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    How do I improve user's experience with OMD?

    I don't use straps on mine. The grip is nice to hold.
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    So GLASS is not CLEANER on other side of the fence:)

    To each their own. Having choices is a good thing, and Sony makes good camera systems. MFT is not the answer for everyone, and there's no need IMO to act superior about our system of choice. Many of our members have multiple systems. Let's keep insults out of this please.
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    GH3: Perhaps not so silly after all

    I'm glad they finally made it sized for US man-hands. The trend toward making the GH series ever smaller turned me off completely. I bought an E-M5, and with the grip attached it's just right. I think the larger GH3 would be even better. I'm keeping the E-M5 just because it's a better camera...
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    Film Scanner Questions (Canoscan 9000f vs developers)

    I hope you understand that your $400 scanner can't compete with a $50,000 industrial scanner, so I think it would be best if you don't even try to compete with that. They have much better true resolution (your scanner has about 30% of the resolution your manufacturer told you it does), much...
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    Lumix 12-35 vs primes

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    ORF files - I'm stumped

    You're getting raw data, so it's the full sensor capture. Panasonic matches the aspect ratio in bot JPEG and RAW. Olympus doesn't appear to.
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    E-M5 and large(r) lenses

    It's my go-to lens for the E-M5. It does miss focus every now and then, and the AF is definitely slow, but it makes up for it by the image quality and versatility.
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    E-M5 and large(r) lenses

    I use the 12-60 with the grip. Balances just fine.
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    A 5 Lens Kit

    My kit would be: 7-14 12-60/2.8 45/1.8 60 macro 75-300
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    Tips for sharp shots at longer focal lengths?

    Not that I know of. I think it's based on focal length, not on crop ratio.
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    Tips for sharp shots at longer focal lengths?

    As a rule of thumb for sharp images, you should use 1/ focal length as your minimum shutter speed for sharp images. IBIS can help with that like you said, but it's a good starting point.
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    Using full size lenses ?

    Not everyone bought into the system for the compactness of it. I've never warmed up to the GF or the ePEN series, nor to the smaller G bodies, nor the NEX series for that matter. They just don't fit well in my large hands. I think the original G and GH bodies are just about right, and I use...
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    Water Movement

    _6080034_img by photosmart42, on Flickr
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    Water Movement

    _5190048_img by photosmart42, on Flickr
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    Is anyone having em-5 sensor problems

    No problems here so far.
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    Using a Nikon SB 700

    Welcome. You can use your flash either on camera or off camera - whichever suits you for what you're trying to capture. Either way it'll be manual mode.
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    Kenko Extension Tubes

    I looked into them as well. Some people are reporting that they don't work electronically when stacked, just separately. Not sure if that's just with some lenses or all of them.
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    OM-D "rendering images like film"?

    The images, even at ISO 200, have a fine grain look to them. As a film shooter (still), I like it.
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    OMD Screen Protector

    I picked up a Vikuiti DQC160 for mine.
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    Macro lens - 1:2 = 1:1 on MFT?

    This topic always causes arguments. People confuse magnification with crop because it looks like the same effect. It's a never-ending debate.
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    Are there any comparison photos of the E-M5 with a gripped DSLR?

    Here's a link I found:
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    'THAT' Grip..My opinion....UPDATE..!

    I have large hands, and I didn't buy into m43 for the small size (although it's a bonus), so to me the grip is essential. The bare E-M5 was a bit too small for my comfort. The grip makes it just about the perfect camera for me.
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    Biodiversity in your garden, let us see it !!!

    _5190073_img by photosmart42, on Flickr
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Image Thread

    Schneider APO Componon 90/4.5 on the E-M5: _5190085_img by photosmart42, on Flickr _5190042_img by photosmart42, on Flickr _5190036_img by photosmart42, on Flickr
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    Grip HDL-6 (E-M5)....opinions please.

    I'll say 'Thank goodness for the added weight and bulk! For those of us with large hands the diminutive size of the OM-D body is unbearable on its own.'
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    Could Canon release a Four Thirds Sensor in their future compact system camera?

    Setting aside the m43 vs. 4/3 sensor points others are trying to make (of course Canon isn't going to join m43! 4/3 is an aspect ratio, not a format), yes I think the G1X represents a transitional product for them to test the market for a slightly larger camera that offers a larger sensor than...
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    Olympus 60mm 2.8 size

    I use enlarging lenses for macro work a lot with my G1/GH1, and will do so with the OM-D if it ever ships to me. I have a hard time justifying paying for a new macro lens because of that (I also have a Tokina 90/2.5).
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    OMD EM5 overdose :((

    Easy enough to choose NOT to read threads you don't care about. Consolidating OM-D threads into a single forum won't do anything - I choose topics to read from the Latest Discussions pane, and those aren't grouped by forum. I hardly ever use the tabs to go to a specific forum personally.
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    Black E-M5 looking better to me every day

    Not if you don't have your laptop with you, which I'm assuming most people don't carry while on photo shoots. The manual is way easier to carry around in a side pocket of a camera bag.
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    Em-5 vs Lumix G1 ISO setting - shutter speed

    ISO rating isn't an exact standard (even though it sounds official) that everyone measures the same, so yes camera manufacturers play games with the reported ISO numbers. You can also see that when you look at ISO comparisons on DxO between cameras - they don't all line up on the same line. I...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5 gripes/complains/criticisms/feature requests

    My biggest gripe is that I don't have mine yet. Ordered 8 Feb from Adorama. Still waiting.
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    New Lens for macro

    Obviously my opinion. That's what IMO means. I'm basing my opinion on the photos posted by the manufacturer and by other reviews a year ago when this lens was first introduced. The enlarging lenses I use for my macro work produce much sharper images. Why does it matter what my opinion is...
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    New Lens for macro

    IMO it lacks sharpness, and generally sucks at macro. Novel concept, but poor implementation.
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    Longevity of the Panasonic Articulated Screen

    Not here. Been using my G1 and GH1 just about since they were launched with no articulating screen issues. Only issue I've run into so far with either camera has been with the lug on the GH1. Otherwise both are rock-solid.
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    E-M5 & Legacy glass

    What kind of lens collar is that? Been looking for one.
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    How about a full frame mirrorless camera?

    That's a dumb decision by Pentax. There's no issues with using adapters, and no issues with Pentax building their own adapters. By not changing their mount they're limiting the market for the Pentax mirrorless pretty much to existing Pentax owners. That was not a good way to differentiate...
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    Panasonic plans high-end CSC to fend off Canon threat

    I have zero confidence that Panasonic understands how to build high-end still cameras. They simply don't get that market. They're a consumer product company. They'll continue advancing the GH line little by little, mainly focusing on improving video, perhaps adding more megapixels and other...
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    E-M5 has literally changed my life

    Fantastic shots! Getting more impatient by the day that I haven't heard from Adorama.
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    (Tomorrow) (Today)Yesterday was April 16...are you still holding your breath?

    I pre-ordered in early February. No news from Adorama yet. My order status says 'Pending'. Checked Adorama website a few minutes ago and the camera was still listed as 'Not in stock'.
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    (Tomorrow) (Today)Yesterday was April 16...are you still holding your breath?

    Still waiting for the magic email from Adorama...
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    E-M5 vs. SD1/D800?

    OK, so just for kicks and giggles I used DPReview's comparometer, comparing the E-M5 RAW against the SD1, D800, and GH2: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill In-depth Review: Digital Photography Review Surprisingly, to my eyes, the D800, E-M5, and GH2 have just about the same level of detail, with the...
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    Anybody looking foward to adapting lenses on the OM-D E-M5?

    One o the main reasons I went m43 is fro the adapted lens use, and with the E-M5 with IBIS I'm very much excited about the next chapter in using those.
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    EM-5, the reviews have started

    I fail to understand why people keep wishing Olympus or Panasonic will release anything other than 4/3 sensors. It'll never happen, and those who wish for something larger should just go with a different camera system. Making statements like 'Olympus should have gone with a larger sensor' in a...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Image Thread

    Not sure what this means. So don't ever use RAW unless it's a Leica? That's dumb.
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    fd lenses on e-pl2

    Yes, the magnification is the same, but you get different field of view so your image is half the size. 1:1 magnification, for example, is not related to the sensor size. Still means a 1cm object will cover 1cm of your sensor.
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    Featured Forum Thread: Got my E-M5. If you have questions...

    Congrats! Anxiously waiting for mine to arrive. The silver does look very nice, but I have no regrets about buying the black one.
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    Going cold on the E-M5 - looking at a G3.

    Why do you keep getting cameras? Have you considered a photo class instead?
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    Flash recommendation: tilt+swivel, TTL, manual, slave

    I would buy a cheap flash and practice your strobist stuff with it in manual mode. That's how you learn. You don't need TTL all the time, and mot of the time you can get more reliable lighting by manually adjusting your flash settings and angles short of getting an expensive flash with really...
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