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    What lens for a concert?

    Thank you so much. I guess I'm just frustrated that I blew so many shots because I jogged the adapter accidentally and wasn't correctly focused. :( I also wouldn't have given up the 90mm lens, I'd just have taken an additional one.
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    What lens for a concert?

    Well, I'd really have loved something longer and faster, like a 135mm that's f/2.8 or so. The other thing I really needed and didn't have was a better adapter. I have one that focuses past infinity and it wasn't clear where past infinity. Far more of my shots would have turned out with a better...
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    What lens for a concert?

    After looking at my budget, I traveled only with my existing lenses, so this was shot with my 90mm f/4 Elmar on my GF1: P1120669 by Deirdre Saoirse Moen, on Flickr
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    Searching for a special neck strap

    I love Artisan and Artist straps.
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    Let's see your $4.3 million Arty Fun Photos

    A Gust of Wind by Deirdre Saoirse Moen, on Flickr
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    What lens for a concert?

    Have you seen the prices of single tickets for Paul McCartney in Liverpool lately? (especially the good seats)
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    What lens for a concert?

    I found a photographer on flickr who did a lot of band photography (officially) at that venue. His advice was to try to stick with f/2.8. I haven't asked about lens length specifically yet, but I'm going to need something longer than he was using.
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    OLympus crisis deepens as Tokyo Stock exchange warns Oly of delisting

    So long as it's not "My little tupperware" and comes in pink, we're good.
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    What lens for a concert?

    FYI, the venue policy is no zoom over 3x and no camera over 5mp. I'm going to trust my beat up pink GF1 to look too unserious to be "of concern" so long as I only bring one lens and just plop it in my purse like it's of no consequence.
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    What lens for a concert?

    I'm flying over 5,000 miles to go to this concert.
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    What lens for a concert?

    I only have primes, but I've rented lenses before. If it's not too pricey, I can buy one, but it'd better cost less than the concert ticket! I have a Leica 90 f/4, but I could also rent an f/2.5 if I wanted to stick with a prime.
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    What lens for a concert?

    The artist doesn't seem to have a problem with it and neither does the venue, so long as it's not for sale and not video. I wanted something better than the craptastic photos I took with my iPhone 3GS at Muse last year:
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    Hello from Bay Area by way of NYC

    Welcome from another bay area person, though I'm really more active on our sister site (
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    What lens for a concert?

    I'm going to a concert that'll seat about 20k people, and at an angle to the stage, sitting on the side in the second section lower level (7th or 8th row). I'm completely lost at what kind of lens length I'll need for a good shot, so I was going to get a zoom. 45-150? 45-200? 100-300...
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    Today I am 9 years cancer free

    Congratulations. May our household become as lucky.
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    Show: Nik Software Color Efex Pro.

    This one was shot on an M8, cropped and straightened in Aperture, then I used Nik Color Efex Pro's saturation stylizer to jazz it up: It's going to be on exhibit next month, something I wouldn't have had the opportunity for if it weren't for this awesome software that let me see something...
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    July 2011 Photos

    Thought I'd just start a thread for people to put 1-3 of the photos they took this month. Volunteer orchid in our yard: P1110062 by Deirdre Saoirse Moen, on Flickr
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    it's been 6 months...and i have decided with a heavy heart that M43 is not for me.

    Nicole, I hope you'll join us over on Amin's sister forum
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    OSX Lion

    Try booting into single-user mode?
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    OSX Lion

    FYI, seems Adobe updated their list after that article.
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    OSX Lion

    Quicken for Mac is a dead product, and you've got a version that's probably at least six years old. Here's a list of some alternatives. I've moved to iBank. Promo video and info here.
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    OSX Lion

    Definitely check to see if you have applications that won't survive migration first. I dumped all Rosetta apps when I moved to Snow Leopard so I wouldn't have to install the Rosetta bits. I could see the writing on the wall.
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    OSX Lion

    I totally hear you on the lens addiction. We're trying to figure out how to get my mom a newer iMac for a price she can live with. She's got a bead addiction.
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    OSX Lion

    Well, I definitely installed both Silver and Color Efex in Lion on my work machine (which only has Aperture, not PS). On my home machine, I installed them in both PS and Aperture on Snow Leopard. I don't know about Lightroom as I've never really used it.
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    OSX Lion

    I have been using Nik's stuff with Photoshop (CS4) and Aperture on Lion builds for some time. Been working fine. Did the install of the final version on my home machine this morning, works great so far.
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    COMPLETED White Panasonic G3 14-42mm

    FYI, I'd never buy anything that required PayPal gift as it doesn't protect the buyer. Once you send it, it's sent, and there's no recourse.
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    Need for Speed? Does a faster lens really help?

    I remember the time I was trying to take long exposures (1/4 second) handheld (no tripod or monopod permitted) with a 50mm f/1.1 lens wide open. Sometimes the lighting just sucks. I took 10 shots and got one I can work with.
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    careful with Aperture and Flickr (deleted photos!)

    It took me a while to come to terms with Aperture managing Flickr. I think we're finally understanding each other.
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    Which New Olympus Pen Design Do You Prefer?

    43rumors has more pictures.
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    12mm voigtlander in Nikon mount with M43 shift adaptor

    Wow. Now that's a setup I envy but wouldn't have thought of. Having stood in that spot in the British Museum and taken a photo, I totally get what you mean, too.
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    Which New Olympus Pen Design Do You Prefer?

    Let me put it this way: they'd have to come in purple or teal for me to consider buying either of them. :)
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    The Real Street Thread

    Hay Ryad (suburb of the capital, Rabat), Morocco:
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    The Real Street Thread

    Casblanca, Morocco:
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    The Real Street Thread

    Love that San Francisco in 1958 in particular.
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    Aperture help needed

    You can also search for RAW+JPEG if that helps. :) I've decided that I'm going to multiple libraries. One thing that kept my sanity when I was printing for a show was to export the versions (pre-borderFX), add them all to a new Aperture library, border them, delete the versions I'd imported...
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    Sale on Nik Color Efex and Silver Efex

    I picked them both up today. I'm going to have to be good and not play with them until I get my convention's schedule out, though.
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    What lens should I go with next?

    With the caveat that newer without the ability to set the aperture is almost useful. 35 1.4 would be an awesome lens to have.
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    Pentax Leaks Small Sensor Interchangeable Lens Camera: Pentax Q

    A 50mm f/1.4 would ROCK on this wee beastie. Might be nice for small telephoto work alone.
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    Rangefinder style – past its “use by?”

    Bah. A GF-1 fits just fine in my linen shirt pockets. With the 20mm. Does a Panasonic GF1 fit in a shirt pocket? by Deirdre Saoirse Moen, on Flickr
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    Camera Start-Up Lytro Promises to Revolutionize Photography

    Okay, I'll read the doc and see what I think. I know my dad would be fascinated by this; he's not only a photographer but he's worked on optics as a physicist.
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    Camera Start-Up Lytro Promises to Revolutionize Photography

    Not sure how they can change the laws of physics, but okay, I'll wait and see what they've got.
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    What's up with the inventory?

    Panasonic goes through this with every refresh. I've seen it long before the tsunami.
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    NIK Snapseed for iPad

    Should probably be merged into this thread.
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    GF1 and iPad

    Reprocess the masters.
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    NIK HDR Efex Pro & Viveza2 questions???

    If you have crash logs, I'd suggest sending them to Nik and see what they have to offer help-wise. It may be a specific configuration of your machine. BTW, I found that the larger files I processed with Nik or BorderFX would sometimes hang, so I tend to create a new, re-sized version first.
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    Aperture stops

    The way I think of it is actually different. There's two scales, one 1.4x the other one. One is f stops 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 One is f stops 1.4, 2.8, 5.6, 11, 22 So going from 1.4 - 2.8 is TWO stops, not one, so at 2.8 you're getting 1/4 the light you do at 1.4. Here's the handy chart for the...
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    Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 Summilux Announced. Two More Lenses in the Works for 2011

    Known for ages by whom? I work for a company known to be secretive about pre-announce plans, and if you'd asked a random person in the company two days before a launch, they might have said pretty much the same thing because they didn't actually know from inside the company (and may not read...
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    Snapseed from Nik Software on iPad

    Two before/after pairs. Just having fun.
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