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  1. JohnMetsn

    Woman in the Dunes

    Thank you both :smile: My wife was surely happy with your compliment, Biro :smile: Hopefully, she'll still let me use my GF1...
  2. JohnMetsn

    'Samsung NX200 = Sooo Tempting'

    I love Panny G1, which I bought less than half a year ago ;) I like Samsung's approach with this camera. Surprisingly. I have never been fan of Korean products, but lately more and more things at my home are Korean. It's just a matter of time when they will be surpass Japanese companies, to be...
  3. JohnMetsn

    Woman in the Dunes

    Thank you guys...I was surprised by the geometry myself, as these shots were not staged at all :smile:
  4. JohnMetsn

    Balut Yo!

    Still not as cool as eating/drinking beating snake's heart in snake's blood in Vietnam, but close enough ;) Happy to see you on video John :smile:
  5. JohnMetsn

    What headphones do you use?

    At home: Audio-technica ATH-AD700...not really sound I like, planning to sell them. Outside: NuForce NE-7M...great for the buck BrainWavz them, my favorite in-ear headphones so far :smile:
  6. JohnMetsn

    Woman in the Dunes

    I'm sure there will be some people, who will not like me for this misleading Title hoping for nice woman curves on sunny beach. Let me explain it. Woman in the Dunes (砂の女) is a great book by famous Japanese writer Abe Kōbō and similarly great movie. Woman in the Dunes (1964) -...
  7. JohnMetsn

    Nice review on GF1 w/20mm lens

    That review was reason I bought my GF1 :)
  8. JohnMetsn

    The Real Street Thread

    Nice shots, Grant :smile:
  9. JohnMetsn

    COMPLETED (UK) Panasonic 14 - 45mm F.3.4-5.6 Kit lens

    These lens are getting pretty cheap in Czech republic. My friend just bought practically new one for 2800Kc (= cca £94)... Maybe it's because of the arrival of new X 14-42?
  10. JohnMetsn

    Olympus Linked to Yakuza?!

    I doubt there is any big Japanese company, which is not connected to Yakuza. On the other hand, this system is working like this for long and if you see the low rate of bankrupted companies in Japan - it's working well.
  11. JohnMetsn

    Nik Software Worth it? least not for me. I always liked Nik's products, but they are not worth the price for me.
  12. JohnMetsn

    Which adapted lens to get for a concert?

    It might :wink: <iframe width="640" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Thank you for your suggestion...but I just got reply from the organizer, that taking pictures is strictly prohibited and any camera will be closed to...
  13. JohnMetsn

    Which adapted lens to get for a concert?

    Hello all :smile: I've been quite busy lately and had just enough time to edit some pics from our last trip for my family...can't wait to post some of them here though :biggrin: Anyway, to the point, in October I'm going to visit one concert. As it'll be probably one time opportunity for...
  14. JohnMetsn

    August 2011 Contest Sponsored by Visual Magnetics!

    It's Oh! So Sweet Honey Making :smile: Panny G1 + Canon FD 50mm f3.5 S.S.C. Macro 1:1
  15. JohnMetsn

    Lightroom users: do you use/keep the presets?

    I don't. I don't have a use for presets in general. I like to play with every single photograph. It takes time though...
  16. JohnMetsn

    Bullet holes

    Nice shot, is it from a movie, stunman? :smile:
  17. JohnMetsn

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    Panny G1 + Canon FD 50mm f3.5 S.S.C. Macro + AnyLens Adapter I already got fed up with the RainbowImaging adapter and decided to give a try my AnyLens far so good and looks super...well industrial :biggrin:
  18. JohnMetsn

    .::Official Family Journalism Thread. B&W only::.

    Nice shot, gotta watch it again :smile:
  19. JohnMetsn

    1st Outing with G2- YIKES

    Nice series :smile: I was trying to find that creature on your 2dn picture on my trip to NYC this July, but I couldn't find it. PS: It seems that the year on your camera is wrong, all pictures appear to be taken one year ago ;)
  20. JohnMetsn

    G3-So far I'm liking what I'm seeing

    Yep, that's the way.
  21. JohnMetsn

    My New Monitor: Dell U2311H

    Just ordered mine, I couldn't resist. I wish I could buy it for US price though, I bought it for $377 and that's considered a good price here...oh well
  22. JohnMetsn

    July 2011 Photo Contest - Winner Announced!

    Congratulation, it's a great picture with gorgeous model :smile:
  23. JohnMetsn

    Sunrise over the city

    No4 is my favorite, but it's all and all a very inspiring set. Great job Nic :smile:
  24. JohnMetsn

    GF2 - Here Already! Are you kidding Me?

    And what more they "upgraded" you to GF2!! :smile:
  25. JohnMetsn

    Welcome to Prague Biennale 5

    Alan, because of you I needed to take out my dictionary again :wink: Thank you for your kind words :smile: Ondrej
  26. JohnMetsn

    Welcome to Prague Biennale 5

    Well if it would jump out at me, I would surely kill it without thinking. I was relieved to read that those teeth are not real, but somewhere in this creation there are real human hair...and that doesn't make me much calmer either...:eek:
  27. JohnMetsn

    Welcome to Prague Biennale 5

    About 2 month ago, just before going to US, and Indian girl (I believe the last creation is from her) asked me the way to Prague Biennale 5. I didn't know what she's talking about, but I did try helping her searching for its location with my smartphone. The stupid thing was, that I was just...
  28. JohnMetsn

    Share: Your Grandchildren

    I might post some pictures in about 20 years :smile: If I'll get approved by government to use the internet...oh yes bright future :wink:
  29. JohnMetsn

    Who wants peaking brought to m43?

    I would love that, but I don't see it coming as firmware update. Would be nice if someone would add it as a hack, but I don't see it coming from Vitaliy...
  30. JohnMetsn

    Fake Transcend 32G class 10 SD card on ebay

    Yes I got one fake Sandisk Extreme from eBay. Fortunately there was no problem with getting my money back. I'm not ordering memory cards from eBay anymore, there are many fakes.
  31. JohnMetsn

    Greetings from Mexico ¡¡¡

    I would love to visit Mexico one day. Greetings and welcome from Prague, Czech republic :smile:
  32. JohnMetsn

    Aki-Asahi Leatherette for E-P3 by Month's End

    Strange :frown: You might try contacting them trough the contact form then...
  33. JohnMetsn

    Aki-Asahi Leatherette for E-P3 by Month's End

    Ordering is just under pictures, but it seems that right now it's possible to send it only to Japan. So if you need international shipping you should try to write an email to them.
  34. JohnMetsn

    greetings from Croatia

    Hi from Czech rep. Looking forward to your pictures :smile:
  35. JohnMetsn

    Photography T-Shirts @ onze 11 !!

    This reminds me...just came back from US and had similar problem like when I'm in Japan. No clothes fit me. But while everything in Japan is small, everything in US is huge. I'm not a small man with 192 cm and 85 kg. But even S size t-shirt in US was too big for me...or everyone just enjoy very...
  36. JohnMetsn

    Photography T-Shirts @ onze 11 !!

    I would love to see some m43 themed t-shirts :smile: Also my country is not in available countries for shipping :frown:
  37. JohnMetsn

    Share Birds

    Thank you :smile: You're right. It's a very rare bird in my country. This shot was taken from Roosevelt Island in NYC though...
  38. JohnMetsn

    Share Birds

    Please forgive me my ignorance, but what is this bird? I was surprised how good swimmer he was...and he was swimming all the time along me.
  39. JohnMetsn

    Painting NYC red (OM-style)

    No comments here? You're brave to take classic camera for such a short stay in NYC, but it was well worth. Those pictures got very nice mood. After reading reviews I chose the view from 30 Rock as well :smile: I missed those statues at 3rd picture, where are they located?
  40. JohnMetsn

    Time to Vote! July 2011 Photo Contest - Sponsored by Nik Software

    I have a thing for the Johnny Depp like picture from Orientator (I wouldn't mind to put it on my wall), but it seems that I'm the only one :confused: In general it seems that my taste differ a bit from the overall's very interesting to see. Wouldn't be bad, if some ppl would write why...
  41. JohnMetsn

    it's been 6 months...and i have decided with a heavy heart that M43 is not for me.

    I still love the bag I got from you Nicole :smile: It's a pity m43 didn't suit you. When I'm on a trip I usually tak 150+ pics with my GF1. And I love to use some old cheap manual lens for macro photography. Oh well...good luck with your new camera. I'll check your Flickr account later again :smile:
  42. JohnMetsn

    My New Monitor: Dell U2311H

    Don't do this to me. Having 13" screen only myself I would really love to have such monitor in front of me. Well another thing is going to the list :smile:
  43. JohnMetsn

    The Highline in NYC

    I went there as well. Very beautiful place. I loved the mood there. You got better pics then me...the PP made it close to painting :smile:
  44. JohnMetsn

    Show churches

    Thanks :) It's in fact from 6 shots... Well as a trip...probably 9/10, we saw nearly everything we were planning to, we tasted everything we wanted to, we spent nice family time and weather was just great. As for how my opinion on Canada and US changed after this short stay it's still...
  45. JohnMetsn

    July 2011 Photo Contest Sponsored by NIK

    Ououou, I would nearly miss this one. Well this one is my favorite right now :smile:
  46. JohnMetsn

    Show churches

    Stitching more pics together :smile: I would never be able to fit this with 20mm...well at least not from front side.
  47. JohnMetsn

    Show churches

    I know. When I was taking that picture, I was thinking about your previous post...but to tell the truth, I was cheating a bit ;-)
  48. JohnMetsn

    1st day in NYC

    Thanks Kosta, I'm looking forward to your shots :) I took subway...once. I couldn't miss the experience. But with the lack of lifts...oh sorry -'s rather difficult with stroller. I already damaged my knees in Tokyo, when I was carrying the stroller with my son all the time...
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