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  1. stratokaster

    Thinking about my next camera

    In the meanwhile, I’ve won an absolutely mint GX8 with just 2K shutter actuations on eBay :) Maybe I will later add a G80 simply because it uses the same battery...
  2. stratokaster

    Doors around the world!

    Maynooth University chapel
  3. stratokaster

    Olympus user looking to switch to G9 primarily for stills, anyone else make the switch?

    it has been available on Fujifilm bodies since at least 2015 (I think)
  4. stratokaster

    Olympus user looking to switch to G9 primarily for stills, anyone else make the switch?

    That was before the firmware update which introduced this feature
  5. stratokaster

    Olympus user looking to switch to G9 primarily for stills, anyone else make the switch?

    Doesn't AF NEAR and AF FAR in the G9 serve a similar purpose?
  6. stratokaster

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    A local camera shop is out of G9 bodies and Leica 12-60 kits. I asked and they told me it was no longer produced and would not be restocked. They advised me to buy the 12-60/3.5-5.6 kit if I want the camera.
  7. stratokaster

    Olympus lens roadmap updated 2019-11-27

    That 12-45 looks very interesting. When I was a Pentax shooter, their 16-45/4 was my favourite lens because it was smaller compared to their other constant aperture zooms and very decent optically. If the Olympus lens is compact and sharp/contrasty, I can totally see myself using it.
  8. stratokaster

    Olympus registered a new camera today....

    I think both Olympus and Panasonic are their own worst enemies when it comes to camera sales: they always have something selling at a ridiculous discount. It makes it very difficult for them to sell expensive high-margin cameras, especially when the market is shrinking at a frightening pace...
  9. stratokaster

    rubber grip peeling off

    To be fair to Olympus, the problem is not unique to them. The same thing happened to my old Sony DSC-R1, to my father’s Nikon D300 and many other cameras out there. The issue is twofold: 1) they can’t use strong adhesives because the screws that hold the camera together need to be accessed for...
  10. stratokaster

    rubber grip peeling off

    It could have been worse: on the only Olympus body I have owned, the spring under the lens locking pin failed which led to a lens falling off the body and disappearing into the abyss (this was in the mountains). And the E-M5 I once loaned from a camera shop already had a crack in the LCD frame...
  11. stratokaster

    EM1.1 and PEN-F 5 years of Adventure

    You have a true photographer’s eye. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photos. Sorry about your father — I know it hurts. I still miss my father dearly even if it’s been 12 years since his sudden death.
  12. stratokaster

    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    In my opinion, if you have more than 1 lens, you need more than 1 body. It may sound a bit extreme, but I hate changing lenses. My best travel kit ever consisted of GH2 + 14/2.5 and GF2 with 45/1.8, and I almost never felt that I needed something in between. That said, today I would go for...
  13. stratokaster

    Doors around the world!

    Tallinn, Estonia
  14. stratokaster

    E-M5 mk II - why battery life is so bad?

    Unfortunately, when it comes to battery life, DSLRs are still way ahead of mirrorless cameras.
  15. stratokaster

    GX85 on a Tripod

    I need to invest in one of these Dual Plates.
  16. stratokaster

    Share your images of civic and rural architecture

    Monaco, Panasonic GF2 + Lumix 14/2.5 Èze, Côte d'Azur, France, Panasonic GF2 + Lumix 14/2.5
  17. stratokaster

    Share: Trees

  18. stratokaster

    Well I did it. Went from GX8 to GX9 and back to the GX8 again

    As far as I understand, G90 produces 10-bit RAW files when shooting in continuous drive or bracketing modes, including focus bracketing.
  19. stratokaster

    Searching for the "perfect" mini tripod - XILETU XS-20 as a finallist? What's Yours?

    I agree, I have the Ultrapod II and it lives in my camera bag. A very useful little thing. Very well designed, too: the tilting part of the head is ratcheted and stays firm if you unscrew the head just a bit to slightly adjust the ball. If you need to adjust the tilt, just unscrew it some more.
  20. stratokaster

    GX-7 Help

    EVF is indeed difficult to see in glasses, but it should be possible to make the visible area slightly smaller in the menu (this setting is in the custom settings menu, I believe). I would also suggest setting up the camera exactly how you want it and then saving the settings to one of the...
  21. stratokaster

    Upgrade path; where to start and where to end?

    I will echo the other posters: you need to understand what you like to shoot and plan your gear purchases accordingly. E.g. if you want to shoot events, you would probably find fast zooms (such as 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8) indispensable. Otherwise I would say I very rarely feel limited by my...
  22. stratokaster

    Thinking about my next camera

    Too bulky, no IBIS, otherwise great camera!
  23. stratokaster

    Thinking about my next camera

    I’m currently on vacation in Northern Europe and I actually walked into a camera shop and fondled several cameras I’m interested in (G80, G90, G9, GX9). They even had a used GX8 - although priced at nearly 800€ - more expensive than the GX9! G80 is really good - very comfortable, the size is...
  24. stratokaster

    Thinking about my next camera

    I've definitely thought about getting the G9 which is probably the best camera in the system all things considered, but there are two significant buts. 1) I can get a used GX8 or G80 for less than 400 euro, I haven't seen a G9 for less than 900, and I'd rather contribute the difference to my...
  25. stratokaster

    Thinking about my next camera

    Yes, I believe this is a feature of the 20MP sensor. DPReview mentions it and there are some threads here that confirm that e-shutter and mechanical shutter produce the same bit depth on the GX8 (whereas on most 16MP cameras bit depth is reduced to 10 bit with e-shutter).
  26. stratokaster

    Thinking about my next camera

    Thank you guys for your comments; all very useful. I probably should clarify that I don’t do sports photography or BIF and almost never shoot events - I mostly shoot landscapes, travel photos, family portraits etc. While PDAF would be nice to have, my current GX85 with its CDAF handles...
  27. stratokaster

    Thinking about my next camera

    I’ve really haven’t been very much active here for several years, but now it’s time for me to pick up a new camera. I really enjoy using my Panasonic GX85 which is a great little camera but I have several problems with it: 1) The EVF is useless. I simply can’t see it properly (I wear glasses)...
  28. stratokaster

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    I still love this tiny lens. It has a certain magic about it.
  29. stratokaster

    GX85 failure

    I purchased my GX85 back in 2016 from B&H. I occasionally use it in some very unfavorable conditions (like salty spray from crashing seawaves) and it still works flawlessly. I have never had any problems with my past Panasonic cameras either.
  30. stratokaster

    Showcase Panasonic G 25mm F1.7

    I no longer live in Kiev, but I agree that it's a fine city!
  31. stratokaster

    Panasonic 14mm vs PL15mm vs P20mm vs P25mm vs PL25mm, member thoughts and experiences

    I love my Panasonic 14mm lens. It's really tiny, it's AF is very fast and it produces images with unique color and contrast. However, it's never really sharp corner to corner, even at f/6.3 (I don't like to stop it down further because of diffraction). It's especially noticeable on newer sensors...
  32. stratokaster

    Some shots from in and around Dublin

    This year I moved to Dublin together with my wife. I expected it to happen sooner, but some personal circumstances delayed the move. So far I'm enjoying the city and the country very much. Here are some shots I've taken in and around Dublin since my arrival. National Botanic Gardens...
  33. stratokaster

    Bang-on AF

    I believe it was on, but I doubt IBIS is responsible. The blur is uniform, and IS-induced blur usually shows up only in one direction (usually vertical). I have hundreds of shots taken with IBIS at high shutter speeds and not a single one of them shows any signs of image doubling and other...
  34. stratokaster

    Bang-on AF

    Oops, it seems I got a bit confused. Yes, it seems I used face detection this time, however the person was nowhere near MFD of the lens, because this lens (Panasonic 25mm f/1.7) focuses really close. I have also seen the same behaviour without face detection, and sometimes the camera misses the...
  35. stratokaster

    Canon M5 announced and it looks good

    No, I mean the dial surrounding the DIAL FUNC. button. If I use my left eye to look into the viewfinder, my right eye will be right in front of that dial. And if I use my thumb to rotate the dial, I will poke myself in the eye. I'm not making this up, the very first OM-D E-M5 had its rear dial...
  36. stratokaster

    Bang-on AF

    Actually, the subject was not close to MFD of the lens. And I didn't use face detection.
  37. stratokaster

    PEN-F Paired with the Panasonic 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 - Shutter Shock

    I have also experienced pretty severe shutter shock with the 12-32mm lens and my Panasonic GX1. The same lens behaves flawlessly on my GX85.
  38. stratokaster

    Apple, Windows, Android, Linux, et cetera; and Mac or PC?

    I must say that I am really disappointed with Apple's treatment of the Mac recently. I may switch back to Linux if things continue to go wrong. I held off upgrading my current laptop (a non-Retina 15" MBP) in hopes that their new laptop line-up will blow me away. But those are not professional...
  39. stratokaster

    Showcase Panasonic 45-150mm f/4-5.6

    Two pictures from the recent Lyubomyr Melnyk concert in Kyiv. Lyubomyr Melnyk in Kyiv by Pavel Urusov, on Flickr Lyubomyr Melnyk in Kyiv by Pavel Urusov, on Flickr
  40. stratokaster

    Showcase Panasonic G 25mm F1.7

    Sometimes it looks like I'm the only owner of this lens on the forum :-)
  41. stratokaster

    Dublin Bay cloudscapes

    Thanks Alan! There are some very nice shots in that gallery!
  42. stratokaster

    Dublin Bay cloudscapes

    Thank you! I don't really drink alcohol myself (maybe a couple of bottles of wine a year), but coffee sounds very good! And as a hiker, I'm looking forward to exploring Ireland's nature trails.
  43. stratokaster

    Dublin Bay cloudscapes

    Great photos! My wife and I are moving from Ukraine to Dublin before the end of the year, I think the sea will be one of my most-often photographed subjects.
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