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    I have the TG5 and currently staying at a beach house for a few days. The TG5 is nearly usless in the sun, if the TG6 is even slightly better I would get that model, anything is better than nothing
  2. retiredfromlife

    Olympus vs JJC lens hoods

    I have the JJC hood for the 60mm macro and it is ok, dont have the Oly one so cant compare. But from 2hat I have seen from the Oly hods that came with my pro lenses i would not buy the Oly ones, as they are made to break
  3. retiredfromlife

    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    Agreed, my main beef with mu-43 is missed focusing (me or the camera) I often get the focus confirmation on a completely out of focus image, especially with macro
  4. retiredfromlife

    The need to move forward with M43

    I would get the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 pro. For a smaller size the new 12-45 f4.0 may also be an option, but depending on where you are it is more expensive than the 12-40 Unless you pay for the pto primes i think it would be very hard to spot better IQ with the primes verses pro zooms. Edit For a...
  5. retiredfromlife

    Olympus vs JJC lens hoods

    Anyone know of a third party hood the the Oly 12-100 pro? Apart from a generic screw on.
  6. retiredfromlife

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Released

    I suppose it would depend on how much to want to sell or market your product, especially if said market seems to be shrinking. But since most people will probably just complain and buy anyway (me included) it is obviously not worth the financial return to produce a good manual
  7. retiredfromlife

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Released

    Had a quick look at the manual, wish they put hyperlinks in it like Panasonic do with their manuals so you can jump around. The manual to me is more like a technical reference book than a how to use the camera manual. Considering a lot of reviewers indicate the in camera menu is still overly...
  8. retiredfromlife

    Norway roadtrip

    Nice video liked it a lot.
  9. retiredfromlife

    I’m back with the em10mkIII

    The godox 350o is a nice small one and comes with a diffuser. I really like this one, easy to use as well. I also have the X2T trigger but have not worked out how to use it yet. If you want just manual for macro, a bit bigger and more powerful is the Yongnuo 560 IV. But I found withmine that...
  10. retiredfromlife

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Released

    Well I was getting interested in one of these, but unless I am missing something the kit pricing is not that good. I hope I am missing something here :hmmm:
  11. retiredfromlife

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    No you are not alone as I purchased one but in the end I just use PD wrist straps I liked mine but my camera setups are so light I decided I did not need it when I get a 100-400 I may change my mind that is if the overall weight does not exceed the lug capacity for my G85 I think that was 1.5 Kg
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    Lizards, snakes, toads, frogs, turtles and other reptiles & amphibians

    I guess that is because I am not a subscriber. I used to have a browser addod that showed them but it does not work now.
  13. retiredfromlife

    Lizards, snakes, toads, frogs, turtles and other reptiles & amphibians

    Nice lizard shot. What lens is it? as I cant see the exif data
  14. retiredfromlife

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Released

    Looks like an OK incremental release to me, yet to see Australian pricing though. I don't understand the EVF choice and wish they relocated the tripod mount so the camera can be used with quick release plates without obstructing the battery door. The plates that I use would not work with the...
  15. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Gordon Laing, not showing for some reason but link works
  16. retiredfromlife

    Olympus vs JJC lens hoods

    My JJC for the 12-40 seems to be OK as well. Bit tighter than the Oly one but looks better made and I do like the door that lets you turn a filter as well.
  17. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    After reading a lot of the posts I fear tomorrow a lot of people will know disapointment.
  18. retiredfromlife

    Anyone Tried the NiSi Close Up Filter ?

    I gather that means it is a littler better than an achromat, if that is the case it may help to explain the high cost. But with my skills it may be hard to spot the difference. I will keep an eye out for a discount.
  19. retiredfromlife

    Panasonic reviews from a (former) Olympus user standpoint?

    Cant recommend a review but a lot of us here own both brands. We all have different needs and likes so it makes it hard to compare some times. My take on the difference, from only a stills point of view is Panasonic Pro's = Camera controls and menus suit me better. Really like the G85/G95 for...
  20. retiredfromlife

    Seems like a great place

    Welcome to the forum. One thing with Mu-43 you can test the waters fairly cheaply if you want.
  21. retiredfromlife

    Anyone Tried the NiSi Close Up Filter ?

    Looks like these have been out six months or so, fairly expensive as well currently AU$219.00 But they are a large diameter. From memory the large diameter Canon series was also expensive. If they go on special they may be good for the Oly 40-150 pro...
  22. retiredfromlife

    Lizards, snakes, toads, frogs, turtles and other reptiles & amphibians

    Lots of them in my yard at the moment, but hard to get a nice shot of them like you have here. I found one in one of our labs at work that had crawled inside a insect trap that very sticks insides. the poor thing got itself completely stuck down head and all. It took us nearly half hour to...
  23. retiredfromlife

    Review Mystery Ranch Pintler: The Perfect Back Country Photography Backpack?

    Thanks for the really good write up. I agree with your pack size I like the 36 liter sizes available in Australia. Don't often see a 40L here. A nice range of packs as well. When I was younger a needed to carry a rope as well 60L was my preferred day pack size, but now 36-40 does me fine...
  24. retiredfromlife

    A telephoto dilemma

    I have the Panasonic 14-140 & 100-300, both are nice kit lenses and the 14-140 is quiet good for general shooting with a bit of reach. I also have the 12-40 f2.8 dont use it much but keep it as it is a really good lens. Keep yours you may regret it if you sell it is one the the sharpest you can...
  25. retiredfromlife

    G9 Slow startup and image review times ?

    I don't remember the channel but early this year I watched a youtube test where sandisk cards [I think extreme pro] were used with the latest sandisk card reader and the upload speeds were vastly improoved compared to using third part card readers.
  26. retiredfromlife

    Mount second camera on a tripod leg

    I often wonder about those handles they sell that attach to the hot shoe, they could cause a lot of leverage to the hot shoe depending on the lens attached. But then again some video people seem to hang a lot of monitors etc on the hot shoe.
  27. retiredfromlife

    Mount second camera on a tripod leg

    Those small rig clamps are good. At first I purchased a no name brand but the joints did not tighten up enough to hold any weight. When I got the smallrig one it held my led light OK, never tried anything heavier. with smallrig you can get the articulated arms in diferen tlenghts. I imagine the...
  28. retiredfromlife

    Non-Pro Lens Price Increase?

    My local store indicated the official Olympus lens increase had not come through [or would not disclose] but it indicated that they thought it would be 15% minimum. Wish I had ordered the 12-100 in the recent special now.
  29. retiredfromlife

    Recommendations for a new photo editing computer (+ info on system performance)

    In the past I have normally built my own windows PC's but after my last PC died I decided to give iMacs a chance. To build my own PC with a decent monitor was just about the same as a 2019 iMac 27" so I bit the bullet and purchased one. Still learning the darn thing which is hard after a...
  30. retiredfromlife

    Any clarifications to E-M1 DIY rear dial “fix?”

    Some perople have reported using contact cleaner spray works for awhile. Make sure you use something that does not leave any residue. I presume you mean the original EM1 If you like the camera an Olympus repair would be best as they are nice cameras, especiall if you want the tilting only screen...
  31. retiredfromlife

    Google Photos will provide a service to print your top photos for $8 a month

    Probably trying to attract people to their photo site. As in my case never been there and probably wont, never knew it existed.
  32. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    I think all cameras for the consumer market should ship with the auto mode, especially "P" mode. For 90% of all my shots I would be using "P" mode as it always selects the largest aperture which is what I normally want when using a kit lens. I mainly use the 14-140 & 100-33 Panasonic lenses so...
  33. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Has there been any talk about the SD slots? From memory the EM1.2 SD slots are differenet speeds
  34. retiredfromlife

    Black smearing from Epson XP-640

    I have heard at my photo club that if you own an Epson you have to run a test sheet weekly or they block up. That was why I used to like HP, change the ink and printer head at the same time.
  35. retiredfromlife

    any microUSB failures on recent GX bodies?

    I have learn't not to use micro USB for constant use scenarios, too many failures. The small port that I use that has not failed is the Apple charging port. Sure the apple lead fail, but you can cheaply replace them unlike the port. The only time I use a port in a camera is for a remote...
  36. retiredfromlife

    Time to play another rousing game of . . .

    So your waiting on the Oly 100-400 or 150-400 to as well :thumbup:
  37. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Unless I am not looking at the picture correctly, the lead version has all male plugs from what I can see and I need the single end to be female. The square cube version looks like it would work, but I would like a lead version if I can get one. Edit; Looks like I found one at Jaycar Aust. Had...
  38. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Thanks for the link Yes that would do, I will look later today for a version with an Australian plus.
  39. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    I have been looking for something similar. For my Olympus and Panasonic chargers I need a female end to fit the wall plug leads and multiple male ends to fit into the battery chargers. I have found ones like your splitter lead but none with a female for the single end. From my understanding C7...
  40. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Interesting where the joy stick is. I thought they may swap the two position lever for the joystick. hopefully the joystick is not too low for large hands.
  41. retiredfromlife

    Twin macro flashes Yongnuo YN-24EX for Olympus

    Don't know about the Yongnuo, but I looked at the STF-8 and came to the conclusion it was not powerful enough for me. May be if it was half the price for some specific use but not the full price, and it does not seem to get on sale for a good price either.
  42. retiredfromlife

    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    I wonder about the close focusing aspects of this lens. Will it be any better than te 12-40 pro ?
  43. retiredfromlife

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Looks good to me, but unless I missed it no live ND, but to be expected, have to keep something fo rthe EM1X. Would have liked more focus points but not essential. now a joy stick, really nice. The two points that I like most are; # OI.Share can now also be used to update the camera firmware...
  44. retiredfromlife

    Which body for some macro work?

    I purchased an EM10 MKII just for macro / close up work. I think the main thing needed is a macro lens to get edge to edge sharpness. The Oly 30mm macro is possibly good enough for this task.
  45. retiredfromlife

    Reminiscing Feb 2019 at Bharatpur, Bird images from Oly

    A very nice set of images, good feather detail. I like the first and last the most, but i would be happy with any of them. What camera and lens did you use. As I cant see the exif data. Edit The video has some real stunners, and the ba kgrouns are really silky, great set
  46. retiredfromlife

    retrieve software ...

    To expand on what @barry13 said, it is easy if you have not done before. Click on start then run and type regedit, press enter normally if the keys are visible they are under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software Expand the software you are looking for and the key will be in the right pane. If it is a...
  47. retiredfromlife

    How do you insure your gear?

    I checked my house insurance for camera gear and i have to get an add on and name all the items to be covered. But there were so many exclusions it was not worth it. Goods were only covered the same as manufacturers policy an nothing covered for inclement weather when traveling basically only...
  48. retiredfromlife

    New PC - iMac 27” Retina 5K Advice

    Yes looks different. I will be getting an external drive to store all my files, i hope i can point all the applications to an external drive easily, and create my file structure on the external drive. I like to know where everything is Definately will be a learning curve
  49. retiredfromlife

    Travel + Wildlife Tripod - What do you use?

    Well as of recently I have three travel tripods. First I purchased a Manfrotto Befree as I like the lever locks the best. I use this one for travel around Australia when I go by car and only do short walks and I do not plan to use the tripod. For overseas travel I have two Sirui tripods. [both...
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