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  1. Magua

    Show Orange

    How about an avatar?
  2. Magua

    Show Your Bridges

    :eek-31: How much time are we talking about by just walking down the side of it and crossing the creek bed on foot? If you go through that it won't end well. Looks pretty isolated too...How many bars can you get there? Careful brother.
  3. Magua

    Seems like cell phones have hit market saturation.......

    I haven't owned a phone in 10 years. My employer provides one that I'm allowed to use personally so why would I? I only use it for texting and calling really, so I've no interest in the latest/greatest. Phones are handy and do a great many things so-so. A calculator? Sure it's got one...but...
  4. Magua

    Black and White Landscapes

    Bynum Indian Mounds (Chickasaw)
  5. Magua

    Share: Trees

    A nice little stand of mature eastern red cedar. I wish you could smell them!
  6. Magua

    Your best shot of 2018

    Best paint job ever IMO. Great shot as well. Congrats
  7. Magua

    Your best shot of 2018

  8. Magua

    Is kit O40-150 still useful with P14-140 coming?

    I've got the 40-150R and it's not going anywhere. It's light, cheap and sharp. I'd keep it as a back up as you won't make enough selling it to be worth the hassle and you may need it one day. (or just end up preferring it)
  9. Magua

    The Real Street Thread II

    Kings Tavern in Natchez Ms. The oldest structure in the city, standing before 1789.
  10. Magua

    Protecting my Honda from the Repo man

    Now that's a secret squirrel! :laugh1:
  11. Magua

    Post your National Park photos

    Frontier style cabin corner on the Natchez Trace.
  12. Magua

    Yellowstone and a thank you (image heavy)

    Great shots, thanks for sharing. The bison is my favorite.:cool:
  13. Magua

    If you were to add a second system, what would it be?

    I never got the LX, but still have the KX and MX, and several others. I need to sell my K-50 to help cover a new Pen F. I'll keep all of my old Pentax film cameras though as they fill a bookcase in my living room! I still have a mini fridge half full of 35mm I need to shoot up but I'm having so...
  14. Magua

    If you were to add a second system, what would it be?

    I shot Pentax for many years and long coveted the 645D. Some of the landscape shots on "that forum" were astounding. It's a load for sure but nothing to the old 67. What a boat anchor! Beautiful to be sure but you better have some decent biceps and a ROCK solid tripod.:laugh1:
  15. Magua

    If you were to add a second system, what would it be?

    Assuming here that money was no object, it would be MF. Probably the Fuji...but it won't happen. I really couldn't justify it at all, but I just love the way MF comes across. I can't put my finger on it.
  16. Magua

    Merry Xmas to everyone!

    Merry Christmas!!!
  17. Magua

    For the cat lovers (aka "Requisite Kitty Picture")

    Oh yeah, he looks real happy about that lamp shade. Glad to hear he's recovering well. Merry Christmas!
  18. Magua

    Moss, moss, moss...

  19. Magua

    Show Fences

    There's a lot of this frontier style fence on the Natchez Trace.
  20. Magua

    Giveaway: Think Tank Signature 10 shoulder bag (completed)

    Kudos, man. That sky is on fire! Enjoy!
  21. Magua

    Still Life

  22. Magua

    Pen F camera New Model Coming?

    I just got a nice Christmas bonus today and I know where every penny of it is going...a silver Pen F and no mistake. Hopefully one of the two rumored small body cameras coming out next month will be a new version. I've held one in my hands along with a EM 5II and while they are practically the...
  23. Magua

    Dang It... I did it again!

    Been there man...your pain is Maguas pain. :( Port is your friend.
  24. Magua

    30 minutes with the Olly 17mm 1.8

    Looks good to me as well. The texture in those walls is coming through nicely. I see why it comes with the Pen-F...they seem to be made for each other.
  25. Magua

    Christmas 2018 Picture Thread

    Cross posted from the Show Trucks thread...Who wants a big block Chevy for Christmas?
  26. Magua

    Are you a Poussinist or Rubenist?

    Poussinist. No apologies...I just prefer exact representation to the abstract. Always have. I'm not really opposed to bokeh but I sure don't crave it or go out of my way to create it.
  27. Magua

    Showcase Olympus 25mm f/1.8

    ^ Are you kidding? That's a great shot...well composed, full of color, an old comfy looking brick house w/smoke coming out of the chimney. The line of the hedge/house on one side and the tree line on the other separated by a nice dirt path...What's not to like?
  28. Magua

    Received an ask to share image by TN Dept of Tourism

    First of all...Congrats! Second...Disclaimer. I'm not a professional nor do I play one on TV. A lot of great advise so far and a lot to think about. If I were looking at becoming a professional I might consider letting them use it for the credit only. :hide: I'm only thinking that it would look...
  29. Magua

    Is this site ruining my creativity?

    Alice Cooper once said he never listened to other bands rock and roll. He didn't want to be influenced by it and perhaps find himself copying someone else or their style. He listened to Burt Baccarach! (sp) I think photography is much like music in that you like what you like and hate what you...
  30. Magua

    What's the Balance of the Role of Photography for You?

    For me it's strictly a hobby that commands a great deal of my free time. I love being in the woods and the camera just comes along for the walk. I also take it to work around town because you never know what you'll see. I would never do it for a living no matter how much better a photographer...
  31. Magua

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    A Hoya filter set for the 25mm and soon to be 17. With the 45mm 1.8 I bought a week or two ago, that's gonna be it for me this Christmas. A silver Pen F is on the short list for next year. I'm waiting for olys new line up so hopefully there'll be a price drop.
  32. Magua

    Share: Trees

    Who likes elephants? Who likes trees? Who likes both?:biggrin:
  33. Magua

    We need more horses in this forum (Image Thread)

    I caught this horse doing yoga yest. morning at French Camp on the Natchez Trace. Horribly misty and just grabbed the shot sooc so it wouldn't get wet. I wish I could have gotten all the reflection but it was very spontaneous.
  34. Magua

    Show "Trucks"

    Rat time :biggrin:
  35. Magua

    MU-43 Monthly Photo Contest for December, 2018 - BRIDGE [CLOSED-WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

    One of the 8 trillion walking trail bridges along the Natchez Trace. Epl 6 w/oly 40-150r.
  36. Magua

    Mushrooms & other Fungi

    Hericium erinaceus AKA Lions Mane (and a few others)
  37. Magua

    Show "Motorcycles"

    Ok, that's way better than what I was imagining. Won't miss that. I'd love to run that track for sure as it's one of my favorites in the series. The elevation on that one end is crazy looking.
  38. Magua

    My God it's huge

    Ok, I just saw a pic of it with an actual hand...and not a big sasquatch hand either, in fact it was a little smaller than mine. It's really not YUUUGE after all. Certainly smaller than the canikons. I can see why Phocal is so excited about it. It looks like something that's right up his alley...
  39. Magua

    Show "Motorcycles"

    I could trailer it for sure but they wouldn't be having track days on a race wkd would they? And yeah, I've heard they have a museum just glad to hear such high praise. Didn't think there'd be much to it. Now I'm getting excited...:dance4:
  40. Magua

    Show "Motorcycles"

    Yeah, it's at its best on it's side. I bet it is boring compared to that rc51 though! Congrats sir!!!
  41. Magua

    Show "Motorcycles"

    Love the Those clunky turn signals were the first thing I replaced if I remember correctly along w/the pipe and fender eliminator kit. I was never really happy with the pipe so I finally switched it again for the RS5. Much better now. It's sitting in the garage growling at me...
  42. Magua

    My God it's huge

    Olympus has said this is targeted at the long neglected wildlife and sports crowd, so I won't bash it for not being "true to m4/3 values" etc. etc. It's only natural that they want to expand their market and hopefully dig into the competition in these lucrative fields. So while it's not for me...
  43. Magua

    I wish Olympus could . . .

    What?? You're not content to use a 12mp camera w/a 4x zoom lens every time it clouds up? Know your PLACE, man. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  44. Magua

    Photo Association

  45. Magua

    I wish Olympus could . . .

    Agree on the PDAF...but what's wrong with a weather resistant rangefinder styled camera? It's far more comfortable to shoot than the EM5 with its right side VF and the layout isn't as cramped. If they're going to upgrade it anyway (and they are) why not weather sealing? Oregon is one of the few...
  46. Magua

    Olympus OM D EM 5 ii at the studio.

    I think the results look great no matter what the settings were. Just sayin'.:thumbup:
  47. Magua

    Show your film cameras

    Not a great pic, but a great camera.
  48. Magua

    Swallow Falls State Park, Maryland

    Love #6. Beautiful park and the Pen-F once again calls me from afar. Nice work:cool:
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