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  1. Boyzo

    Lightning Fast and Under $1000: The ASUS CM6870-US014S Desktop

    Good move I'm running near the same only difference is 16GIG DDR3 RAM and yes SSD boot drive. I put it together myself and use a 750 Wat P/S The I7 can be run at 4.5Ghz (I use water cooling) Still WIn7 here :) You need the best screens (I use IPS panel EIZO and NEC 24") FAst YES and...
  2. Boyzo

    Odd grip bug on the OM-D

    Thanks for the link :smile: I reported the bug to Olympus and its been confirmed by them :rolleyes:
  3. Boyzo

    Odd grip bug on the OM-D

    With the grip on "lock" and while pressing the bottom shutter button Pressing the top grip shutter button fires the shutter without a "Focus Lock" Same occurs with the body shutter button ! Odd since "Lock" on the grip locks all wheel function. This explains why with the grip and the...
  4. Boyzo

    Panasonic GX2 to Have Built-In EVF and In Body Image Stabilization?

    Its possible after all some Panasonic lenses have NO OIS 24/1.4 7-14 20/1.7 and others Also if they plan some fast long zoom primes they may eliminate OIS on these to keep cost and weight down as well as complexity
  5. Boyzo

    Olympus Announces New PEN E-P5 and VF-4 Viewfinder

    Looks great The specs are inviting :) The viewfinder is apparently superb :smile:
  6. Boyzo

    What catches people's Eye's ... Sexy lady :)

    "1024" height="768" alt="P1010283-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg"></a>[/IMG]
  7. Boyzo

    Showcase Panasonic 14-140mm f/4-5.8

    OM-D and GH2 with 14-140 "1024" height="768" alt="_A290036-Edit.jpg"></a>http://[/IMG]"1024" height="768" alt="_A290036-Edit.jpg"></a>[/IMG][/IMG]"1024" height="768" alt="_9220097-Edit-2-Edit-Edit.jpg"></a>[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]"768" height="1024" alt="_A220007-2-Edit.jpg"></a>[/IMG]"1024"...
  8. Boyzo

    Pana 12-35 gets DxO reviewed.

    12-35 LOL ;-) Leica doubles the price :rolleyes:
  9. Boyzo

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 in stock at B&H

    You getting one Ray ? :smile::biggrin: Perhaps wait till body price comes down
  10. Boyzo

    OM-D Foundry Wharf - Petaluma

    14-140 <a href="" title="_A220007-2-Edit.jpg by boyzo999, on Flickr">"768" height="1024" alt="_A220007-2-Edit.jpg"></a> <a href="" title="_A220020-Edit.jpg by boyzo999, on...
  11. Boyzo

    Trade Winds @ Cotati OM-D 45/1.8

    [/url]_A050301-Edit.jpg by boyzo999, on Flickr[/IMG]
  12. Boyzo

    Cazadero California - OM-D

    14-140 and 24-70 Pany lenses
  13. Boyzo

    OM-D McNear's Petaluma CA 12-35 f2.8

    Touring with my GF in North Bay CA All RAW CS6
  14. Boyzo

    Panasonic Leaks GH3 Video

    Amazing new Camera :) a must have if you use the GH2 like I do ;-)
  15. Boyzo

    OM-D Ginger Dog

    12-35 2.8 CS6 raw Yvonne's Ginger :)
  16. Boyzo

    Mc Near's - Petaluma OM-D OM-D 12-35/2.8

    I used 50mm @ f2.8 its Iced tea :)
  17. Boyzo

    Well I hit San Fran friday 10th OM-D

    Thanks for the comments .. so different from the u43 DPR forum with its cynical negativity when I psted the same images.
  18. Boyzo

    Trade Winds @ Coatati GH-2 - 14-140
  19. Boyzo

    Mc Near's - Petaluma OM-D OM-D 12-35/2.8

    Historic theater restaurant....
  20. Boyzo

    Well I hit San Fran friday 10th OM-D

    Shot from the car..... 12-35 2.8
  21. Boyzo

    Members from 2009 and 2010 Reunion. Drop a line!

    I would have joined around March 2010. I was struck by the friendliness in the forum and made contact with a few members. Compared to the dpr forum I always received favorable comment if I posted images whether excellent or just good :) After all we all want a response for our efforts...
  22. Boyzo

    Melbourne Bayside on a sunny afternoon.

    Excellent images and use beautiful of light :thumbup::smile:
  23. Boyzo

    B&H: Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mk II for $139 After Rebate (Usually $439)

    Bargain I use one .. it cost alot more in Aus. You can refill the tanks with near OEM quality Ink very easy to do and reset the ink levels with a re-seter to save money. For non OEM refills inks I use a colormuki to calibrate the paper / ink to a profile for Adobe Its not USB 3 and does...
  24. Boyzo

    New OM-D E-M5 Owners' Thread!

    OM-D Good summary Amin I went for black + the full battery/grip Very solid feel and excellent build. The 12-35f2.8 arrived last week Excellent lens :) GH2 images OM-D 12-35 images RAW LR4
  25. Boyzo

    My Pana 12-35 arrived today; video unboxing and images.

    Great lens and a new Era in m43 optic's Pricey but way less without the Leica name and not missing a thing without it:rofl: Mine arrived Friday from HK. Its compact and sharp even wide open ..... superbly built works so well with Cokin P series
  26. Boyzo

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Sensor Made by Sony!

    :smile: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Sensor Made by Sony! :smile: Its the reason OM-D owners are smiling
  27. Boyzo

    Nik Software July 4th Sale - Lasts Until July 8th at Midnight

    Nik Software + PS and LR great combo they make all the difference :bravo-009:
  28. Boyzo

    Can anyone recommend a reference book for Lightroom 4?

    I recommend the Luminous Landscape Video tutorials :smile: Learning ability is quicker than from a book
  29. Boyzo

    DSLR Magazine Publishes Full Review of Panasonic Lumix Vario GX 12-35mm f/2.8 ASPH!

    It may have an internal wiper seal like on Pneumatic cylinder piston rods
  30. Boyzo

    DSLR Magazine Publishes Full Review of Panasonic Lumix Vario GX 12-35mm f/2.8 ASPH!

    Looks beautifully made just like the old 43 D series a cut above normal m43 Pany lenses .. its a must have on the OM-D :2thumbs: Price is going to be high but minus the Leica on the front realistic:smile:
  31. Boyzo

    Universal Lightroom 4 OM-D E-M5 Preset by archeogeolab

    You will need ACR7.1RC <> s = { id = "FDEF07E9-B2D5-4339-800C-A990513E1D38", internalName = "universal E-M5 preset LR4.1 RC2-09-05-2012", title = "universal E-M5 preset LR4.1 RC2-09-05-2012", type = "Develop", value = { settings = { AutoLateralCA = 1, Blacks2012 = 30...
  32. Boyzo

    Grip HDL-6 (E-M5)....opinions please.

    Thumbs up for me... expensive yes !! BUT it just adds to the functionality and handling. It transforms the body from a Pen like size to semi-pro camera It like a Mini Canon 1D Mk4 ;-) :2thumbs:
  33. Boyzo

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Image Thread

    Oly 50/f2 macro RAW Oly 14-42IIr f3.5 kit lens
  34. Boyzo

    Street shots gf1/20/1.7 B&W [3 imgs] CS6

    One more image from the day CS6beta
  35. Boyzo

    Street shots gf1/20/1.7 B&W [3 imgs] CS6

    Yes f1.7 1/200th ISO 100 RAW I used the Blur filter in CS6 on the vertical edges
  36. Boyzo

    Street shots gf1/20/1.7 B&W [3 imgs] CS6

    Thanks Street :) I actually sold it to a friend these are older images that I tuned up in CS6 beta + the great ColorEfex pro 4 (speeds things up) These are all base ISO thanks to the fast 20/1.7 Panny I did crop / sharpen and some NR Great body the GF1 just misses on new features ...
  37. Boyzo

    Street shots gf1/20/1.7 B&W [3 imgs] CS6

    I love that image too :) Some don't like the complexity but I do also the girl makes it ... Elegant Thanks
  38. Boyzo

    Street girl .. Tilt Shift [1 img] Adobe CS6

    Street girl .. IRIS only [1 img] Adobe CS6 IRIS blur only
  39. Boyzo

    Street girl .. Tilt Shift [1 img] Adobe CS6

    Street girl .. Tilt Shift only [1 img] Adobe CS6 Tilt shift only in CS6
  40. Boyzo

    Street girl .. Tilt Shift [1 img] Adobe CS6

    I used both (FRom Blur) Tilt Shift and Iris So its like TS + Lensbaby you have the ability to vary the effect from subtle to strong as I did Iris was over the Girl :)
  41. Boyzo

    Street girl .. Tilt Shift [1 img] Adobe CS6

    You can vary the TS effect In this case I used it vertically I also added the Iris effect as an Ellipse over the Girl.
  42. Boyzo

    Street girl .. Tilt Shift [1 img] Adobe CS6

    I used Blur in CS6 Tilt-Shift + Iris GF1 20/1.7
  43. Boyzo

    Ok another RoseGH2 / PL14-150

    With m43 the crop factor = 2 so 14-150mm = 28-300mm actual on the camera
  44. Boyzo

    Ok another RoseGH2 / PL14-150

    f8 @ 266mm {great lens but heavy}
  45. Boyzo

    Oly 50/2 macro Princesse De monaco [1 img]

  46. Boyzo

    Olympus 45 kills off my legacy glass

    I agree in the main with the 2X crop factor legacy glass is a waist of time Heavy no AF not optimized for 43/m43 sensors the odd legacy lens can work the best is a 50mm = 100 or perhaps a 100/135mm = 200/270 but most WA 28/35 dont make sense silly focal length slow max aperture If you get...
  47. Boyzo

    B&H: EM-5, Add Battery, Lose Place in Line

    Olympus should include the battery with the grip for no added cost. I will not add it to my B&H pre-order ;-)
  48. Boyzo

    Finally pulled the trigger on the GH2!

    Its a good choice I find it easy to use with plenty of manual controls.
  49. Boyzo

    1 rose E-P3 / Oly 50/2

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