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  1. pjohngren

    Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

    There is something weird about the lingering obsession with full frame - even the name somehow implies that anything less is "partial frame." Since FF is really just the old size of 35mm slide film, why not shoot for really full 8 X 10 frame cameras, like they had back in Ansel's day? For...
  2. pjohngren

    Pany 45-200mm, long end suspect.

    I agree - there is nothing wrong with the long end or any part of the 45 - 200. This shot was taken at 180mm at f 5.6 and made a great 16 X 20 print which is hanging in a local bank. I love this lens and have had no problems with its ability to focus.
  3. pjohngren

    How Will Technology Change Photography?

    I shoot in the old fashioned way, making any decisions I can at the time of capture because the end result - a good old fashioned framed print - will be viewed the old fashioned way, responded to, studied, and hopefully enjoyed and appreciated quietly, privately, if only by me. To compare it in...
  4. pjohngren

    Couple shots with my G3 and 45-200, not bad.....

    When you get shots like these, then any results less than that with the 45-200 is due to photographer error, in my opinion. A great lens.
  5. pjohngren

    Featured Forum Post: 'Dear Panasonic, what are you going to do?'

    Was just wondering on what you base the notion that OMD is the best? The best in retro styling? The best in evoking nostalgia? The best for whom? For me, the best is the G3, but it wouldn't be the best for everyone. Unless I have missed something, I though OMD just caught up to the GH2.
  6. pjohngren

    Featured Forum Post: 'Dear Panasonic, what are you going to do?'

    After years of being wedded to Nikon, I had a couple point and shoots by Panasonic with Leica lens and was impressed with the menus and functionality of the cameras. I therefore went with Panasonic in moving to m4/3. In this digital age, it is companies like Panasonic that can move quickly...
  7. pjohngren

    GX1 or E-M5

    If you need two bodies, then get another G3. You can stick say the 14-45 on one, and the 45-200 on the other, and when you pick either up, all the controls will be the same. In my opinion, there is no better camera than the G3.
  8. pjohngren

    Hiking kit

    I had both the Nikon D-70 and D-80 and backpacked with them extensively, but have since given them up completely. The G3 with the 14-45 (or 14 -42) is the perfect backpacking camera, in my opinion. The range is ideal, the camera is very light and compact and it can do virtually anything you...
  9. pjohngren

    Featured Forum Post: 'Dear Panasonic, what are you going to do?'

    I very much agree. I would have no interest in "jumping ship" from Panasonic to Olympus. From my perspective, Olympus satisfies the retro group and does so admirably. Panasonic gives me that Leica feeling. It has a functional classy elegance. I started with the GF1, then picked up a G1 for...
  10. pjohngren

    The myth of Panasonic not having nice OOC JPEGs

    I think this is a very useful way to think about in-camera processing. I literally set up my camera to mimic the film I liked - a warm Ektachrome 100. Once you have the camera essentially mimicing the film you like, then for most purposes, you leave the camera on those settings much as you...
  11. pjohngren

    The myth of Panasonic not having nice OOC JPEGs

    I'm happy with simply using the phrase "in-camera processing," knowing that it is under my control. The more settings and adjustments available, then the more closely I can contol what the camera is doing. What is so terrific, is that having directed the camera to produce what I want, it...
  12. pjohngren

    Better in-camera sharpening

    On the G3 I set the Intelegent Resolution to high - this sharpens only areas where there are edges and texture and detail, and leaves alone areas like sky and water that shouldn't be sharpened. Also I turn off all noise reduction or dial it down to -2, as that can do a job on detail and...
  13. pjohngren

    The myth of Panasonic not having nice OOC JPEGs

    I couldn't disagree more. The whole point of in-camera processing is to use the controls available to process the image "in-camera." What the manufacture sets as the default, or standard, or whatever is totally irrelevant. They aren't taking the picture - you are. If you don't tweak it and...
  14. pjohngren

    Should I buy a G3?

    You will love the 45-200. It is really a great lens at a amazingly fair price.
  15. pjohngren

    The myth of Panasonic not having nice OOC JPEGs

    I agree. Once you have played around with say the G3 and have set it up to deliver what you want, then I find that results remain very consistant - as consistant as a favorite film. Variations are then due to the conditions at the time you are shooting. As to enlargement size from Panasonic...
  16. pjohngren

    The myth of Panasonic not having nice OOC JPEGs

    It is really inportant to turn off all noise reduction settings. There is no need for noise reduction and all it does is dull the otherwise fine detail of the image. Also, unless you spend some time fine tuning the settings, there is no point to taking jpegs - you might as well resign...
  17. pjohngren

    Should I buy a G3?

    Am not sure what this means - the G3 is in live view all the time and nothing whatsoever on the camera is "laggy." The focus is incredibly fast and spot on accurate. I use the EVF all the time and the LCD only for looking into the menues when I need to. As another person mentioned, I have...
  18. pjohngren

    i need some lense help, pretty new to m4/3

    I would also suggest the 20mm pancake lens for street photography and indoor food. It was the first m4/3 lens I got and I took it to Philadelphia - just the 20mm and a GF1. It was terrific - unobtrusive, close to a normal 50mm lens, yet wide enough to shoot city parks etc. I also used it...
  19. pjohngren

    learn film?

    Having grown up in the era of black and white film and then color slides, and having processed both and now being totally into digital, I frankly see nothing to be gained by going back to film. The issure of film vs digital is really unrelated to the art of photography, in my opinion. It is...
  20. pjohngren

    A Magazine for M4/3

    But which would you rather sit on the pot with?
  21. pjohngren

    A Magazine for M4/3

    I just recieved my copies of both Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer, and judging from the contents and a quick flip through these two magazines, m4/3 doesn't exist. Maybe 6 months ago, there were some reviews, some acknowledgement of our existance, and even some ads, but that seems...
  22. pjohngren

    12mm and 45mm lens hoods

    For the PL45 lens, I hated the one that came with it as it is inconvenient to use. I found a much better option in the B+W 46mm FOLDING RUBBER LENS HOOD #900 - BWLHR46 at B&H It is a heavy duty rubber hood that you can leave on the lens all the time and just roll it down when needed...
  23. pjohngren

    EP-3 Raw/Jpeg shadow detail

    Or you could just shoot jpeg and be careful with exposure so that you don't blow the highlights. I have never found a jpeg that I couldn't post process into just the image I was looking for, unless the image was a bad idea to begin with. I agree that having two copies of anything is...
  24. pjohngren

    EP-3 Raw/Jpeg shadow detail

    I have a G3 and only shoot jpegs now. I think the key is very careful adjusting of exposure compensation, watching the histogram while shooting, and bringing the exposure comp up so that the right side of the histogram just touches the right histogram frame. Usually you can then select the...
  25. pjohngren

    G3 manages a few HDR's this evening

    Very nice - these are the first HDR's I have ever seen that I liked. They look natural and I would not have guessed they were HDR. Even ones I saw by a professional photographer/photo-instructor giving a session on HDR looked nothing like reality to me. To take a scene which is back-lit, then...
  26. pjohngren

    GX1 in India

    The 45-200 is a great lens and an absolutel bargain. I love mine. I took this shot with it and it perfectly augments the 14-45.
  27. pjohngren

    Nex or mu-43 kit? Help me decide.

    I strongly vote for the G3. It is a totally amazing, small, light weight camera that is incredibly customizable. I have it with the 14-45 lens, which is a high quality lens, and then have an array of Panny lenses, but I must say that the 14-45 fits the bill most of the time. The 45-200 is...
  28. pjohngren

    Going cold on the E-M5 - looking at a G3.

    I know I've said this before, but I have been involved with photography for about 55 years and owned many cameras. The G3 is my all time favorite - one of the most well thought out, convenient, enjoyable cameras I've ever had and one that shoots terrific images. It deserves a very close look...
  29. pjohngren

    Why m4/3 will never replace DSLRs

    It may be hard then for Panasonic to attract those Nikon/Canon DSLR users. If that was all I was using at the time, I wouldn't have given m4/3 a look. But, I was at a place where I had gotten a Panasonic DMC-ZS3, a wonderful little point and shoot that I love to this day. I found that I was...
  30. pjohngren

    Why m4/3 will never replace DSLRs

    This is really at the heart of the matter. The large majority of people are buying DSLR's simply because they don't know any better. They are buying cameras that look like their notion of a professional camera, with the name of a professional camera. At some point this may change.
  31. pjohngren

    Why m4/3 will never replace DSLRs

    Yes - I realize X-ray's are now digital and have had a number of them done on me, which are instantly available for viewing by my doctor - pretty terrific. The point I was trying to make is that once you are able to get a great image and print it at the size you want, then sensor size is...
  32. pjohngren

    Going cold on the E-M5 - looking at a G3.

    This is actually an interesting comment that I can relate to. Within the space of about one year I got a GF1, G1 and then a G3. I was getting into m4/3, tossing my DSLR's, and learning as I went along. The GF1 taught me that I wanted a viewfinder, so I picked up a G1 body for a good price...
  33. pjohngren

    First outing with 45-200

    These are great shots. For those of you who can remember what ISO 1600 film looked like, these are really amazing. Also, I love my 45-200 - one of the best buys in m4/3.
  34. pjohngren

    Why m4/3 will never replace DSLRs

    I suppose you are right, with regard to physicists who happen to be photographers. But for photographers who happen to be artists, there is no question that m4/3 can and will replace DSLRs. It was the same for 8X10 sheet film being replaced by 35mm slide film with regard to...
  35. pjohngren

    How many of you have DSLRs?

    This is consistant with my findings and the Panasonic m4/3 cameras as well. If you take a section of sky and look at it at 100%, the in-camera processed jpeg is much cleaner than the image that has been RAW converted. In fact, it is totally clean with no noise at all. Therefore there is no...
  36. pjohngren

    Is this the Panasonic G5? GF5 coming April 5?

    Amin - did I miss something? Where is a G4 before we get a G5?
  37. pjohngren

    Why isn't more being made of sensitivity differences in cameras?

    I have a G1, GF1, and G3 and haven't noticed any difference in the ISO's whatsoever. Of course, I am now using in-camera processing exclusively, because in my opinion it works better than converters made by other companies - certainly better than Adobe Camera RAW - way less noise, and I have...
  38. pjohngren

    Film vs. Digital (and some -ve's of digit) A different take and potential challenge

    This is what I am doing with my G3. I imagine that I am shooting slide film, specifically a warm version of Ektachrome 100, although I have the G3 set at 200. I use a slightly shifted to warm WB, Photostyle 'Vivid' to get the saturation and snap I liked in that film, and have the sharpenning...
  39. pjohngren

    How many of you have DSLRs?

    I concur with your criticism of my choice of Nikon models for comparison - they were just the ones I owned. They were also my "jumping off" point, where I left DSLR and realized the benefits of m4/3 - it was a total revelation and "conversion" on my part. I remember back in the early 1980's...
  40. pjohngren

    How many of you have DSLRs?

    Fair argument, especially if you have no interest in jpegs. But if you like having most of your processing done the instant you press the shutter, yet still under your control, and once you realize that the downloaded images provide a terrific starting point to realize the photograph you were...
  41. pjohngren

    How much do you tweak?

    The G3 is so good, that I now adopt an entirely different approach of doing as much of the processing in-camera as possible, including most of the sharpenning. The old view was to do as little as possible because you could do it better in Photoshop, and for my old Nikon DSLR's that was true...
  42. pjohngren

    How many of you have DSLRs?

    At least with the Nikon D-70 and D-80 (and yes I have read the manuals) there is nowhere near the adjustment flexibility of in-camera processing that there is for the Panasonic G's and the results are nowhere as good. The G3 is in fact so good, that I now adopt an entirely different approach...
  43. pjohngren

    How many of you have DSLRs?

    This was exactly my experience with Nikon jpegs as opposed to my in-camera tweaked Panasonic G jpegs - the Pannys are far superior. My guess is that Canon and Nikon spend no effort on in-camera processing at all and assume that everyone uses Lightroom. What I love about my G3 is that it is...
  44. pjohngren

    Chickened out on being an early adopter

    That's a great way to get your foot in the door with m4/3. I was also a long time film user, then long time Nikon DSLR user until I got a Lumix GF1. It reminded me of my Hasslepan X-pan with the same good looks and build quality. That did it for me. I went on to get a G1 and then a G3. I no...
  45. pjohngren

    How many of you have DSLRs?

    I gave my wife my Nikon D-80 and still have the old D-70 now in storage - maybe someone will buy it with some lenses I have. But I no longer ever use a DSLR. I photograph a folk artist's painting and make his prints, and am now using the G3 for that and getting much better results than I did...
  46. pjohngren

    PanaLeica 25mm f/1.4 or ... new iPad?

    Last night I was looking at the PL25 image thread and it is pretty impressive - in fact, it is wonderful. I have the 20mm which I like, but there is something perfectly perfect about the PL25. Can't comment on the iPad since I have none of those - not even a smart phone. I do have and like...
  47. pjohngren

    G3 heads to Alaska

    There is probably a lot more glare coming off especially the lake and sky than you realize, and the meter is darkenning it down along with everything else. So you will need to compensate for those situations by dialing up on the exposure compensation, then check the LCD after you take the...
  48. pjohngren

    G3 heads to Alaska

    You may already be doing this, but I set the camera to A (Aperture Priority) and have the histogram floating on the image in the viewfinder or on the LCD. I then use the exposure compensation (press in the little wheel dial to toggle it over to exposure comp after you choose the aperture)...
  49. pjohngren

    G3 heads to Alaska

    I agree - turn all noise reduction off - it is rediculous. These cameras aren't noisy anyway - certainly not up to 800 and anything beyond that, I would much prefer nice detail and some good old fashioned grain, than having the image smeared and rendered soft and out of focus. Give "Vivid"...
  50. pjohngren

    G3 heads to Alaska

    For the G3 they are under "Photo Style." For the other G cameras they are under "Film Mode." You go to the mode you are using in the menu and then scroll down within that mode to adjust contrast, sharpness, saturation, and amount of noise reduction. I have my function 2 button set to Photo...
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