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  1. The Grumpy Snapper

    Show your film cameras

    I replaced the leatherette with some tacky, silicone anti slip material for improved grip when I was using them at -40°
  2. The Grumpy Snapper

    Show your film cameras

    I did a blog post recently on my 44 years of Olympus cameras. Here's 3 of my OM system cameras from left to right, an OM1 from 1976, an OM2N from 1981 and my OM4T from 1998.
  3. The Grumpy Snapper

    Equivalence (hypothesis): Could future FF mirrorless F/8 and F/5.6 lenses (ever so slightly press upon) the m43 pro system?

    Another ridiculous photo forum thread although not even close to the most ridiculous of January 2020. Which reminds me, I should write the blog post for the most ridiculous thread.
  4. The Grumpy Snapper

    Any good reading resources on Tripods?

    A cheap closed cell foam camping mattress/yoga mat and duct tape. Good down to -40°
  5. The Grumpy Snapper

    Leicaness and The Leica Look

    Isn't the Leica look how it looks sitting next to the other designer labels?
  6. The Grumpy Snapper

    Any good reading resources on Tripods?

    The problem with The Center Column is that it's mainly a review site with little information on tripod usage in the field. Also, being a review site means that good, older models available secondhand are not represented.
  7. The Grumpy Snapper

    Any good reading resources on Tripods?

    That used to be a Manfrotto problem but as Gitzo and Manfrotto are now owned by the same parent company I suspect that the Gitzo quality has dropped. My newest Gitzo is over 20 years old and I no longer have contacts in the trade to get the low down on quality issues. I tend to agree that a...
  8. The Grumpy Snapper

    Showcase Olympus 50mm f/1.8 OM

    My silvernose 50mm from 1976. In 1982 it was bounced along the gutter of Charing Cross Road in central London while running to catch the last tube train and had a motorcycle dropped on it at passport control on the way to the Le Mans 24 hour motorcycle endurance race. In 1985 it was submerged...
  9. The Grumpy Snapper

    Focus peaking with Canon FD glass (800mm 5.6)

    Same here. Olympus peaking is okay for stationary subjects but for moving birds and mammals give me the Sony version.
  10. The Grumpy Snapper

    Showcase Meike 35mm f/1.4

    I have the f/1.7 Meike and the f/1.2 7artisans 35mm lenses. I got the Meike because the 7artisans is small and fiddly with gloves on in the winter. But despite that I still grab the 7artisans most of the time. Both are sharp enough when stopped down that I am happy submitting images made with...
  11. The Grumpy Snapper

    Earth’s Rotation Limiting IBIS Performance to 6.3 Stops ?

    That's why there's only a handful in circulation, all in the hands of Nat Geo photographer's. They're not allowed to have more than two on the same continent at any one time.
  12. The Grumpy Snapper

    Friends what do you think of this new model.....?

    Really? I'd never heard of it until a year or two ago when it became something for "experts" on photo forums to spout off about. How does the exposure triangle work when shooting film?
  13. The Grumpy Snapper

    Earth’s Rotation Limiting IBIS Performance to 6.3 Stops ?

    The obvious solution is to buy a brand with IBIS and the option to momentarily stop the Earth's rotation. Or buy one of the soon to be released gyro stabilised tripods that counteract the Earth's rotation for exposures longer than 4.33 minutes.
  14. The Grumpy Snapper

    Share: RED

  15. The Grumpy Snapper

    Share your APSC images

    Ice formation on the shoreline at sunrise. Sony a6000 and the Neewer 35mm f/1.7 lens
  16. The Grumpy Snapper

    Olympus MMF-3 now obsolete

    I seem to think that the Panasonic version was discontinued some time ago. As the HG and SHG glass is the only reason I'm using m4/3 I will be continuing my transition to Sony. Rather amusingly, my dozen or so OM primes adapt well to the Sony bodies so Olympus didn't screw me over as badly...
  17. The Grumpy Snapper

    Showcase Helios 44M - 58mm f/2

    I'm going to have to stop looking at this thread. I had a 44 (a -2 I think) on a Zenit E in the mid 1970s. I lent it to a friend sometime in the late 1970s and haven't seen it since. The was a couple of East German CZ Jena lenses with it.
  18. The Grumpy Snapper

    Are there aperture numbers you just don't like?

    Olympus had production 200mm f/5 and 400mm f/6.3 lenses and some odd numbers for prototypes that never made it to production. 800mm f/9 1200mm f/14
  19. The Grumpy Snapper

    Are there aperture numbers you just don't like?

    So you just guess what aperture you're using? As most of my work has been with a selection of manual focus primes for the last six months I have grown to hate clickless aperture rings, especially at dusk and dawn. With a clicked aperture ring I can simply count the clicks.
  20. The Grumpy Snapper

    Are there aperture numbers you just don't like?

    My collection of 35mm lenses includes f/1.2, f/1.6, f/1.7 x2, f/1.9 and f/2.8. The f/1.6 and f/1.9 seem a little odd because they don't seem to be used as commonly as the others. I'm a little surprised there's no f/1.8 in the collection.
  21. The Grumpy Snapper

    Northrup too much Bokeh Parody

    That's being generous. I'd want paying to push play.
  22. The Grumpy Snapper

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    Interesting, the Neonon was probably the second worst enlarger lens I ever used. I ended up using a decades older 2" Wray in preference to the Neonon. I seem to remember a rumour that the Neonon was made by either Rodenstock or Schneider, both makers of very good enlarger lenses at the time. If...
  23. The Grumpy Snapper

    If the Lumix g9 has been discontinued...

    Or Jessops financial situation means Panasonic won't supply them with stock.
  24. The Grumpy Snapper

    Time to reassess the 200/2.8 as a birding lens?

    If you were shooting for publication editors wanted slow transparency film. When Kodachrome fell out of favour with editors who started preferring the Velvia colour palette my high speed film was Provia 100.
  25. The Grumpy Snapper

    Time to reassess the 200/2.8 as a birding lens?

    My theory is that the EC-14 is acting as a baffle stopping the excess light getting through to the sensor "box" but I can't say that I ever noticed any difference between the 1.4x-A and the EC-14. But I have to admit that I have never pixel peeped. My method of lens testing in the film era was...
  26. The Grumpy Snapper

    Nested bags?

    Padded inserts that can be moved between unpadded bags. I use Ciesta inserts in my various Domke bags but wouldn't recommend this solution. There's not enough padding or security for 99% of people.
  27. The Grumpy Snapper

    Time to reassess the 200/2.8 as a birding lens?

    I ended up with two samples of the OM 1.4x-A plus the EC14 (the 4/3 1.4 T.C.). I haven't bothered testing to see which is best but don't have any issues using any of them behind the 350mm. I just use whichever is the most convenient/quicker depending on the adapters/camera body in use. I used...
  28. The Grumpy Snapper

    Time to reassess the 200/2.8 as a birding lens?

    I think you're being to generous. It's probably to short for 98% of people. No one seems to want to bother learning fieldcraft these days.
  29. The Grumpy Snapper

    Showcase Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm f/4.5

    I purchased my copy new in 1985 so it's now 35 years old. It had a hard life for the first decade or so including me taking a hacksaw to the tripod mount to make room for a blimp. It was my lightweight, handholdable telephoto for BIF. A few years ago I discovered it was full of fungus which I...
  30. The Grumpy Snapper

    Time to reassess the 200/2.8 as a birding lens?

    It should be pointed out that Phocal has the fieldcraft to get the best out of the 150mm.
  31. The Grumpy Snapper

    Olympus 75 or Samyang/Rokinon 85?

    It could pay to keep checking Amazon after Christmas. IIRC three of my Samyang/Rokinon lenses were picked up on sale in the new year. Some of the discounts were huge, 70% off one of the lenses I seem to recall.
  32. The Grumpy Snapper

    Olympus 75 or Samyang/Rokinon 85?

    I've had the RokiSamy for years adapting it to whatever I'm shooting at the time so would vote for it every time. But there are other options with a lot of legacy glass that could be adapted. Most camera makers had an 80mm or 85mm portrait lens available for their 35mm SLRs. Plus the various 90...
  33. The Grumpy Snapper

    Is Canon ambassador Andy Rouse going to switch to Olympus?

    Interesting that Daniel J. Cox has been testing an eMix and a Sony something or other recently.
  34. The Grumpy Snapper

    28-35mm purchase question

    If you want small and portable one of the manual focus primes with a native m4/3 mount will be smaller than an adapted lens due to the adapter needed. There's a small Meike 28mm f/2.8 that is almost a pancake lens.
  35. The Grumpy Snapper

    28-35mm purchase question

    I was wondering that. I have the f/2.8 version lying around somewhere. I actually prefer it to the OM 24mm f/2.8 on m4/3 but that may be because the 24mm suffered decades of hard use and has internal water marks from being submerged in Georgian Bay and dried out in an oven. My 28mm is mint as it...
  36. The Grumpy Snapper

    Vivitar (Komine) 200mm f/3.5 mounted on GH2 and other favorites..

    There was also a Series 1 Vivitar 200mm f/3 that focused closer than a lot of 200mm lenses. I remember seeing one in a camera store in 1985 and not buying it!
  37. The Grumpy Snapper

    28-35mm purchase question

    There was also a 28mm f/2 close focus model and a Series 1 28mm f/1.9 model.
  38. The Grumpy Snapper

    28-35mm purchase question

    Early OM Zuiko 35mm lenses were single coated but later versions were multi coated. My collection of 35mm lenses include: Vivitar 35mm f/1.9 from the mid 1970s OM 35mm f/2.8 from the mid 1980s 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 Meike 35mm f/1.7 Fujian 35mm f/1.7 CCTV lens The Vivitar is a favourite but has...
  39. The Grumpy Snapper

    35mm negative scanner

    All my copies are Kodachrome and later Velvia slides.
  40. The Grumpy Snapper

    35mm negative scanner

    I use a similar set up with a Sony a6000 on the end. The Sony has the same aspect ratio so no cropping or wasted frame you get with m4/3. I have a Canon film scanner but haven't used it since trying copying film with a digital camera.
  41. The Grumpy Snapper

    Everything I know about OM Zuikos

    I seem to think that I saw photos of the prototype 800mm and 1200 somewhere. I did have some very early OM literature in the 1970s and early 1980s. I threw a lot of it away in one of my many moves. Who knew there would be so much interest so many years later.
  42. The Grumpy Snapper

    COMPLETED Domke F-9 shoulder bag, black. Ships: US

    Thank you for removing the temptation.
  43. The Grumpy Snapper

    Shootout Bagged (10 bags compared)

    Until getting a Domke F-5XB this summer I haven't owned a bag with a zipper closed main compartment since a brief fling with a LowePro bag in the 1980s. Give me a simple flap every time, the F-5XB made way for a F-10 because it has a flap and no zipper.
  44. The Grumpy Snapper

    Shootout Bagged (10 bags compared)

    I have a black ballistic nylon Domke F-6 reserved for weddings and formal occasions. At the time it was cheaper than the regular canvas F-6 versions. I always buy which ever colour/model is cheapest. Given the way Tiffen seem to be discontinuing various Domke bags I may have to start watching...
  45. The Grumpy Snapper

    Does E-M5 III have any advantages over E-M1 II?

    An advantage for me is it takes the same battery as my E-M10 Mark II and my E-410.
  46. The Grumpy Snapper

    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    You're setting a very bad example. There's no place for logic and being sensible on photo forums these days.
  47. The Grumpy Snapper

    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    I've vaguely recognise the name but I've no idea who they are or what qualifies them to be an "expert" on anything related to photography.
  48. The Grumpy Snapper

    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    1980s Olympus is doomed without AF 1990s Olympus is still doomed without AF 2000s The internet is populated by "experts" forecasting the demise of the camera equipment division every couple of months.
  49. The Grumpy Snapper

    Is there a "must have" four thirds lens?

    To be honest, if it wasn't for the HG and SHG glass I'd have abandoned m4/3 long ago. The only lenses I own with m4/3 mount are third party manual focus primes which will adapt to the Sony E mount.
  50. The Grumpy Snapper

    3 Legged Things Tripod

    As someone who used to know Ken Brett, one of the people behind Benbo and later Uni-Loc I should point out that while very similar they are different and were made by different companies. I say were as I don't know if the Uni-Loc models are still being made. I contacted the company some time...
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