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  1. twalker294

    For the dog lovers

    I LOVE this photo. Great expression on the dog's face and the b/w is perfect. Well done.
  2. twalker294

    G85 is this camera a FLOP OR ???????

    What new Panasonic would you consider being above the G85? The GH4 is the only camera I can think of that might be considered superior to the G85 but it's not new by any means.
  3. twalker294

    Dance Performance Thread

    Ooh I got plenty of these. My daughter has danced for the last 15 years. Only problem is finding ones from the EM5. Here are a few:
  4. twalker294

    Youth Sports

    Louisiana high school football EM5 with Panasonic 45-175
  5. twalker294

    Motivation needed to buy EM5

    What exactly is it about the image quality on the Nikon that makes you say it's that much better than the EM5? I'm not being argumentative -- I am asking because it's important to know what you are looking for as far as IQ goes.
  6. twalker294

    Nissin Di466 on EM5

    Yep it does. Nikon is the odd man out in the TTL world since they have that lonely third pin sitting up there above the main pin:
  7. twalker294

    Nissin Di466 on EM5

    Yes, that's correct. No, it will not work on a Canon. As a matter of fact, using it on a Canon might possibly damage the camera, flash, or both. Yes the TTL contacts are in the same place which is why the Canon cord works, but that doesn't mean that the pins do the same job in each...
  8. twalker294

    Nissin Di466 on EM5

    As far as the flash shoe goes, they are all the same size so physically any flash will fit on any camera's hotshoe. Canon's TTL configuration has 4 contacts arranged in a square right under the main pin, as you can see on the right here: Now it just so happens that m43 TTL has three pins...
  9. twalker294

    Nissin Di466 on EM5

    Well I'll be -- it sure does. I still have a Canon TTL cable and a Stroboframe Quickflip from Canon DSLR days and it works like a charm. You just opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me -- much thanks!
  10. twalker294

    Well Said, Michael!

    I've been thinking the same for a while as well. We as photographers are living in paradise right now. Who would have ever thought that we would come to a point that image quality amongst interchangeable lens cameras would get to a point that it was so universally fantastic that it truly became...
  11. twalker294

    Nissin Di466 on EM5

    Just yesterday I got the Di466 to use with my EM5. Man what a great little flash for $140. Anyway I find that when I am bouncing the flash, I have to turn up the flash compensation to +0.7 in the camera in order to get a good exposure. Is this consistent with the experiences of others?
  12. twalker294

    My son in the process of destroying a platter of crawfish

    EM5 with 20/1.7. Shot in RAW and processed in OV3
  13. twalker294

    can anyone do a comparison of the P20/1.7 and the O25/1.8?

    I know and that's what gets me. The P25 does have its issues but there is just something about the photos that it produces that is awesome. It's not something you can measure or put your finger on, it's just a feel that they have. When I had a Canon, my 80-200/2.8L had that same quality and it...
  14. twalker294

    You can order GH4 in UK ... check the price.

    Don't feed the trolls :-)
  15. twalker294

    First pics of the Olympus 7-14mm 2.8 and 300mm f/4!

    I just love this forum. The civility here is so refreshing.
  16. twalker294

    can anyone do a comparison of the P20/1.7 and the O25/1.8?

    I am very tempted by the O25 to replace my P20 but I would love to see some comparisons between the two in order to see if it would be worth the trouble to sell my 20 and get the 25. If anybody has both for some reason, I would very much appreciate a few comparison pics at the same aperture...
  17. twalker294

    Featured: 'Katya' by LivingLoud (Maxim Guselnikov)

    I absolutely love the tonality of these portraits. The skin tones are amazing and the whole tonal palette is unique and very beautiful. Would you mind sharing a bit about how you achieve that look? If not, I completely understand -- a chef has to keep some secret ingredients to himself...
  18. twalker294

    First images of the new 25mm/1.8, 14-42mm Pancake, 9mm lens cap Olympus lenses!

    It definitely is. I can't wait to see the images from that lens. Might be a good replacement for my 20/1.7 which I like but not nearly as much as my 45/1.8. And the 25 and my 45 could be twins :biggrin:
  19. twalker294

    my daughter the dancer

    EM5, 14-42 kit lens, PS6 for b/w conversion
  20. twalker294

    Kai reviews the EM1

    The Camera Store reviews have become my favorite. We'll presented, factual, and entertaining. Sent from my HTC One using Mu-43 mobile app
  21. twalker294

    Stylus 1 -- very interesting looking (although not m4/3)

    DP Review's preview of the Stylus 1:
  22. twalker294

    Stylus 1 -- very interesting looking (although not m4/3)

    The sensor size is what sets the RX10 apart. It's the first with a constant aperture zoom with that kind of focal length range and a 1" sensor.
  23. twalker294

    Stylus 1 -- very interesting looking (although not m4/3)

    I'm sure the RX10 will give superior image quality. It's basically an RX100 MkII with a longer lens and the RX100 has amazing image quality. But I'm guessing at half the price the Stylus 1 will give 90% of the quality, which is good enough for me to buy one. Of course we'll have to see but I...
  24. twalker294

    Stylus 1 -- very interesting looking (although not m4/3)

    So I just saw on Olympus' Facebook page the announcement of the Stylus 1: Looks like an EM1 with a fixed lens. It's a 28-300/2.8 constant aperture zoom...
  25. twalker294

    First review of the EM-1

    I just watched Gordon's preview and came here to make sure someone had posted it. I love watching his stuff.
  26. twalker294

    Share: Trees

  27. twalker294


    "Ready for Battle"
  28. twalker294


    E-M5, P45-175X
  29. twalker294

    Share - Beautiful People

    My daughter (middle in the back,) and some of her drill team friends. They are such a great group of girls :-)
  30. twalker294

    Android app help please!

    Glad it's not just me. I guess I'll just keep using my iPad when I want to browse Mu-43 on mobile.
  31. twalker294

    Android app help please!

    The back button doesn't always work though. For instance if I get a notification that someone has replied to a topic and I click the notification, it takes me directly into the app and to that thread. The back button then takes me back to my home screen because that's where I was before. Yes if...
  32. twalker294

    Suggest a Laptop for my post processing

    I've always heard great things about the Dell Ultrasharp line.
  33. twalker294

    Suggest a Laptop for my post processing

    Yeah I can't imagine trying to use a screen that small. I have a 13" Macbook Pro and it's too small for me. Whenever I'm editing, I hook it up to my 22" monitor both for the size and the color accuracy. Keep in mind you can't profile a laptop display because they don't have color controls like...
  34. twalker294

    Android app help please!

    I just switched from my iPhone 4S to an HTC One and of course I downloaded the mu-43 app. Now I'm pretty good with technology -- it's how I make my living after all, but I can't figure out this app. If I'm looking at a thread on this screen: screen mu43 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! how the heck...
  35. twalker294

    What car brand you drive? POLL

    2001 BMW M5 Hate to say it but that pic wasn't taken with an MFT camera ;-)
  36. twalker294

    ATTENTION car guys/gals!

    Which one? There are 3 -- the '35, the '58, and the '67. And they are ALL beautiful in their own ways. That's one thing that was so cool -- you could look across the room and see the evolution of design from one decade to the next. It was amazing.
  37. twalker294

    Lost love for Nokton MFT lenses

    I would say price and MF. Sure the 25/.95 is a great lens but is it that much better than the P25/1.4 which has AF for half the price? Same for the 17.5/.95 vs. the O17/1.8. I just don't think most people are willing to give up AF AND pay double just to get a super fast lens, no matter how well...
  38. twalker294

    ATTENTION car guys/gals!

    So this past weekend I went to Dallas (Arlington actually but who's keeping track,) to celebrate my uncle's 70th birthday. Friday night my cousin and I are talking and he mentions that he recently met a guy who has quite a collection of cars -- 18 in fact. He says that if I'm interested, he will...
  39. twalker294

    Dat 75...

    My sentiments exactly Bob. Maybe down the road I'll have the $$$ for the 75 but not right now...
  40. twalker294

    Featured Forum Thread: 'Driving around Iceland, Day by Day' by GRID

    This is the most stunning set of images I've ever seen posted here. Amazing.
  41. twalker294

    a few pics processed using the Prolost presets

    I know what you mean but if you want to see what they look like in full view, all you have to is click the one you think will work and if it doesn't just try another. There is also a zero preset for each one that will negate whatever you've done so far. I've only used it for a set that I took...
  42. twalker294

    a few pics processed using the Prolost presets

    I think I'm going to like the Prolost workflow. I much prefer it to messing with sliders. EM5, P45-175, LR4, RAW
  43. twalker294

    Sony Nex 3n and kit lens

    The RX1 is so good it's almost not fair to the other cameras. If I had the cash, I'd already have one in my bag. Many years ago I had a Sony R1 which was a stunningly good camera. I was shooting a Canon 10D at the time as my main camera and quality from the R1 was completely on par with the 10D...
  44. twalker294

    Why are the m4/3 "normal" primes all compromised?

    So what you're saying is that it doesn't matter how the photos that the lens creates actually LOOK -- what matters is resolution charts? I have the 20/1.7 which, according to the tests by lensrentals, resolves detail better than the 25/1.4. If I had the money right now, I'd sell the 20 and...
  45. twalker294

    Sony Nex 3n and kit lens

    617 to the rear wheels? What you have done to that bad boy?
  46. twalker294

    new Panasonic FZ70 with 60x optical zoom...seriously?

    I've had several super zooms myself, starting with the Canon Pro90. I've also had a Sony H2, Canon S2IS, Panasonic FZ5, FZ20, and FZ30. I've gotten rid of them all however because I've always owned a DSLR as well at the same time and none of those cameras gave me enough size advantage to justify...
  47. twalker294

    new Panasonic FZ70 with 60x optical zoom...seriously?

    I'm not doubting the convenience of a 20-1200mm lens -- I'm just doubting the QUALITY of such a lens. I don't see how it's possible to design a 60x zoom that is high quality throughout the range. But stranger things have happened I guess. Just look at the new Sigma 18-35/1.8...
  48. twalker294

    new Panasonic FZ70 with 60x optical zoom...seriously?

    OK this is getting a little crazy: Panasonic announces Lumix DMC-FZ70 with 60x optical zoom: Digital Photography Review 60x really? It's pathetic how marketing drives the photography world...
  49. twalker294

    Prolost Presets for Lightroom

    i just watched the video and bought them immediately. This looks like a great workflow that I would really enjoy. Now I've gotta find some time to go shoot tomorrow and try them out!
  50. twalker294

    OM-D EM5 caught in the wild.

    You are absolutely right. The Canon G1X is a phenomenal point and shoot, as is the G15 -- both of these would be much better choices for MANY people. There are similarly excellent models from Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Nikon, etc.
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