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  1. robbie36

    Lightroom 6 finally releasing?

    I am rather underwhelmed with LR6. I am not seeing performance increases in the areas that matter to me namely - 100% zooming, exporting and importing and switching to PS. In fact LR6 has crashed twice for me today. There is a bunch of stuff they could have done but didnt.
  2. robbie36

    LR/PS CC for less...

    I think you are way out of line here. I regularly spend weeks with no internet connection and still have absolutely no problem with PS. If you (like 99% of subscribers) pay for a one year deal, you only need to have access to the internet for download and validation of PS followed by a...
  3. robbie36

    Fanboys or trolls? The delicate balance of a Micro 4/3 forum

    Yes, Oz. But please read what you wrote and realize that what you say is the very 'definition' of 'intolerance'. You see you are simply saying that people who wish to express their views of other systems should go to another forum. Noone is saying you should listen to their views on other...
  4. robbie36

    Fanboys or trolls? The delicate balance of a Micro 4/3 forum

    Maybe that is the difference between you and me then. If I were to own a Toyota I would be interested in what Nissan owners have to say. In fact I would often prefer it to Toyota fans constantly repeating the reasons I bought the Toyota in the first place.
  5. robbie36

    Fanboys or trolls? The delicate balance of a Micro 4/3 forum

    Actually the 'football analogy' I find appropriate. In soccer terms I support Liverpool but I left the 'Liverpool forum' I was on because ALL it was, was a 'fan' site. There was no potential to have a civilized conversation over whether we 'would beat Man Utd at the weekend' because everyone...
  6. robbie36

    ONA Brixton or..?

    I have the ONA Brixton and Princes St - both canvas - the leather ones are a bit too heavy for me. Quality is extremely high and it passes extremely well an important bag test for me in that it looks better as it ages. An MBP 13 should fit perfectly in the Brixton - I have a 14" Razer Blade and...
  7. robbie36

    Transitioning to Sony A7 ii

    Its the 'square' of the crop factor that matters. Consider M43 which is a 2x crop - giving 140-400 on a 70-200 FF lens. 2x crop results in a sensor 1/4 the size. So only 6MP from a 24MP FF sensor. If you cropped an A7r (36MP) you would get 16MP with a 1.5x crop.
  8. robbie36

    Transitioning to Sony A7 ii

    The 70-200 when cropped to 300 on the 24MP A7ii sensor is 10MP not 16MP.
  9. robbie36

    Is this a viable option for charging batteries via USB?

    I never found a USB battery charger for my EM1. I did however find one for my Sony A7 battery made by a company 'MTB'. This works very well and charges a NP-FW50 in about 4 hours (or pretty much the same as the mains) from a decent battery pack. I see the company makes a similar USB battery...
  10. robbie36

    Nocticron thoughts

    To an extent it can pretty much justify its price because it is an incredibly versatile lens. The focal length is incredibly useful and probably the best for portraiture. A combination of f1.2 and image stabilisation makes it the best autofocus lowlight/indoor lens in the system. It is sharp...
  11. robbie36

    My initial impression of the Godox/Cheetah V850s and AD-360

    When using the FT16 with Godox you lose 1/3rd of a stop of shutter speed from the maximum with the A7 (ie you have to use 1/200th as opposed to 1/250th). You cant see it in the above photo because the 'black line' is above the subject and all you see is the background which is lit with natural...
  12. robbie36

    Oly vs Pana forum split

    If you look at Panasonic's market share it is dropped sharply from 40% to about 13% of mirrorless in Japan since 2010 when it was the market leader. Obviously some of this is due to new entrants such as Sony Fuji Nikon and Canon but clearly Olympus has been more successful. And in Japan...
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  14. robbie36

    Help me find the right tripod

    The head is sold with a tripod and the tripod is pretty much perfect for M43. Either the aluminium T-005 tripod or the carbon fibre T025...
  15. robbie36

    Featured Forum Post: '7 days in Myanmar'

    I revisited Myanmar last week. This time visiting the Rakhine State in the North West of the country. As I only took my A7ii I have posted some photos in
  16. robbie36

    Reduce blown out highlights?

    If you are shooting raw there isnt much you can do to 'tame' the highlights except expose further to the left. If your are shooting jpeg (which really isnt advisable in this sort of shot) you can tell the camera to reduce the highlights but it is only a different processing of the raw data (a...
  17. robbie36

    Share Websites

    Good point. I actually already had a domain. But looking at Squarespace. If you sign an annual contract (instead of monthly) you get a free domain managed by squarespace. You can transfer it to another provider so long as it has been active for 60 days...
  18. robbie36

    Share Websites

    I watched this video by Tony Northrup yesterday that argue that every photo enthusiast should have a personal website to show their portfolio - absolutely no need for blogging or selling stuff. Anyway I was partially convinced so I thought I...
  19. robbie36

    Help Me To Understand Flickr

    Funnily enough with Flickr - certainly compared to Facebook - I find that my most favorited photos are actually the ones I like myself in general. I dont get a lot of favorites but I think the ratio does tend to reflect my view of the photos. (There is a bit of a bias to sunrise/sunset photos...
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  21. robbie36

    Lightroom v Photoshop

    +10 for Calvin Hollywood videos. There are some free ones on youtube but his 'Calvinize' tutorials 4 hours 25 euros are well, well worth it. I look a lot at photos on If you look at the photos there you will see that by and large all the photos are well taken, extremely well lit and...
  22. robbie36

    Lightroom and Photoshop, Do I Need Elements?

    Really, I would wean yourself off PSE if you are happy to afford the LR/PS CC program. LR is a much more powerful DAM and PS is a much more powerful photo editor. But really the most important thing is this. Both LR and PS have almost infinite 'how to' help on the internet in terms of...
  23. robbie36

    Lightroom v Photoshop

    My feeling is that there are a lot of grey areas between what 'is', and 'is not' acceptable in PS. I dont have any commercial interest in my photos so I do just what I like. But here as an example is a photo I took last week.... And here is the edited version... I clearly didnt like the...
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  26. robbie36

    Lightroom v Photoshop

    Of course there is a sort of middle way which is Lightroom and PS Elements. For a lot of people Elements is easily enough for what they need (it isnt expensive and it is perpetual although it may well not be a lot cheaper that the LR+PS CC program.) With some people, at some point, your photos...
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  30. robbie36

    Lightroom v Photoshop

    Photoshop is pretty brutal to begin with. I remember when I first started learning it - it would take me an hour to get through a 10 minute youtube 'how to' video. The problem is that a lot is quite counter intuitive - like blurring to sharpen. If you stick at it though, after a couple of...
  31. robbie36

    Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I appear to be one of the minority that is really happy with Windows 8/8.1. I havent tried Windows 10 but I have looked at a couple of the reviews. I cant see what it actually offers over Windows 8.1. It seems very much an operating system aimed at getting Windows 7 users to upgrade.
  32. robbie36

    First images of the new Olympus E-M5II!

    It seems to me that it is a bit disappointing that the new E-M5 doesnt have the sensor and software with pdaf for tracking. I know Olympus needs to differentiate the camera from the E-M1 but the E-M1 already has a bunch of different features and different ergonomics. The problem as I see it is...
  33. robbie36

    Sensor shift on new E-M5ii - 40Mp images

    The new sensor tech out of Samsung looks interesting. The NX1 is getting a lot of plaudits for having equal iso to the 24mp FF Sony sensors while being an APSC. You can read about the technology here...
  34. robbie36

    Sensor shift on new E-M5ii - 40Mp images

    There seems to be a theory going round at the moment that the M43 sensor is an 'underperforming' sensor. I dont really see that. It was introduced at about the same time as the D800 sensor in mid 2012 and the D810 and A7r sensors are really just close derivatives of the D800. The pixel...
  35. robbie36

    Lens for newborn photos.

    It is generally recommended in baby books that you dont fire studio flashes at new borns and young infants on the basis that the flash 'might' damage their eyes. Personally I think it is unlikely but who am I to argue with baby books. My personal recommendation is that you get a light (a Godox...
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  37. robbie36

    Raw vs jpeg: what think you?

    I am inherently a raw shooter but I can understand why some people choose to shoot jpeg. If you dont have any post processing experience you may well find that jpegs end up giving better results. However, if you can take advantage of the flexibility that raw offers you it is difficult to argue...
  38. robbie36

    Sensor shift on new E-M5ii - 40Mp images

    I find it interesting and rather strange that given it is a technology based on taking multiple images that Olympus hasnt tried to address the noise issue. Even median stacking just 3 images (without any pixel shift) should have a quite dramatic impact on reducing the resulting noise from an...
  39. robbie36

    Lens for newborn photos.

    Really the 2 lenses that I found best for my infant are the 60 2.8 macro and the 42.5 1.2 (although the 45 1.8 is a great alternative). The 60 2.8 macro is great for capturing all the little details of a new born and the 45 1.8 great for capturing the whole baby. I would have thought that a 45...
  40. robbie36

    Looking for a new ballhead

    Actually my K10x Sirui is on my Sirui P-326 monopod (highly recommended). My tripod is an ET-2204 Sirui which has a Markins Q3 ball head. The Markins Q3 ballhead is admittedly a little nicer than the K10x but it is absurdly expensive. Sirui, imho, have struck a great balance between extremely...
  41. robbie36

    Looking for a new ballhead

    The K20X Sirui is a very nice ball head especially for its price but it is rather overkill for an M43 set up. I have the K10X and it is more than adequate and some of my combos are heavier than the EM1 with 40-150 2.8.
  42. robbie36

    Nikon's new 300mm f4 - smaller lenses

    When it comes to distortion, we tend to find that 'mirrorless' lenses have more than DSLR lenses. There is a good reason for this. Mirrorless cameras have the advantage that any distortion can be corrected when viewed in the EVF. DSLR OVF users can see the distortion and often dont like the look...
  43. robbie36

    Nikon's new 300mm f4 - smaller lenses

    Well the reason is this a 300 f4 lens in any format is 300mm f4. The size of the front of the lens will be largely determined by its focal length and aperture i.e. 300 divided by 4 = 75mm. If you take the recently announced Nikon lens and add an adapter and put it on an M43 camera it will be...
  44. robbie36

    Nikon's new 300mm f4 - smaller lenses

    To me, there is fair criticism and unfair criticism. If I complain that a 2.8 lens on M43 cannot give as narrow depth of field as 2.8 on FF, I am disparaging M43. If someone points out that FF is producing a 300 f4 lens with a larger sensor to cover than M43 for 30% smaller and (probably 30%...
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  46. robbie36

    Nikon's new 300mm f4 - smaller lenses

    I have both an EM1 + A7ii + A7r. So I am building a system that takes advantage of the relative merits of both. For the EM1 I have the 60mm macro (macro being particularly suited to crop sensors), a 35-100 2.8 (which offers a massive size advantage over FF) and the 42.5 1.2 (which has numerous...
  47. robbie36

    Nikon's new 300mm f4 - smaller lenses

    I rather disagree with this last statement. If I put a 300 f4 on a D810 with 36mp, I can crop to 600 f4 and still have 9mp (obviously less than the 16mp on M43). Given that I start with 36mp at 300 f4 and can crop to 9mp at 600 f4, I effectively have a 300-600 f4 zoom with the FF lens. I dont...
  48. robbie36

    Nikon's new 300mm f4 - smaller lenses

    The specs on Nikon's new 300mm f4 look quite interesting especially compared to their old 300mm f4 As you can see the weight has virtually halved (even though they have...
  49. robbie36

    How many megapixels do you really need?

    Frankly I think this rumor shows the sort of disruptive technology that we can expect in the future.... At first glance it just seems like a ridiculously low priced FF camera in a...
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