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  1. Danny_Two

    BrownBear at T in The Park 2014

    No Biffy Clyro? :smile:
  2. Danny_Two

    Show "Motorcycles"

    British Superbikes, pit lane at Brands Hatch, for those that like racing.
  3. Danny_Two

    Upgrade from G2 for street photography-lens or camera body?

    More ISO is more valuable to street photography, the 20mm is a fine street lens in my opinion, you could consider the 25mm if you wanted more quality, doubt you'd notice it much for web only viewing though. Depending on your budget, G5/OMD if it's high, G3 if not so high.
  4. Danny_Two

    Why you choose M4/3 & will you stick with it?

    When I decided to get back into photography I was looking through various shops, amongst all the canon/nikon bodies there was this small looking camera that I like the look of. It was the G1, Id never heard of micro four thirds or knew what the concept was, but it was small and had...
  5. Danny_Two

    Testing the Legendary Panasonic G1

    I still use a G1, never really felt the need to get anything else, although if someone has an OMD they want to give away I'll take it off you. :smile:
  6. Danny_Two

    Panasonic G6

    Not been keeping up with photography for a while so I was a bit surprised to get an email about the G6, didn't the G5 only come out a few months back?
  7. Danny_Two

    Oly 12mm vs 9-18mm vs Pana 14mm + GWC1

    Depends how wide you want to go really. I had the 9-18, but sold it, I have the 14-45 and feel that's wide enough for me, I use it at 14 most of the time, If I didn't have the zoom I would just buy the 14mm and use it as my main lens. I found the 9-18 a pain to use to, to much faffing about...
  8. Danny_Two

    Does this sound right?

    My old 45-200 was very noisy to.
  9. Danny_Two

    Travel lens: Panasonic 12-35 on OMD vs Sony RX-100

    I went around the world with my G1 with just the 14-45 and never felt I was missing out. I also took my little S95 for carrying around when out at night or in places I didn't want to be swinging a big camera about. So take both. :smile:
  10. Danny_Two

    UK Price Rant.

    Seems pretty much standard practice to do straight $/£ conversions these days. It could be worse, go to New Zealand and look at their camera prices.
  11. Danny_Two

    Half a car

    I thought this was going to be a thread about the GH3. :smile:
  12. Danny_Two

    Dilemma - switch to oly??

    I agree, unless you have Parkinson's or are a recovering alcoholic why would IS ever be an issue? Here's a radical suggestion; increase the shutter speed. Sometimes I wonder how anyone survived in the days without IS and 6000+ ISO levels.
  13. Danny_Two

    Show "Motorcycles"

    Some of my old race bikes; My Yamaha TZR250 (2 stroke) A few races later in all its battered to death glory, note gaffer tape on helmet holding visor pod on. :smile: My old Ducati Monster racer with trick custom exhaust.
  14. Danny_Two

    Show "Motorcycles"

    Nice collection. :smile:
  15. Danny_Two

    New camera frenzy.

    That's the kind of thinking I just don't get, the constant obsession to have the new toy. Odd as all the m43 camera's are pretty much the same, just with minor tweaks. Not a personal dig at you, but the 'must have new stuff' mentality seems to be particular to photography.
  16. Danny_Two

    New sensor, larger pixels :)

    New sensor, new screen, higher pixels, higher ISO, satnav, coffee maker, shiney, shiney, must have, must have. It's the best camera ever. Until the next one. Yawn. :smile:
  17. Danny_Two

    New camera frenzy.

    Out of interest how many of you that have pre ordered the new Olympus have held it or even seen it in the flesh? Seems odd to me that so many seem willing to spunk £/$ 1000 on something they have never seen. It's a nice camera for sure, but the fever pitch surrounding it is a little bizarre...
  18. Danny_Two

    Sigma lenses.

    When did Sigma start making micro four third lenses? Has this been discussed and I've slept through it? A 19mm, and a 30mm are apparently on their way. Here. (scroll down)
  19. Danny_Two

    Filters for Micro 4/3

    Not sure I understand the question. Are you asking what size filter you need for a specific lens?
  20. Danny_Two

    DSLR & m43

    I went around the world with just my G1, 14-45 and the 20mm, I could of lived without the 20mm.
  21. Danny_Two

    Lumix G Vario 7-14mm f/4.0

    That's pretty good, I would of expected to see a bit of distortion that close.
  22. Danny_Two

    Wide angle great doubt

    Never heard of SLR magic, who or what are they? A lens with double figures isn't wide in my opinion, but as mentioned, if you want some width and have a budget consider the 14mm.The 20mm is a lens everyone should (and most do) own.
  23. Danny_Two

    Keep my GF2 or get a S95?

    The S95 is very good, but it is still a compact. It is however far more portable than any m43 camera and it's low light capability is excellent. I'll always choose the G1 for proper photography, but the S95 is great for out and about and social where a bigger camera is just not appropriate...
  24. Danny_Two

    Ultrawide for G3....Sorted.

    Park cameras are normally pretty good for pricing but they have the 7-14 as £999, amazon have it for £860.
  25. Danny_Two

    Ultrawide for G3....Sorted.

    Olympus 9-18, or the Olympus 12mm, both expensive but both cheaper. The 9-18 is probably your best bet. See the lens sample image threads for more info.
  26. Danny_Two

    Samyang 7.5 on the Street + Hemi-Defish

    I like the first two, but they don't look any more distorted than the 9-18 wide open IMO, the third one is clever, but a bit overdone for me. I like fisheye stuff, but I doubt Id use it enough to have a dedicated lens, I notice Olympus do a fisheye attachment, anyone know if it any good?
  27. Danny_Two

    What lens should I get

    Id suggest the Olympus 45/f1.8, great for street, better than the 20mm in my opinion, good portrait length to. Not ideal for landscapes though.
  28. Danny_Two

    Wired shutter release for the GH2?

    Well, you get what you pay for, if it's occasional use then a cheapy is usually ok, if its used a lot Id tend to go for the quality gear.
  29. Danny_Two

    Wired shutter release for the GH2?

    Tons on ebay, Ive got a cheap and cheerful one, does the job and can be locked open. i only bought it for storm photography, unfortunately I live in a part of the world that never has storms. :rolleyes: For night photography I usually just use the self timer set to two seconds, its easier...
  30. Danny_Two

    Stevehuff's Nex 7 review- what do u think?

    It's a lot of money, about £1200 in the UK. I get the feeling its just another megapixel showboat, really, why would you need 24mp in a camera like that? If you want to blow pics up to billboard size get a full frame dslr. That said, cameras like that will raise the bar for m43 so we should...
  31. Danny_Two

    @&^#$% Oly 45mm trim ring

    Mine pinged off as I pulled it out of a bag on the first day I took the new lens out, which was a surprise as I didn't even know it was removable.
  32. Danny_Two

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    First outing with the 45mm. Occupy LSX, social movement protest. St.Paul's, London, 21/10/11.
  33. Danny_Two

    10 stop filters/welding glass, etc

    Anyone using 10 stop filters or welding glass for long exposure photography with m 4/3? Seen some fantastic results and would like to give it a go. What are you using, I've seen some cheap 52mm 10 stoppers on Amazon which would fit my 9-18. Anyone got any recommendations or tips?
  34. Danny_Two

    Help! White or Brown G3?

    Quite like the brown, never seen one in the flesh though, white is a bit 'kitchen appliance'. :smile:
  35. Danny_Two

    Where's that &$%#* 45mm f1.8?

    Wow, just got mine today. I genuinely didn't realise how small the 45mm was, it's a work of art. :smile: The 45 with Zippo lighter for scale. The boys. :smile:
  36. Danny_Two

    PL45 Macro Unsure

    Get the canon lens and an adapter for your GF1 and use both cameras. Macro is generally done with tripods and manual focus anyway so the extra expense of the P45 auto focus may be unnecessary. If its just macro you want to do maybe even consider some old legacy lenses.
  37. Danny_Two

    Where's that &$%#* 45mm f1.8?

    Im not too worried they're selling out, I've just picked up a used one that's a week old, for a nice price. :smile:
  38. Danny_Two

    Where's that &$%#* 45mm f1.8?

    Park cameras had them in stock Sunday morning, and were out of stock in the afternoon.
  39. Danny_Two

    WA:Toughest Choice in m4/3

    I've got the 9-18, chosen primarily because of cost, but the only other choice at the time was the uber expensive 7-14, which was still almost double the price in the UK, and still is. You need to decide what you want, wide or u l t r a - w i d e, if you want ultra wide aperture isn't such...
  40. Danny_Two

    Olympus 45mm/f1.8 Member Reviews

    DP Review initial impressions and image gallery here.
  41. Danny_Two

    will the prices of the lumix lens drop within time?

    Ive noticed no real price drop in the UK, the big ticket lenses such as the 7-14, 45mm PL, 14-140 etc, are still about the same as they were on release. You'll always find the odd exception, but overall they hold their prices.
  42. Danny_Two

    Lens envy/jealousy/lust - exciting days!

    Im interested in the Oly 45mm, mainly because of all the Canon heads going on about their 'nifty fifties' Im interested to see what the fuss is about. Apart from that I've everything I need, although if they produced an ultra wide fast prime, say 7mm, then I might be interested.
  43. Danny_Two

    Panasonic 45-175?

    Where the hell did this come from? Have I been in a coma? Was browsing through the Park cameras site and found it listed in the the m34 lenses, thought it must be a typo, but no, it clearly had 45-175 on the lens. A quick google found this. I've heard no mention of this lens anywhere...
  44. Danny_Two

    A "different" unboxing and simply test for the Pana25mm1.4

    Nice little film, and it's bigger than I thought it was... the lens, not the space shuttle.
  45. Danny_Two

    Is it normal for the 20/1.7 to

    No manual focus problems for me. No AFC option with the 20mm on the G1 either.
  46. Danny_Two

    UWA for m43?

    Of course there's also cost to consider, the 7-14 being almost double* the price of the 9-18. If money were no object I'd have the Panasonic, it is, so Ive got the 9-18. :smile: * approx, uk prices.
  47. Danny_Two

    Oly 45/1.8 review

    How much are SRS selling it for? Web site just shows the deposit.
  48. Danny_Two

    M Zuiko 9-18mm: Good thing, small package

    Ah, good old Brisbane. :smile: I've got the 9-18 and have never really been able to decide whether I truly like it or not, just when I think I like it it throws up some horrible distortion, the b&w picture of the lady in the backstreet a perfect example (post #13).
  49. Danny_Two

    Olympus 12mm v's the 9-18.

    Focal wide open, although I generally use big apertures al the time to. That's the thing, I don't know what normal looks like, but I don't see it on other photos. I don't want to leave it extended when it's rattling around the bottom of a bag.
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