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  1. ean10775

    Showcase Panasonic 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6

    Untitled by Eric, on Flickr
  2. ean10775

    Olympus 75 or Samyang/Rokinon 85?

    The Olympus 75mm is always a solid recommendation. The Samyang is a great lens as well, but I wouldn't want to use it unless I had a camera body with IBIS that stabilized the view through the EVF or if I was using a tripod. Shooting wide open you're likely going to need to use the magnify...
  3. ean10775

    Show "Cars"

    Untitled by Eric, on Flickr
  4. ean10775

    Pen F Silver hot shoe cover

    You could try this for $8
  5. ean10775

    Leica Q mkii launched

    I realize its not the same thing, but a lot of women wear engagement rings every day that cost more than that, and there are many wristwatches than men wear everyday doing various activities that cost what the Leica costs. Macbook Pros can easily approach $4k for top of the line specs. Those...
  6. ean10775

    Can I charge batteries in camera on my em1mk2?

    I don't believe the EM1II supports USB charging.
  7. ean10775

    Body for converted lenses, or a fool and his money...

    Agreed. Any body that has IBIS (including a stabilized view in the EVF or LCD), a button that can easily be assigned to magnification, and focus peaking would be what I'd be looking for.
  8. ean10775

    Show your cell phone photos

    Untitled by Eric, on Flickr
  9. ean10775

    Small & Ultrawide Prime

    I can't speak to the 7Artisans but can definitely recommend the Laowa. The Rokinon 7.5mm is also an excellent lens if you want a fisheye and splits the difference in price between the other two. I had the Rokinon which was able to be corrected a bit in LR, but if you're looking to do that...
  10. ean10775

    Bag Question - Space for Non-Photo Gear?

    I had the 30L Peak Design backpack which seems like a pretty good do it all solution - configurable space for photo or non-photo gear and multiple places to access it. It also has external ties to strap items to the exterior of the bag. I did end up returning it as I was really looking for...
  11. ean10775

    Show your cell phone photos

    Untitled by Eric, on Flickr iPhone SE pano, unedited.
  12. ean10775

    The Death of the Photography Industry

    Me too. I just got back from a 10-day trip to the Hawaiian islands and despite bringing what many here would consider a 'proper camera' I shot most of the photos on my iPhone SE and GoPro. If I had a newer phone with a dual lens and some kind of waterproof housing I think that's probably all I...
  13. ean10775

    EM 5 mk II and Focus Stacking

    Am I correct in my understanding that the actual stacking isn't done in camera and needs to be done in software after the fact?
  14. ean10775

    New to 4/3

    Welcome! Great camera kit to start with.
  15. ean10775

    Your best shot of 2018

    Taken with an iPhone from the window seat of an airplane on the trip home from my honeymoon. Untitled by Eric, on Flickr
  16. ean10775

    thinking of letting go of my Olympus Pen F with numerous lenses and additional EP5

    For quite a while I had a similar setup to yours: Fuji X100 (T in my case) as my 35mm equivalent and an EM5II with a small selection of lenses for other shooting (studio, portraits, events, sports, real estate). What I found is that I preferred using the X100T for just about everything it was...
  17. ean10775

    Discuss - Sigma 56mm f1.4 DC DN

    Certainly, but it would be interesting to see what is given up (if anything) in order to get that extra light or shallower DOF as some of the modern Sigma lenses are quite sharp wide open from what I've seen.
  18. ean10775

    Discuss - Sigma 56mm f1.4 DC DN

    I'd be interested in this as well as my Sigma 60mm is one of the sharpest lenses I've ever used (including the 42.5mm f1.2 and the 75mm f1.8).
  19. ean10775

    LX100 II owners out there?

    Interesting. I had assumed that the files were DNG as with many of the other Leica cameras.
  20. ean10775

    LX100 II owners out there?

    It's +/- 2EV on the Lumix (seems strange that it would be different). I was looking at the D LUX manual and not the new D LUX 7. It could be that it was increased in the new version of the camera. Thank you.
  21. ean10775

    LX100 II owners out there?

    I have trouble these days considering a camera without in-camera RAW conversion after being spoiled but the Fujis I've used. Ultimately that's why I got rid of my Panasonics (G6 and GX7) even though I much preferred the menu system to Olympus. How much control do you have over the JPEGs using...
  22. ean10775

    Showcase Pentax 50mm f2.8 (fixed) Auto 110

    Just the standard kit: the 18mm, 24mm and 50mm along with the close up filters.
  23. ean10775

    Showcase Pentax 50mm f2.8 (fixed) Auto 110

    I just found an Auto 110 set in a box of my grandfather's old cameras. Based on a few initial shots around the house, I'm quite impressed. These lenses are sure to be a lot of fun. Untitled by Eric, on Flickr
  24. ean10775

    A7ii kit for $998 tempting anyone to the FF side?

    Thanks for all who have contributed to the discussion in this thread. I'm on the fence as to whether to pick up an A7II body, exclusively for use with legacy adapted glass - something I've missed a bit since getting rid of my 5DII years ago and moving exclusively to m43 for interchangeable...
  25. ean10775

    Classic mood photographic event

    Nicely done. The consistency in light balance and color treatment between the indoor and outdoor photos is impressive.
  26. ean10775

    PL25 on Olympus Bodies - Issues with CA?

    I've noticed it on mine - mounted on an EM5II - but it easily corrects in LR. I believe Darren Miles shows some examples in his review of the lens.
  27. ean10775

    Asked to do an engagement session. Lighting questions

    As you're practicing with your wife, be sure to take note of your recycle times so you can work around them. You can set up the perfect shot in terms of your lighting ratios and color temperature balancing, but with small flashes you essentially get one or two pops and then you may find...
  28. ean10775

    Asked to do an engagement session. Lighting questions

    Unless you're really comfortable working with off camera flash, I'd forego it and work with the natural light you've got and the reflector. An engagement session's success or failure is going to hinge on your interaction with the couple as well as their interaction with each other. You mention...
  29. ean10775

    Cross on the Range (Northeast Ohio CX)

    Definitely! I was sad to miss it - some recurring back problems and parental duties have kept me on the wrong side of the tape the past couple seasons. Maybe next year, though! I think the race is in the Akron/Canton area this weekend, but I'll be out of town, unfortunately. Good luck with...
  30. ean10775

    Cross on the Range (Northeast Ohio CX)

    Nice shots, Scott. Glad someone has taken over shooting the NEOCX series with m43 gear! I only made it out to the Blue Sky race this year. Last race, huh? Was there no race at Kirtland Park this season?
  31. ean10775

    I thought cameras were expensive, until I got into biking

    I think you'll be surprised how much cardio you can get out of a mountain bike ride once you get used to it. I find that unless I'm trying to do intervals, I get a better overall workout riding my mountain or cyclocross bike.
  32. ean10775

    I thought cameras were expensive, until I got into biking

    While cycling equipment can and often is quite expensive, I think that the types of bikes that are being offered these days make it much easier to buy a single bike (or perhaps two) that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at them. Disc brakes on road (or all-road) bikes, for example...
  33. ean10775

    What's the fascination for using a f1.2 etc. lens for portraits?

    Perhaps, but he also has videos where he's shooting the Fuji 56mm f1.2 at f1.2. It all depends on what scenario you are shooting in and look you're going for. I certainly don't believe that an f1.2 lens on m43 is necessary for good portraiture. Vincent and others here have shown many times...
  34. ean10775

    Cheap lighting setup? Help!!

    As others have said, it depends on what you want to shoot and how much gear you want to haul around. For years I got by without issue with a single light stand, a 43in shoot through umbrella and a 5-in-1 reflector for portrait work.
  35. ean10775

    what did i do wrong?? kinda disapointed em1.2

    Doubtful. As others have said, your issue here was shutter speed. 1/125th isn't even fast enough to freeze my 4-year old's hands when she is playing with Play-Doh.
  36. ean10775

    Recommended Polarizing Filter?

    Marumi DHG Super for me in that size - Very happy with the performance vs the cost. For smaller sizes I was able to score a new old stock Heliopan linear Jet-Pol from my local shop for next to nothing. I've been happy with it as well. The higher end Hoya filters and the B&Ws (including the...
  37. ean10775

    Your Top 5 Images: Feb 2017

    P2050417 by Eric, on Flickr P2070561 by Eric, on Flickr P2070085 by Eric, on Flickr P2070660 by Eric, on Flickr P2070675 by Eric, on Flickr
  38. ean10775

    Poor paint coating on silver EM5 mark II. Does silver PenF has the same issue?

    Indeed there is - it would require a different LCD panel. However, unless touchpad AF is implemented differently on the Pen-F than it is on the EM10 II I wouldn't feel too bad. I found it very imprecise when compared to Panasonic's implementation on its cameras.
  39. ean10775

    Would you wait for the new A7mkIII or pull the trigger on A7mk2/Fuji X-T2?

    Sounds reasonable. I too considered the 56mm and a switch to Fuji having previously owned the Nocticron. Some things to think about if you've never used Fuji and the 56mm though - its way slower to focus than the Nocticron (in low light it hunts as well and more often than I'd like fails to...
  40. ean10775

    Would you wait for the new A7mkIII or pull the trigger on A7mk2/Fuji X-T2?

    I certainly don't find 85mm on m43 too long for portraits: P1080778-Edit by Eric, on Flickr Danielle + Trevor, Engagement by Eric, on Flickr In fact, when I shot FF I routinely shot portraits at 200mm as do a lot of portrait photographers I know: IMG_0494 by Eric, on Flickr That said, I do...
  41. ean10775

    Romance of the X100T

    1500 for an X100 series camera is extremely low. The shutter count is very inaccurate as it goes up every time you switch between viewfinders (EVF/OVF) (at least with the X100S). I've never bothered to look on my X100T because of how inaccurate the X100S was.
  42. ean10775

    Would you wait for the new A7mkIII or pull the trigger on A7mk2/Fuji X-T2?

    Honestly, based on your brief description of what you like to shoot, I'd stay with the EM5 Mark II. Landscapes and candid portraits are two areas where I don't think m43 gives up much to larger sensor systems. If you had said shallow DOF portraits at wider focal lengths or low light people...
  43. ean10775

    VSCO Questions

    While not nearly as flexible as VSCO Film, one much cheaper alternative is the VSCO app for mobile devices. It only works on JPEGs and obviously isn't a LR or ACR plugin, but I like that you can choose the strength of the preset that is applied and there is a toolkit to make further edits. Its...
  44. ean10775

    My Roxsen Focal Reducer/ "Speedbooster" clone arrived today

    There are also camera body considerations to be made. My understanding is that with some of the Metabones adapters, there were some m43 cameras that they would not work with because the rear element of the adapter would interfere with the sensor. I believe the E-M5 was one of those cameras. I...
  45. ean10775

    What is your dream camera body?

    A Leica Q but with a 35mm summicron as opposed to the 28mm summilux, with in camera RAW processing options similar to Fujifilm's.
  46. ean10775

    Olympus E-M5mk3 - what's next?

    I don't know that I'd buy one seeing as the EM5II already has most of what I care about, but I assume that in addition to what has been mentioned about regarding the sensor, AF and 4K video, the EM5III will also have touchpad AF, which I always enjoyed on the Panasonic cameras I've owned. In...
  47. ean10775

    Olympus Ambassador defects to Sony

    Living in Cleveland (where Dodd is headquartered), I've purchased the majority of my cameras from them. I was able to get incredible deals on and E-PL1 (when it was newly released), a GX7 display unit that was like new for less than used ones were going for, a preorder X100S that came in before...
  48. ean10775

    My interview at

    Congratulations - nice work!
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