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  1. Phoque

    Show "Motorcycles"

    gnarlydog, what's the bike brand and model?
  2. Phoque

    EM-1 II or DC-G9 for shooting BiF with Panny 100-300 II?

    I've been thinking of getting a second body in the past while which would be good for BiF. I would use my Panny 100-300 II for that purpose. I hesitate between the EM-1 II and the DC-G9. Anybody has shot BiF with EM-1 II and Panny 100-300 II?
  3. Phoque

    Weather Sealing - Overrated?

    Back in the days, I went kayaking with a Nikon film camera (about 450$CAD at the time, don't remember the model). I put it in a garbage bag. Some water unsurprisingly made it into the kayak, but also into the garbage bag, just a little. Camera was ruined. I gently sprinkle/rinse my EM-5 under...
  4. Phoque

    Share Birds

    MrRunciter, what did you shot the flying bird with (body&lens)?
  5. Phoque

    Martinique Mont Pelé

    Pics 1 km away from Mt Pelé summit at L'aileron .
  6. Phoque


    Martinique February 2019, Balata Garden
  7. Phoque

    Share Birds

    Martinique, February 2019. Processed to taste in DxO Photolab Elite demo. Beginner's mistake: hand held on a boat rocked by the waves, panny 100-300 II F5.3, 1/15s, 246mm, ISO1600 Should have tried the ISO at 6400 and 12800
  8. Phoque

    Martinique with my old EM5.

    Just back from Martinique, nice pics, about to post mine. Had a great time over there.
  9. Phoque

    Share Birds

    Lesser Antillean bullfinch, Martinique
  10. Phoque

    Traveling internationally - one lens or multiple?

    I'm on my way to Martinique. I brought my Panny 100-300 II, 14mm and Oly 60mm.
  11. Phoque

    My E-M1 II High Resolution shots are not sharp!

    Apologies Grumpy, confused lens tripod mount for tripod :blush:
  12. Phoque

    My E-M1 II High Resolution shots are not sharp!

    Even with the best tripod, if the ground vibrates for whatever reason, it will be magnified by the telephoto lens.
  13. Phoque

    Canon CEO ILC market shrink prediction

    Interesting article on DPReview where Canon CEO expects ILC sales to drop and stabilize at around 5-6 million units per year. It seems current ILC market is at about 10 million units. I find it surprisingly low, although I never had any clear idea other than it was shrinking. Nothing to make...
  14. Phoque

    Panasonic 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 II

    The pictures in this thread are pretty much all I've done with it. I'm going to hopefully use it more in the next two weeks or so as I'll be traveling to Martinique. So far, I'm happy with it. Do you shoot RAW? What's the ISO and aperture of the shots you took you're not happy with? Do you have...
  15. Phoque

    Panasonic 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 II

    Yes, I'm planning to join some bird organization in the summer. I find winter birding by -12 +wind a bit too cold on the fingers in spite of gloves. In the mean time, I should get some interesting pictures in Martinique in the coming weeks.
  16. Phoque

    Panasonic 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 II

    First time I shoot a bird with this lens, what I meant this lens to be used for. All handheld shots at 300mm, F5.6, ISO 200 on EM-5 body. I realize now that 300mm is a bare minimum for birding. No idea about the bird kind, but google image search says it's a japanese rhinoceros beetle (4th pic)...
  17. Phoque

    EM5 to mkii or EM1-2?

    I'm in the same position here (OM-D EM-5), although I'm leaning towards the G9. For landscape, I think both the G9 and EM-1 II would do an equivalent job. I'm more familiar with Olympus menu system, but I don't mind learning Panasonic's. Ultimately, to me, it comes down to the following three...
  18. Phoque

    OMD E-M1X Previews, reviews, and official announcement

    I donno, but, yes, for sure, maybe given the right amount of money...? What I mean is, does Olympus sell enough cameras to justify what Sony/Panasonic would ask to pay for such a custom sensor? I doubt it. ASICS are very expensive to design. You need to sell a lot of them for it to become a...
  19. Phoque

    OMD E-M1X Previews, reviews, and official announcement

    It's too bad Foveon sensor hasn't been backed by more camera makers and research. It would have been an awesome way to breath in more life and resolution to M4/3, given much needed improved noise figures. With a 16MP Foveon sensor, we could have had Bayer equivalent resolution about 30MP. Now I...
  20. Phoque

    OMD E-M1X Previews, reviews, and official announcement

    Sounded fair to me. I didn't heard any bashing or non legitimate critics. This camera feels more evolutionary than revolutionary. A BSI sensor to gain that extra half stop of light would have helped a bit. I'm not sure many EM-1 Mark II owners are going to fork 3k$ to upgrade.
  21. Phoque

    Australian Open 2019

    I'm so jealous, never been to a grand slam! Montréal's Roger cup was still a good show the few times I've been there.
  22. Phoque

    Panasonic 100-400 users: what do you use to carry this thing?

    My Panasonic 100-300mm is not as big, but I love my Cotton Carrier to lug it around. Since you have a rotating tripod collar, it could look somewhat like this:
  23. Phoque

    Some photos taken on my summer road trip in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

    I was wondering how I could have missed those landscapes, but I actually did the Cabot Trail back in 2005, had a good time hiking and taking pictures with my Canon Elph Sd200 3MP!!!. Close female moose snapshot. Yup, I had hairs back then. Had a blast riding my bike over the twisty, hilly...
  24. Phoque

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Manfrotto Mount for Universal Cell Phone - Retail Packaging - Black CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology - Lanyard with 262079 Cotton Carrier Universal Tripod Adapter Plate
  25. Phoque

    What are you listening to?

    Unable to get that song out of my head for a few weeks now...
  26. Phoque

    Post your ALTERED REALITY photos

    Is that Mordor in the distance?
  27. Phoque

    Interesting Thom Hogan Article on Mirrorless in 2019

    I feel similarly that Olympus is in a tough position. But even if Olympus ends up in a sub-niche market (with the advent of smartphones, it seems like the whole dedicated camera market is a niche market now), I'll be happy. I still have my 'old' Om-D Em-5 and I'm planning to keep it as a second...
  28. Phoque

    Price drop on EM-1.ii?

    Did the EM-1 Mark I ever sold under 1000U$ from an authorized dealer? I'd think the Mark II should follow a similar pattern, unless they're badly overstock when the Mark III comes out, which would surprise me.
  29. Phoque

    Panasonic 100-300mm I vs II: differences?

    Yes, I've experienced it too with the Mk2 I bought recently. It looks obvious on the screen or EVF where to focus, but it just keeps hunting.
  30. Phoque

    Panasonic 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 II

    My first foray into super telephoto lenses. I bought this lens for birding, but this is the only flying thing I could catch today. Not really the season for birds anyways, but I'm going to Martinique in a few weeks where it might get more interesting. Pardon my French but, asshole...
  31. Phoque

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Yeah, just took a look and it wasn't compatible between the original EM-5 and mark II. Also, at 350CAD$, I might be better off with a knock off brand or a discounted EM-1 Mark II.
  32. Phoque

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    No I don't. I'm waiting for the OM-D EM-5 Mark III or a big price drop in the EM-1 Mark II. Not that the EM-5 Mark III would be better, but just in case the grip is not compatible, I prefer to wait.
  33. Phoque

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Panasonic 100-300mm II, OIS feels very different from IBIS, but works nice. I think I need an OM-D EM-1"something" so it balances better! It's rather front heavy on my OM-D EM-5.
  34. Phoque

    Learning insect macro

    I don't know if the learning curve will be steep for you, you seem off to a very good start! :thumbup:
  35. Phoque

    (Debunked) Olympus PEN-F Mark II Registered, to be Announced in 2019

    Anybody has an idea about upcoming events or dates when Olympus would make its new product announcements?
  36. Phoque

    Bags and more bags

    Just got myself the Pelican 1500 for storage, added a desiccant box to it. OM-D EM-5 + flash Panasonic 12-35mm Panasonic 14mm Olympus 60mm Olympus 25mm FL-300R flash Variable ND Filter 3 batteries Charger + cables Plenty of room left
  37. Phoque

    Bye, Bye, Lightroom ...

    Can't help but feel the same about you. You are quick to assume about my ignorance, instead of trying to understand what I meant. Why so quick to judge? Perhaps because of personal insecurity or because it makes you feel smart? But, please, tell us yourself! Almost all of my RSP, which I manage...
  38. Phoque

    Showcase Olympus 25mm f/1.8

    First time using my 25 mm 1.8. It's interesting how it forces you to think more about composition (at least for me, compared to a wide angle where you have more room for cropping). f2.8, 1/400, ISO 200 f1.8, 1/800, ISO 200 f5.6, 1/125, ISO 200
  39. Phoque

    LX100 II owners out there?

    The LX100 II seems to be generally a better option, but weatherproofing is important to me, and if I was buying an enthusiast compact, I'd also be considering the Canon G1X Mark III. Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III review
  40. Phoque

    Bye, Bye, Lightroom ...

    By definitions, I believe all companies are ethically challenged. They are the embodiment of (tens, hundreds, thousands, ... of) thousands of stockholders who, for the vast majority, just demand profit.
  41. Phoque

    The Riddler!

    Trying to start a new challenge. Post a riddle with accompanying picture as a hint. The riddle could be the picture itself (but not a location, there's already a thread for that). If people have too hard a time to answer, more pictures can be posted as hints. Ok, I might have watched too much...
  42. Phoque

    Lightroom broken, what's the best alternative?

    I fixed my issue, corrupted catalog. Otherwise, I don't like the way Adobe is going with its subscription based approach. And the Adobe Photoshop Elements doesn't match the features of LR (I'm currently happily dinosaured into LR 4.4 :biggrin: ).
  43. Phoque

    Lightroom broken, what's the best alternative?

    Ok, I've been able to solve my issue. Still interesting to see what you guys are using. My problem was that my default catalog was corrupted. I concluded that as when I renamed the folder containing my catalogs, re-launched LR, it prompted me to create a new catalog and I was able to import...
  44. Phoque

    Lightroom broken, what's the best alternative?

    Hello all, Photoshop lightroom 4.4 64 bits has given up on me. I have the latest updates, tried rebooting, uninstalling/re-installing: nope. It keeps crashing when I hit the import button or click import from the menu. There's a thread on Adobe website started in January 2018 and I don't see...
  45. Phoque

    Post Process Challenge #437

    Too late to the show, but submitting my try.
  46. Phoque

    E-M1II successor

    :thiagree:, I was referring, as per my original message (Phoque, Yesterday at 6:58 PM), what was the size of the Panasonic Fujifilm organic sensor as mentioned in comment by Turbofrog, Monday at 12:07 PM. Panasonic Develops Industry's-First 8K High-Resolution, High-Performance Global Shutter...
  47. Phoque

    E-M1II successor

    I wonder what is the size of this sensor. If it's full frame, that sensor would scale down to 9MP for u4/3. But even if they reduced the size of pixels by 2 and developed a 18MP sensor, I'd be very interested.
  48. Phoque

    Olympus OMD EM5 Mark ii 'corrosion'

    Plus, discharging lithium batteries produce small amount of hydrogen gas, which is corrosive. That's probably why the manual suggest that batteries should be removed from cameras when not used for extended period of time. (PDF) Insight into the Gassing Problem of Li-Ion Battery Hydrogen damage...
  49. Phoque

    GX85 failure

    When I bought the Oly 25mm, the seller told me 1 in 6 of these lenses ended up with issues. He wanted to sell me a 70$CAD 4 years warranty. I declined, I never get these extended warranty. So far, I've been lucky. I think if something was really flawed, it would fail within first year of use.
  50. Phoque

    Guess what I've been googling for recently

    Do you have an electronic assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home? I wouldn't be surprised to learn someday somebody hacked into those devices and listened to its users. Oh, wait, it's already happened! Hackers Found a Way to Make the Amazon Echo a Spy Bug
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