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  1. ajramirez

    COMPLETED Olympus VF-2 EVF | Location: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to BuyWant to Buy Olympus VF-2 EVF Location USA Description Looking to buy a Olympus VF-2 EVF. I am Paypal certified and am an active participant in Photographers Lounge and Leica Place. Have positive feedback on Ebay under user name...
  2. ajramirez

    Life's a Beach: show us beaches, beach towns and life at the shore

    Terrific shot! Love the conversion and the toning.
  3. ajramirez

    Life's a Beach: show us beaches, beach towns and life at the shore

    At Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico. It´s been a very long time since I posted anything, but here it goes: Playa by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Playa by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Playa by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Playa by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Playa by ramirezaponte...
  4. ajramirez

    Members from 2009 and 2010 Reunion. Drop a line!

    Joined on January 26, 2010 when I was shooting with an Oly E-P1. That was followed by a Lumix G2, G3, and GF-3. The G3 was recently sold, the G2 was inherited by my son, and the E-P1 has been relegated to the cupboard. The GF-3 (with the 20mm 1.7) still sees some action as my "pocketable"...
  5. ajramirez

    [EXPIRED] 90mm 4.0 M Rokkor M mount lens

    For sale is my mint condition 90mm 4.0 Minolta M Rokkor lens for M mount. This is one of the three Rokkor M mount lenses released with the Minolta CLE rangefinder camera and is a beauty. Reputedly designed by Leica, it is a full metal lens, with gorgeous fit and finish and excellent image...
  6. ajramirez

    COMPLETED m4/3 and Canon EF gear

    9-18mm, 45mm and 14mm are still available. I have reduced prices. Since the G3 is gone, I am now highly motivated to sell the rest. Reasonable offers will be carefully considered. Cheers, Antonio
  7. ajramirez

    COMPLETED m4/3 and Canon EF gear

    G3 and 25mm have been sold. 9-18mm, PL45mm and 14mm are still available as well as the EF lenses. Cheers, Antonio
  8. ajramirez

    COMPLETED m4/3 and Canon EF gear

    All of the following items are in pristine unmarked condition (except where as noted). All include boxes and any originally included goodies. All were purchased new by me in the last few years and have been carefully used and never abused. Here it goes: Olympus 9-18 mZD $450.00 Lumix 45mm 2.8...
  9. ajramirez

    'Kodak Ektar 100: Another Good Film'

    These are phenomenally good scans. I also have an Epson V500 and my scans from color negatives are nowhere near as good. I am using the Epson Scan software that came with the scanner. Would you mind sharing your scanning workflow with us? It would be most appreciated. Thank you, Antonio
  10. ajramirez

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    Thank you so much, Alan. I really appreciate it! Cheers, Antonio
  11. ajramirez

    Americana at 14mm. Everytown, USA

    What a wonderful set. Bravo! Cheers, Antonio
  12. ajramirez

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    Some G3 and 14mm 2.5 shots: <a href="" title="Guayama by ramirezaponte, on Flickr">"1024" height="1024" alt="Guayama"></a> <a href="" title="Guayama by ramirezaponte, on...
  13. ajramirez

    Sepia thread, anyone?

    Not strictly sepia, but close. Color Stylizer preset on Color Efex 3.0. <a href="" title="Zulma by ramirezaponte, on Flickr">"768" height="1024" alt="Zulma"></a> <a href=""...
  14. ajramirez

    Your First Camera

    My first camera was a GAF 100XF box camera, bought for me by my grandfather in May 1977 when I was 11 years old. The original is long gone, but this is the exact camera bought recently through eBay: <a href="" title="1970s GAF 100 XF by...
  15. ajramirez

    PanaLeica 45mm - Disappointed

    I did some tests on mine and found out that it is razor sharp in the center at all apertures, but a bit soft in the corners wide open. It sharpens up when you close it, but you need to close it down to 7.1 before the corners are as sharp as the center. I posted about it at Serious Compacts...
  16. ajramirez

    Silver Efex Pro 2 Question

    If I may add my 2 cents, I will second BBs opinion that Silver Efex is simply superb. I use mine through PS CS5. Buy it; you will not regret it.
  17. ajramirez

    A "Pro" wedding shot with the help of micro 4/3

    I think the photos are fantastic. Nothing else needs to be said. Regards, Antonio
  18. ajramirez

    Show: Decay

    Arecibo, Puerto Rico. <a href="" title="Ruina I by ramirezaponte, on Flickr">"1024" height="768" alt="Ruina I" /></a> <a href="" title="Ruina II by ramirezaponte, on Flickr">"1024"...
  19. ajramirez

    SHOW: Your Flag! Challenge (with extras....)

    Ray, Coming from you it´s high praise indeed. Thank you very much. Antonio
  20. ajramirez

    SHOW: Your Flag! Challenge (with extras....)

    Puerto Rican flag Two you may have seen before: <a href="" title="_MG_1746_2 by ramirezaponte, on Flickr">"683" height="1024" alt="_MG_1746_2" /></a> <a href="" title="img076_1...
  21. ajramirez

    Canon FD same as EOS EF?

    No. They are two completely different mounts. Canon EF is the current mount for Canon autofocus lenses. There are no mechanical linkages; communication between camera and lens is fully electronic. Canon FD is the legacy mount. There are no autofocus FD lenses (except the ones developed for the...
  22. ajramirez

    What do you travel with? And how do you carry it?

    When traveling for pleasure: Oly E-P1 or Panasonic G2 20mm 1.7 Lumix 45mm 2.8 Lumix 9-18mm M.Zuiko Domke F-5xb bag. If on a business trip and bringing a camera "just in case": Oly E-P1 and 20mm in a Tamrac 5693 pouch. Regards, Antonio
  23. 1000741


  24. ajramirez

    Show Stairs & Staircases

    Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Regards, Antonio
  25. 1000741-2


  26. ajramirez

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    Kevin, You need to tape over the extra terminals and set your 580EX to M. Otherwise, it will not fire. So far, I have not fried the camera or the ST-E2. Regards, Antonio
  27. ajramirez

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    All taken with Oly E-P1 and one or two Canon 580EXII's fired via ST-E2: Regards, Antonio
  28. ajramirez

    ISO 100 and Dynamic Range of Lumix G2

    When I first acquired my Oly E-P1, I remember reading advice from (I believe) Brian Mosley and others to the effect that ISO 100 on the E-P1 was more limited as to dynamic range, and therefore ISO 200 should be used as a base ISO. I have followed that advice. Upon buying the G2, I have...
  29. ajramirez

    Olympus E-P2 at Amazon with 17/2.8 - $510

    What a difference a year makes. This is exactly what I paid for my used E-P1 with the 14-42 kit lens last December.
  30. ajramirez

    A favour;-)

    Icon, You're welcome. I enjoyed working on it. Best regards, Antonio
  31. ajramirez

    Canon EOS lens adapter with aperture included.

    I am curious as to why they state it may not work with certain lenses such as the 10-22. Otherwise, looks like a good solution to using EF lenses on m4/3. Regards, Antonio
  32. ajramirez

    A favour;-)

    2nd try. This time, working from full size files: Icon, I sent the original file back to you by email. Regards, Antonio
  33. Composite


  34. ajramirez

    A favour;-)

    Icon. You may send the files to Regards, Antonio
  35. ajramirez

    A favour;-)

    Hence the description "quick and dirty." Easy enough fix (paint the portion of the mask corresponding to the missing arm back in) but not worth it (IMO) in a low res file. Like I said, if Icon sends me full size files, I'll be glad to do a more precise job. Regards, Antonio
  36. ajramirez

    A favour;-)

    Quick and dirty: I'll be happy to do a more precise job if you send me full res files. To do it right, I would have to resize the picture of your brother, as he is obviously not as small as he looks in the composite. Regards, Antonio
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  38. ajramirez

    How do you like your G2?

    I like mine just fine. The camera handles quite well and the image quality is top notch. It has put my E-P1 into temporary retirement. Likes: 1. Quicker focusing than the E-P1, particularly in low light. 2. Command wheel in the back actually works very well. 3. Very nice integrated EVF. 4...
  39. ajramirez

    End of the Season

    Terrific shot! Both versions are good, but I like the color one better. Regards, Antonio
  40. ajramirez

    Am I the only guy happy with my G2

    Even though I have only owned it for a couple of months, I really enjoy my G2. I get the feeling, though, that it has not been the runaway success for Panasonic that the GF-1 was, and there are far fewer G2 users around. Or maybe G2 users are a quieter bunch... Cheers, Antonio
  41. ajramirez

    The Best Deal in Micro Four Thirds

    What I find interesting is that, even though it is not quite the same smoking deal, the price of the G2 has also declined significantly. The last time I checked, it could be bought for $549 at B&H, which is significantly less than the original $799 asking price. This, for a camera that has not...
  42. ajramirez

    Which camera took what?

    A Fiesta Red Fender Strat. You are a man of impeccable taste! (I own a '62 reissue that looks just like yours). Regards, Antonio
  43. ajramirez

    E-PL1s announced

    I guess the E-P1 is formally discontinued then. Antonio
  44. ajramirez

    Threaded Canon lenses

    As far as I know, the only Canon SLRs which used threaded lenses were the EXEE and EX Auto from the late 60s and early 70s. In both bodies, the rear lens elements were integrated into the body; only the front lens elements were interchangeable. They made 4 interchangeable front lens assemblies...
  45. ajramirez


    Cheers, Antonio
  46. ajramirez

    Share - Beautiful People

    Shakira who? :smile: My wife thanks you kindly, Ulfric. Cheers, Antonio
  47. ajramirez

    Share - Beautiful People

    My wife. Tinplate preset in Silver Efex. Regards, Antonio
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