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    Share Birds

    This is where the 2X crop factor really shines, and why it's my contention that smaller sensor cameras are better suited to the majority of people. If FF matches the exposure, then the DOF is too narrow, and much of the bird is out of focus. If you match the DOF, then the exposure is long enough...
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    Show your aircraft photos!

    I was there on Saturday. I like the polarizer for controlling the glare off the planes, have to agree with you about the sky. Post was the simple iPad "enhance" - I'm sure I can do better on the "real" computer. I have found spot metering on the plane results in better exposure, but it's TOUGH...
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    Show your aircraft photos!

    Wings over Houston with the 45-200 on my G3 with a polarizer
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    Show: Beer!

    Left Hand is probably the best brewer of stouts out there
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    Show your aircraft photos!

    So excited, Wings Over Houston air show this weekend, my favorite weekend of the year!
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    Show your aircraft photos!

    It's the engine in the VTOL version of the F35
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    Show "Boats"

    Battleship Texas
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    A Panasonic 12-50mm f2 - feasable?

    BS. You only say that because it is what you have seen, generally based on old lens design assumptions - not because it's what is defined by the laws of physics. With digital, and software correction, we are seeing lenses 1/2 the size they used to be - in pretty much all formats. There is only...
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    Show: Beer!

    Really, it's everywhere ... One of the pseudo-micros (it's actually brewed by Michelob) that came out after Blue Moon hit it big for Coors.
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    Share: GREEN

    How did you know her name was Nigella?
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    Show your aircraft photos!

    The Udvar Hazy center:
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    For the dog lovers

    Boxers are awesome
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    Show your aircraft photos!

    X2 - if the light is good, you'll probably be at f/8 anyways. Wouldn't go much smaller than that as diffraction will compromise whatever additional sharpness you could gain.
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    Teleconverter for m43?

    A 35-100/2.8 with a 2X TC would be a much better travel solution, and I'm sure could hold its own against say the 45-200.
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    Joining MFT from FT and looking for bag recommendations

    I use a Tenba mini-messenger, and it has served me in travels all over the world VERY well. That said, the new DNA11 addresses some things I would really like on my current model - namely the stabilizer strap, the loops on the back for strapping to...
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    PanLeica 45mm impression

    This lens is greatly underrated IMHO.
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    Show "Boats"

    What Marina is this? I'm not aware of one in League City.
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    m43 professional portrait/wedding photographers, client perception and small camera syndrome.

    There are two legitimate factors to consider: - DOF. If you require very shallow DOF, m43 won't work. If, however, you want deep DOF in low light, m43 can have a good shutter speed advantage. - flash control. Let's face it, while Oly is better than Panny in this regard, neither have the control...
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    GX7 Quality Not Receiving Good Reviews.

    As a corporate quality director in charge of managing supplier quality all over the world, this is exactly right on
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    12-35 Panasonic or 12-40 Olympus

    X2 - and IQ @ ISO800 >>>IQ @ ISO1600
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    Is the 20mm 1.7 really THAT slow?

    X2 - although the 12-35 is catching up quickly in image count. The 20 is nowhere near as slow as the Leica D 12-50/2.8-3.5 43s lens was... Now THAT was slow
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    Discovered Major Firmware Bug on GX7

    This is really NOT a problem. Even IF what the OP says is true on the GX7, it would only affect you if you were using the keypad to select the AF area instead of the touch screen AND while in that mode needed a custom WB. Between the various settings, and being able to store custom presets (I...
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    Sony FF mirrorless - game changer?

    Sony hasn't exactly burned up the lens development scene for NEX - and that market is 1,000,000x larger than it will be for this, meaning you will be stuck with adapted lenses larger than they need to be and with somewhat compromised AF. No thanks.
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    Discovered Major Firmware Bug on GX7

    On my G3, it's a little cryptic how you set the custom WB. You set the custom white balance from the white balance screen. Go to the custom field, and hit up arrow to set. That said, I have never understood the direct AF selection, especially since the advent of the touch screen models.
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    RX10 - 1" sensor 24-200 f2.8 EVF

    Not true. For a given generation of sensor, there is a clear correlation between pixel density and image quality/noise, especially in low light
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    43 lenses and DoF

    The exposure advantage of a smaller sensor, due to being able to get the desired DOF with a larger aperture is not to be underestimated. Motion blur is MUCH more commonly an issue than DOF in most photographic instances, and m43 has a big advantage there.
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    Nikon or Canon ....

    Wow, you must have the fastest swimming kids on the planet! I really can't see swimming being highly AF critical ... Especially since the stands are always on the side and the distance to the target doesn't change much. So, IMHO you're going to spend A BUNCH of money for little/no improvement...
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    Comparing 12-40 with primes at 2.8?

    Exactly - PREVIEWS. Nobody has laid hands on a "production" model to my knowledge.
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    Comparing 12-40 with primes at 2.8?

    So, we're now evaluating IQ of lenses that don't even exist yet?
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    Just how fast is the AF on M43 cameras now

    One of the big hurdles is to "get over" AF-C. On m43, your hit rate will be better with the lightning fast AF-S.
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    What normal range lens

    I'm gonna break into the prime love fest here and throw out a recommendation for the best travel lens in m43 - the 12-35/2.8 - price: it is competitive with the cost of 2 of the primes being considered! especially when you consider it comes with a bag and a hood, both important for travel lenses...
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    On-The-Go Backup Solution for us Travelling Photogs...

    If I was going to be gone for so long, I would be uploading to the Cloud or mailing SD cards home.
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    On-The-Go Backup Solution for us Travelling Photogs...

    I travel A LOT, and usually "run and gun" business travel, so a uni-tasker like a portable HD is our of the question. I use the iPad as the portable HD for backup, and it also works for email, reading books, Facebook, games, viewing/showing pictures, etc. But then, I gave up on RAW a long time...
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    On-The-Go Backup Solution for us Travelling Photogs...

    ... Or just an iPad... (Which is what I use)
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    Lens aparture question

    F stop is the focal length divided by the iris opening diameter, and it determines the depth of field in your image and, along with shutter speed and ISO, determine your exposure. A smaller number = larger opening = shallower depth of field, faster shutter speed, and/or lower ISO Larger number...
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    GX7 or EM1

    Depends on which review you read, but either will be a HUGE step up over your "gen I" chip - at least 2 stops.
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    Pics of Fast Moving Kid: Should I Upgrade from OM-D E-M5?

    I haven't read up on the RX100, but Sony, compact, full frame don't exactly add up to "fast, accurate AF" historically.
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    GX7 Field Reports

    I assume its like all other Panny cameras and shows the shutter speed and aperture in the lower part of the screen, and then you can program shift from there to get the desired speed or aperture.
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    GX7 or EM1

    A bit off topic, but I agree. There are artists/albums that I simply will not listen to because they are recorded so poorly.
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    Pics of Fast Moving Kid: Should I Upgrade from OM-D E-M5?

    I think the point was a FF camera won't suffer the quality drop by going to higher ISO. Might want to think through your next rant a little better :)
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    My Grand Experiment is Over

    I don't think your conclusions have anything to do with form factor, just manufacturer. I'm with you - the Panasonic OS seems more intuitive to me than the Olympus (I have ALWAYS had trouble figuring out Oly cameras), admittedly, I have not used one with super control panel activated. Why not a...
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    System Hopping

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    System Hopping

    How many of these hops are "a poor carpenter blames the tools"?
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    Night shots

    Westminster Abbey?
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    Buying lenses for New York City trip - which one?

    I disagree with this completely. If you don't have to "worry" about the lens, the body is easy to keep protected from weather, especially a small body like the EPMs and GFs
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    Pics of Fast Moving Kid: Should I Upgrade from OM-D E-M5?

    X2 - people should just avoid the CAF options on these cameras for now. SAF is so fast there is little need for it. X2 - stop motion photos are boring. SOME blur actually makes for a much more compelling photo. This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken (Mexico Ballet Folklorico) BECAUSE...
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    Buying lenses for New York City trip - which one?

    I'm going to break with all the UWA ******s and suggest a telephoto. If the light/weather is bad, you can ALWAYS get good, interesting shots of architectural details if you have enough reach. My vote would be for the 45-200 due to reach and price, but any of them will work.
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    The Essential Travel Kit for Backpackers

    Not backpacking, but with today's carry-on luggage restrictions, the same thoughts apply to my regular business travel. I carry the following in a Tenba mini-messenger: -G3 -8/3.5 FE -12-35/2.8 -20/1.7 -45-200 - iPad -3 batteries -memory cards, polarizing filters, lens pens, etc -personal stuff...
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    The Petting Zoo

    I am guessing you were not allowed in/to pet any of these - kangaroo, llama, and camel are not exactly known for their friendliness.
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    GX7 - Your preferred settings

    Be sure those "reports" are by people who have actually USED the camera, and not just repeating hearsay. The images I have seen posted by the few users here who have a GX7 are pretty amazing - looks like the sensor is a real improvement.
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