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    fixed focal length lenses vs. zoom lenses

    You've actually reminded me about one of the reasons I ditched my Canon APS-C for m4/3 nearly 10 years ago---I couldn't buy a decent prime for low light and shallow DOF shots without spending buckets of money. I had the 50mm but it was too long to be useful for much other than portraits. I was...
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    fixed focal length lenses vs. zoom lenses

    Not really the right question. The percentages will reflect the lenses you have as much as your preference for aperture. So for example, I have kit-level zooms that start at f/3.5 because I don't want to carry a larger, heavier lens or pay the extra for an f/2.8 zoom. So 100% of the images taken...
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    Lizards, snakes, toads, frogs, turtles and other reptiles & amphibians

    Frog came for dinner, but arrived late. GX7 + Oly 60mm macro.
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    fixed focal length lenses vs. zoom lenses

    It's a combination of price, image quality, aperture and size. Sharp, wide-aperture primes are generally much smaller and cheaper than sharp, wide-aperture zooms. Wide aperture has a number of benefits, including better light gathering (i.e. can use in darker settings without flash) and more...
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    1 Lens for Family Vacation - What Would you pack?

    I started out with m4/3 about 10 years ago now. My first lenses were the Olympus 14-150 and Panasonic 20mm. This is still my base travel kit: the 14-150 takes nice photos in good light and I use the long end of the range regularly for wildlife and nature shots. I could maybe survive with 100mm...
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    Panasonic GX7 still worth buying?

    I have a GX7 and I wouldn't swap it for one of the more recent models. Key advantages: the built-in, pull-back flash is a godsend and I can't imagine living without it. I can grab the camera and 20mm lens and get a decent shot in poor light without interfering too much with the natural light. I...
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    Is there a faster way to delete pictures on the GX7?

    I don't have a GX7, but was wondering if you could perhaps use the iPad/iPhone app to delete multiple without the confirmation popping up?
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    Panasonic Leica Summilux 15mm F1.7 Brief Impressions / Review

    Likewise. They have hit in Oz at least: (unless they're splitting to create the kit, but probably not). Unfortunately, the price is at AUD$1250, which is...
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    My new GM1 with examples

    Wow, that lens is producing fabulous images for a kit lens. I've been toying with the idea of buying one separately as a compact everyday lens (currently use a Pana 20mm f/1.7, bit it's a bit slow). Very tempting!
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    For Australian Buyers

    Weird. It was definitely up at $850 when I posted.
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    For Australian Buyers

    They had it at that price ($687 to be exact) for a couple of months. I was keen, but household budget has not yet allowed ... and now the price has gone up.
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    For Australian Buyers

    I was hoping to receive a GX7 with this deal for father's day, but CameraPro have upped the GX7 price by nearly $200 (~$680 -> ~$850). Might end up with new socks instead :(
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    E-PM2 as upgrade from E-PL1?

    I'm still hanging onto my E-PL1. I use the flash enough to miss it, so wouldn't buy either the E-PM2 or E-PL5 despite the IQ improvements. The dinky clip-on flash is horrible (my wife has an E-PM1) and I'm not even especially impressed with the E-P5: I expect (hope?) my next camera to be a GX7...
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    G'day! - The Everything Australian Thread

    Not the greatest photo but ... E-PL1 with Olympus 14-150mm at full reach.
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    Now you have the 12-40, which primes do you use and why?

    I don't have an f2.8 zoom, but know that I would keep at least one compact standard or wide prime. Size was one of the primary reasons for me to switch from DSLR to m4/3, and these zooms are encroaching on DSLR territory. I currently have the P20 on a PEN body and the combination of compactness...
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    Deciding on a minimal kit for trip to Australia

    +1. I think you will want a long zoom and adapted lenses are bulky and fiddly (i.e. slow to work with) in my experience. If you buy the Olympus lens, you probably want to take the Olympus body with IBIS rather than the Panasonic. If money is not an issue, you could also consider the Olympus...
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    What body or system should I get next? Pany? Oly? Used? Wait for shiny new....

    For portability (and style), I'd pick the GM1 over the E-PL2. In both cases, however, you give up physical controls and this is the reason I wouldn't buy either as a primary camera. As another poster mentioned, the GM1 also lacks a hotshoe for an external flash, although I imagine it would be...
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    Are m43 lens cheaper or more expensive?

    There are many factors here. The Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 is a similar focal length, sharper and priced at around $300. If you were buying for a Canon, there is nothing in this price range, and even at $500 the options are poor. I wouldn't say m43 lenses are generally cheaper, but I wouldn't say...
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    Which lens next?

    I think it really depends on the direction your creative juices are flowing. Do you want to take portraits? Insects? Sport? Birds? Street shots? With your kit, I'd be adding either a macro (probably the Olympus 60mm) or the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 (portraits and general use). Sport and birds are...
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    Traveling with only 25mm (50mm eqv.) lens: is it possible?

    I have travelled a bit with just 2 lenses: Panny 20mm f/1.7 and Olympus 14-150mm. The 20mm was used most of the time, but I think I would have felt lost without the 14-150. I wouldn't call myself a photographer, just someone who likes to take nice photos. EDIT: should add that I find 40mm...
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    Importance of OIS?

    I think OIS is useful at longer focal lengths for relatively static subjects. I've found motion blur to be a much bigger problem for me than camera shake, and as others have noted, the only way to deal with that is to use a high shutter speed. In your situation, I'd buy the Olympus lens and...
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    E-PL7 Coming Soon...

    RX-7 is an aging mazda sports car :) But if I assume you mean Panasonic GX7, I'd choose the GX7 over the E-PL5 (EVF, built-in flash, better controls). It will cost more though, and at that price, the OMD E-P5, E-M10 and E-M5 come into play. I'd still take the GX7 but that's a personal...
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    For Australian Buyers

    CameraPro are also selling the GX7 body-only for $687 at the moment: Not quite as good as the Olympus deals, but the best price I've seen for this camera.
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    GX7 app image culling

    Thanks, downloaded and had a quick look around. I'll have to take it into a store with me to test the on-camera photo management capabilities. AndyB
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    GX7 app image culling

    I'm very likely to buy a GX7, despite being an Olympus fan. One of the things that has drawn me is the (reported) ability to review images on the larger screen of my iPad and delete them from the camera memory card. At present, I find it hard to cull images on-camera when I'm travelling or out...
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    Poll: Will you buy the EP5

    I would have preferred a "Maybe, if the reviews are good and the price is right" option, but took the "wait 6 months'. A deal-breaker for me will be the built-in flash. I've made such good use of the pull-back bounce on my E-PL1 that I would hate to do without. The last few models haven't...
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    OLY 17mm focus vs Pany 20mm sharpness

    Thanks for asking! I already have a 20mm Panasonic and am trying to decide whether I should "upgrade", so this thread has been particularly useful. Regarding the 20mm, I have it on an E-PL1 and while the good images are great, I have a few issues: * Autofocus is a tad slow and hunts...
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    What's Your Travel Setup?

    We bought a m4/3 camera specifically for travel (to avoid lugging a DSLR). We purchased an E-PL1 with Olympus 14-150mm and Panasonic 20mm lens. The 14-150 produces nice images in good light, especially in its mid-range, and it's fast and quiet for video. The 20mm is compact and works well...
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    How many of you have DSLRs?

    I kept my near-worthless old DSLR and a longish zoom to use for sport. Haven't used it in the 16 months I've had my E-PL1. I'm hoping that by the time I need it, there will be a decently fast m4/3 camera.
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    Anybody prefer their adapted 50mm over the Native 45mm 1.8?

    I have an old Pentax 50mm f/1.7 that I used before I purchased the Oly 45mm. In sharpness and usability, the Oly wins hands down. Colours, contrast and bokeh are different rather than better/worse and I like them both. The Oly colours are perhaps more accurate. That said, I haven't used the...
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    Which Macro ?Panny 45mm 2.8 or wait for Oly 60 mm 2.8?

    I always felt the 45mm Panasonic was too short for outdoor macro work (insects etc), and I'm waiting to hold the 60mm and see what others think. I'd actually prefer a 90 or 100mm macro, but the 60mm might be sufficient. I bought a cheap legacy 100mm macro, but have found it too soft.
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    Which is ur favourite native prime?

    I couldn't decide between the 45mm and the 20mm. The 45 takes nicer pictures, in my opinion, but the 20 is heaps more versatile.
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    Olympus 45 f1.8 "Lens of the Year" at TOP

    Answering the original question, I have both the 20mm Panasonic and 45mm Oly. Definitely not overkill. They have different purposes. I like the colours and sharpness of the 45mm, but the 20mm is more useful as a walk around lens. Both are quite exceptional for their price, in my opinion...
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    m43 revelation

    My thongs The ultimate in protective footwear: Resistant to sun, rain, sand, saltwater and ridiculously easy to kick of and run for your life when you spot a poisonous snake or spider. Not that I've ever run ...
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    E-P3 or E-PL3?

    If you can buy body-only, then I'd suggest neither. But I haven't seen anyone offering these without a lens. So, my pick would be the 14-42, especially since you're considering the 20mm Panasonic (which is a must-have, in my opinion).
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    All Rounder Required

    Your fears are real (the separate lenses are likely to be better at the wide and long ends) but I have the 14-150mm and I'm fairly happy with its performance: not perfect, but certainly adequate. It's also faster and quieter than the twin kit lenses, I believe (it's a video-optimised lens).
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    What does $200 more get me? Epl3 vs epm1!

    From memory, I believe the E-PL3 also has a significantly higher continuous shooting speed than the E-PM1 (5fps??).
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    Total Newbie to this format requires a little help.

    Others might differ, but yes I believe so. The 40-150mm gets quite good reviews and I always like to have a long zoom when travelling. In my opinion, the Panasonic 20mm is the must-have lens for this format. Mine is usually on my camera (an E-PL1) because it's so good for everyday snapshots...
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    Oly 45/1.8 review

    Rule-of-thumb says that to avoid issues related to camera shake, your shutter speed for hand-held shots should be 1/(equivalent 35mm focal length) (i.e. 1/90s). I have fairly steady hands and can push this a little, but the rule is still pretty close to the mark for me. Image stabilisation...
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    Will a Panny GF1 will remote fire Olympus FL36R?

    Check the specs, but I don't think it does. The panasonic built-in flash implementations are pretty sparse. This was part of my reason for choosing Olympus.
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    Oly 12mm or Panny 14mm?

    Since one of my priorities is to keep the size and weight of my kit down, I think I'd go with the 14mm if I needed a wide prime. Hard choice though: the extra 2mm of width could be useful, and I don't think there's much doubt that the quality is better.
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    Better lens to replace Konica 40mm, 50mm, & 57mm?

    The Pentax 50mm f/1.7 gets good reviews and is relatively inexpensive (around $60-80 on eBay). I have one but haven't done enough with it to have a strong opinion about the bokeh.
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    Re-designed grip on G3 - what's it like?

    I've found the grip makes the camera more difficult to get in and out of a bag (tends to snag), and also found the G1/G2/GH1 grips very uncomfortable to hold with my long-ish fingers. This was not a problem on larger DSLRs, nor was it a problem on the GF1 or E-PL1 (ended up buying an E-PL1).
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    Panasonic G or VF2 for Viewfinder?

    A third suggestion: pick up an E-PL1 and VF-2. The E-PL1 stacks up remarkably well against the E-P2 and has a built-in flash that can be used alongside the viewfinder. While the flash is relatively low power, it is very well implemented, can be pulled back for bounce and can trigger remote flashes.
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    Best Native Lens?

    I'm the reverse. And yes, the 20mm is my favorite.
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    What's A Good Macro Lens for the EPL1?

    I've been watching these. Last one I saw went for $330 on eBay. Makes it uneconomical when I can get a new Tamron 90mm macro for around $300. There seems to be a hefty increase in macro lens prices on eBay recently. I've been watching for about 3 months and haven't seen anything worthwhile go...
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    'DXO Mark Values On The New NEX-C3'

    I'm very much in the "lenses first" camp, and I also believe in the Olympus philosophy of lightweight, compact lenses. Sony can't really compete on this front while they use an APS-C sensor. In reality, I also haven't taken too many photos where the dynamic range has been an issue. Light is...
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    Gorilla-pod Question

    Ditto, but I find a Gorillapod SLR to large for my shoulder bag, so tend not to carry it.
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    Need for Speed? Does a faster lens really help?

    I'm very much with Amin on this one. For casual snapshots, the extra speed of the 20/1.7 makes a big difference. With regard to flash, one of the key reasons I bought the E-PL1 over the other options is for it's flash implementation. Being able to quickly pop up the flash and bounce it by...
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    What's A Good Macro Lens for the EPL1?

    For me, I'm not sure how much macro photography I'm going to do so $700 is a bit steep. I'm looking at either the Olympus macro adapter or an adapted prime macro. I'm leaning towards a prime because the Olympus adapter still only gets you 0.3x magnification. The Nikkor shots in the other...
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