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    Yongnuo YN-560 III

    Yongnuo RF-603 II triggers must have the Mark II moniker to work with YN560 III. I'm not sure about the RF-602 compatibility, sorry. Canon or Nikon models of either the flash or the trigger doesn't matter. It is a manual flash and trigger system with only centre pin for firing. The Nikon 1, 2...
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    Olympus 40-150 2.8 Pricing and Teleconverter Kit!

    I'm hoping this announcement will introduce a slightly lower MSRP for the 35-100. I'm not rethinking my bag because of one lens and I don't need 300 mm-e.
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    YN 560III and Olympus EPL-5

    This And this Unfortunately RF-603 I will be simply marketed as RF-603, and will come in Canon or Nikon versions. It will require modifications to work with MFT's flash system. RF-603 II will work out of the box. I got a set of these recently and they work great. YN-560-TX is the most...
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    E-PL5: Naming

    I do the same as MrTiger except it's a frame of my hand... LOL
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    sad reflection after an adventure in Iceland

    Guys, OP is obviously a troll.
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    Keeping vs Selling...

    If I haven't touched something for a year then they go on the chopping block. That goes to anything I own. I can't speak for my better half though.
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    VSCO vs NIK

    Replichrome: 2 preset packs that covers most of the professional print and colour reversal films. VSCO: 5 preset packs now (potentially more) that also covers consumer and instant films. My decision was swayed by the fact that VSCO gave instant savings to returning customers. The looks...
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    Word has it the Nikon version is in the works. So if your primary, or secondary system is Nikon then wait until that comes out! My set of RF-603 II triggers are the Nikon version so I'm in the wait and see mode. Though I quite like the universal-ness of plain triggers... and don't mind the...
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    small off camera lighting bag

    I was just thinking about this the other day. My lighting kit is slowly growing into a respectable setup, using a tripod bag seems to be very sensible.
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    Apple discontinuing Aperture development

    It's always nice to have an alternative even if it's inferior (by some people's opinion). But I understand Apple's move to consolidate their pro and consumer photography applications.
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    Traveling with only 25mm (50mm eqv.) lens: is it possible?

    This is my preferred 2-lens setup also. If I was to do what OP is proposing and travel with only one lens then I would prefer a 35 mm equivalent than a 50. To each their own. I travelled London and Paris with just a 25 mm in the past and while I liked it, it's a much more useful lens...
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    Do you use Metering modes on the E-m5?

    I use mostly matrix metering and spot metering. Almost never touch centre weighted metering. Matrix (sorry for this Nikon jargon, same as ESP) works pretty much 99% of the time without fail. When it does get fooled by white scenes or black scenes, I just use exposure compensation to work it...
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    The TOP Tabulations Are In!

    More and more mirrorless users each day. Sensor technology will only get better. I just hate that the first thing people bring up when they're having format discussions is depth of field. It happens without fail. We get it. Move along!
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    Made in China !

    Food for thought: If nobody bought any Chinese made products, which supports their industrialization process, then where would they be in 100 years? Would they still be stuck in the current situation? But if you did buy their products and they industrialized quickly, would they take 100 years to...
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    Ansel Adams Wilderness Revisisted
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    The Camera Store posted a great AF Comparison video between the X-T1, E-M1, A6000, GH4, and D4S

    I thought GH4 would have DoF measured for all native lenses. Supporting only Panasonic is kind of short sighted?
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    Olympus 17mm f1.8 mount

    Better stiff than not loose. So...
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    You like FlashQ? Find it useful?

    I try to stay away from coin type batteries. I know this is necessary for this product to be smaller than the competition. But it's hard for me to buy yet another battery type, and one that is uncommon at that. Any thoughts of integrating a rechargeable Li-ion cell?
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    How do you carry your camera while photographing on the street?

    I have a wrist strap from Gordy and find it work well. I don't always carry a second battery on me though. Living in Canada I always drive to a general location so I leave the camera bag in the car.
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    Flash units for OMDs

    Nissin i40's dials look awesome. I'm a-ok with the simple operations. Have they announced MFT support? Edit: Looks like 4/3 is there, probably the same TTL system right?
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    Lightroom Backup and restore questions ??

    Mac or Windows? I only have a Mac nowadays so I won't be able to help you in detail if you're in a Windows environment. I'll try to put in the Windows equivalents in parenthesis when possible. I do this, just in Lightroom instead of Finder (Explorer) so that Lightroom can correctly catalog...
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    GH4 Review from Nat Geo photographer

    I wonder if we can get a continuous autofocus test between the GH4 and E-M1.
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    LR to Aperture

    I did the Aperture beta to full upgrade trick with Mavericks so I started experimenting with it also, the loupe is really cool.
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    Lens crisis: small+light or top quality?

    Nothing wrong with this approach. I just try to avoid duplicating focal lengths. Though here's my line of thought for my kit. I can walk the distance in the midrange, a couple of steps forward or backward. But I can't do that on the extremes, wouldn't want to fall over the railing or back up...
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    E-M5 firmware wishlist

    We've only had a few instances so far and they're minor additions. Here are the OM-D ones: E-M5 got small focus boxes and ISO 100 (extension), E-M1 got electronic first curtain shutter.
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    Lens crisis: small+light or top quality?

    I prefer having zooms in the extremes. Such as the UWA or the telephoto focal lengths. The midrange is always a prime. I think you should try it out first. Rent or borrow a prime in the midrange and shoot for a week? Using it as opposed to the 12-40 would drop your weight and size dramatically...
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    E-M5 firmware wishlist

    I'd like the electronic first curtain shutter, that would be a great addition.
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    Featured: 'Mu43 Wedding Experience' by SSSYURRR

    Does the newer triggers from Yongnuo also need modifications? I'm interested in the RF-603 II.
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    Moving from flickr to another picture host (maybe 500px?)

    500px is a different beast compared to Flickr. I have both accounts. 500px is increasingly trying to compete with SmugMug, PhotoShelter as a portfolio for photographers. They're now also venturing into stock sales. This is where the best of your work should be posted to in full resolution glory...
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    DxOMark: Panasonic GH4 Has The Best Micro Four Thirds Sensor Yet!

    Just incremental improvements until E-M5 II, I bet you. It's just how the industry works. Sensor technology are on longer cycles than the annual body refreshes. I am interested in how the GH4 auto focus system works in real life. Sounds like a cool implementation. Since it's not a phase...
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    Olympus vs Panasonic lens in 14-150 range which one

    Panasonic 14-140 mm f/3.5-5.6 unfortunately isn't a mark II because mark I is a f/4-5.8. The f/3.5-5.6 is smaller, lighter and supposedly sharper at the long end than both the Olympus and Panasonic, and has OIS in case you mount it on a Panasonic body. The OIS has been updated from Mega OIS to...
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    What is the best one lens for travel photography?

    Any midrange zoom that you have in your possession. Hopefully you can also bring a normalish prime. That's it.
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    How do you check critical focus and image sharpness "in the field"?

    I wish that LCD was better, but they aren't. Zooming in and check faces really quickly usually does the trick but it's a pain in the ass. So I just hope the camera focused properly. Deep depth of field when in doubt! LOL
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    Oly 12-40 does Wrist Watch Macros

    Some expensive watches on display here
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    ultimate wedding kit ? if you shoot weddings share your thoughts :)

    GH4 or E-M1 x 2 12-35 or 12-40 35-100 or 40-150 7-14/2.8 17/1.8 25/1.4 42.5/1.2 60/2.8 75/1.8 Yongnuo flash x 2 PocketWizard non-TTL Umbrella or soft box Light stand Tripod There you have it. The ultimate wedding MFT kit.
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    Wide or Std zoom? Need help balancing needs, wants, & budget for upcoming trip

    No travel demands 2 bodies. That turns a trip into work than play. If you follow some of the previous advices and use two bodies, leave one in the hotel safe as a backup. I recently did Italy: Rome, Vatican, Venice, Pisa, Capri, Messina. I used a kit consisting of 9-18, 14-150, and 17/1.8...
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    I want to learn LightRoom 5
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    Olympus just solved Shutter Shock on E-M1

    Need this across the lineup Olympus, kthx.
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    EM-5 Setting changes

    Do a full reset and see if it still happens? That will clear everything. What firmware version?
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    So I have narrowed down my choices. Now i need help to pick just one

    It's hard to recommend 20/1.7 as a low light lens. Yes it goes to a wide aperture, but its AF response is poor. If you're used to 25/1.4's AF in low light, you'd be disappointed. I see 20 as a great pancake for the minimum profile.
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    Difference between Zuiko 12mm f2 and Zuiko 12mm ED f2 Limited Edition

    Just wait until the 12/2 LE sell out. Olympus will replace it with a new black SKU guaranteed, without the extras. I would only care to get the black lenses that are plastic, 45/1.8, 25/1.8. Because the faux silver they have is kind of lame. That being said I have a silver 45/1.8.
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    All your bags?

    I got an ONA The Bowery bag as well, in tan canvas. It's probably the best bag I have used at this price range for mirrorless kits. There is also a Lowepro Apex 110 AW. I use it when I'm going somewhere long distance because it fits in more bags. Oh and I needed its divider to make 3...
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    Featured: 'Mu43 Wedding Experience' by SSSYURRR

    This is a new addition with LR 5.3.
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    Post your Flickr account - Follow fellow mu-43 members!

    Here's mine:
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    4 cores vs. 6+ cores for Lightroom

    Though I don't like reading Lloyd Chambers, this is quite good: Though it's written for OS X, the theory is the same and Adobe has largely used the same core for different builds of their products. Makes sense given that they need to roll...
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    Featured: 'Mu43 Wedding Experience' by SSSYURRR

    Woke up to see this, I love the composition of many of the shots. Keep posting!
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    Mediterranean Cities

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    E-M5 to E-M1, or...

    I wouldn't upgrade the body unless a significant improvement is done to the sensor performance. Personally I treat E-M5 and E-M1 to be of the same generation. E-M1 adds new features but overall image quality improvement is negligible. Mark II will come out eventually, for all of the current...
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    Mediterranean Cities

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    Mediterranean Cities

    Thank you! It's a fantastic city, metropolitan fairy tale.
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