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    Master 2

    Darktable could have been a good alternative if the repositeries were up to date unfortunately they stopped developping on OS X. I am running linux at this moment and happy with it , darktable is available on the latest version for linux.
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    Adaptor help with Tamron SP AF90

    Pentax adapter cheaper and you will be able to use it for other PK lenses :D
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    Please help

    The processor is better on M4/3 and the resolution is better, in other words low light performance is better than the E3. Before going to M4/3 i hesitated between M4/3 and the E620 ( same sensor as the E-3 ) and finally i decided to take the M4/3. Now if you have a large collection of lens be...
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    A Walk with a Fujinon 55mm f 1.8 (EBC)

    I personally own the non Ebc version and i find it rather amazing. Ilia Koltsov - Fuji Fujinon 55 1.8
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    A Walk with a Fujinon 55mm f 1.8 (EBC)

    I personally own the non Ebc version and i find it rather amazing.
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    Legacy Teles - SMC Takumar 105 F2.8 and Oly Pen F 70mm F2

    Awesome pictures :) i love the bee as well
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    Pentax Joining MFT

    If i am correct the new pentax will be a 12 megapixel APS-C backlit sensor , and i know only 1 company who is doing backlit sensors Sony. Sorry to ruin hopes :P
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    Adapter on X fuji mount is available

    I have search it everywhere, as indeed those lenses are fantastic in quality but couldn't be adapted until now. Kiwifotos made an adapter. So if you have a large collection of X mount you will be happy to know that you will be able to use them again. :D Here is the link Kiwifotos...
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    Backup software

    Clonezilla is a good bootable backup tool.
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    Showcase Phoenix 100mm f/3.5 Macro

    Great color , great shots :D
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    Is this diffraction?

    Yup i agree it is lens flare. You were shooting on a sunny day with rather interesting settings all of your pictures are a tiny bit over exposed , with manual lenses on M4/3 it is normal the sensor cannot handle the surplus of light hence a loss in colours and contrast. I recommend to shoot...
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    Need some Jupiter 8 parts

    If you have another screw then it is rather easy , if you ask kindly in an optical shop ( optician) they should give it to you either for free or for a very little money. DIY shops will charge insane amounts for it. Ebay could be a solution but for a couple of screws is a bit of an over...
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    How do you focus on what you want?

    MF assist :D all the way
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    Is manual focus easier than DSLR?

    Hikari , DSLR is fine if you get the AF control and Depth of Field preview which not all DSLR have , the use of EVF combines all those advantages and the fact that the EVF is not optically cropped makes it a lot easier to frame. I agree with you on SLR with split screen or AF confirm with a...
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    Good 40mm Legacy Lens

    Dbuckle i was never impressed by the 45 F2 Minolta had to sell it to be fair, maybe i had a bad copy. The lens is not bad but not something you would spent time hunting for, color rendering i never liked it.
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    Is manual focus easier than DSLR?

    Quick answer Yes. For manual lenses nothing is better than the zoom function. M4/3 is just easier to use than a DSLR for this purpose.
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    Have you run into anyone using a Micro Four Thirds

    I do see sometimes tourists around paris walking with M4/3 gear. It seems that M4/3 is selling a lot better in asia than in europe. Then again it is nowhere near comparable to the amount of people you see with Canon or Nikon.
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    Minolta 50mm f2 lens

    "Don't buy an adapter. If you do, you'll want more Minolta lenses. Been there, done that." It is a slippery slope , but minolta made such great lenses so you will fall in love with them especially for the price you can get them. By the way congrats for the bargain, what i suggest is try them...
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    Samsung 30mm/f2

    That is maybe why there is no adapters :P
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    What is this mount?

    i think it either a D mount or a CS mount , both are a pain to mount on M4/3. CS has a tendency to kiss the shutter D mount vignettes like hell.
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    Samsung 30mm/f2

    5.5mm is enough, it is safe to say that an adaper can be made if the difference of the two mounts is greater than 2mm. Now it is doable but i am not sure that it is a popular request hence not sure if it will be manufactured in china. You may have noticed that some adapters are not available or...
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    Next Lens For GF-1

    Try adapted lenses and then from what range you cannot cover by legacy lens or where you desperatly need AF you will see , i personally do not own any wide angle lens on M4/3 and i am not missing them it all depends on the way you shoot.
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    DxOmark Publishes Panasonic G3 Sensor Data - Does the G3 Deliver?

    Art i totally agree with you, and on top of that you put M4/3 with next to no high-end lenses and a D5100 ( which is announced around 600 to 700 euros) now the customer unless it is a specific buyer that knows the advantages of the M4/3 mount (not many of them) the customer will go with best...
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    DxOmark Publishes Panasonic G3 Sensor Data - Does the G3 Deliver?

    DXO mark is a good guideline but it has 1 fault it takes into account only the sensor , as we know Lenses ar probably the most important part. As an example DXO is grading very highly the NEX 5 ( the sensor is exceptional) on the other hand if you use it with the standard kit i would rather go...
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    Hi from rural Russia

    privet Olga, I would suggest definitely the Panasonic G1 or G2. The GH2 would be the best of all but it is rather expensive at the moment ( still around 700 to 800 euros). The G2 is sold in France around 500 euros. If you wait a bit the G3 will be out and you be get a rebate on the G2 :D...
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    Fujica 55mm f1.8 EBC

    Fujinon lenses where mainly M42 at the start, you may need a bit of filing and a adapter that will lock the pin.
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    Fujica 55mm f1.8 EBC

    I perfectly agree with you this lens is stunning , in fact I find it better than the pentacon 50 1.8. The creamy bokeh is just awesome. I have the non EBC version :D Ilia Koltsov - Fuji Fujinon 55 1.8
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    I don't give a flyin' hoot about gear anymore...

    There things you can't buy , and that is called creativity. The beauty of photography is that no matter what gear you have , if you know how to use it you can get absolutely stunning pictures. I perfectly agree with the fact that good gear helps ( not a lot in fact once you reach the DSLR...
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    Shootout Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro vs. Olympus Zuiko OM 50mm f/2.0 Macro

    MP Burke Sigma did a 105 macro on 4/3 now how does the AF perform on M4/3 i do not know. lets hope it will migrate to M4/3.
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    Real World Comparo: Lens vs. Lens Vs. Lens vs. Lens

    Alan great test with those lenses , I recently stumbled on a Vivitar 50 1.8 MD ( standard lens on the v50)it is as big as the 45 F2. the colour rendition is rather different . It could be a pancake like lens to hunt for :D Ilia Koltsov - Vivitar 50 1.8 MD MC
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    Help Identifying lens

    The lens is good nothing stunning, it is similar to the vivitar 135 F2.8
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    Wide & Fast Adapted Options?

    The video is done with a crop ( or a magnifying lens filter) , this way you get the worst of both world it is not wide enough to be considered ultra wide angle as you cropped it but it has all the distortion of the Ultra wide angle lens. C mount lenses are fun but then cannot rival with 35mm...
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    Firefox 4 final is released.

    I recently installed 2 pc on ubuntu with Unity (11.04 ) I still maintain that Google chromium is better due to the fact that it has FFmpeg codec built-in hence all versions of Html5 video can be watched with firefox it is limited to ogg theora. Concerning bugs i have not used FF long enough to...
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    Need advice on which lenses to keep

    Lucky penguin the helios 44 it depends on the version , the latest version are great on M4/3 ( i am actually hunting for one) the one i had 44 M4 and earlier will not have enough resolving power , you can still get good pictures but nothing astonishing as on the APS-C or full frame. I would...
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    Do You Have A Shooting Workflow?

    Flash great description thanks for the post , the only little thing you say 1 and 2 are crucial i would say 1, 2,3,4 are crucial and five is the fun /effect one ( even though still very important ). I am always a bit picky :) , but this is a great post.
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    username--whats behind it?

    my name is Ilia Koltsov hence my login :)
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    Calling all Android users...

    cool i will try it
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    mFT v DSLR

    I wouldn't recommend canon or nikon if you are going for an entry level, you will have lots of problems with old lenses ( on canon you need chipped adapters) Nikon is not compatible full stop. Even though i said on a different post that Pentax is not compatible with legacy lenses it is true to...
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    Making the most of Depth of Field and Isolating Subjects Using m43 Cameras.

    As i said before bad pictures are better than no pictures , your can only get the hang of you gear through shooting. Well I am saying this , this is the whole point of forums like this one , if as you said some people want to learn the best way is to show them on a picture that they have...
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    Making the most of Depth of Field and Isolating Subjects Using m43 Cameras.

    Photographers are compared to painters, which is wrong. We’re more like sculptors. Painters start with nothing and add what they want To some sense i agree , but you are saying that the gear is not the biggest problem if you cannot frame well. From my experience i invested in legacy lenses to...
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    Making the most of Depth of Field and Isolating Subjects Using m43 Cameras.

    Try this. Go out and take 20 portraits at f11. Use clean backgrounds or long lenses. Blue sky, white walls. Have fun. But always look at what you’re putting your subject in front of. Flash i am sorry but optically shooting at F11 and onwards only worsen the image quality, especially with...
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    [EXPIRED] Selling Some Lenses is this a good price?

    I agree with Lucky penguin to my knowledge SSC was applied to all medium to high end lenses , low cost lenses only benefit from SC.
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    Making the most of Depth of Field and Isolating Subjects Using m43 Cameras.

    Photoshop is not an evil , well it is a necessary evil , lets put it this way you like coffee with sugar , but too much sugar will ruin the coffee and if you do not put any sugar the taste will not be right either. I follow the policy of the less i use photoshop the better. NO electronic...
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    Making the most of Depth of Field and Isolating Subjects Using m43 Cameras.

    So if you shoot a subject at f2.8 with a 17mm lens or a 45mm lens or a 200mm lens the DOF will be identical in all shots if the subject is the same size (in the frame) may reword it in an understandable way : The depth of field is affected by the aperture and the focal length, provided that...
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    Future-proofing your RAW files

    I had the same issue with darktable, I am not sure about aperture never used it but darktable creates xml files , if it finds those files you can no longer import the raw from the directory it is done for speed. I couldn't find an easy way of doing this. As you suggested i import old raw using...
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    Using the 20mm prime lens (newbie questions)

    Hyubie , depends on what you are after flash will certainly help but as you said by raising the ISO and the IBIS from olympus you can get very good pictures without flash in a restaurant or with poor lighting especially with the 20 1.7 which seems very good in low light. The thing that you...
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    Using the 20mm prime lens (newbie questions)

    Kevin you can get away with just 1/focal length .
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    Using the 20mm prime lens (newbie questions)

    I agree for me it depends on the type of shooting i am doing , sometimes i end up closing to f16 with flash. really the best is to try and see by yourself , but i do agree that after f8 you start getting strange effects ( diffraction) especially visible on manual lenses but this gives you ground...
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    Pentax K-5 Thoughts from a Micro 4/3 user

    the two problems are related unfortunately as it seems : K-5 number 2 after 1000 shots Look at the botom of the page, it seems that "nipper" claims that he did 700 shots clean and then he had issues with dust or whatever the thing is. He is not a lonely case It depends if you are lucky...
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    Pentax K-5 Thoughts from a Micro 4/3 user

    The K-5 had a major problem with the sony sensor , and more than 80 % of the K-5 got recalled i am not sure if this issue is fixed, it seems that it was present on other DSLR using the same sensor Alpha 580 , Alpha SLT 55. I am not an engineer specialized in sensors but from what i could...
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