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  1. Gusnyc

    Midnight Sun Festival 2014 (Værøy, Lofoten, Norway)

    Thanks for posting those pictures Jermonic. Amazing post. Please, keep them going.
  2. Gusnyc

    My EPL7 review

    Hey Mark, I subscribed to your videos. Well done! Keep them coming!
  3. China


    A short trip to Beijing and Shanghai
  4. Gusnyc

    E-M1 Firmware V2 Update Error

    I thought the Firmware was going to be released on September 24th. Is it available now?
  5. Gusnyc

    J& R auction in New York

    They are remodeling the stores. Big job. They are aiming to reopen in 2015.
  6. Gusnyc

    Olympus 9mm fisheye body cap lever - too loose?

    Hi! The other day I bought a 9mm Olympus body cap. It is really fun, but I discover that the lever is really easy to move. It seems that it could easily move when taking the cap out of the camera bag, for example. Is anybody else having the same experience?. Gus
  7. Gusnyc

    Is the Oly 14-150 open in the back?

    I can't believe I didn't notice that for more than two years!. I thought I lost part of the glass. I was so worried. Thanks for your replies! You brought me peace of mind.
  8. Gusnyc

    Is the Oly 14-150 open in the back?

    This is what I see, fist with the lens closed and then extended.
  9. Is this lens broken?

    Is this lens broken?

    14-150 extended.
  10. 14-150


    Is this OK?
  11. Is this lens broken?

    Is this lens broken?

    14-150 closed
  12. Gusnyc

    Is the Oly 14-150 open in the back?

    Hi! I am preparing my equipment for a trip around the world, and I panicking because I noticed that the Olympus 14-150 that I have is "open" when zooming in, exposing the internals of the lens. I never noticed that. Did I loose a piece of glass from the back of the lens or this is the way...
  13. Gusnyc

    switching Oly 9-18 for Pana 7-14 worth it?

    I don't really think it is worth it. I have a lot of problems with flare with Olympus bodies (E-M5 and E-M1). Any bright light will give you purple blotches on the images. It is not a fun lens to use for me. I thought about selling mine since I barely use it.
  14. Gusnyc

    Discouraging Theft

    Some people mentioned insurance. What are the companies that you would suggest to insure the camera? What kind of policy? Thanks for your answers.
  15. Gusnyc

    Robin Wong comparison of Oly and Panasonic 25mm lenses

    I would really like to read your opinion about these lenses after a few weeks using them. I have the Panasonic 25mm 1.4 but I am tempted by the Olympus, just because of the closer focusing distance. That is something that has been a limitation with the Panny in a few occasions.
  16. Gusnyc

    A day at "Delta de Tigre", Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my Oly e-pm2 and zuiko 45mm

    Thanks for the answer. Good thing I am a Spanish speaker. In fact, I was born in Tucuman. :)
  17. Gusnyc

    A day at "Delta de Tigre", Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my Oly e-pm2 and zuiko 45mm

    I saw your pictures on Flickr. I really like the colors!. How do you process your pictures?. What software do you use?. Gus
  18. Gusnyc

    Gariz XS-CHEM1BK Camera Half-Case for E-M1

    It looks so pretty. It even adds a little bit of high to the E-M1. Enough for the pinky!
  19. Gusnyc

    Apple Digital RAW compatibility for Olympus E-M1 available now

    By the way, I have the feeling Aperture will be updated now that the Mac Pro is being released. That computer can deliver 4K resolutions. When the Mac Pro was introduced by Phil Schiller, he mentioned a new version of Aperture which can work on 4K monitors. I hope it is a big update to Aperture...
  20. Gusnyc

    Apple Digital RAW compatibility for Olympus E-M1 available now

    It is available in software update. It also has RAW compatibility for the new Sony Alpha 7 and 7R
  21. Gusnyc

    Share your Golden Hour & Blue Hour Photos

    Darren, your pictures are absolutely wonderful!!
  22. Gusnyc

    Anyone hung a Ring Flash on the front of a Oly 60mm Macro.

    I was thinking about getting the Bolt VM-110 LED Macro Ring Light. I know it will need an adapter, so I am not really answering your question. But it looks compact and it is inexpensive.
  23. Gusnyc

    Olympus 12-40 Ouch!

    I can't believe this lens is so delicate. What a pity. I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope Olympus can provide good customer service.
  24. Gusnyc

    Update on the 12-40 f2.8 Lens shipments

    My order from Olympus USA store has been shipped! I got the email with the tracking information yesterday. Finally!
  25. Gusnyc

    Update on the 12-40 f2.8 Lens shipments

    Any updates from Olympus USA? No news about my order yet. :confused: It has been more than a month (October 4th).
  26. Gusnyc

    Hi there from down under!

    Welcome to the forum. Great combo you got there! Enjoy it!
  27. Gusnyc

    Update on the 12-40 f2.8 Lens shipments

    I ordered in Olympus USA on October 4th. I called yesterday and they can't tell me when is it going to ship. My poor E-M1 is getting impatient!.
  28. Gusnyc

    Update on the 12-40 f2.8 Lens shipments

    I placed the order on Oct 4th with Olympus USA and I have no news yet.
  29. Gusnyc

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    E-M1, Oly 12-40 2.8 and Oly 75 1.8. It feels like Christmas.
  30. Gusnyc

    Showcase Olympus 75mm f/1.8

    I have to say that this thread convinced me about buying the 75 to use with the E-M1/5. I got the lens today (in beautiful black) and I went to take some pictures. I couldn't believe it. I read so much about how sharp the lens is, but it is so different to start using it. It is such a wonderful...
  31. Gusnyc

    OM-D E-M1 Shipping Status

    I am so sorry you are having such a bad experience with Olympus. I always had a very reliable shopping experience with them.
  32. Gusnyc

    OM-D E-M1 Shipping Status

    I ordered the E-M1 at Olympus USA on September 26. I received the camera on October 23. We are just getting to know each other. :wink: No sign of the 12-40 yet.
  33. Gusnyc

    E-M5: New firmware

    Update about the sound. I just noticed that it happens with the Pana/Leica 25mm 1.4. I changed the lens and the shutter sounds the same. I just had this lens for a week. I didn't notice a different sound before. I did the update with this lens attached. Did I get confused? I am sorry if I was...
  34. Gusnyc

    E-M5: New firmware

    BTW, this firmware really changed the shutter sound. It is much louder than before. I read this somewhere and I thought it would be a mistake, but it definitely changed the sound. Is this normal?
  35. Gusnyc

    Olympus FL600-R LED Light Questions

    Here there is a post that may be useful. It is not specifically about macro, but I think it is related to your question. Olympus Fl-600r flash LED light tips | Rob Knight Photography
  36. Gusnyc

    FL-600r Flash LED light question/problem. Dropping LED intensity?

    Hi Everybody! I just got the FL-600r. I am new with flashes. When I turn the LED light on, the intensity of the light decreases for a second (or maybe 1/2 a second) every 8 seconds or so. Is that something normal? I can't imagine that it would be good for video this way. I looked at the...
  37. Gusnyc

    OMD, Studio timelapse.

    Wow! This is great! Very impressive. It just reminds me of what a long way to go I have... : )
  38. Gusnyc

    Share your Golden Hour & Blue Hour Photos

    <a href="" title="Sunset on Liberty Island by Gus NYC, on Flickr">"768" height="1024" alt="Sunset on Liberty Island"></a>
  39. Gusnyc


    <a href="" title="Macro Flower by Gus NYC, on Flickr">"800" height="600" alt="Macro Flower"></a>
  40. Gusnyc

    Olympus Announces New Redesigned 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 II for $549.99

    Is there any reason to sell the original and buy the new version? Any tweaks that would make the new one work better with the E-M5?
  41. Gusnyc

    Washington D.C, OMD.

    You have a great eye. Congrats.
  42. Gusnyc

    Gotham City , OMD.

    I live in NYC and I really like the pictures you took from the city. I got inspired to go out with my OM-D and do some shots. Really nice to see the city through your lens. Congrats! I hope you enjoyed your stay. BTW, I agree about B&H and Adorama.
  43. Gusnyc

    Showcase Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5

    I forgot about this thread for the Rokinon. I am re-posting this picture here, I think it is more appropriate for this thread. <a href="" title="Landing at SXM by Gus NYC, on Flickr">"1024" height="768" alt="Landing at SXM"></a>
  44. Gusnyc

    Show your aircraft photos!

    Landscape view <a href="" title="787-800 by Gus NYC, on Flickr">"800" height="600" alt="787-800"></a>
  45. Gusnyc

    Show your aircraft photos!

    I flew to Houston and back, just to be with this baby. : ) <a href="" title="787 by Gus NYC, on Flickr">"768" height="1024" alt="787"></a>
  46. Gusnyc

    Show your aircraft photos!

    <a href="" title="Landing at SXM by Gus NYC, on Flickr">"500" height="375" alt="Landing at SXM"></a> So happy to finally get it centered!
  47. Gusnyc

    Anyone Order the 15mm bodycap lens

    I ordered one too.
  48. Gusnyc

    Hello from Down Under

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your new OM-D and lenses! Please remember to post your pictures!
  49. Gusnyc

    Starstruck! Feeling like a paparazzo with the Oly 75-300

    I took another set of pictures, I will post a couple tomorrow. It was cool to see Martin Scorsese also. The movie is called "The Wolf of Wall Street". And yes, it is Leonardo Dicaprio.
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