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    COMPLETED Black OM-D with 2 yr Warranty/Protection plan | Location: Canada | Ships: Canada

    How much for the HLD-6 and the batteries? Can PayPal today if needed. Thanks. -B
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    AF speed on PL1 vs PL2

    I've had both and i much prefer the E-PL2. As for the durability issues raised by CarlB, i think there is a simple fix. Buy an arylic screen protector for the LCD. i find the overall durabilty of the E-PL2 to be tad better. AF speed between the 2 is noticable on most lenses with the E-PL2...
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    Hi from Los Angeles

    Hey Jonathan! Redondo Beach, E-PL2 user here!
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    Looking for a good Teleconveter for my Oly 40-150mm

    thanks Richard! Didnt think about legacy lenses. Great suggestions! I'll check them out.
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    Looking for a good Teleconveter for my Oly 40-150mm

    Like so many here, I got in on the QVC deal for the m.zuiko 40-150mm. Before buying it I was looking at the other zooms with more reach. I figured to be more sensible, bought the lens and figured to try my hand at a Teleconveter. primarily buying for a back country camping trip in a few weeks...
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    WCON-P01 Wide Converter WITH Cokin Filter Ring

    Great explanation! I'm not clear on the 58-58 ring's role though. Is it simply a cover over the 58-62mm ring? Where did you find the 58mm adapter? I looked for it but nothing has come up on my searches. Maybe I had the wrong terminology. Anyways, I'm going to get everything today and this...
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    WCON-P01 Wide Converter WITH Cokin Filter Ring

    this is exactly what im looking for!! just bought the WCon and have been looking at Cokin filters as well. I had played around with similar idea since i purchased the Wcon. How tough was it to super glue?? Any additional details would be great. I am def. doing this!!! THANKS!
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    Went on a mini spending I need a bag! Help!

    Domke and Think Tank, got it. i was looking at a Click Elite Traveler (on sale from amazon for $40). Any opinons on this? Thanks for the suggestions!:bravo-009:
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    Went on a mini spending I need a bag! Help!

    Hi guys, Over the past 2 days I bought a few things for my E-PL2. Now I need a reasonably priced bag for a back country trip I will be taking soon. (Trinity Alps, CA) I got the following: 1. Oly 40-150mm lens 2. Hoya filter bundle 3. 2 extra batteries 4. WCon-p01 (Wide angle...
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    Aki-Asahi Leatherette for E-P3 by Month's End

    really a beautiful addition to the E-P3!
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    40-150 M. Zuiko for $149 !

    wow. I might have to pull the trigger on this. Would it be Ok for wildlife pics? coming from a 10x p&s does this get me in same range? wonder if ebates gets cashback too. oh decisions, decisions.....
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    LCD protector on E-PL2

    I have the ACMAXX on my E-PL2 and love it. No more worrying about scratches.
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    Olympus EPL2 owners

    No, never. I love my E-PL2!
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    "In Body" Stabilization vs "In Lens" Stabilization

    Interesting, although in the mFT scheme size (or lack there of) is the name of the game. Oly's IBIS allows for their collapsible lenses. Not to mention it works with any lens including pannys (plus a ton of others w/ an adapter). Just my $.02
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    Looking to get a filter holder for graduated filters, wny suggestion?

    Hi guys, I'm getting more into landscape photography and need a filter holder system. I've seen products from Cokin and Lee but I'm not sure what will be adequate. Anyone care to enlighten me as to the basics of graduated ND filters? My current set up is an E-PL2 with the 14-42mm II kit lens...
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    July 2011 Photo Contest Sponsored by NIK

    My lovely niece E-PL2 + zuiko 50mm 1.8
  17. My lovely niece

    My lovely niece

    What can I say, she loves corn dogs!
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    Woohoo! Received the E-PL2 yesterday!

    I second this. All the reviews talk about how hard The E-PL2 is to fuss with . I never get that with SuperControl. Have fun, I was so happy I upgraded to this from the E-PL1. It was totally worth it.:2thumbs:
  19. Praying Mantis

    Praying Mantis

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    Share Dragonfly & Butterfly & Insects

    E-PL1, 14-42mm
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    A How-To Guide to using Adapted Lenses

    I like the write up. Learned some things. Thanks! Just starting to shoot with an Oly 50mm f1.8 on my E-PL2 and having a goodtime. Not sure what works for others, but a find myself shooting in shutter, focusing, then stopping down from 1.8. Anyone want to share how using a legacy lens changes...
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    Options for Landscape photos...WCON-P01, 9-18mm, or stitch?

    @OPSSam - Honestly, getting the WCON-P01 was my #1 option before creating this thread. I saw a comparison and the difference is somewhat noticeable ( 11mm vs. 14mm). But, this item can't be found ANYWHERE so its a moot point. I love those picks you linked to. Very sharp. Regardless I'll get the...
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    Options for Landscape photos...WCON-P01, 9-18mm, or stitch?

    Ok, that makes the decision to not get the WCON attachment easier. thanks Squeegee! You brought up some interesting points. I like to think I'm careful when stitching. Can you clarify on how to minimize the effects of moving subjects? I use CS5 for my panos. (reposition mode). As for...
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    Options for Landscape photos...WCON-P01, 9-18mm, or stitch?

    Thanks for the response! I almost always use a tripod or gorillapod (backup). I've free handed some panos but those never turn out good. The biggest problem I have with stitching is moving environments (waves, clouds, moving branches & leaves, swaying trees, etc...). When stitched those shots...
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    Options for Landscape photos...WCON-P01, 9-18mm, or stitch?

    Hi guys, I've been lurking these forums for a couple months now. Searched the forum for some guidance on this but cant really find anything totally on here it goes - Much of my photography are landscape photos. Since I have had my E-PL2 for only a short while I've relied on...
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