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  1. Grant

    what programs do you use for your photos and raw jpeg taken with olympus om-d em-5?

    I have both Nik and Topaz and both do admerable jobs on black and white. There is a great deal of differences in how each product approaches the problem but I don't find one better than the other. I do find Nik a bit less intuitive. I find Topaz a bit more agressive. Once you learn how to use...
  2. Grant

    Using "Bulb" for night shots of stars and lighted objects...

    Point the camers in the direction of the north star and open the shutter for a very long time and that is what you will get. Paint the building with light.
  3. Grant

    DSLR versus mirrorless market share

    I think market shares may have some importance if you are merchant trying to sell cameras and you want to stock the right amount of inventory. On the other hand I think the consumer should base their decision on that of their needs. Unfortunately I suspect many select their camera gear based...
  4. Grant

    Only limited differences between jpg and raw?

    I will not argue about the values of RAW over JPEG and they are many but I will address faster and easier. It is true that it is faster and easier to use JPEG out of the camera over RAW but what you are doing is relegating your artistic creativity to a chip that contains a program by a team...
  5. Grant

    How Did They Shoot These?

    These are Coloramas that were 18' 60' transparencies that hung in Grand Central station.
  6. Grant

    Is Olympus gonna do OMD recall??

    Feast, I was shooting with a friend of mine that had exactly the same problem you have experience, although it wasn't the same camera. After a couple of days of shooting we found that he had inadvertently triggered the bracket exposure mode. It drove hime crazy until he realized. May not be...
  7. Grant

    Please post lens info, at least, with photos

    I am in Chucks camp on this one. Truth is that often EXIF is meaningless unless you know under what situations and intentions the image was made. So much so that I purposely remove EXIF information from images I put on the web. I feel posting the name and make of a lens and/or body only helps...
  8. Grant

    Tell me this isn't sexy

    This thread just proves that cameras and woman have much in common. No mater how great they are there is someone out there that hates them. Men are just not content.
  9. Grant

    Help with PP

    Find the White Balance control, to the left of the two slider you will see a small eyedropper. Select the eyedropper and go to your image and then just click an area in you image that is, or should be, grey. Any shade of grey should work. That is all there is to it.
  10. Grant

    Easy photo editing software?

    I thought PhotoScape was for Windows and the original request comes from a Mac user. So I don't think that is a solution for her.
  11. Grant

    Help with PP

    I like the image, It is a bit soft but I don't mind the softness of the image because it is about a child. The colour balance can be corrected in Lightroom if you sample off the grey on the tee shirt. Unless the image was shot in raw I doubt if you can fix the blowout areas as the histogram is...
  12. Grant

    What can photographers learn from painters?

    Gary, when I say art I didn't mean to imply a narrow view of art as only painting or to exclude photograhy.
  13. Grant

    Taking photos of photos?

    I use to do a lot of precision copy work and it required a flat surface, a tripod and a camera parallel to the copy stand and two lights at 45˚ from the surface. Now days, as long as it is not a piece of art, a good scanner a cheaper and more compact way to go.
  14. Grant

    What can photographers learn from painters?

    While I really don't agree with your fine art professor's conclusion I do think he made a point that was not lost on you. You studied this Manet and came away with your impressions. No one should study art mindlessly or accept what has been stated, but study them deeply and see what works and...
  15. Grant

    What can photographers learn from painters?

    I am a strong advocate of studying art to improve your photography. In the long run your camera is just a tool, it is what you create it that counts! Understanding art will help you far more than an acquisition of a new piece of gear. The only problem is understanding art is that it requires...
  16. Grant

    Panasonic G5 Announced

    Go for it Chuck you know you want it!
  17. Grant

    Panasonic G5 Announced

    Oh my just when you thought it was safe to go out. This is a very interesting camera and while the OM-D seems to edge it out in Pixel popping this camera is very versatile. For example, if the G5's price is what I they are rumoured to be, for just slightly more than the cost of the ON-D I can...
  18. Grant

    Print service versus quality 11X17 printer?

    I don't do a lot of printing but when I do I want high quality work so I send all my work out to a custom lab and I am very happy. First I checked with my lab and found out what they were using, I calibrate my work for that printer and formate it for the optimum size for their printers...
  19. Grant

    learn film?

    I don’t shoot with film anymore for lots of reasons but I do believe that shooting with film was the best training I ever had. Now I teach photography and all my students that have come from a film background catch on quicker than the rest, therefore I still thing it is a great place to start...
  20. Grant

    Hi from Canada

    Waves! I use to be from Canada, well upper Canada but I have moved to the Republic of Nova Scotia.
  21. Grant

    Need advice for a photoshoot (completely unexperienced)

    A long time ago I use to do weddings. If the church was a first time venue I would make and appointment with the priest and ask him about restrictions and locations I could shoot from. When you know this you can make decisions on what equipment is appropriate. The restrictions will differ...
  22. Grant

    Why does this photo look strange?

    There is a ton of indepth information on it just do a Google on Chromatic Aberration, Purple Fringing, or Colour Fringe Photography
  23. Grant

    DSLR to M43 - your thoughts

    When I got a m43 I used it almost exclusively for the first 6 months. Then I slowly drifted back to the dSLR. I still love and use my µ43 and there are times I rely on it but it has become my second camera.
  24. Grant

    Focusing distance

    If the manufactures do it right it is from the sensor in fact on most cameras you should see circle with a line through it and this is where it is physically measured from.
  25. Grant

    Fuji X Pro1 or G1X or GX1 ? Which one you will pick?

    Which one would I pick? Good question but the answer would change depending on who was paying for it.:smile: The lens on the Canon doesn't fit into my shooting style so that is a no go. A three lens Fuji system is really appeals to me but at $3300 it is a tad costly. This leaves...
  26. Grant

    How Many Still Bother With Printing?

    I don't own a colour printer and I don't use Target or Wal-Mart. I have take my best images to an art printer and have them done there. Over time I have developed a rapport with the printer and he does exactly what I want. If I am displeased he prints them till I am pleased. He uses a huge and...
  27. Grant

    Taking pics of the moon

    Before I fell in love with photography I was in love with Astronomy. In fact I still am. This image was shot on film using an old Pentax, and it was even old when I took this image. The camera was directly connected to a telescope but a coupler called a T-mount and therefor there was no...
  28. Grant

    Your other hobbies

    I have so many interests but the one that is the most constant and occupies more of my life than even photography does is astronomy. For twenty-two years, even though I didn't need the money, I took a second time job as an evening instructor at a planetarium just so I could have some very...
  29. Grant

    tripod advice please ???

    Rafael I guess what one things is light weight when it comes to a tripod is relative. I have a Manfrotto 455 with the optional gun strap carrier and I find it very easy to tote around in the bush. I chose this one as it is very flexible in the way it can be configured. I suspect, if...
  30. Grant

    What is the cost of your m43 kit?

    My µ43 is not my primary system therefore my investment isn’t over the top. I have a GF1 with a 20 mm F/1.8 and a 14 - 45 mm f/3.5 - 5.6 lenses. Total cost was about $1400 Canadian. The funny thing about the cost is what I call the justifiable cost. With the GF1 with a 20 mm combination I...
  31. Grant

    Why I should not let go of my G3 for a GX1

    If it was me I don't think the hit would be worth the improvement. But in your case and if I were a Panasonic sales rep I would say spend, spend, spend! It is true that the body of the GX1 is smaller than the G3 but when all is said and done it is just over 1/2 oz lighter. Now if you ever...
  32. Grant

    Do you bring your camera everyday?

    Generally speaking I don't take "grab" shots but this doesn't alter the fact that in the past 10 years I have never left the house without a camera.
  33. Grant

    Anyone Try Mac's IOS 5 Yet?

    The upgrades seemed to take a very long time on one machine an extremely long time so best to have patience. Once installed the new system worked very well and I am happy with the new changes. All in all it the upgrade is worth the price and considering the price is free that is not saying...
  34. Grant

    Not sure.. GF1 or GF2

    I use a dSLR and a GF1 and I find that the buttons on the GF1 makes for a very easy transition between both cameras. I have had a go with a GF2 but because similarity is very important to me I stuck with the GF1.
  35. Grant

    G3 what color?

    A way back in my early days of photography almost all 35 mm DSL were silver. A few photojournalist started putting black tape on their cameras so they would be less of a target in stressful situations Companies like Nikon started making black bodies, for the pros, and likewise started charging...
  36. Grant

    G3 what color?

    For image stabilization there seems to be two schools of thought. The ones that favour in-camera claim it is cheaper in the long run. Those that favour in-lens claim that in-camera can't be optimized for all lenses. I suspect either way will work but "ya pays your money and takes your chance"...
  37. Grant

    G3 what color?

    I never ever resell my stuff but keep them until they fall apart. So with that in mind I would go for pink but with little kitty stickers on it. But then again I would never buy a G3 because it doesn't have an AF/AE lock/goggle button. Yes, I know you can program a function button but I don't...
  38. Grant

    Bah humbug to "pro level" cameras!

    That is really inspiring. I am not going to upgrade to the cheapest second hand Digital camera I can find. Only stipulation is that it works long enough for me to do a shoot with it. I think I have a low level GAS infection.
  39. Grant

    Where Are the Women

    I teach photography and the majority of my students are woman. I judge competitive photography and the majority of competitors are not woman. I can't tell the gender of the photographer from the photograph.
  40. Grant

    High-End Panasonic GFX1 Rumored for Early November Annoucement

    Hear,hear I agree 110% now back to reality.
  41. Grant

    POLL: Is EVF an Essential Accessory?

    I suspect much of photography is about personal styles and preferences. On my GF1 I don't have or uses and EVF although I owned one for two days … the store gave me a full refund :smile:
  42. Grant

    'Micro 4/3 is the Big Kahuna' at The Online Photographer

    Seems I slept through a stormy night. I probably needed the sleep.
  43. Grant

    'Micro 4/3 is the Big Kahuna' at The Online Photographer

    <rant> I am not sure what this obsession is with high ISO performance in modern digital cameras. I spent all good deal of my photographic life shooting Tri-X at ASA 400 and on occasions pushing it one stop and now we have cameras with ISO that will got to god knows how high. In this digital...
  44. Grant

    'Micro 4/3 is the Big Kahuna' at The Online Photographer

    Before we bury Nikon and their "1" lets step back. Remember all the gnashing of teeth when Panasonic introduce their "dummy down" GF2 and later GF3. While I never abandoned the GF1 there are countless others that don't share my views and Panasonic seems to be moving forward very well … thank...
  45. Grant

    Newbie lens question - Difference between lenses wrt aperture ?

    I have both of the f/1.4 and the f/1.8 Nikkors. In theory the f/1.4 is shaper and has better contrast up to and including f/2.8 but after that they are identical. In practice I can see no difference and I challenge anyone to see the difference in my images. The build on both lenses is first...
  46. Grant

    will you keep your 20mm 1.7?

    Why would I get rid of it? It is a perfectly good lens and I doubt if the 25mm f/1.4 will make my images significantly better. Now the question should be if I had neither which one would I choose. I have looked at images from both and boy you really have to split hairs, but I think I would...
  47. Grant

    Grey dot in my pics

    My first thought would be dust on the sensor. If it is sharper at small f/stops and less visible wide open that is what I would look at. If it is the case cleaning the sensor commercially or by yourself is not a big job. You can spot it in soft ware if you it is only one. If the spot's...
  48. Grant

    Mirrorless Nikon 1 Debuts

    Seems I can't get over this pink thing. Now if you think pink is only a gimmick let me point out that the pink version is going to sell for $50 more that the other versions but to sweeten the pot they will throw in a pink wrist strap and a pink piece of cloth wrapping cloth. We all know that...
  49. Grant

    Mirrorless Nikon 1 Debuts

    Call it silly but as far as street photography goes who would dare mess with a guy caring a pink camera? Also a second advantage who would steal a pink camera? Just think of the insurance savings the possibilities boggle the mind. Now if they only put a Pink Hello Kitty on it or should that be...
  50. Grant

    Mirrorless Nikon 1 Debuts

    You should have given beverage warning with this post as I am now mopping coffee of my monitor.
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