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    Saving a 4th custom mode E-M1 Mark ii

    You'll need the EM1x for the 4th custom dial setting
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    Which Olympus cameras have these 2-3 features?

    I’ve got the Sigma 18-300 but packing the Nikon kit to fit within carry-on weight restrictions has always been a challenge. Bigger sensor means bigger lenses and that also means heavier lenses.
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    Which Olympus cameras have these 2-3 features?

    I have the EM1.2, EM1x and D500. I was thinking of doing a complete switch to the D500 but have decided to stay with the Olympus. The D500 (and D7500) with Tamron 150-600 G2 and a bunch of other lens are a brick and a real pain when trying to pack for travel (weight wise). I was recently in...
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    Downsizing the right way?

    The year the 12-100 came out, I travelled to Nepal/Tibet/Bhutan with only the 7-14 and 12-100 and left my 12-40 and 40-150 at home. I ended up using the 12-100 to take 95-98% of my shots. There were a handful of times I regretted not having the extra reach of my 40-150 pro lens but I made do...
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    Olympus 150-400

    This thing is HUGE! It looks like a porn star........
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    E-M1 Mk I to Mk II Transition Questions

    It has been a couple of years since I transitioned from Mk1 to Mk2 but if I recall, they were more or less similar. I didn't read the manual for the Mk2 before starting to use it (and still haven't other than for specific "need to know" functions).
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    40-150 zoom ring

    Do you mean resistance in the zoom ring when zooming in and out? my 40-150 zooms in and out as smooth as a babies bottom. Maybe you should try it out at a store, if there is one close to you, to see if it's to your liking.
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    One week trip to Alps

    Your 40-150+1.4x will be useful for landscapes and not just for wildlife. I always use my tele's for landscape shots; usually it's the Panay 100-400 zoomed out.
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    Pen F, EM-5 and E-M1 Mk II Creative Live Fast Start Courses for $11

    Was this the class that was free to watch during the Olympus event on Creative Live a week or two ago?
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    Random/Selling on craigslist head shaker

    Set a time, price and date then don't show up. Tell him you got called in to work.
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    Everyday pocket cameras?

    I have an old GF2 and 12-32 lens that I use on occasion as my point and shoot. It's small and light and not worth much anymore so other than selling it for nothing, I use it occasionally for that purpose.
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    Does Size really Count?

    I just buy whatever I want; not what I need. I have the Oly 300 Pro; used it only once a few years ago but I still have it. It makes a pretty good paper weight to weigh my monthly bills down so they can be easily found (rather than the pile of other scattered paperwork littering the desk)...
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    Who uses iA Intelligent Auto Mode?

    I used to use A exclusively but have switched to using M and S these days. I know a retired press photographer, who now leads photo tours (not workshops) who just tells everyone to set everything on auto and let the camera do the work.
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    12-200mm for travel photography

    While I've never been to Costa Rica, if you want to get wildlife shots especially with birds, you will need as long a focal range as possible. I've been to the Cloud Forest in Ecuador/Galapagos and several safaris in India and Africa and found that I could have used something longer than the...
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    Introduction to the M4/3 world

    Someone finally brought that up! If you want a weatherproof body, you'll need weatherproof lenses to go with it or you will be in for an unpleasant surprise.
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    Olympus Trade Up Event - E-M1X for $2,500

    I wonder if they’ll take an old point and shoot 35mm film camera as trade in lol
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    Don't get cheap - buy the insurance!

    That label really meant we don’t care about your item
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    Olympus Trade Up Event - E-M1X for $2,500

    To all Canadians, go to your Olympus account and send Olympus an email about this price discrepancy with regards to the exchange rate. I did it plus I mentioned that they are screwing Canadians with this trade-in offer due to Olympus not considering the difference in the exchange rate. I...
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    astro with my laowa

    Do you set focus to infinity or slightly less than infinity?
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    Bags and more bags

    I asked if they were going to make one during the original Kickstarter and they were not interested so I didn't bother. They won't be making it for m43 unless they can sell millions.....
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    Bags and more bags

    They have handbags, we have camera bags..........
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    PL 100-400mm used vs new with warranty?

    Personally, if you can wait it out, I'd get the new Olympus tele zoom that is slated to come out within the next, I don't know, 10 years (?)
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    Safari with EM1.1 (x2) + 12-100mm +100-400mm

    The OIS on the 100-400 works but not in combination with IBS like the Olympus lenses so you either have to use lens or body stabilization but not both in combo.
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    What has been your experience with the E-M1 II & PL100-400?

    I use the 100-400 with my EM1 II with no problems. There was a post here which stated that Panasonic can't fix the 100-400; do a search to find it.
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    Backup body to pen-f for travel

    Yup same battery saves space on chargers. I always travel with two bodies.
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    Whale watching

    If you use a weather-sealed body with a non-weather-sealed lens, you risk water infiltration in not just the lens but the body as well. I've never been whale watching but I assume that if you are lucky to see any whales, they could end up either being very close to you or far away so either way...
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    Thanks To All Of You

    I haven't looked at the dpreview forum in years........
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    Safari with EM1.1 (x2) + 12-100mm +100-400mm

    i agree, if you’re going to get a second body, get another EM1 or the Mk II as they use the same batteries.
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    Safari with EM1.1 (x2) + 12-100mm +100-400mm

    Namibia for me will involve a lot of low light shooting situations. In fact, the majority of shooting will be before sunrise and after sunset. It is for this reason that I will be going with my Nikon kit. The 2 bodies and lenses, batteries, etc already weight 22lbs in my bag. That’s a heck of a...
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    Safari with EM1.1 (x2) + 12-100mm +100-400mm

    the lens combo will work with either the EM1 or the MkII. I did Kenya (twice), Tanzania, India, Galapagos (twice) and Namibia with those lenses and they worked fine. They just didn't do well with bif. I did travel with two bodies; first couple of trips with two EM1s the with two MkIIs after I...
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    Olympus user running a Z6/Z7?

    Damnit you guys are making me wanna get the Z6 to go with my D500.
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    Olympus user running a Z6/Z7?

    Head over to Nikon Cafe Featured Threads Some members here have been writing about the Z6 there.
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    150-400mm f4 Pro will have built-in 1.25x TC?!?!?

    Yup this is gonna be a pricey lens.
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    Question about the Peak Design Leash strap...

    I used the leash for a few years and now I'm using the slide and slide light. after using the slide (and light) I find the leash a little too narrow but that's just me. Others may find the leash as the perfect strap for them.
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    Best companion camera for OM-D E-M1 Mark II

    The EM1 II is already small. Going with a marginally smaller body will not save you much weight. If you can live with only one body then save the money and put it towards glass.
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    Lens suggestions for Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand tour

    I went to Myanmar without my 40-150 and regretted it. In my opinion, that is an essential lens for Myanmar.
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    Lens for Ecuador - Oly 300/4 + MC14 or Canon 400/5.6 USM?

    I actually got lots of use with the 40-150 and also 100-400 but at times the 40-150 was a little long and I had to switch it out for a wider lens. There were some islands where the birds were fairly far from us (some parts of Genovesa) and the 100-400 got lots of use there.
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    Lens for Ecuador - Oly 300/4 + MC14 or Canon 400/5.6 USM?

    Also, for my second trip to the Galapagos and subsequent trips to Africa, I left the 300 at home and did not miss it.
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    Lens for Ecuador - Oly 300/4 + MC14 or Canon 400/5.6 USM?

    I was in Sani Lodge in Yasuni National Park a few years ago and didn't see much. That lodge was also a death trap with major maintenance work required and most of the native guides were only interested in their tips. The long lenses I had with me were 40-150, 300 both with MC1.4 and the Panny...
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    The 300 Pro as a Landscape Lens

    Yup, although I also have the 300 (haven't used it in 2 years), I find the Panny 100-400 more flexible and use it all the time for landscape shots.
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    So what does this mean for Olympus & m43 in general?

    DAMNIT! I already ordered two Z7s and now this news! Now I'll have to sell my as yet unbought G9 and GH5
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    $700 off Panny G9 in Canada!

    Panasonic finally figured that out...
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    $700 off Panny G9 in Canada!

    Here is the link to Henry's website : PANASONIC LUMIX G9 BODY - Won’t Be Beat On Price
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    $700 off Panny G9 in Canada!

    Don't know if they ship to the US. Just shoot them an email and ask.
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    $700 off Panny G9 in Canada!

    Yeah, it's in CAN$ as Henry's is a Canadian retailer. I don't know if they ship to the US (but I'm pretty sure they will). You'll have to ask them.
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    $700 off Panny G9 in Canada!

    Just a FYI, I no longer shoot Panny but saw this deal at the Panny site and also on Henry's. DC-G9K Cameras and Camcorders - Mirrorless Cameras Panasonic Canada | Lumix Cameras - Panasonic Canada - Panasonic eStore
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    How do you insure your gear?

    Not a collector of tubes but I do have a few quads of GE 6550s. I have several Apogee speakers all run on tubes and a pair of Tenor Audio 75 Wi monoblocks still in their crates.
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    How do you insure your gear?

    My home insurance in Ontario will not cover a single cent for jewellery, computers, photography equipment, etc unless you get a rider. It, however, covers my $50K in audio equipment (so they say).
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