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    E-PL2/Lens for Disney World?

    Just returned from a Dec. trip. Rather than longer, I'd go wider. The 20 will be fine in general, but you'll want close shots with all of the castle and the like in the background. I took a tele and didn't even use it.
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    COMPLETED Sold: E-P1

    Camera has been sold.
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    COMPLETED SOLD: Panny 20/1.7

    $275 shipped and PP fees included. Bought this 3 months ago. It has one small ding on the outside barrel the that's not even visible in the pic below (E-P1 not included:smile:). Glass is perfect and everything but mark mentioned is mint. Everything I received you will . . . lens, pouch, box...
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    COMPLETED Sold: E-P1

    Reducing this to $310 shipped.
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    COMPLETED Sold: E-P1

    Gonna change bodies, so my E-P1 and kit (14-42) lens has to go. It has about 5k clicks and is in good used shape. It shows very minor wear. I don't have the original battery or hot shoe cover, but everything else is there, including a best buy battery with better life and a maximal power one...
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    Question for the Mac people on the forum

    I use ps3mediaserver as well with no complaints. If your hd is formatted FAT32 you shouldn't have a problem. If its NFTS, there may be limitations.
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    What's your favorite non-native Lens?

    Minolta 135/2.8
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    What MFT camera next?

    We just need faster lens. With just a bump in high ISO which the GH2 will likely give, I would be set with a zoom tele in the 2.8 range. The picture below was taken last night with the 20mm and it was almost pitch dark in a church parking lot lit only by some dim street lights. Shutter speed...
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    What MFT camera next?

    From my brief experience and voracious LOL research, it looks like the GH2 is the only viable option if high ISO is a primary concern. I love my E-P1, but it struggles in lowlight. With the non-existant, fast tele lens options I'm forced to use mf and it's a chore at best. I would jump all...
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    Lightroom to Flickr problem

    I think you're right, unfortunately. I've let it run here and there. Down to under 50 now. LR times out (or something with the same effect) after an hour or so.
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    20mm v's wide angle.

    Not these lenses or system, but the Nikon website has a good simulator that will show you the difference in 40mm v 14-18 on full frame.
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    Lightroom to Flickr problem

    Somehow I managed to select my whole flickr collection to republish and now I can't deselect it. That means if I want to upload a photo I have to wait on about 150 to be modified. I can't find any way to change the status and if I delete them from the group they will be deleted the next time I...
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    Maximal Power battery

    Wanted to update this thread. I sent the battery back and received a refund, along with a new battery and apology note. This one has been working great for a month plus. Don't know what was up with the first, but they definitely made up for it.
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    D7000, 7D, A55 or GH2 for sports and wildlife?

    I've actually added the Pentax K-5 to my list. I loved the 7D and haven't had a chance to play with any Nikon or the K-5, I've used an old Pentax 20D and liked it. Looking at the lens lineup, I don't think anyone can beat Canon for the range offered. I know Nikon is close, but it looks like...
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    135mm or 105mm f2.8 lens recommendation

    Either 2.8 or 4. I don't remember for sure. Edit to add: I looked back at the EXIF info and can't tell from that either. All were at 1/320 shutter and top + bottom at 1600 ISO. Other was at 1250. I want to say they were at 4, because my E-P1 would usually select 800 ISO at 2.8.
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    Second attempt at the Moon

    Looks very nice to me. I didn't realize how hard it was to capture a good image of the moon until I tried . . . LOL!!
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    [EXPIRED] Kipon Contax G adapter

    Last price reduction before this baby hits evilbay. $75 shipped.
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    [EXPIRED] Kipon Contax G adapter

    Price on adapter reduced to $85 shipped.
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    135mm or 105mm f2.8 lens recommendation

    I've had good luck with an old Minolta Rokkor 135/2.8. Here are a couple shots of my little boy in action and my girls ignoring him. LOL!! It's not bad . . . been making do with it for low-light action with my E-P1. This is at 1600 ISO. I havent' shot much that stays still with it, but I...
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    [EXPIRED] Kipon Contax G adapter

    Broke up the lens and adapter. Lens has been sold. Will let the adapter go for $100 shipped. It's pretty much brand new.
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    Along the road in Bavaria

    I thought photographers were supposed to take pictures that made you think. Why is there even a hint of deleting it? Yes, it catches you off guard at first glance, but there's nothing offensive about the photo itself. As BB said, somebody was just being pragmatic. It's certainly ironic that...
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    [EXPIRED] Kipon Contax G adapter

    Bought this from a fellow forum member and, although it's a fantastic lens, it's not for me. The lens is in great shape. Glass is clean with filter and hood. Although not pictured, a lens caps (fits a little loosely) is included. No rear cap. I bought the Kipon adapter new. $360 shipped...
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    Tips for keeping sharpness at higher ISOs?

    I'm shooting RAW. Heck, early on I shot the RAW+JPEG and thought the RAW output looked better . . . certainly a lot more correctable. Anyway, I've seen several references to Noise Ninja, so I'll certainly give it a shot. What works best for me is putting the 20mm on. LOL!!
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    Tips for keeping sharpness at higher ISOs?

    I've noticed that shooting 1600 on my E-P1 with the 20mm Panny allows for what I consider sharp enough images. You might not want to blow them up to poster size, but they look good on my screen at 8x10 size. Other than having a fast lens, what tips, if any, can you give for keeping the images...
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    D7000, 7D, A55 or GH2 for sports and wildlife?

    I don't wanna be that guy. I'm planning on buying the lens i anticipate using. After some real world use, I don't know if that's gonna be the long zoom. 100-135 prime may be better. Also, everything I read says Nikon is better for what I want and the $500 or so difference in price...
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    what would you buy?

    The more I use my E-P1, the more I wish I had a viewfinder. I'm most likely gonna pick up a used E-P2 for that sole reason.
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    D7000, 7D, A55 or GH2 for sports and wildlife?

    Few more thoughts for those considering this as well. After using the 4:3 aspect ratio, I didn't realize that I wouldn't care much for the 3:2. Yes, I know this can be changed, but it's wasted megapixels for what I do. Some of my soccer shots benefited, but most I changed back to a 4:3 crop...
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    D7000, 7D, A55 or GH2 for sports and wildlife?

    One of my pro buddies loaned me his back-up (a 7D) and 70-200mm 2.8L IS lens. All I can say is wow!! It's amazing what AF and low-light capabilities are in these systems. 3200/6400 ISO is no problem. I would like to wait around for the D7000, but if I go Canon I can borrow any of his lens...
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    Aperture vs. Lightroom?

    I just went through the same dilemma a month or so ago and settled on Lightroom. Both have 30 day free trials and after editing in both for 2-3 weeks I found LR to be a bit easier for me. It's about a hundred bucks more expensive though. I suggest taking advantage of the free trial and decide...
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    Question about resolution and expectations

    Feppe, you just pointed me to some interesting reading. I had no idea that aperture settings had an affect on sharpness . . . thought it was just depth of field. It does explain some things I've seen with pictures, wondering what gave a more blurred look when the image was focused. I thought...
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    Question about resolution and expectations

    Thanks Bullet. I'm waiting on a copy of Spyder 2 to arrive so I can get my colors more accurate. Right now they are just by sight comparing to prints, but I hope (after calibration) that this isn't too big a deal in the end with prints. Maybe this shows up more with the wide angle, because I...
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    Question about resolution and expectations

    It almost has the noise, or at least the look, of a higher ISO but it was shot at the native 200. It was on auto and I never have taken a shot lower because I had read 200 was better. Oh well . . . I'm going to do a bunch of tests with native and adapted lens just to satisfy my interests...
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    Question about resolution and expectations

    I don't want to become a fanatic about resolution, but I'm new to all this and would like to know just what to expect from the u4/3 format, or photography in general. I'm attaching a quick snap of my son and his cousin taken last Saturday. I used an E-P1 and Minolta Rokkor 28/2.8 set to...
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    D7000, 7D, A55 or GH2 for sports and wildlife?

    So you would recommend the D7000 with the more expensive, but stabilized, lens? It looks like that's where I'm headed. Probably $3k + change or so total. Of course I haven't handled the D7000, but I like the feel of the 7d/60d over the D90.
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    D7000, 7D, A55 or GH2 for sports and wildlife?

    Keith, right now I'm not looking at the super telephoto stuff, but who knows what mindset I may have later.:biggrin: My plan is to put a 70-200mm or equivalent on so I can shoot indoor dance, cheer, etc. and my little boy playing soccer, baseball, whatever. I'm an avid turkey hunter and am...
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    D7000, 7D, A55 or GH2 for sports and wildlife?

    I'm fairly set on buying a second body to compliment my E-P1. I had planned on buying a GH2, but still undecided. Of course the D7000 and GH2 aren't out, but it seems that everyone already knows their capabilities.:smile: Anyway, the only thing holding be back from the GH2 are the...
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    E-P2 High Speed Water Drops w/ 14-150mm

    Outstanding work!
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    OK --you have to decide. MFT or DSLR

    Looks like I need to do a lot more reading then, because I hadn't understood it to be that great a difference. If the D7000 or a Canon 7D is that much better for action or lower light, I'll probably go that way and a Fuji X100 or E-P1 and 20mm for carry.
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    What kind of distortion is this?

    Thanks. I'm not experienced enough to know the difference . . . just didn't realize the perception shift would be this dramatic outside a wide angle lens. I guess I need to compromise the vertical lines rather than pick one straight one.
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    What kind of distortion is this?

    I snapped this shot on the way into court yesterday morning. It was about 9 or so and the sun was up behind the buildings. To the eyes, the red in the flags were glowing against the red brick, so I took a quick shot. Of course it turned out rather poorly, but what is the distortion with the...
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    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    Ray, great pics as usual. Also, love the Danbo images sinpig! Bfenner, I'm new too, but get Lightroom or Aperture and watch some tutorials. That is a fantastic image and can be made to look beautiful.
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    Dealing with a limited dynamic range?

    After taking a bunch of shots and figuring out what the EV but is for :biggrin:, I've also noticed that most shots need to be in the negative setting. I'm shooting RAW, but is the sensor a little too much to the plus side, or does conversion to LR do it?
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    OK --you have to decide. MFT or DSLR

    Allow me to give a noob perspective. 10 years or so ago I bought a Canon SLR. I was interested in photography and wanted something better than a P&S. I took . . . maybe . . . 3-400 pictures and decided it just wasn't right for me. The size of the camera and pre-digital days of film...
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    Waterfalls - NC

    DJ, these are outstanding! I particularly like the 3rd. If it had enough light to match the vibrance of the first 2, it would really be something special. So much contrast in the varying earthy tones and colors.
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    From the Smokys

    I think all of them look great, but I may be biased from them bringing back pleasing memories of the place. LOL Anyway, I agree with BB that the crop looks better now and a more "thirds" look in the first would probably work best. Great pics nonetheless!
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    Need help with calibration

    Is Spyder 3 the best one?
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    Best pocket camcorders

    Surprisingly enough, the best pocket camcorder for me is my phone, a Droid X. Even in lower light, it takes reasonably good video. I'm sure the new iPhone or other phones are on par with it. I bought my oldest daughter a pocket Sony camcorder for Christmas last year and my phone is just as...
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    Showcase Contax 45mm f/2 G Planar

    Harvest Moon P9222722-2.jpg by dulaney22, on Flickr <a href="" title="P9152389.jpg by dulaney22, on Flickr">"1024" height="775" alt="P9152389.jpg" /></a>
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    Showcase Pentax 200mm f/4 Super-Takumar M42

    Got a great deal on a beauty of a lens. Can't believe there isn't a thread already? <a href="" title="PA013204.jpg by dulaney22, on Flickr">"1024" height="768" alt="PA013204.jpg" /></a> <a...
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