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  1. jimr.pdx

    Which lens to replace my PL 12-32 f/3.5-5.6 on a Panasonic body ?

    My 'upgrade' to the kit zoom was Lumix 14/2.5 + 20/1.7 and Sigma 30/2.8. No zoom is as low-light capable and as small on the camera.
  2. jimr.pdx

    The Orion nebula with my mini rotator

    Very nice. At some indeterminate date I'll stick my E∙M10 on my 8" f<4 telescope, which will be stuck on my platform drive. I hope that livetime and bracketing will help me collect photons as well as you folks!
  3. jimr.pdx

    Panasonic Lumix 45-150 dull photos

    My copy definitely is snappier when not shot wide open. I don't go far but f/8± is very useful.
  4. jimr.pdx

    The Rural Living Image Thread

    So that's where our snow went! :) Pictures tomorrow of the (remnants of the) fallen tree that stopped our one road into town, about six of us hacked and dragged it off the road. A windy night on the lower Columbia.
  5. jimr.pdx

    Debating on trading GM5 and GX8 for a GX85, and adding a G9

    Hm, you aren't shooting much but plan a G9 for more serious shots? That does come across as wishful shopping.. but if you think it will recharge your interest it's your call! I retreated to elder bodies to better align with less frequent shooting time due to spousal health; i pray that's a...
  6. jimr.pdx

    What's your weather?

    An edited phone shot of our sea-level snow on the Columbia :eek: Just saw a golden eagle chatting with a pair of crows, bummer only the 45-150 was handy. UPDATED Images from the GX7 Wide view, resized and the great bird, cropped 100% at 150mm. Crap, shot it wide open - my 45-150 definitely...
  7. jimr.pdx

    I keep thinking I need two new lens, but then....

    I decided I needed a native :mu43: macro to replace the 4thirds 35/3.5 Zuiko. I then tested both my 20/1.7 and Sigma 30/2.8 with 10mm extension tube, and found I already had one! Before that I was seeking a 25 Lumix or Oly to fill a gap; buying the 20 narrowed the gap and 'forced' me to keep...
  8. jimr.pdx

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Two Pentax FA zooms at Goodwill, $17 +tax. The 28-90 seems OK but my goal was the 80-200; though slow at f/4.7-5.6 its AF is speedy, it's very light and has internal zoom so it stays small, similar in bulk to the 45-175. First shots look decent esp. at the price!
  9. jimr.pdx

    Nested bags?

    My answer for now is to use my old Vanguard pack, with zippered gear pocket below and open area above; the Jazz 36 fits in the upper zone nicely. As noted it duplicates padding this way, but better too much I guess. A larger bag with a few more pockets and less padding in appropriate places...
  10. jimr.pdx

    Nested bags?

    Does anyone make a nesting-bag system? I like my small (jazz 36) bag, but on days where every lens could be useful a larger bag or side-car would be nice. I shouldn't need to offload the Jazz 36 gear! Most of my lenses are small but the 70-300 4thirds lens and wireless flash setup are...
  11. jimr.pdx

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Big spender: JJC 46mm hood. I bought a screw-on type and will leave the CPL on the back, so turning the hood adjusts the filter ;) Once it arrives I'll learn if a 52mm or 55mm can attach to the filter's nose. p.s. takes 58mm cap, no vignetting on lumix 14 or 20mm lenses.
  12. jimr.pdx

    COMPLETED Sigma 30mm f2.8 DN Art / M43 - Reduced! - Ships: World

    I fear that darn 30/1.4 has depressed the market :( bummer as the f/2.8 is a great little lens. I've decided to keep mine; I planned on going with 25+35mm in my kit but will do fine with 20+30mm.
  13. jimr.pdx

    [FS] Assorted Micro 4/3 Lenses. Ships: US

    Chat re. Sigma 60 price..
  14. jimr.pdx
  15. jimr.pdx

    viewfinder or another camera?

    I found an EX em10 mk.1 for $140us, good enough for me. The original 10 has the Live features my Lumix bodies lack, which was my main goal.
  16. jimr.pdx

    Darktable 3.0.0 released

    Thanks, I'll look into the Win.X update.
  17. jimr.pdx

    If you had this choice, what would it be?

    I'm very happy with 14+20 lumix +30/2.8 sigma. Convenience of the f/2.8 zoom is very useful but I am happy with these. I have the cheap but efffective xiaoyi 12-40 3.5-5.6 for when a zoom is best. If I didn't have what I have the oly 12-40 or impending 12-45 would probably sway me.
  18. jimr.pdx

    What to watch out for when buying a lense on ebay ?

    Look for photos of the actual item, not generic company photos of the lens. Also check the seller's status - how many items they have sold and the feedback rating. Those who have not sold much before usually know to ask less since people look for established sellers. Also check for return...
  19. jimr.pdx

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    Funny, my 7.5FE is on its way.. :) won a quick bidding 'war'. Should I hope to lose the zuiko 9-18 bid or take two UWA lenses in a week? :eek-31: :confused-53: (whew I lost..)
  20. jimr.pdx

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    Sold my K-5 and a couple of K lenses. Its features were too similar to my :mu43: bodies so it got little attention. I now have a K200d for wet weather and CCD shooting, no video, high ISO or wide range of lenses so it can stay as a niche product.
  21. jimr.pdx

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Just an ecg1 grip for the em-10. That's all, nothing else. Certainly not the silver 20/1.7, I'm seeking a 25mm. Ouch, stop twisting my arm, I'll take the 20 too :eek: Never had a silver one, that makes all the difference! p.s. 12/9 -- ah cr@p I won the Rokinon fisheye..
  22. jimr.pdx

    Gorgeous is Foxy

    Looks like everyone had a great time :)
  23. jimr.pdx

    COMPLETED Sigma 30/2.8 EX DN Ships: World

    Pulling this for now, it fits better with the newly-regained 20/1.7. Stunned it didn't sell for that price, but f/1.4 addictions are hard to ignore 'round here..
  24. jimr.pdx

    Cyber Monday mostly deal free

    No bargain 30 macros or 25/1.7 like last year. Well.. not yet!
  25. jimr.pdx

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Per my wife's suggestion (dare I refuse? :roflmao:) I sought a body with live time/composite abilities. Superdeals on e-pl7+ were not amazing but a sub-$150 em10 Classic made the grade :thumbsup:
  26. jimr.pdx

    Possible Meteor Storm tonight

    A view East wins over south the further west one is. Longest ones will be overhead, perpendicular to the radiant.. that should be cool if the storm develops!
  27. jimr.pdx

    Possible Meteor Storm tonight

    Thought i had tonight off but it didn't work out. Ah well, my wife might have a look. On the west coast the radiant is below the horizon so not ideal - but skies are actually clear! :2thumbs:
  28. jimr.pdx

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Picked up a silver-body K200d, last of the 🌶red-hot CCD cameras. Until a few months ago I didn't know silver copies existed!
  29. jimr.pdx

    Is there a "must have" four thirds lens?

    I've enjoyed the 35/3.5 with similar disclaimer. A nice lens at any distance, and even with adapter it's acceptably compact. Several 30mm macros are available though. On the other end of things is the massive 70-300, which focuses quickly on any body, can go 1:2 closeups (in MF) and is f/5.6 at...
  30. jimr.pdx

    Some thoughts on my future equipment choices.....

    I'm a big fan of small but really like the AF/MF switch, which allows me to keep shutter AF but stop it now & then with ease. (Back AF is often useful but less so for my shooting.) That switch pushed me back to GX7 from gx85 for now, and the gx9 is now the next one forward for me. No hurry...
  31. jimr.pdx

    [FS] Oly 14-42 IIR. Ships: US

    User name: jimr.pdx Items to sell/buy/trade: Oly 14-42 IIR Prices: $55 Location: washington USA Ships to: US Description: In excellent condition with caps. Came with a GX7 but I don't need four kit zooms :laugh: Works fine & looks great. Images for this listing: File(s)...
  32. jimr.pdx

    Winter Photography goals

    Maybe this is the winter i shoot/digitize a bunch of slides with gx7 and zd35 macro? Plenty of negatives too, but slides first. And like @tkbslc the library needs work, I've dumped all to a 2Tb drive and re-sorted but that's all.
  33. jimr.pdx

    What's in your prime lens kit ???

    14/2.5 lumix 30/2.8 sigma 35/3.5 zuiko macro 50/1.7, 100/2.8, 200/4 pentax I have a Vivitar 24/2.8 in PK mount, but something isn't right about it optically. Plans are to move the 30/2.8 and pick up a native 25. Argh, I keep forgetting the nameless 8mm f/3.8 fisheye.. 12/13 update (that didn't...
  34. jimr.pdx

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    I shot this one twice, with front or back leaves in focus - in the end I prefer this one.
  35. jimr.pdx

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    deliberately underexposed for color effect - gx7 and xyi 12-40. Sunrise on our deck after a very breezy day emptied a local tree or two.
  36. jimr.pdx

    I'm with Kirk (mid-range zoom)

    I mean in real terms though, not the equivalent. A true 17-70 as in 34-140 mme would be my most used lens. I see Sigma made 18-50 f/3.5-5.6 in 4thirds mount, maybe I'll seek one out if I find a cheap copy. I'd still prefer a small native lens in this range.
  37. jimr.pdx

    I'm with Kirk (mid-range zoom) Kirk's 90%-of-use lens range is 40-110mme; that keeps lens size down and lets one choose primes for wider and longer FLs. The complexity of wide-angle corrections is removed by such a range. Personally...
  38. jimr.pdx

    Dave Redman from west Michigan with GX1

    Welcome from another GX1 fan/user. Great little camera with ergonomics that suit me better than anything else I've tried..and I've lost count of my many trials! :shakehead:
  39. jimr.pdx

    Sequoia National Park

    Wonderful scenes, thanks for sharing! I hiked there in October 2002, on trails and off, past spectacular rock and amazing trees - great memories, and one of my last film trips.
  40. jimr.pdx

    Moss, moss, moss...

    Irish tribbles, fresh off our roof. GX7 and ZD 35/3.5 macro.
  41. jimr.pdx

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    This one was irresistibly creepy - thought it would skitter across the driveway!
  42. jimr.pdx

    Need help to get rid of the Orange!

    And I suspected another dark-theme creamsicle thread.. :tomato2: I was thinking .gif, nice to know png does transparent too!
  43. jimr.pdx

    Review xiaomi/yi 12-40mm f/3.5-5.6

    This is the YI M1 kit zoom, not the Oly f/2.8. I've found this lens to be very similar in performance to the other kit lenses. It zooms Oly/Canon direction not Lumix/Nikon, and has no internal IS so a stabilized sensor is a nice option. It is a retractable design but is not nearly as compact as...
  44. jimr.pdx

    New to m4/3 - Which camera?

    Welcome! I have the ZD 70-300 and use it with a GX7. It is one of several 4thirds lenses that is CDAF compatible and it does nice work. It may well be faster to focus on an em1.x body with PDAF sensor points, but it will do nicely anywhere; I prefer a body with internal stabilization for it.
  45. jimr.pdx

    COMPLETED Sigma 30/2.8 EX DN Ships: World

    12-60 and YiM1 body: SOLD!
  46. jimr.pdx

    Nikon Z50 mirrorless APS-C camera and two lenses (16-55mm and 50-250mm) to be announced soon

    The more of this I read the better I like the old K-01, despite no VF and other design quirks. :tomato2:
  47. jimr.pdx

    Good value lens m4/3rds for beginner portrait

    If budget is tight any 40-55mm classic prime and a $15 adapter will serve.
  48. jimr.pdx

    Vote for 'Your' 'Best' M43 Camera ?

    Right now I'd go with the (now-reacquired) GX7 with eP5 a close second. I like 'em small ;) wish those bodies were weather resistant though. GX1 is very close too, but tilt screen, some form of IBIS and starlight AF are improvements I cannot ignore. The big deal for me though is an AF/MF rotary...
  49. jimr.pdx

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    A lightly used GX7. I use the af/mf switch a lot but the gx85 left it off. I see it's back on the gx9.. but my budget won't go there for a year or more.
  50. jimr.pdx

    Blast from the past camera recommendations

    Gx1 is 16Mpx. I don't plan to let mine leave, too handy and great interface for my style. Used the galaXian video hack for 32Mb/s video plus higher audio sampling.
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