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    Bath time:
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    The Urban Image Thread

    <iframe src="" height="800" width="600" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe> (the pic looks a bit jaggy here, but the original isn't)
  4. Spuff

    Muntjac at last

    I frequently visit the local cemetery for its multiple charms, and now and again have seen fleeting glimpses of one of the muntjac deer that live there as they flee into the undergrowth not to be seen again. The best I've done are a couple of dot in the distance shots. At last I got it! <a...
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    The wind was coming from the right. <a href="" title="mallard protect by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"800" height="580" alt="mallard protect"></a> These are the grebe eggs. The brooding grebe had stood up for a comfort adjustment. I didn't...
  6. Spuff

    olympus e-pl5 makes noise while powering up

    I am another whose EPL5 doesn't make that sound.
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    Mallard chick on the Thames: <a href="" title="mallard chick by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"800" height="523" alt="mallard chick"></a>
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    Certainly can be - this was at 300mm: <a href="" title="swan feathers (on the swan) by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"640" height="333" alt="swan feathers (on the swan)"></a> (sorry if you've seen this before)
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    <a href="" title="mother with chicks by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"800" height="573" alt="mother with chicks"></a>
  10. Spuff

    Be careful with Beavers

    Gosh. I know that otters can bite a finger off, so I guess a beaver's capability is a magnitude more powerful than that. When swans start coming towards me, as they usually do if I'm carrying a Tesco bag, I go.
  11. Spuff

    Noise and sharpness settings

    I think my EPL5 does sharpening, and whatever else it does to the Jpeg, very well (I think I have it on +1). I often can't get the RAW to look as good as the JPEG no matter what I do to it. (I do always shoot RAW + Jpeg).
  12. Spuff

    What lenses to use on a EPL-1

    Indeed. Are there any particular types of shots that are disappointing you? The Mk1 kit lens can produce some very decent results. And it's the quality of the glass that makes the difference to the image quality, not the material of the housing (which stood up fine on mine for all the time I...
  13. Spuff

    Show: The Moon

    <a href="" title="moonlights by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"610" height="640" alt="moonlights"></a>
  14. Spuff

    Share: Trees

    <a href="" title="tree detail by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"800" height="600" alt="tree detail"></a>
  15. Spuff

    Burrard Tug

    I'd rotate it clockwise a touch. Very nice elements.
  16. Spuff

    E-PL5: How many stops of stabilization?

    Hello and welcome. Unlike other tests this is a difficult one to do with precision. It's easy to subconsciously wobble more in one state compared to the other. Added to this the IS system seems to make things worse if you're too steady (on a monopod for instance). I don't think the 2 axis IS...
  17. Spuff

    Jessops in administration

    The UK chain of camera stores Jessops, which any UK reader will be familiar with, has gone into administration today. 'A statement issued by PwC said that Jessops had suffered as British shoppers remain cautious ... while the chain's core camera market was in decline.' I feel for the...
  18. Spuff

    Share Birds

    Thanks. Someone else was. I turned on the towpath and saw the photo opp. I fumbled at my bag zip like the person at the keyhole in Evil Dead and hoped I had the camera on suitable settings and that the sight hadn't gone away by the time I was ready. The light was nice yesterday.
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    Share Birds

    <a href="" title="canal gulls by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"749" height="800" alt="canal gulls"></a>
  20. Spuff

    Guarding the palace

    Definitely a sphinx. They often do have wings. This one hearkens to the Greek tradition.
  21. Spuff

    Buying a good yet affordable monitor

    I'm very pleased with my ViewSonic VX2336s (IPS). Got if from a seller on Amazon, no dead pixels, all working, amazingly cheap.
  22. Spuff

    skellig islands monastery

    Although I knew these sort of places existed I didn't know that any were so intact and I didn't know about this amazing one (having found on-site shots).
  23. Spuff

    E-PL5 Image quality question

    For most Jpgs vs RAW I cannot, whatever I do in Lightroom, get the RAW to look as good as the Jpg. The only exception to this was in a moon shot where the RAW was more pleasing and avoided the Jpg artefacts that appear in some heavy crop circumstances with the EPL5 (pit-like marks).
  24. Spuff

    Wine appreciation (or not)

    Yellow Tail Shiraz would break my £5 a bottle limit here in the UK, although the choice in that range is becoming increasingly limited. I'm currently enjoying a surprisingly nice Sainsbury's own brand Soave.
  25. Spuff

    How do I post a youtube video?

    Just copy the video page URL in to your post. Simple as can be.
  26. Spuff

    Aerosmith Concert Photos

    I don't think the 100-300 is badly soft at 300. 300: <a href="" title="swan feathers (on the swan) by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"500" height="260" alt="swan feathers (on the swan)"></a> The 100-300 is obviously bigger than the 14-150 and...
  27. Spuff

    40-150 first few times doing moon shots, some questions=)

    I think it's definitely better. The colour seems a lot more like the moon. More detail - full moons as in your first shots are not ideal - there's always more detail when there is some shadow. There is some chromatic aberration (purple bits) - might not be visible on all monitors.
  28. Spuff

    Banding at low light on E-PL5

    I've noticed a different type of artefact in a couple of EPL5 Jpeg images - It's like horizontal and vertical pit-like marks in some plain colour areas. The artefacts are not there in the RAW (which is supported now in Lightroom 4.3). See the top left 'sea': moon 2 nov - EPL5 | Flickr - Photo...
  29. Spuff

    40-150 first few times doing moon shots, some questions=)

    Yes, of course you can get good, possibly great, shots with just a lens but I haven't seen any just lens shot that's as impressive as the last one on this thread: and that was taken with a 3.3 megapixel camera (although it's results...
  30. Spuff

    40-150 first few times doing moon shots, some questions=)

    Thanks. Yes indeed, using a tripod for the moon is a different story to doing it handheld. If you're really serious about the moon then shooting through a telescope is the way to go. There have been a few stunning moons through a telescope on this site.
  31. Spuff

    40-150 first few times doing moon shots, some questions=)

    Personally I think you've over sharpened - you have a lot of grain in the bits that should be smooth. I'm not totally satisfied with this shot (100-300, not hand held) - but way off in A? <a href="" title="moon orf by Safetytrousers, on...
  32. Spuff

    Ooh, the rain...

    Wetness has so much going for it.
  33. Spuff

    Share Birds

    <a href="" title="duck preen by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"800" height="418" alt="duck preen"></a>
  34. Spuff

    'Gizmodo Oz E-PL5 Quick Review'

    'The lens barrel must be manually unlocked from its closed position, severely slowing down the shooting experience.' A quarter turn of the zoom dial severely slows down the shooting experience? It doesn't. It takes about half a second to ready the lens, and that would affect only the first...
  35. Spuff

    Protester and Thai police, some pics from Bangkok, November 24, 2012

    Do a Google images search for Pitak Siam. If you had to pick one photo to illustrate a Bangkok protests story - which would you pick? Good as these photos are I'm not sure any of them would be my first choices as a news editor.
  36. Spuff

    OMD Killer ? GH3? No ..Its EPL5 :)

    The only Panasonic lens I have is the 100-300 and it seems a bit quicker to focus on the EPL5 than it did on the EPL1. I wouldn't have got many of the good shots I got on the EPL1 without the auto-focus.
  37. Spuff

    OMD Killer ? GH3? No ..Its EPL5 :)

    They did for me. I got the full 130 page paper manual in English only with mine. And I got mine from a seller in Hong Kong.
  38. Spuff

    'E-PL5 Review Part 1'

    It's not exactly 'in depth' yet.
  39. Spuff

    UFO !!!!

    Ah yes, I think you've got it, IFO. It was a weird effect, of all the aircraft trails I've seen I haven't seen that before. Believe me from its apparent behaviour it wasn't obvious. My alien encounter will have to wait for another day.
  40. Spuff

    UFO !!!!

    Yes, it does looks like that, but would trails going straight up not come from divers coming straight down? Would the trails not follow the direction of the divers - they stayed the same shape as the thing moved across? It looks very much like two things falling - but it didn't appear to move at...
  41. Spuff

    UFO !!!!

    I looked out my window to see what the weather was like. I noticed a light in the sky. Much smaller than the moon, much bigger than a star or planet or plane lights. It hung there not moving. It was as luminous as a sunlit moon. After I had put my 100-300 on my camera it had moved a little and I...
  42. Spuff

    'E-PL5 First Impressions'

    The sound the shutter makes when taking a photo does not happen on power up. There is a slight sound on power up and more of a sound (the lens settling down) on power down, but the shutter sound is louder than either of those sounds. The shutter seems quieter if you use anti-shock.
  43. Spuff

    'E-PL5 First Impressions'

    If you use the touch focus, as I am always doing, the box goes very small - as small as I would ever want it. Have you got the pdf manual? It's really handy for searching for stuff.
  44. Spuff

    'E-PL5 First Impressions'

    As mentioned in the comments on your site there is Lightroom support now (via a release candidate version) since at least a week ago. I have used Raws from the EPL5 in Lightroom. My jury on the Raws in Lightroom is in (which is that I can't generally make them as good as the Jpegs whatever I do...
  45. Spuff

    E-PL2 not on par with old D40 !?!?!

    You can set the chequered button to toggle between AF on and off.
  46. Spuff

    E-PL5 Max ISO

    I've set mine to 3200 maximum.
  47. Spuff

    Sunset in my hometown!

    <a href="" title="river dusk by Safetytrousers, on Flickr">"640" height="480" alt="river dusk"></a>
  48. Spuff

    I propose a challenge/project

    I've only got 2 lenses at the moment, and they have equal shares on my camera.
  49. Spuff

    PL5 anyone?

    Compare camera dimensions side by side (use the controls on the left to see rear and other views)
  50. Spuff

    November 13, Solar Eclipse. attn Australia / New Zealand / Chile

    When the total eclipse happened for the UK the area where it would have been visible was totally overcast but where I live, eastwards of there, the sun was out. The light dimmed a lot and the colour of the light was unique - a sort of golden treacle colour. The gaps between the leaves of the...
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