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    Scale Model Action

    Hi from an 80s kid :biggrin:
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    So I ordered an ONA Bowery bag in field tan BUT...

    you should ask jeff to cover the return post. I'm sure he wont mind
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    Anyone still using older GF series?

    I also still have the GF1, although I rarely use it. Like few of you have mentioned, its a bit sentimental.. Got it when its first out.. but the drawback is it has no EVF.
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    EM1 Mark II does well in weather resistance test

    yes, now I use the USB cable, but after seeing several incidents with rubber parts.. llike how em5 eyecup was torn apart.. its not even a moving part.. my concern with the USB port rubber cover is the tiny rubber tether to the body. so maybe I'll get a card reader later..
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    Electronic Shutter vs Mechanical Shutter

    my problem with electronic shutter is when shooting indoor / under artificial light
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    Watch Photo Thread

    I'd take the rollie and sell it.. and buy apple watch :p
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    EM1 Mark II does well in weather resistance test

    whats the best method to transfer files off weather sealed cameras ? my concern is that the seal might wear out..
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    P20/1.7 or P25/1.7 ?

    yes.. indoor lighting and electronic shutter
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    G85 Shutter Release Button

    i think its electronic shutter.. try switching to mechanical shuttter
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    P20/1.7 or P25/1.7 ?

    I have own two 20mm, the first come with the first m43 camera launched, GF1. It was stolen few months ago in Brussels along with the EM5 it was attached to. So I bought the second, mark II version with new G85. When it was used with EM5 sometimes it cause banding in certain situation but not...
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    waiting for this as well, but no news so far, hopefully it will be waterproof :biggrin:
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    Panasonic LX100

    I got tired of waiting for its successor and bought G85 instead..
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    Hummingbirds with the Pana-Leica 100-400 (image heavy) - A running thread

    What can I say.. fantastic! :bravo-009:
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    What are you reading?

    The Gene. By Siddharta Mukherjee. The End of Alchemy before that.
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    Watch Photo Thread

    Recent acquisition
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    Burn out...or just too easy?

    Hmm.. I should start a retirement support group :laugh1:
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    The Test of OM-D EM-5 + Panasonic 20 mm banding problem

    Yep I think so Sent from my Nexus 7
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    Watch Photo Thread

    Definitely look beaten :biggrin:
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    Watch Photo Thread

    Resistance is futile :tongue:
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    this morning in monroe county

    Hi caimi, some browsers don't regard the ICC profile embedded in the image. Read here for a more detailed explanation
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    this morning in monroe county

    Actually there are other that I can think of is browser colorspace issues.
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    this morning in monroe county

    If you only view your images from the monitor. I don't see the need to. Although calibrating is not that difficult.. nor expensive.. Me.. I occasionally print my pictures, and need color accuracy to avoid wasting expensive inks and papers.
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    The quiet streets of Istanbul

    You have a collection of wonderful pictures too :biggrin:
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    this morning in monroe county

    Slim chance.. maybe you need monitor calibration ? Also the HDR is quite evident in last picture
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    War in the Cotswolds

    Wow Ian.. I envy you
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    If Someone Offered To Fly You Anywhere In The World For Free To Take Photos...Where Would You Choose

    Lots of places... Provence-Cote d'Azur-lake Como area. I'd like to revisit Turkey-Greece, and then Yosemite.. Japan.. But then again.. coming from Canada, you probably have a high reference point :biggrin: It all depends on what you want to see really..
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    from where i live

    Well.. the thing is.. Singapore is a different place.. if you can afford it :biggrin: But I do wish they have landscapes like in Europe or US.
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    Lightroom 4.4 released

    If you are referring to speed.. its a function of processor and memory. so you might want to upgrade your processor
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    Watch Photo Thread

    Yes.. that look ridiculous :biggrin: Nice watch btw :thumbup:
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    Hello from Tashkent

    Welcome, I'm curious to see some pictures from the other side of the world :)
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    Lightroom 4.4 released

    Do you happen to have Panny 20mm ? :biggrin:
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    Mountain Village

    I wonder how it look like in color :)
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    Watch Photo Thread

    Yeah it was early in the thread :smile:
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    Watch Photo Thread

    My latest addition
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    New to M 4/3 in Greater Manchester, UK

    Welcome to the forum, Mike :thumbup:
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    I think I have hit the wall.

    Move down under ? :biggrin:
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    Busted printer! Darn UPS!

    With so many bad reports I'm quite surprised that UPS still exists :tongue: Had one myself this week with my package :mad:
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    Is Ming Thein moaning too much?

    Yes Amin, he is not exactly mr congeniality :laugh1: and a bit self absorbed I guess
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    What Are You Reading?

    And the short history of the world by HG Wells.. :biggrin:
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    Watch Photo Thread

    How is the build quality? I'm still torn between Steinhart and Squale.. can't afford the real thing :happy-084:
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    Anybody use XeL lightroom presets?

    Moi.. they are quite good.. I got them when they had a promo. I love Ektar and Fuji 160C presets :)
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    Hello from France!

    Hi, welcome to the forum! There are quite a number of French here. Please post some pictures :thumbup:
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    OM-D and Nex-6 Do I have a bad camera?

    Sorry for OT but I just read a post in a watch forum from someone with the same username :biggrin:
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    Some say Switzerland is the most beautiful place on earth.
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    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome Gordon!
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    Hello from Buckinghamshire

    Hi John, good decision :biggrin: welcome to the forum looking forward to see your pictures :thumbup:
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    Hi from Istanbul Turkey

    Hi Cenk, welcome to the forum. I agree with Nic. Hoping to see more of Istanbul :)
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    Watch Photo Thread

    We have a watch thread actually.. just have to dig it again. The big brands are there :biggrin:
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    Buying a good yet affordable monitor

    I would go with the Dell IPS.. if you are able to order from Dell site directly, it should be no problem
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