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  1. silverbullet

    The Real Street Thread II

    near Palermo Gazetta von deandare06 auf Flickr
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    Hello from Germany

    Grüss' Dich Brina! You made a good choice, similar to me. My Nikon bag hurts my back therefore an Oly E-P2 plus some lenses in this cute little brown leather bag is all I need for holidays and city trips. The forum here is a very nice international place to 'live' photography without having...
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    Oly EP-2 with Nikon 28mm (pics)

    Impressive work and photographs, congrats! Having found my true old love (NikonF) in mint black with the Photomic AND CLAed at Nikon Professional Service, Cologne, my lens park is in AI(S) 24mm, 28mm, 50mm and 105mm. At the moment I'm not quite sure to invest more into my E-P2 system with 17...
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    My first hour with the EP-3

    No. 2 is a very striking, story telling pic. Great! The more unimportant parts look like softly 'wiped' in order to avoid disturbance..... BTW: When Ricoh introduced the promotion together with Michel Comte I learned the 'small sensor strategy' : shooting wide wide open to avoid too much...
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    Beginner photography book suggestion?

    when you want to dive into the very beginning buy the Time Life series from 1970: Life Library of Photography Series (17 Volumes): Ansel Adams, Various: Books up today I grab from time to time one of the books about light, the old masters etc. Warning: totally analogue!!! ;-)...
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    What is it with Fuji?

    Steve Jobs had just one chance to rescue a company, not two.....
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    A Refreshing "Old" Experience - Film

    should I say more.....? ;-) Old Love | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    Share your Golden Hour & Blue Hour Photos

    in 2006 when I started (again) photography this shot from the island Noirmoutier with it's artifical salt basins was really planned due to time and sun direction. But the shovels placed by random from the 'saunier' and his wife brought content into the pic. One hour I had to wait and then the...
  9. marais Noirmoutier

    marais Noirmoutier

    the salt basins of Noirmoutier, France Vendee
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    IBIS is nice but...

    IBIS: does it consume petrol? has it more weight? is it louder? will it cost more? I'm happy with it and when a long day streetwork is done this kind of image stabilization makes my my age...... The little white dot is the Venus.......;-) first third from right over the...
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    How not to use a Leica ...

    Eric Clapton: "i shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot the Leica......" Eric wears a Rolex, but the dude in the film - no - could be a Breitling or another brand waked up from death with money........from the investors, nearly as Leica......;-)
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    Show: Random picture thread

    a few days ago, my cousin phoned me about our shooting session 40 years ago. Bernie, please submit a couple of photographs, my daughter would like to see me as a young guy. So I dived into the negatives and started to scan..... Here one of the close ups:
  13. high key

    high key

    a 40 years old photograph of my cousin
  14. silverbullet

    Showcase Cosina Voigtlander 21mm f/4 Color-Skopar

    Two photographs which can't be topped from me in the future. Got this lens for my Bessa R4A (with the 21mm frames OVF) to shoot inside the cabin of the good old Iron Annie (JU52) but the light and the whole scenario outside was so beautiful: <a...
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    Hello from Italy

    Hi and welcome here in this cosy place! Last year I had the chance to visit Sicily for five days. Absolutely stunning even there was no light, electricity, water and a fixed toilet in the magazzino which a friend bought some time ago....... Near Cefalu and Lascari my Pen took several sun...
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    Diesel Engine Rebuild. A Quick Documentary.

    pahh, your utes have only just ONE engine.....:biggrin: One of the most expensive Citroens from the sixties has 4x4 and is driven by TWO engines........ The 2CV Sahara: Google-Ergebnis für The car has no airbags but...
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    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    my order date was Nov. 22.. No worries to wait because I have some lenses to prevent dust collecting......:rolleyes:
  18. silverbullet

    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    until now nothing Germany
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    How Old Are You? POLL / Age distribution on the forum

    Hi friends, a small gift from Europe: YouTube - The Beatles - When I'm Sixty Four Next December I'm allowed to sing the refrain much louder...... ;-) The (in Europe) famous songwriter, actor and artist André Heller once made a statement which is my permanent challenge: Here the slightly poor...
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    Fuji X100 in the flesh!

    I never "trust" third party comments or pictures from items I would like to use or buy.
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    Film Emulsion Vs Digital - Noise Vs Grain

    The other day I visited an exhibition about impressionists (painters) and parallel photographs from the construction of the Louvre and the Metro as other buildings in Paris around 1890 - 1920. A parallel exhibiton displayed photographs from Edward Steichen. Beside the terrific paintings...
  22. silverbullet

    X100 Commercial release

    When I remember well, the Ricoh GXR with it's modules has the same behavior regarding the limits in speed and aperture combinations.
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    London's last darkrooms

    Top of the week I visited a friend of mine, a member of the RPS , in her darkroom. Ohhh, I guess minimum 3 (three) enlarger for 13x18 cm and a few smaller ones. Basins in the size of a dolphinarium...:rolleyes: She printed for a lot of well known photographers as Newton and shoots by...
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    BB, the native 'speed' of modern sensors is really 200 ISO. They are so sensitive that a ISO 100 exposure is already a pull-exposure. This is especially common with CMOS sensors compare to older CCD versions. Bernd
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    [EXPIRED] WTB: Nikon F

    Hi Brian, the look of the F with the tiny 'pyramide' is really sexy.... Is your finder in black paint? If so. pls. give me your price. Bernd PS my olde days with the F: My F & me | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  26. silverbullet

    [EXPIRED] WTB: Nikon F

    My friend here in Germany has two silver Fs with FTns and lenses from 24 - 1?? and a zoom plus Novoflex fastshooter-system. No prof. use, just slides and a bit b/w work. He wants to sell, but I want to buy a black one.....:rolleyes: When there is interest I can exchange datas and email...
  27. silverbullet

    Winter has set in, share your pics with us !!

    a very foggy day near my home town, even a van in the background could hide himself (not the car with the headlamps...) All snow is gone but the cold came back this night
  28. foggy day

    foggy day

    a lot of fog made the view a bit soft
  29. silverbullet

    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Hi Marcus, welcome from a place where California is as far away as yours...... When I did wooden boat sailing, the east coast dories attracted me a lot. It was the time of the Wooden Boat magazine which I collected for many years. You'll have a lot of fun with your new cam. Please show us a...
  30. silverbullet

    Congratulations to the winners of our 'People' photo contest!

    Congratulations to the winners and the others...!
  31. silverbullet

    Guess what I got for Christmas?

    Hi Sherri, welcome on board! To wake up your Polaroids here is a link to the new manufacturer: The Impossible Project
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    Show "Cars"

    Emotion - cars in motion and not parking somewhere......:cool: Here a shot with my trusty D300 in Southern Tyrolia. I fired the cam with the right hand and held the wheel of the Moggy with my left hand..... The dude has no experiences with old cars so I had to help him in the hotel...
  33. vette


  34. silverbullet

    Are you looking forward to the Fujifilm FinePix X100

    here is a link to an interview of a person in charge: "The FinePix X100 is the starting point of the high-end cameras to follow in future"
  35. silverbullet

    Words/No Words: One Colour.

    waiting for a ship these huge arms of cranes look really like baby stuff in it's fair blue. The rolls at the top for the cable have a diameter of around 1 meter.
  36. crane


  37. silverbullet

    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    to keep the fire idling, here a link to a video from a very good greek photographer about Istanbul: YouTube - PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY ISTANBUL MNC It seems that he is usisng a 6x6 camera. The music with it's oriental scales hit my ears and immediately two LPs had been ordered by itunes......;-)...
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    Nokton 25/0.95 size comparison

    In Duesseldorf, Germany I had the opportunity to 'play' a bit with the lens. Impressive! The focus ring has this special creamy and soft-resistant feeling as the best Leica lens which I owned: the 50mm Summilux in black paint. It's not easy to describe but when you feel it you would know...
  39. silverbullet

    Share - Beautiful People

    Istanbul sitting in his small cabinet he allowed me to make this photograph. It's clear that he will get a print.
  40. Kassierer


  41. silverbullet

    E-PL1 Honeymoon Over?

    Back from Istanbul here a small selection of rainy day, indoor (mosque and the big bazar) shooting. Ok, my D300 is better, but the E-P2 isn't soo bad.... Colours of Istanbul - a set on Flickr
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    Hello everyone, what you're up to?

    Back from Istanbul on sunday, on monday "Montezuma's revange" got me during the night to tuesday. Lost some weight and sleep but now I'm back. My wife Loretta already bought a christmas tree - this is one of the worst things which I have to do normally in that time of the year.... All the best...
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    Show "Cars"

    Bill, yes, that are standard wheels as from the +8, the wire wheels are optional. I didn't like cleaning the wires.....:rolleyes:
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    Show "Cars"

    Here's a pic of our Moggy +4 4-seater. It's a one kind because the spare wheel compartment was modified with a lockable hatch. Another nice accessory is the removable hook for trailers. Mr. Morgan got very angry when he saw this car in production, because he thought that from now on more...
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    Photo contest: 'People' - Voting Ends at Midnight GMT January 15, 2011

    Istanbul commuting Stop and go from one continent to another..... Having the opportunity to make photographs in the night from one bus into another, the pic should look like a chalk painting.
  46. commuting....


    Istanbul during the every day traffic jams...
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    Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 Camera Porn

    here's a link to Peter Lueck, a german photographer with his own blog. He tested the Nokton 0.95 25mm: Review Voigtländer Nokton 0,95/25 MFT « He is very capable in shooting and processing......
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    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    Thanks Amin, great shots without a tripod.... BTW How long did you expose the pic with the Mac?
  49. silverbullet

    Showcase Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95

    Burkey, I never managed to master any guitar, but the PRS and the Fender siblings in your photograph remind me of my bloody fingertips...... BTW: a Fender JazzB de Luxe from around 1970? is waiting for new fingers .....:thumbup:
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