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  1. LisaO

    COMPLETED M 4/3 Lenses mostly Olympus Primes plus a 40-150 Pro. Ships: US

    User name: LisaO Items to sell/buy/trade: M 4/3 Lenses mostly Olympus Primes plus a 40-150 Pro Prices: between $125 and $800 Location: NY, US Ships to: US Description: Rokinon 7.5mm F3.5 Fisheye silver $125 Samyang 7.5mm F3.5 Fisheye black $125 Olympus 17mm $225 Olympus 25mm with Olympus...
  2. LisaO

    COMPLETED Want to Buy: Olympus 75mm 1.8 silver and/or Panasonic 35-200mm 2.8 lens | Location: USA | Ships:

    I have a silver 75 1.8. Excellent condition, I only used it a few times, I have hood and box. Message me if you are interested.
  3. LisaO

    The acid test - who's going to upgrade to the E-M5 ii ?

    I ordered one the morning it was announced. I ordered black but since then I saw photos of the silver and wished I had ordered that. I hope it comes this week. I have heard some people have been getting them already.
  4. LisaO

    Travel Laptop

    I mentioned earlier in this thread that I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 2 but I may return it because I read an article in the NY Times today about Lenovos being shipped with spyware.
  5. LisaO

    Site Software Change

    Thanks Amin!
  6. LisaO

    Travel Laptop

    Personally I prefer Macs but I also need to have a PC for my business and I just got a Lenovo Yoga 2 13", i5, 8 Gig, 128 SSD for $799 this week at Best Buy.
  7. LisaO

    Question for any Olympus TG (Tough) owners

    I have a TG-2. It's ok, I like that it is small as I use it as a secondary camera. I just like to snorkel and shoot over/under shots. I once drowned a DSLR in a Ikelite case so I shy away from putting expensive bodies in these cases that are big and bulky since then. I also have a Nikon AW1...
  8. LisaO

    Anyone waiting for Olympus EM1/12-40 Mail-In-Rebate???

    I got the same response as the OP, I sent mine in late December.
  9. LisaO

    Three new lenses.

    Did I hear rumors of an Olympus competitor to the Panasonic 35-100 2.8?
  10. LisaO

    [FS] OMD-EM-5 kit , Olympus EP5, Sony E Mount and more | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling OMD-EM-5 kit , Olympus EP5, Sony E Mount and more Prices Micro 4/3 Prices lowered Olympus Silver OMD-EM-5 12-50mm 3077 actuations $700 SOLD Olympus HD-L6 (grip for OMD-EM-5) new $160 Olympus EP5 in silver with VF-4 $700 SOLD Olympus 9-18mm...
  11. LisaO

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera Available for Pre-Order at B&H

    No it had a black 75mm 1.8, so it felt very solid, especially with that lens.
  12. LisaO

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera Available for Pre-Order at B&H

    I handled the E-M1 tonight. It feels really good in the hand, built in grip is beefy. The controls have a better feel than the E-M5 (I never liked the mushy controls of the E-M5). The screen looks really big too.
  13. LisaO

    THIS AND THAT! Conclusion and questions about Fuji and m43

    If you aren't using a system get rid of it. It's not gaining any value. Either get some new M4/3 gear or keep the money in an account dedicated to photo gear so it's there when you need it.
  14. LisaO

    Lenses for Hawaii Vacation?

    A Polarizer and ND Filter as well as a small tripod even if it's a little table top one. Long exposures with water can be really interesting get up really early for sunrise!
  15. LisaO

    The Foveon Thread

    Thanks RT_Panther and ivoire! I would buy it from Adorama where they have a good 30 day return policy. I recently got my EP5 there.
  16. LisaO

    The Foveon Thread

    I was considering adding a DP2 to my camera quiver. I am a bit worried about the slow focus and lack of high ISO performance but I have other cameras that can do that. Ray Sachs has some really nice images with the DP2 (as well as other cameras) on serious compacts site, this week it's the...
  17. LisaO

    Think Tank bags insight?

    HHH is good for a body with lens + one other but not much more, MM30i you could add two more lenses at least plus an iPad. I think the SUD20 is a bit larger than the MM30i but I like the layout of the MM30i
  18. LisaO

    What lenses for southwest USA?

    e-pm1 oly 14-42 oly 40-150 oly 45 OR oly 75 pan 14 pan 25 sam 7.5 Only if you have some fisheye images in mind I would bring a tripod the best photos are early and late during magic hour where a tripod makes a big difference, and circular polarizer filters. If you are leaving soon be...
  19. LisaO

    My lens selection for trip to Italy. Thoughts?

    I too am going on a cruise late summer. Rome to Venice with many ports in Greece and one in Turkey and Croatia. I usually travel with DSLRs and often bring M4/3 for off time but I am planning on the opposite this trip. I will travel with a small tripod and a table top tripod too. I will not...
  20. LisaO

    DigitalRev TV "Review" of E-P5...

    RX2 with a fixed 85mm would be even better! 35 and 85 combo would Rock!
  21. LisaO

    Some GH3 questions in relation to the OM-D

    Right on! When you spend $400, $700 or $900 you should get a lens hood and not have to go chasing all over eBay to order one from China for under $30 or pay Olympus ransom of up to $80 for a piece of plastic. And the menus could use some refreshing.
  22. LisaO

    Lets see your creamy BOKEH Please :)

    I might as well post this here too. Oly 60 mm 2.8 <a href="" title="Poppy Seed Head by themaclady, on Flickr">"768" height="1024" alt="Poppy Seed Head"></a>
  23. LisaO


    <a href="" title="Poppy Seed Head by themaclady, on Flickr">"768" height="1024" alt="Poppy Seed Head"></a> Actually it's a poppy seed head.
  24. LisaO

    [WTB] f-stop Rucksack | Location: UK

    There is always a wait on these, I ordered one from F-Stop in February... still waiting in July.
  25. LisaO

    Please share your Bokeh-licious pics here.

    I like the bokeh here EP5 with Oly 60 macro <a href="" title="Poppy Seed Head by themaclady, on Flickr">"768" height="1024" alt="Poppy Seed Head"></a>
  26. LisaO

    Official Olympus EP5 image thread:))

    Here are a few from my first outing with the EP5 this weekend in Ithaca, NY. I went to a lake, some waterfalls, a farmers market and botanical garden. I wasn't there to do photography so I didn't have much time to do much investigating of the camera and menus. I shot with 35 1.8 and 60 macro and...
  27. LisaO

    DigitalRev TV "Review" of E-P5...

    Mate an RX1 and an EP5 would make a really cool camera. Quality of the RX1 sensor with lenses the size of M4/3 but I think physics may be against it. I have both and a bunch of others. Yesterday I shot the EP5 and the Fuji XE-1 together but I haven't yet gotten to the RX1 and EP5 yet.
  28. LisaO

    DigitalRev TV "Review" of E-P5...

    Digital Rev has always been 90% entertainment 10% information. Kai is harsh on M4/3 but Lok (who is really the more technical and photo/video buff) seems to really like it. Sure the EP5 is not groundbreaking but it's an interesting step forward. My favorite video they ever did was the original...
  29. LisaO

    Canon EOS-M Sale at B&H $299+

    I had one for a day at the original price (quickly returned) and it's not even worth $299. Major focus issues, bad design. Canon has fear of eating into it's DSLR line and designed a bad mirrorless camera.
  30. LisaO

    EP5 wait list.... Patiently waiting

    I got mine yesterday from Adorama. I played with the menus, tomorrow I will get some hands and eyes on time.
  31. LisaO

    Looking for an OM-D charger replacement

    Yes, I agree with those above, wasabi charger and get some of their batteries too. You can get the charger and 2 batteries for way less than the price of one OEM battery.
  32. LisaO

    Who's getting an EP5?

    I have an OM-D and lots of other cameras too.
  33. LisaO

    Who's getting an EP5?

    I'm expecting delivery of the EP5 today but I won't get to try it until tomorrow. I didn't order the EVF-4 but I may get one. I'm looking forward to the Wifi and easily transferring images to the iPad. I ordered the silver because I like the classic look.
  34. LisaO

    Why female forum members are disappearing ?

    In general women aren't gearheads and that's what most forums are. Most tech and photo forums seem to be about 80% male. I'm a tech/photo geek and I've been popping in and out here for several years. Want Women, try Pinterest :-)
  35. LisaO

    Ep5 delivery

    I heard it was approval of their wifi specs that is slowing things down. I'm waiting on one from Adorama. I ordered the day it was announced.
  36. LisaO

    Woman stabbed to death in Los Angeles after photographing panhandlers

    Here is a link to an article with eyewitness statements with a photo of I believe the alleged attackers. It should never come to something like this, but blaming the photographer is like blaming a woman is a short dress for being raped. To me it says something about the state of disrespect of...
  37. LisaO

    [FS/FT]  Mac Mini i7 Quad + SSD BEAST | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What are you looking for in trade?
  38. LisaO

    Travel camera--E-M5, X100 or XZ-1?

    Though the X100S isn't that small it is extremely light and jacket pocketable. I used to have the X100 but sold it when I got a Sony RX1 but it too is quite a bit heavier then the X100S. When I want to go light (I often carry D800/D600) I go with the RX1 for wide and the OMD with a 45 or 75...
  39. LisaO

    Olympus Announces New Black Versions of 17mm f/1.8, 45mm f/1.8, and 75mm f/1.8 Lenses

    Black is nice but I won't be selling off my silver ones for this. Lack of included Lens hoods is the bane of Olympus lenses. When they charge $899 for a lens they should throw in a hood, Nikon, Fuji, Sony and others do too.
  40. LisaO

    2 Years in China with a 4MP camera

    Thanks for the link, I recently listened to a podcast interview with him so I'm glad to see the images. Very impressive!
  41. LisaO

    Suggestions for SLIM m4/3 backpack?

    I like this bag too. I've carried everything from M4/3 and several lenses to D800 with 70-200 2.8 and 24-70 in it.
  42. LisaO

    Scott Bourne's New License Plate

    Very confusing, his big thing is bird photography. I don't see how he can replace the Nikons and Canons and super long lenses with all M4/3 gear. He flip flops all the time.
  43. LisaO

    50 Years Ago: The World in 1963 (Photographically Speaking)

    What a time of change the 1960's were. I was just a child of 5 in 1963 and the only news event I remember from that time is when Kennedy was shot. This shows how important the power of a still image can be that after 50 years they can still effect us.
  44. LisaO

    Showcase Olympus 75mm f/1.8

    A couple from Venice with the 75mm 1.8
  45. LisaO

    Best 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-lens kits for your Micro 4/3?

    I shoot with several types of gear from FF DSLR to high end small cameras and lots in between. While I've been shooting M4/3 for almost 3 years now and have a good set of lenses for the format to me the sweet spot is mid telephotos that allow me to go light yet fast. I will often shoot with a...
  46. LisaO

    Street and/or candid photography etiquette?

    The Godfather scene was more like paparazzi then street photography. Some of the best street photographers do an in your face style. I sometimes do candids, I sometime ask people if I can take a portrait of them, it's two different styles. Sometimes people say something but usually not.
  47. LisaO

    Soon to be Oly E-M5 user seeking some purchase decision and lens advice...

    If you really liked your Canon primes why not get M4/3 primes? The Olympus 12, 45, 75. Best IQ, if that is what you are really looking for. I think you would be quite disappointed in the 40-150, I was. If you are serious about zooms look to the panasonic 2.8s.
  48. LisaO

    Alternate lens hood for Oly 75 1.8

    $1 Metal Silver Lens Hood for Olympus M Zuiko Digital Ed 75mm F1 8 LH 61F | eBay I just won an auction for one of these.
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