrog

    Only the Image Lives On

    Nice common-sense article I thought. Not what I'd call a "rant" :smile:. It is funny but understandable how sometimes people can get hung up on things other than the actual photo. After all - gear is cool :43::thumbup:
  30. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    I spent the afternoon listening to a pretty eclectic mixture of blues, jazz and heavy rock during a five hour session finishing up a tattoo on my right upper arm. Heard some good stuff which was a welcome distraction from the needles hitting some of the more senstive areas
  31. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    Hard to go wrong there! Currently enjoying some CSNY, The Byrds, Odetta and Leonard Cohen. Floaty evening bliss.
  32. Bullfrog

    City Hall, Dearborn, Michigan

    Absolutely. Those are excellent!
  33. Bullfrog

    GF1: with or without External Live View Finder?

    You can get some more input and opinion in this thread here:
  34. Bullfrog

    Tim Isaac's Thumbs Up & soft releases

    That's it in a nutshell. Thank you Shinobi :). All I would add is that with a raised button your finger has more angles to utilize in depressing the shutter button other than primarily vertical. This helps in reducing any tension in your hand becuase you don't have to move your finger so much...
  35. Bullfrog

    Tim Isaac's Thumbs Up & soft releases

    I second that. I have this on my GF1 and it has really helped my handling.
  36. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    On a mammoth 18 hour drive back from two weeks in Tuscany the car was full of various Dylan bootlegs, Miles Davis, Gang of Four, Nina Simone, Nick Drake, Carol King, Neu, The Teardrop Explodes and other stuff I can't remember. Switzerland was basically a traffic jam and I discovered the joys...
  37. Bullfrog

    A New Life Begins Today

    Beautiful stuff Robert and thank you for sharing them. Congratulations and best wishes to all!
  38. Bullfrog

    What are you listening to?

    Swans - Children of God Can - Tago Mago The Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed Daniel Johnson - Why Me?
  39. Bullfrog

    perhaps a disaster -- soaked my E-P2

    I hope it all works out well for you.
  40. Bullfrog

    A quick glimpse of my Europe trip

    Great shots, especially the first one. Thanks for sharing.
  41. Bullfrog

    Small and great at low light with good resolution?

    If you're also considering compact P&S models have a look at the Fuji Finepix F70 EXR. It's the finest P&S I've ever owned and capable of some really impressive low-light images. It takes some work to get the best out of it (default settings are horrible) but worth it imo.
  42. Bullfrog

    Tell me I'm mad.

    You are madder than a sack of drunk ferrets. The only solution is to BUY MORE GEAR.
  43. Bullfrog

    What have you just bought off EBay

    In the past week: A Russian Kiev 4 type 2 rangefinder. Bunch of 120 film
  44. Bullfrog

    The Fifa World Cup 2010 Thread

    Spain deserved the win, no doubt about it. The Dutch were, to my shame, filthy:frown:
  45. Bullfrog

    Holgas, Dianas and the like...

    LOL! No joking I am frequently surprised at what comes out of this plastic lens. It's good to redifine "good". Guess I just like pissing of pixelpeepers.
  46. Bullfrog

    Holgas, Dianas and the like...

    If it's the Yashica EZ F521 you're referring to Brian, yes I have one. It's a great POS :)
  47. Bullfrog

    Holgas, Dianas and the like...

    Any lo-tech fans/users on here? Recently I've been using my (un)trusty Holga quite a bit. Curious if anyone else here loves them as much as I do.
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