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  1. Brian Mosley

    Finally had a Micro 4/3 image printed large

    It's wonderful to have a large print, and I should do more... but I'm also tempted to wonder how long will it be, before we can have a wall hanging display like the Panasonic 4k tablet Cheers Brian
  2. Brian Mosley

    Metabones Speed Booster - New Focal Reducer Makes Lenses Faster, Wider, and Sharper

    If this adapter could be used with a Hexanon AR mount lens, I would be very interested. Need help with the conversion factor though... What would a 135mm f2.5 become? Or a 57mm f1.2? Excellent article there... can't wait to see this on m4/3rds. Very exciting! Brian
  3. Brian Mosley

    Fuji x100s or om-d?

    The E-M5 is obviously the more flexible system camera, but the X100 has a timeless classic feel... only marred by sluggish focusing. The X100s will fix that making it near perfection right now (always expect something down the line to outclass anything now) I will wait to try the Olympus 17mm...
  4. Brian Mosley

    One lens only

    Yes, the E-M5 with 17mm f1.8 would be my current choice for a single lens setup. At least until I can check out the X100s as an upgrade to my X100. Absolutely nothing wrong with taking to one lens for a while. Enjoy! Brian
  5. Brian Mosley

    Where are the "mainstream" third party lenses?

    The Rokinon 7.5mm f3.5 fisheye is a great example of a mainstream 3rd party lens. You are right though, it would be great to see more choice and value away from the Olympus/Panasonic offerings. With the volume of cameras shipping, I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Cheers Brian
  6. Brian Mosley

    Allotment Project

    Great idea Carl. Good luck with it, and please keep us updated! Cheers Brian
  7. Brian Mosley

    Some initial thoughts on the Oly 17mm F1.8

    I agree, the 17mm f1.8 and 45mm f1.8 would make an excellent first two prime lens kit. I'd probably add the 7.5mm f3.5 fish eye next for iq, fun factor and value for money. Next, for more serious outlay the 35-100mm f2.8 and finally Olympus mZD 75-300mm for a long zoom. Cheers Brian
  8. Brian Mosley

    Sony RX1 Full frame compact!

    Nic, there are some excellent photographers online who already live in beautiful locations (see GetDPI for examples)... and have bought their own RX-1's to show the world. You're right about Steve's infomercials, but they are entertaining - I just wouldn't make a decision on that source alone...
  9. Brian Mosley

    Sony RX1 Full frame compact!

    I came very, very close to buying the RX-1 the week before last. Only thing that changed my mind was the slow autofocus. In fact, it reminded me very much of the E-P1... Unfortunately, while that wouldn't have been a problem 2 years ago - I wasn't ready to take the step backwards. Also, seeing...
  10. Brian Mosley

    Understanding exposure

    While this isn't a tutorial on exposure, I've found it a very useful piece on exposure compensation for the E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1... will be useful for the E-M5 too. Pekka Potka on Expose To The Right with the E-P3. Hope it's of interest. Brian
  11. Brian Mosley

    (Need Help) AF speed: 20mm f1.7 vs X100

    Hi Russell, I have the X100 and E-P3 with 20mm f1.7 here to compare. Focusing time is almost identical - the E-P3 is a tiny bit faster, but the X100 seems to be more sure in lower light... Since the latest X100 firmware update, the X100 is much improved in focusing speed so this is rarely an...
  12. Brian Mosley

    Comparison of Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic G3 RAW Files - Same Sensor or Not?

    Certainly a worthwhile attempt at a comparison Amin, given the available tools - I'd like to see the DX0 analysis for final confirmation. Cheers Brian
  13. Brian Mosley

    Test Dynamic Range - What's It All About? A Panasonic GH2 vs Pentax K5 Comparison

    Excellent demonstration Amin, and a great thread too. Much appreciated Brian
  14. Brian Mosley

    What is the best way to do exposure bracketing on E-PL3?

    Hi folks, long time no post :smile: First off, set your camera up for bracketing... e.g. RAW, IS off (if you're on a tripod), bracketing mode (I use 7 x 0.7ev), exposure mode (ESP) and then go to Menu 1-> Reset/Myset-> Myset1-> Set and then go to Cog Menu-> B Button/Dial->...
  15. Brian Mosley

    Leave of absence...

    Congratulations Mauve, remember to take lots and lots and lots of photographs - that's what the camera is for you know! :rofl: All the best Brian
  16. Brian Mosley

    Lumix G3 ~ but no Olympus body with these features?

    Is this true? do you have any references? Cheers Brian
  17. Brian Mosley

    Showcase Olympus 17mm f/2.8

    E-PL1 + mZD 17mm f2.8 1/412s f/6.3 at 17.0mm iso200 Cheers Brian
  18. Brian Mosley

    Olympus E-P2 Quick Start Part 9.

    You're welcome, and remember to past any questions / comments for improvements :) Brian
  19. Brian Mosley

    Olympus PEN confusion...

    I imagine you'll be able to get gloves which work with a capacitive screen... or you could just resort to the old fashioned shutter button :biggrin: Cheers Brian
  20. Brian Mosley

    3rd UPDATE: EP3 vs EP1 Experience Diary

    Unbelievable. Why can't they just sell you a replacement plate? these look very easy to replace. I think I saw a post on GetDPI about this, just a moment... Sourcing parts for an E-P1 Cheers Brian
  21. Brian Mosley

    EP3 First Impressions

    I agree, the E-PL3 has an articulating screen and is (will be, wen available) smaller and cheaper - a closer match to the G3 for comparison. Cheers Brian
  22. Brian Mosley

    impulse control issue? e-p2 and e-p3 arriving tomorrow...

    Yes, in your situation I think I'd sell the E-P2. Cheers Brian
  23. Brian Mosley

    EP3 First Impressions

    My money would be on the (so called) Pro Panasonic having a global shutter sensor... I would be surprised if it arrived before Christmas (this year) though. Enjoy your E-P3 Ray, please post some samples / further impressions in due course! Cheers Brian
  24. Brian Mosley

    EP3 First Impressions

    Ray, I believe that Panasonic are working on a 4/3rds sensor with global shutter... i.e. lose the mechanical shutter and control the exposure on-sensor. This will lead to a cheaper, simpler mechanical construction and could open the way for high dynamic range multi-exposures on the fly...
  25. Brian Mosley

    Oly 12mm size comparison: Panny 20/Pen F 38

    Actually, the Panasonic bodies allow for the lens having an aperture control ring - I use my PL 14-150mm OIS on the G1 this way. I like having both controls on the lens where you can see them clearly. Cheers Brian
  26. Brian Mosley

    Print-on-Demand Photo Book

    Yes Jan, we had a couple of copies which were replaced on request - I will definitely use Blurb again. Cheers Brian
  27. Brian Mosley

    Panasonic 20 rediscovered

    Great shots, and yes - it's pretty much my 'go-to' lens for the E-P2. Cheers Brian
  28. Brian Mosley

    Oly 12mm size comparison: Panny 20/Pen F 38

    I can't help wondering why Olympus didn't go the whole hog and add an aperture ring... I hear there's a black 45mm f1.8... wonder if this lens will come in black too? Thanks for the pics Tom, hope you keep them coming! Cheers Brian
  29. Brian Mosley

    Gecko from around the House

    Fantastic shots Mark, especially the 2nd one with the lovely dark soft background. Thanks for sharing :thumbup: Brian
  30. Brian Mosley

    Unveiling (E-P3?) technology

    Hi Djarum, there's an interesting point of view regarding investment here, unfortunately we are living in a consumer society... the accelerating pace of technology (dual core processors are being used to implement this new focusing method - maybe not viable previously) is exacerbating the...
  31. Brian Mosley

    Unveiling (E-P3?) technology

    It looks like Olympus are pushing the boundaries, with a completely new approach to focusing and possibly other advantages to this sensor technology... not long to wait and we should know the full details and most importantly, what kind of image quality to expect. Cheers Brian
  32. Brian Mosley

    Unveiling (E-P3?) technology

    Great find Antozone, just off to wrap my head around the technical description! Cheers Brian
  33. Brian Mosley

    First E-P3 images

    New sensor "forged in the flames of awesome"... I love it, you should work for Olympus marketing :biggrin: I'm sure hoping so too. Cheers Brian
  34. Brian Mosley

    First E-P3 images

    If that grip had an alternative low profile version, the camera would be much closer to the E-P1/2 design. I wish that pop up flash had been an EVF instead. Otherwise, the major excitement for me is the new (S)HG 12mm f2 and the new sensor - I hope this thing will advance image quality...
  35. Brian Mosley

    The Real Street Thread

    I love this Adam, well done :2thumbs: Cheers Brian
  36. Brian Mosley

    57mm Hexanon 1.2 vs. 1.4

    Yes - although I don't have identical, comparative samples to offer - hope these help. E-400 + Hexanon 57mm f1.4 E-400 + Hexanon 57mm f1.2 E-3 + Hexanon 57mm f1.2 Cheers Brian
  37. Brian Mosley

    57mm Hexanon 1.2 vs. 1.4

    Interesting question... I don't know that the 57mm f1.2 is optically much better than the 57mm f1.4 (and I have both) but I do know that the 57mm f1.2 is physically larger, heavier and more expensive. It is however, my clear favorite due to it's outstanding bokeh and character. Perhaps the...
  38. Brian Mosley

    The Latest Olympus Rumors

    I'm very excited about the new Olympus sensor... Can't wait to see the IQ of these new cams, especially with the first (S)HG lens for m4/3rds from Olympus. Not long now! Cheers Brian
  39. Brian Mosley

    New Member Introduction Thread

    Welcome Daniele, you live in a lovely setting for landscape photography... I hope you will share more in due course with your new E-PL2. :smile: Cheers Brian
  40. Brian Mosley

    Leica to produce Mu-43 how things change!!

    It will be very interesting to see how Leica will survive as m4/3rds gains weathersealed, pro-spec bodies and super high grade lenses over the coming months and years... I can't see Leica evolving very rapidly, while I can see more bodies which appeal to those who loved the Fuji X100. It's...
  41. Brian Mosley

    mu43 giveaways - what I "dislike"

    In addition to those statistics Alan, remember that maximum users logged on at any one time was 271 on May the 9th... I'm guessing there are a few hundred users who regularly visit mu-43 out of those 6000 registered. The 6000 number is still significant, in that Amin can reach them by e-mail on...
  42. Brian Mosley

    mu43 giveaways - what I "dislike"

    I think that any initiative which raises the profile of this forum on the web - making it easier to discover for m4/3rds users, without significantly impacting on the style or content of the site is absolutely fine... no-one is forced to participate in the promotions. The sooner the site...
  43. Brian Mosley

    New Oly EP Mini

    Ultra fast autofocus, new sensor and image processor... sounds like a revolutionary change is on the way! Can't wait... Thanks for the link Brian
  44. Brian Mosley

    Olympus mZD 9-18mm f4-5.6 Experience Diary

    I'm sorry, I don't have a comparison shot to hand... but the mZD 9-18 is very compact when collapsed, but extends significantly. It is a very compact lens though. Here are a few shots I took this morning, while taking a delightful walk on the way home from school run. I was shooting mostly...
  45. Brian Mosley

    Pre-Order the New Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 for $599 at Adorama!

    I've just checked with Mathers of Lancashire, and they expect the first delivery by mid-August... £495 is probably a decent price for the UK. Cheers Brian
  46. Brian Mosley

    Panasonic Leica 25mm Summilux Bokeh Samples at

    Hehe, no brainer... me wants one! :biggrin: Thanks for the pointer Amin. Cheers Brian
  47. Brian Mosley

    Engadget goes hands on with new Panasonic GF3!

    I guess the Sony NEX is selling well enough to attract a direct competitor in the form of this camera... I really don't mind that Panasonic are extending further into the P&S sized format, it all provides choices. This camera would be perfect for the kids. I'm obviously more excited about a...
  48. Brian Mosley

    Waiting for the Olympus E-P3

    Exciting times ahead :cool: I think there are very, very few people who would a) have played with a prototype and b) dared to email that teaser Amin... Can't be long until we get the reveal via 43rumors, considering recent history. Cheers Brian
  49. Brian Mosley

    Welcome Back, Brian Mosley!

    Oh, wow... you're all way too nice :redface: I made the decision to focus 100% on this last project (the bringing into service of a large scale Telemetry System for a water company here in the UK) - and that decision paid off, with the successful conclusion of the work last week. Over the...
  50. Brian Mosley

    Micro four-thirds cameras are wimpy

    I had a Nikon D1 and then D1x when digital photography got serious... Then realized that the real leading edge of progress (rather than bleeding edge of expense) was in an entirely different direction... and switched to a Panasonic FX01 - took more photographs in the first month than the...
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