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  1. edmsnap

    COMPLETED Zuiko Digital 14-54 and 50-200 Lenses

    Hi! It looks like rrobinson might have already taken this off the market, but if not could you tell me: About the IR conversion: was the IR filter replaced with glass or was a specific IR filter put in its place? If the latter, what was the frequency of the filter? What is the shutter count?
  2. edmsnap

    My E-M1 II High Resolution shots are not sharp!

    What he said. High res mode really isn't for super-telephoto shots (especially 840mm!), it's for wide angle landscapes.
  3. edmsnap

    Post-processing challenge #442 - winner announced

    So for me, the image's main focal point was the lovely yellow/orange/burgundy colours of the flower and pollen details. I find the Vivitar's bokeh perfectly artful all on its own, so I didn't think it needed too much attention or adjustment. As @BosseBe and @ddekadt also assessed, the lower-left...
  4. edmsnap

    Post-processing challenge #442 - winner announced

    Aaaaaand... closed :) Thanks all. I've downloaded and will return with a winner shortly.
  5. edmsnap

    Post-processing challenge #442 - winner announced

    Sorry, I didn't even think about that. Lens was a Vivitar 90mm f/2.5 Macro.
  6. edmsnap

    Post-processing challenge #442 - winner announced

    72-Hour Post-Processing Challenge Rules The Challenge Master provides an image or images to be "improved" upon by way of post-processing, as well as a closing date for entries. Entrants are to post their entries, visible in this thread, at a resolution of 1000 to 1600 pixels in the longest...
  7. edmsnap

    Post-Processing Challenge #441 : Winner Announced

    Shmanks @2donggalbi ... I'll find something for 442 quick as I can! :)
  8. edmsnap

    Price drop on EM-1.ii?

    It's two years old, sure feels like time that the price dips some with the X coming out.
  9. edmsnap

    Post-Processing Challenge #441 : Winner Announced

    That is an outstanding tree on a magical little island!
  10. edmsnap

    Focusing speed, 4/3 12-60 vs m4/3 12-40

    If you have CDAF-designed 4/3's lenses, then they'll focus speedily on m4/3: 25/2.8 9-18/4-5.6 14-42/3.5-5.6 14-54/2.8-3.5 Mark-ii 40-150/4-5.6 70-300/4-5.6 If you have any of the other (PDAF) lenses, you'll need an E-M1 or E-M1 Mark ii in order to get good focus performance. I can say that...
  11. edmsnap

    Showcase Yashinon-DS 20mm f/3.3

    Omg, a Model 600! Perhaps the greatest amp ever made. I'm drooling for gear in a totally different way. :)
  12. edmsnap

    How to justify 11-22 mm purchase

    You tell me where an 11-22 is posted for $60 and I will remove the burden of choice for you :)
  13. edmsnap

    Too many cameras...what would you do?

    Whenever I think I have too many cameras I just take a deep breath, panic, and buy another. Maybe not the first strategy you'd think of, but it's actually enjoyable.
  14. edmsnap

    Oly 60mm Macro vs. Panny-Leica 45mm Macro Lenses??

    If you use µ4/3 to scan your film negatives with a macro lens at 1:1 magnification, you'll only be able to scan ¼ of the negative (ie: you don't need 1:1). Better to get a dedicated film scanner device IMHO.
  15. edmsnap

    Looking for an RSS solution for Android

    gReader Pro is the king of Android RSS readers. It sadly isn't maintained anymore, but at this moment in time it still works perfectly and does everything. NewsJet is my "when gReader dies this looks like the next best thing" choice. It still appears to be maintained, though updates aren't...
  16. edmsnap

    Any Love for Corel Products Here?

    I've used Paintshop Pro since version 3.12 when JASC owned it. Some people have strong reactions to Corel, but they took the product from a shareware-quality editor and turned it into a genuine Photoshop replacement. PSP2018 does everything I could ever need, is quite fast, and I can't...
  17. edmsnap

    What's my next lens?

    As you're on the ground floor as far as money goes, I'd strongly suggest splurging on the Olympus 12-100 f/4. It'll save you buying a lot of other lenses in that range that will ultimately cost you more in the long run. An interesting later option for ultra-wide landscape work might be the...
  18. edmsnap

    Only 700$ to spend on lenses for Pen-F. Recommendations?

    I recommended the 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 ii, which is a CDAF lens (the mark-i version was PDAF and goes for much less money). On the Pen-F, focusing is pretty much instantaneous.
  19. edmsnap

    Purple bands in iso 2000 star shots with E-M1 version 1

    Astrophotography on µ4/3 at 150mm would be the first thing that'd raise my eyebrow; however, the processing looks problematic to me in a few ways. If you link the RAW file, you could turn this into a "help me process this photo" post and see how other people's approaches solve or amplify the issue.
  20. edmsnap

    Only 700$ to spend on lenses for Pen-F. Recommendations?

    I'd go a very different way considering the mini-budget: Olympus 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 ii - $170 in mint condition used (+$100 for the adapter, don't cheap out with a non-Olympus 4/3's adapter, they're garbage). Image quality as good as the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 with more reach. Significantly...
  21. edmsnap

    Showcase Laowa 7.5mm f/2

    Dangit... I think you just convinced me that I can't live my life without this lens. This is such an expensive board!
  22. edmsnap

    What are Your Favorite M42 Lenses?

    The Helios 44-3 is pretty fantastic and the Mir is lovely, but since you've noticed those already, I'll vote for the Volna-9. It's an intoxicating gem if you like unique bokeh. It's also a decent macro lens.
  23. edmsnap

    How to Remove Lens Fungus

    Peroxide/ammonia mix is the definitive way to get rid of fungus: How to Remove Fungus from a Lens
  24. edmsnap

    Post-Processing Challenge #363

    Do do do de doo...
  25. edmsnap

    Anyone still using the old Olympus E-400?

    Pretty rare to find any E-400's these days as they were a European-only release and hard to get ahold of when they were brand new. The 10Mp Kodak CCD was arguably not as good as the 8Mp version that was in the E-300 and E-500 as some compromises were made in manufacturing (essentially all they...
  26. edmsnap

    newbie to micro four thirds

    If I were starting from scratch, I'd be tempted to just go in for the Olympus 12-100 F4. It appears to be brilliant over its huge focal range. For low-light/night work, I'd say just adapt some vintage lenses (I'm partial to Canon FD and Helios) which can be done for peanuts and works great on...
  27. edmsnap

    What digital camera was your first love?

    I'm surprised on this board that there are only 2 mentions of the Olympus E-1 No silly frills, straight-forward usability, the sexiest shutter sound in the history of cameras, and felt almost as good in hand as the Canon T90. I still have one and love using it.
  28. edmsnap

    Post-Processing Challenge #349 (closed, winners announced)

    Typically, I run from landscapes because I seldom have any idea what I want to do with them. Lately, I've been a bit more experimental so this is well-timed for trying some ideas out. I do love the layers of colour in the mountains that are easy to bring out; I'm not sure that I prevented it...
  29. edmsnap

    Favorite portrait lens

    My favourite ever is the Vivitar Series-1 90mm f/2.5, but it's pretty long on µ4/3. I've gotten results that I've loved from the Canon FD 50m f/1.4 on my Olympus cameras. If someone were to ask me for to do a portrait to define all portraits they've ever had, I'd probably pick from one of...
  30. edmsnap

    Post-processing challenge #343 - winner announced

    I downloaded this and played with it because I really liked it... then totally forgot where I downloaded it from. Totally late to the party again, lol. I really like Aussiephil's painting.
  31. edmsnap

    Nightmare first experience ordering a GH5 from B&H photo as a Canadian

    To the OP: You have all the sympathy that I can give; your experience mirrors my own. Bought and paid for my item in full, Purolator showed that it never shipped, B&H insisted it did, eventually they couldn't deny their own shipping information and said they fixed it (on multiple occassions)...
  32. edmsnap


    I've had login problems with Flickr that I traced back to using then HTTPSEverywhere add-on. Something about logging in over https was preventing the login (ironically). I disable it, login, and then am good.
  33. edmsnap

    Post Processing Challenge #298

    Because competitions are less scary when they've ended. :)
  34. edmsnap

    Showcase Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6 ZD 4/3

    A new hockey arena for Edmonton @ 9mm:
  35. edmsnap

    Post-Processing Challenge #265

    I only know one way to make every image better...
  36. edmsnap

    Post-processing Challenge #262

    I don't see many portrait challenges so I couldn't resist. Like most portraits, there are advantages to colour: and B&W:
  37. edmsnap

    Zuiko 9-18 vs M.Zuiko 9-18

    That has to be the adapter; it's a good lens and those are worse-than-a-Kodak-Brownie results.
  38. edmsnap

    Showcase Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6

    Showcase - Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6 ZD 4/3 There are threads for all of the 4/3's lenses.
  39. edmsnap

    Showcase Canon 100mm f/2 FD

    Olympus E-M5 with Canon FD 100mm f/2.0
  40. edmsnap

    Post-Processing Challenge #257

    Ack... AutoISO with HDR! Still, a fun image to play with given all the textures and colours. :) I like it dark and nighttimey with flares of orange against the blue.
  41. edmsnap

    Sharpening best practice for a portrait?

    I think it's an adorable photo just for the record. Finding the one thing that you don't like about it should never get in the way of all the things that are right about it. I have a stack of photos of my parents as kids - none of them are in "critical focus" because their families just never...
  42. edmsnap

    What's your favorite adapted lens on m43?

    Adapting just about anything is a fun adventure. I much prefer character over clinical, so I'm not drawn to modern lenses all that much. My favourites: Canon FDn 24/2.0 - Just a perfect lens. Makes an unequalled standard lens for µ4/3. Sharp, great colours, active-but-not-frantic bokeh. If...
  43. edmsnap

    New PRO zoom from olympus?

    A 14-35mm f/1.8 seems most likely to me. Making it a bit faster than the 4/3's 14-35 shows progression and puts it on par with the fastest zooms in that range in any system. It'd be expensive, but it'd help secure µ4/3 as a competitive professional system.
  44. edmsnap

    How to use E-M10 with Canon FD lenses?

    My guess is that you mounted it incorrectly as that's the outcome if the levers are in the wrong position. 1. Install adapter ring onto camera: align the red dot on the adapter and red dot on the camera, twist to close. 2. Stop the lens down to its smallest aperture - NOT the "A" setting. 3...
  45. edmsnap

    New Olympus 30mm macro?

    If they do it slow like the 4/3's 35mm and price it under $200, it'll be a sensible addition for the lower end of the system.
  46. edmsnap

    Legacy Lens Resolution on m43

    It's pretty well-understood that nothing Tony says is really based in reality. I don't know why he talks; he just talks. Whatever he's saying, it's another of his attacks on the µ4/3 sensor (also known as support for his sponsors)... it has nothing to do with legacy vs. native lenses. If an...
  47. edmsnap

    Talk me out of this... ZD 150/2.0

    Mine does not creep at all.
  48. edmsnap

    best camera neck straps?

    Any $3 strap on eBay does the same job as any other neck strap in the world - it's not a highly technical task that it has to do.
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