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    Manila mu-43 photowalk! List up!

    Yeah... please let us know the tentative dates so we can adjust/set our schedule. :) Count me in. :)
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    Nokia's 'Mirrorless' Camera Pureview Beats An EPL2

    I think the E-PL2 renders the image better than the PureView. I think it is sharper and more contrasty.
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    Anyone buying the new Pana X 12-35/2.8 next week?

    I'm now here in Japan, and according to sales rep in one of the camera stores here, sales of this lens will start tomorrow. As much as I want this lens, I could not afford it. I already have the focal lengths covered by my current lens line up.
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    The Real Street Thread II

    I would like to have a fast 17mm (at least f1.8). I hope in a pancake size.
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    The Real Street Thread II

    I was also using the 20mm on the E-M5. However there's a feeling in me that the E-M5 and the 20mm is mismatched. The slowish AF of the 20mm made me miss candid shots. That's why I bought the 25mm to test and try it.
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    The Real Street Thread II

    I also find myself comfortable using the 14mm (28mm FF equivalent) in my street works. The lens is so tiny making the camera unobtrusive. Actually my preferred focal length is 35mm on FF (17.5mm on m4/3). I just recently purchased the panaleica 25mm and I am working on it on my street...
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    spare body or new lens?

    How many lens do you have? I assume you have more than 1 lens because a spare body is non sense if you only have one lens. Why do you need an extra body? Why do you need a new lens? For me, it is always good to invest in a good lens.
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    M43 in asain countries

    Here in Japan, most old people have either Nikon or Canon DSLR. Youngsters mostly have M43s, Sony, or iPhone. I think small cameras are now "in" here. I think they also use these cute little cameras as fashion statement. Cameras here are full of accesories and dress ups. :)
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    Olympus acknowledges EM5/Panny 20mm banding

    Is it fixable by firmware updates?
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    The Real Street Thread II

    Akihabara, Tokyo
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    E-M5 Issue (Lock Up)

    Good day! Regarding E-M5, luckily, I cannot remember the last time my camera locks up. I haven't experienced it for quite sometime. I'm not sure but I think the latest firmware fixed it. Mine is set to sleep in 5 mins. Auto power off is 30 mins.
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    Nice! Congratulations! I'm sure that camera in your hands will definitely produce great photos. :)
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    Which Lens 12mm/25mm/9-18mm???

    Thanks Nic. I will try this and see if I can get the shots that I want. Now I decided to remove the 25mm from the list. I realize that I want the size of the 20mm. I will just wait for the Mark II of this lens (or if there is a 25mm f1.4 pancake lens soon). :) SO now it leaves me to the 12mm...
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    Battery pack/grip for the EM-5

    (Deleted the content) (Reason for deleting: Same post as the above)
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    Battery pack/grip for the EM-5

    I love to have that grip. However I am thinking that for the price of the grip, it is better for me save the money to buy 1 good lens. I think it will give me more photographic opportunities. I am more of a prime user with small/medium hands so I think I can live without the grip.
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    Which Lens 12mm/25mm/9-18mm???

    Thank you! Yeah I want to try street photography using UWA. It will give me different perspective. My concern about the 9-18mm is if I use it at night (low light). I am more of a nocturnal street shooter (shooting after office hours). Hehehe! I haven't seen many photos using this lens in low...
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    Which Lens 12mm/25mm/9-18mm???

    Thanks. It is really a tough decision. I want all these lens but have to choose one only. If only there's a lens rental shop here where I can rent the lens for a week to asses if I really want it. Thanks for your replies guys. I really appreciate them. I really cant decide which lens to...
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    Looking for a pancake/small zoom.

    I had the 17mm and I think the image quality is almost similar to the quality of the kit lens.
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    Which Lens 12mm/25mm/9-18mm???

    Thanks! Nice sets. Have you shoot with the 9-18mm at night? How are the photos?
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    Which Lens 12mm/25mm/9-18mm???

    Thank you for your reply. I think you are correct. Actually my preferred focal length is 35mm FF equivalent (I wish the 17mm is faster and has better IQ). I am really confused as to which lens to buy. I like all the lens I mentioned and I think they are good lenses. If I buy the...
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    Which Lens 12mm/25mm/9-18mm???

    Thanks Deejay. On a daily basis, I shoot street mostly at night after office ours while walking my way home. On weekends and holidays mostly daytime as much as possible. Is the 9-18mm good for night street photography? handheld? The reason I include this is lens in my option is I want to...
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    Which Lens 12mm/25mm/9-18mm???

    Hello guys! I'm in quest for for my next lens purchase. :) I just want to know your opinion which lens would you buy if you were on my shoes. This is my current lens line up -> 14mm, 20mm, 45mm, 12-50mm, 40-150mm. Body: E-M5 I am shooting mostly streets on a daily basis and my most...
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    Most heavily used lens?

    It's the 20mm for me. Default lens in my camera and attached most of the time.
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    Absolute minimum kit

    On a daily basis, I always bring the E-M5 + 20mm + 45mm. I think this is my minimal kit. If I want to go super minimal, I have the X100 to do that. On special days like trips, I add the 14mm in my arsenal. Sometimes the 12-50mm.
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    Bags and more bags

    I dont think it will find its way onto lens glass or camera. The wax is to be applied externally only. It feels icky and waxy after you applied the wax. It was suggested to use a blow drier so that the wax will get into the bag's fabric. It was also suggested to leave it for one day to let...
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    The Real Street Thread II

    Found this small ramen shop on my way home. 20mm.
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    The Test of OM-D EM-5 + Panasonic 20 mm banding problem

    I also noticed banding in my E-M5 + 20mm. I think I am on the ISO3200.
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    Bags and more bags

    I also have the Domke F-803 and yes it can hold and iPad (at the back pocket) and two m4/3 bodies (E-M5 & E-PL2) both with pancake lens attached. And a couple of lenses (2~3). The two front pockets can be used to carry other stuff. These two front pockets are big actually. The flap pockets hold...
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    Bags and more bags

    yup. at the back. my ipad with smartcover and back case protector fits just right. :)
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