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    A Crazy Idea - Has Anyone Ever Tried This?

    great idea ,, ive used my 7-14 in light rain without issues.....blessed are the tinkerers.... a really strong image you managed there
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    Reverse macro confusion!

    aSET OF EXTENSION TUBES and a good legacy 50mm can serve you well , the 14 45 panny kit is one of the best kit lenses ever made ....later 14 42s were inferior. also a macro legacy lens could be a good choice ....macro is best done mf imho
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    Get rid of Object Coming out of Head?

    or keep it and make it an idea bubble .... like: ive never been so happy!!!!
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    Get rid of Object Coming out of Head?

    thinking the same thing .... small details can really advance the quality of an image
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    Pen F Focus Point selection

    you are correct its the face setting it off but see my post below
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    Pen F Focus Point selection

    omg i have the same problem.... try this: af area pointer. .....on af targeting pad its in custom menu A,........ af mf set home to the icon [ grid ] [ top choice of 4 ] that seems to fix it , ive no idea why oly menus are a tortureous...
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    Just purchased an EM5 MKII, should I have purchased the PEN-F instead?

    as a recent purchaser of the pen f , i perhaps am over enamored per its abilities , and first rate aesthetics and industrial design ...but i see the pen as less obtrusive than a dslr styled omd and although it perhaps not any more compact , it seems that way with its flat top and lack of...
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    the metabones .64 x XL nikon to M4\3 on the PEN-F

    actually ive been using the 35mm f2 nikkor with the metabonesquite alot , and contrary to my first impressions with the combination , its very sharp when adapted and image circle reduced the 35mm behaves like a 22.4mm f1.3 lens which is extraordinary giving a full frame experence of 44.5mm
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    Pen-F, silver or black?

    i wanted a black.... but they only had silver in stock band h one day ... and i bit
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    Olympus 12-40 Ouch!

    wow i was on the fence as to which to get the oly 12 40 or panny12 35 youve helped me decide ..... sorry for your misfortune . id take the screws out cyano= acyrilate the the snapped polycarbonate with great care and carefully reattach the screws checking the ribbon cable first ...
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    What are you listening to?

    CHUMBAWUMBA the best band in the world according to the homemade board game in an episode of "its always sunny in philidelphia" who am i to disagree also old bowie .... genesis .... beatles .... zappa..... zep....... pink floyd talking heads , greg brown
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    can't handle dpreview anymore

    v Chloe Johnston o my god thats frickin hilarious ..... cheers from nyc
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    is the site gone ?

    almost all references on the interwebs are gone and its now a dead link ... it was once a lively site for spirited discussion about thing m 43s .... if its gone ... well r i p
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    an extra battery for the gm5 by power 2000 for 18 usd at adorama on 18th street nyc
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    i fi nd that to be one of the best kit lenses for m 43 ever made its only rival is the 3 times larger 14 45 panny orig version metal mount
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    i bought the pen f in silver and the 1\2 case at b and h ... the 8mm oly lens cap len... and the .64x version of the metabones speedbooster xl [nikon the m4\3] at adorama
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    Show Pen F Images

    really great stuff....i want that 15mm alot for my pen mostly for the aperture dial , no really
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    Show Pen F Images

    strong images ....i love the pen f too
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    Show Pen F Images

    lovely shooting there,.... i really love your pen f in black , mine is pretty good looking in silver, but i give the black body the edge.... just before getting the pen f i bought a gm5 black with the 12-32 collapsible at adorama for about 400 usd new [ closeout price!!] so ive been using...
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    Wait a minute... GX85 is only 3-axis IBIS??

    the gx 8 had an evf that was not field sequencial like the gx 7 ....gx 7 is a fine machine but i m not a fan of the field seq evf the new 85 returns to the older evf ... so not for me other specs look really good size is great compared to the gx8 imho too
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    Metabones AutoFocus with Canon EF Zoom...Wow!!!!!

    the second version of the .64x version for m 43 [not cinema cams] is approved for the epl7 only as f as oly goes ....ive sucessfully mounted it on the pen f another recent oly body , the fit seems a bit tighter than the epl7, which i used for testing at adorama 2 days ago
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    the metabones .64 x XL nikon to M4\3 on the PEN-F

    I SPENT A LITTTLE WHILE WITH BOTH metabones adapters , an epl7 , with known compatibility ... and the my pen f the shutter chamber and baffels are near identical between the cameras ....i did not proceed blindly ... and im comfortable with my conclusion that compatibility exists the shutter...
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    the metabones .64 x XL nikon to M4\3 on the PEN-F

    Yes world , the new .64 focal l reducer XL FROM METABONES [for m43not the cinema version] works on the PEN-F prior to working on the epl7 , this adapter could not be mounted on any olympus camera due to mechanical issues of the sensor surround .... it was approved for most newer...
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    Interview with PeterB666

    that was a good read......
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    WWR Honor Mission for WW2 Vet

    may he rest in peace, nicely shot don , the pen is wonderful to shoot with where one does not wish to noisy up a solemn ceremony with a large and noisy polycarbonate machine
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    Light leak: Rainbow Imaging Nikon F->m4/3 adapter

    try a piece of double thick dark gaffers tape, or black electrical tape on the inside perimeter of the lens\adapter... if cut to the correct size it will wedge in nicely and should stop the light leak entirely...i have also used black cardboard baffles where reflections in homemade adapters had...
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    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    the 12 is one ive always lusted after
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    Hello from NYC

    micro 4\3 ,that all i have to say cheers from nyc ep1 gf1 ricoh gx 200 samsung tl 500
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    3rd Model Shoot: Cate

    1 st shot , her leg it covered by the edge of a bench , this hurts the photo 2nds shot lighting lighting and location harsh shadows and less than inspires seating dont push this enough , you are on the right track , look at really sucessful magazine work to emulate , in so far as that is...
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    Hi from New York City

    welcome from a fellow nyc ep1 gf1 shooter
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    British Hawk-moths, some of our larger insects

    these look otherworldly , especially the first,....................... very nice work
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    First photos: Dragonflies

    the last insect i approached was a lovely specimen of a flyawayicus Fromylensicus, plainly i missed the shot........................... [ recycled humor] im in awe of the quality of these macros , keep em coming
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    4th Model shoot: Kelly

    i believe i was one of the first to offer honest and useful advice to this shooter in his first and second model shoot threads , my observations and advice were echoed by other s in those threads as they expanded . of course she is beautiful ... my comment was also meant to be lightly humerous...
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    *UPDATED* 4 Lens Voigtlander Kit, Your Opinions Please

    eventually you will be able to use these nikon rf mount lenses, an adapter with revised design will no doubt be created sooner rether than later , sorry for the dilemma your facing , what a pain i willl keep my eyes peeled
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    Please welcome our new old Admin, Streetshooter

    congrats don , best wishes going foward from your new york fan club
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    Leica X1 Images

    nice images all... but the cows are outstanding in their field.
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    4th Model shoot: Kelly

    kelly is very beautiful .... what was the question?
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    Just a Few things about me in regards to the forum

    senior members ... its a good club to be in , cheers
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    Happy belated birthday to Bill Gordon!! 84 years young!

    best birthday wishes bill , enjoy the new toy , awesome
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    comment, please; what makes this photo feel the way it does?

    ah walt disney,............. this explains everything.
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    Want a $2000 point and shoot?

    i followed the rumors of that cameras development eagerly and saw images on the interwebs that confer your image quality assessment, i was hoping it might have been less costly leica cameras are objects of lust besides being incredible picture taking machines its beyond my reach , sadly
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    Rumour: New Panasonic Sensor

    low noise at 6400 and above , oh man!
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    Drink of Choice

    beach comber sounds delicous
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    Samyang to join Samsung NX (iso M43)

    20,000 then id say a success
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    Samyang to join Samsung NX (iso M43)

    its a flop , but a sexy little camera besides. its form factor and sheer size are commendable , in spirit the nx shares a paradigm with the olympus and panasonic m4\3 cameras and the 2 sony nEx machines ? it was said that the nx cannot mount leica lenses due to a design constraint , is this...
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    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    this is a lens taken from a non working rollei compact with collapsible lens the inscribed lens title read Tessar 1:3,5 f=40mm Carl Zeiss , its unremarkable speed reflect the design of the machine which depended on zone focus . its contrast and color are nice but bokeh almost not worth...
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    Drink of Choice

    it was frickin 86 degrees lowest temp in nyc last night , yes on second thought make mine with ice.......
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    Went whale watching yesterday

    the largest beasts that ever lived anytime in the history of the earth are the whales, how wonderful the experience must have been, i hope to whale watch someday
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    Samyang to join Samsung NX (iso M43)

    this is bizarre , but not unexpected , the independent lens makers seem to be ignoring the micro 4\3 mount and ignoring it healthy market success, for reason i dont understand sheeeesh!
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