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  1. Bill Gordon

    Olympus Finally Steps-Up their US Marketing

    I can tell you what the problem is in Canada.....there is no sales force. They moved ops to the USofA and down there they are not interested in up here!! The problem is exacerbated by the camera stores who are not well informed as to what is best for the buyer particularly when he has never...
  2. Bill Gordon

    Olympus Finally Steps-Up their US Marketing

    I can tell you that they are doing bugger all in Canada!!
  3. Bill Gordon

    The People of Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Thank you so much for bringing us a trip to cambodia and fantastic photographs of the people. Oh, if the whole world was so happy then we would not have the conflicts that continues to make the problems that we have in the west.
  4. Bill Gordon

    what is your ultimate dream camera ?

    A Brownie Hawkeye Camera!!
  5. Bill Gordon

    I just tried the E-M1 and it is way too big...

    sitting there with elbow perched on the pillow so matter of fact she is saying "daddy get me a bottle"............and yes, she is cutel!!
  6. Bill Gordon

    NSFW m4/3 Photos.

    Just out of curiosity...what is NSFW
  7. Bill Gordon

    How strongly do you feel an affinity with other mirrorless ILC users? doesn't matter what camera you would use...your work is magnificent!!
  8. Bill Gordon

    Historic Toronto, mixed with today

    If you will send me your email address I will have something to return to you that I know you will enjoy and replicate. Bill Gordon
  9. Bill Gordon

    Olympus High End E-M7?

    High John How is "Bessie" these days....still producing wonderful images for you?? Cheers from over the pond!!:horse:
  10. Bill Gordon

    Olympus High End E-M7?

    IN A BASKET (I hope)
  11. Bill Gordon

    what's the future of m4/3?

    Absolutely!!! :drinks:
  12. Bill Gordon

    what's the future of m4/3?

    Kevin could not have put it better....Olympus is alive and charming the heck out of all those that are part of the family It is great to see what the competition is doing as a result of what Olympus has done. Each new camera is full of wonderful new things and it is difficult to imagine what...
  13. Bill Gordon

    What would you bring to France?

    €€€€€€ and lots of it!!
  14. Bill Gordon

    Scotland: Lochaber and surrounding..

    I thoroughly enjoyed these photos of a mountain that I won't be visiting but would have liked to when I was younger. Scotland has so many wonders to see!
  15. Bill Gordon

    Moonlight Reflections under the Lions Gate Bridge

    They are all just wunnerful....thanks for sharing!
  16. Bill Gordon

    Rainy, dreary and foggy fields..

    Hello Brian and welcome to the world of the Olympus brand. They make great cameras and even greater glass!! I very much enjoyed your above posted images.....obviously you have the best combination of camera and lenses.
  17. Bill Gordon

    Made and designed in Taiwan Olympus OMD E-M5 Exclusive Handle

    Why buy from far away when you can get a better grip made in Brooklyn for much less money!!
  18. Bill Gordon

    I think I have hit the wall.

    Just out of curiosity, not to change the subject...where is yyc?
  19. Bill Gordon

    I think I have hit the wall.

    Just out of curiosity, not to change the subject...where is yyc?
  20. Bill Gordon

    Let's talk about straps please.

    I very recently purchased a wrist strap from and it is the best investment I have made for a long time. It works perfectly with my Olympus OM D5!! I highly recommend this company, great product and excellent delivery!!
  21. Bill Gordon

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    ......and I shall add my name to those who wish to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. I also wish you great luck with your 2013 photos and all the continued posting of images.....that makes this site the best photo forum on the net bar none!!✈✈✈:2thumbs:
  22. Bill Gordon

    A few B&W Portraits of young lass Lizzie.

    In my humble opinion I thing that your impressions of this very pretty young woman are excellent.....keep up the good work!! Just the thoughts of an old man that many years ago took portraits for $$$.
  23. Bill Gordon

    Olympus E-PL5 Image Thread

    Gosh that really brings back memories....saw this car in Toronto in 1949 at the Automotive Building of th Canadian National Exhibition.
  24. Bill Gordon

    OM D5

    The illusive SUPER CONTROL do I activate it.....I recall another posting about this and am unable to find the post so ...I hope someone will be able to help me.
  25. Bill Gordon


    Wrist Strap I know that this subject has been thrashed to death but there was a manufacturer in the San Francisco area that is making a wrist strap from braided parachute silk and I have lost the was discussed on this site ...does anyone recall it and could you reply with the link...
  26. Bill Gordon

    Oldest street

    dito John!!!
  27. Bill Gordon

    Sony NEX-5 - Good second camera?

    The Olympus 1 17mm pancake is not expensive and is an excellent lens!!
  28. Bill Gordon

    "El Barrio" (Spanish Harlem) NYC

    Yes, all the above, I enjoyed these images very much. All these years that I have been on earth, 500 miles from NYC and I have never been there....many other places around the world but not there!
  29. Bill Gordon

    Street Photography (as it should be!)

    Wonderful showing of "Old Time" street-shootin' long before TV, digital, just a real pleasure to look at history! For those who were born and raised in NYC they would really appreciate these!
  30. Bill Gordon

    Featured Forum Post: 'My Recent Trip to New York'

    I really can't say anything because it has already been said!!! Marvellous!!
  31. Bill Gordon

    Hello - I'm waiting for the postman

    Hi Justin...your Avitar reminds me of the British Museum...what a place to spend a day or more in and I have been there so many times. London is just full of great Museums, culture and includes some pretty modern architecture!
  32. Bill Gordon

    Show: Whisky!

    Hmmmm.....don't you mean Scotish Lasses?? my favourite is 15 year old Dalwhinnie single malt.......
  33. Bill Gordon

    Photographers or Just technocrats?Who we are?

    R U suggesting that people...real people still look at that isn't in London anymore it is in Seatle Wash..........not that that matters as it was loony in London!!
  34. Bill Gordon

    25 does street

    First of all, two very good photos that illustrate the quality of the lens!! I also was thinking when I saw the second picture...."seniors still read newspapers?" because I am one that doesn't read the printed...only the on line and even that is getting far to much news that we do not need...
  35. Bill Gordon

    Well, it'll be quieter around the forums...

    I agree with your gripe....mine as well...I don't have the camera yet but if I do buy one I would like the option of the grip WITHOUT THE EXTRA BATTERY COMPARTMENT!
  36. Bill Gordon

    For Non-Americans

    What blows my mind is the astronomical amount of money that cost to run a campaign...billions!! Also, I find that the hatred for one another gets deeper and deeper. What happened to the non-partisan way of running an election without bitterness! Yes, I am a Canadian fed up with all the...
  37. Bill Gordon

    Members from 2009 and 2010 Reunion. Drop a line!

    December 29th 2009....hmm..that is a long time ago but just like yesterday. My camera of choice is the Pen 3 but it hasn't been used much lately. Hello to everyone out there and I wonder where the others are???????
  38. Bill Gordon

    How to get better battery life (OMD)

    .....and by the way...nice shots!!
  39. Bill Gordon

    How to get better battery life (OMD)

    If you are using an Oly camera and an Oly battery with that combo you should be getting more time than you outlined. I would suggest you get the camera and battery checked out before you do anything else!!
  40. Bill Gordon

    OM-D and some Action Stuff

    Wonderful, well captured!!
  41. Bill Gordon

    Can an Olympus be adjusted to deliver cool Panasonic jpeg colors?

    I would respectfully suggest that you turn off the vivid mode
  42. Bill Gordon

    Can an Olympus be adjusted to deliver cool Panasonic jpeg colors?

    Why on earth would anyone want to change the great Olympus colours..particularly with the Panasonic....if you want Pany colour buy a Pany:mad:
  43. Bill Gordon

    Toronto CONTACT Photography Festival is ok now!!
  44. Bill Gordon

    Toronto CONTACT Photography Festival

    What happened to this great site? It is now so small on a 24" screen.......
  45. Bill Gordon

    Close to the Baltic Sea - Eckernforde, Germany

    I love them all...great catches...wish they were mine!!!:2thumbs:
  46. Bill Gordon

    I saw a picture, I liked it.......just as it was.

    Well Dave I think that it is magnificent and I like the sweater in the shot as for me it gives it balance and life! My apologies to the reverand but that is the way I see it.
  47. Bill Gordon

    My Oh-em-dee camera story. I can't believe whats transpired.

    The first image of your daughter leaning on the tree is just stunning. She is a great model and so well trained!!
  48. Bill Gordon

    The Shore, Leith - HDR

    absolutely gorgeous!!!
  49. Bill Gordon

    Got My E-M5 Today.... :-)

    It is a beauty no question....what is the lens that it is wearing and did the shade come with it??
  50. Bill Gordon

    Anyone seen this article over at Luminous Landscape?

    I didn't read the article...didn't need to as everything that was important has been said. I have been shooting with an Olympus camera since the E-10/20 emerged followed by the E-1 (in my mind the best camera they ever made) had a brief honeymoon with the E-3 with the fantastic 12-60mm lens but...
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