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  1. Alanroseman

    Time to Vote! October contest sponsored by Visual Magnetics.

    Hi s0nus, Nope, don't mind a bit. Nice.
  2. Alanroseman

    Time to Vote! October contest sponsored by Visual Magnetics.

    Wow. Popular Topic these mushrooms.. Going to be a tough one to decide.
  3. Alanroseman

    I'm back, along with pictures from Europe! Pt 1 (Amsterdam to Munich)

    Icon, Welcome home!! Awesome travelogue so far, looking forward to seeing the rest of the set. So, the German girls. Did you bring one home?
  4. Alanroseman

    I have Photographisis... Infected for A Year!

    Call the W.H.O.. Call the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. There is no cure for the photograpisis bug. Often the photographisis bug is accompanied by further complications, GAS (Gear acquisition Syndrome). You seem to have a full blown case of both. While there is no cure, hanging...
  5. Alanroseman

    Possible eBay/PayPal scam involving Oly 45 mm.

    So, we might as well go all the way if we're interested in applying caution. Who was the seller, either it'll be an honest mistake or we'll all know who to stay away from... Alan
  6. Alanroseman

    Is it worth learning how to type properly?

    I took typing in High School. For one reason only, to sit near a girl named Cheryl. I vividly recall, during the second semester, the teacher walking up to my desk and asking me, "why did you bother to take this class?" I answered truthfully,"to sit near Cheryl", who by that time I was...
  7. Alanroseman

    Delicious Robatayaki!

    That is a wonderful set.... I'm hungry now! Thanks for sharing.. Alan
  8. Alanroseman

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    Hyubie, That's because you're getting old and shaky....
  9. Alanroseman

    Cathedral Interior (Warning: No HDR!)

    What a great set Nic!! You've set HDR back 3 years single-handedly :biggrin: Just fabulous photography, great processing... it's just all good. Alan
  10. Alanroseman

    Boston Public Garden

    Hey good stuff hyubie! Have you come to an agreement in principal with your G3? Are you and your G3 friends now?
  11. Alanroseman

    The Forth Railway Bridge

    Hi Caroline, I'm not answering for Iansky, just offering some info. Iansky uses Silver EFX Pro. And he's really really good at it... As far as his technique, I'll leave that all to him. Cheers, Alan
  12. Alanroseman

    Road to Rajasthan

    Thank you for the tour Alf. Enjoyable as ever! Alan
  13. Alanroseman

    Pirate Street Fest at Ft. Myers Beach, FL

    Nice series! That 45-200 worked out well for you. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Alanroseman

    Scottish landscape

    This are beautiful Iansky. Your B&W work is among the very best seen here. Alan
  15. Alanroseman

    Beginning of the end for legacy fast-fifties?

    You've become a fortune teller of sorts...
  16. Alanroseman

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    Nice set Richard. Too bad the sun didn't shine a little more for you..
  17. Alanroseman

    DigitalRevTV reviews 45mm f/1.8

    Kai is a little crazy, and a lot irreverent .. I really enjoy every review he does.
  18. Alanroseman

    GF1.... a very cool little machine

    Well said. I feel the same way about the GF1, it's the camera that made up my mind on µ43. it just feels solid to me, in every way, like it'll last a good while. I'm glad you like yours, and equally happy that your sticking with µ43. Alan
  19. Alanroseman

    Beginning of the end for legacy fast-fifties?

    Revival. Nic's most prescient post. Nic, This may have been your most prescient post. I found myself pulling a few regulars out my my bag since the arrival of the Oly 45/1.8. The Hex 40, the Rokkor 50/1.4 are hanging out in the glass case at the moment. I have no doubt that I'll shoot...
  20. Alanroseman

    E-PL2 owns the G3 in portraiture shooting!

    I'm going to as Luckypenguin to get out the cute kitty picture any minute... I don't think there are any Olympus haters here, nor Panasonic haters, least wise I certainly hope not. Each system has its well deserved fans, many of us have had, or do have one or more of each. Heck, how many...
  21. Alanroseman

    New from ohio ,hi everyone

    Welcome Aboard! Nice to have you here. Stay awhile, post some pics. Learn the secret handshake... Alan
  22. Alanroseman

    Remember when...

    Drivers license and a 1963 Corvair in 1968... Gas was .26 cents at the Mutual Station. Oil, which the Corvair used more of than gasoline, was .49 a quart. Four of us would cut class, all chip in a buck and the tank was full! We had to scrounge around for the oil money though....
  23. Alanroseman

    To Filter or not. That is the question...

    Thread Revival While you happened top have responded to an old thread, it's a good for all of the new members to review. Nice thread to revive.. Alan
  24. Alanroseman

    Leave of absence...

    You will be missed Hi Mauve, i'm very gratified that your personal resin is a happy one. That said, I'll miss your contributions greatly, and hope we get more of them in the future. Your friend in New England, Alan
  25. Alanroseman

    High Plains Elevator

    Tecpatl4, More good stuff my friend... your motorcycle agrees with your photography. Alan
  26. Alanroseman

    Some E-P1 garden shots

    Does this mean you like it??? :smile:
  27. Alanroseman

    Desert Storm

    Tecpatl4, That's a really nice image. Good stuff, your last few posts have been really really nice. You're traveling huh? Alan
  28. Alanroseman

    COMPLETED Reduced! Let's make a deal. Panasonic LX3. Spare Battery, 8 GIG SDHC

    Bump. Price Reduced... let's make a deal Keep me away from Flea Bay..... Swap me you nice compact P&S for my wife's LX3..
  29. Alanroseman

    µ43 & Sports.. Oh No! Never.

    Hi Shinitz, Who would have thought that such a highly regarded lens would produce "busy and distracted bokeh" :smile: We're all aware of the limitations faced shooting the 45-200. Still though, for the price it's a fun lens to have in the bag for days such as the one captured here...
  30. Alanroseman

    µ43 & Sports.. Oh No! Never.

    Hi Ray, I'm sure you know it's partly tongue in cheek. I don't think µ43 as system is ready to tackle pro sports, or take its place in field side press boxes around the world. On the other hand, I find it comical when soccer Moms are advised against µ43 because they'll obviously need a...
  31. Alanroseman

    µ43 & Sports.. Oh No! Never.

    Hi My oldest graduated from "the University of the South" in Sewanee, TN. They were the southern most University playing Field Hockey. I didn't know you were an old hockey fan...
  32. Alanroseman

    How does multi-point focusing work? Does it increase DOF?

    Howie, Switch to decaf..... :biggrin:
  33. Alanroseman

    Tropical North

    What a beautiful place. I'd love to visit there some day. Thanks for sharing. Alan
  34. Alanroseman

    µ43 & Sports.. Oh No! Never.

    It's been some years since my last involvement with Field Hockey. The goggles are a relatively new addition to the sport, been incorporated over the past 10 years. Makes perfect sense when you think about it. Hi hkpzee, I use "center focus" and AFS. These were shot with a G1...
  35. Alanroseman

    Hello from Ashland, Oregon

    Welcome Well, your first two images don't need any help:smile: Cheers from New England, Alan
  36. Alanroseman

    µ43 & Sports.. Oh No! Never.

    We had a "rain date" makeup game today. Dighton Rehoboth vs. Case HS. Nice sunny day, shot for awhile with the Panny 45-200. Hand held, not too bad. The rest are here: <table...
  37. Alanroseman

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    There are some absolutely fabulous photographs in this image thread. Truly.
  38. Alanroseman

    October Contest. Sponsored by Visual Magnetics!

    You can process the image to your heart's content...
  39. Alanroseman

    Eye Contact

    Gary, I love every shot you've posted in this thread. I always loved the Broadway series, that's the name of that series yes? The big dude in number 3 second post is a great image..
  40. Alanroseman

    Apple Picking in Rhode Island, With the Oly 45 / 1.8

    C'mon Hikari, the B's just won the cup, and the Pats are 4 - 1! It's the over payed underperforming dead sox that makes us all sick.. But jeez, why are two folks from Maine rooting for a NY team?
  41. Alanroseman

    Apple Picking in Rhode Island, With the Oly 45 / 1.8

    Hi Guys, Oh Michelle picked 26 lbs of apples, I just walked in from the Pats game. What a surprise, there's an apple crisp cooking in the oven. I love fall in New England. Amin: Roger Williams is really nice isn't it? Hikari: We had two folks from Maine sitting in front of us...
  42. Alanroseman

    Apple Picking in Rhode Island, With the Oly 45 / 1.8

    Hi Nic, I noticed the images were washed out when I processed on my primary monitor, then posted them. looked great on the monitor, then washed out and milky when posted. I pulled them down, and redid the processing monitor two. They look better, but when I see them now on the laptop...
  43. Alanroseman

    Uh oh, what have I done?

    Oh Nic, you are what my grandfather used to call a "wiseacre"
  44. Alanroseman

    Apple Picking in Rhode Island, With the Oly 45 / 1.8

    Thanks. While I live in Mass, I'm only 4 miles from the RI border. RI is a beautiful state, and very under appreciated by those who live there. Cheers, Alan
  45. Alanroseman

    Apple Picking in Rhode Island, With the Oly 45 / 1.8

    Well I did my best to make a few decent images this afternoon. Not the best conditions, bright bright sunlight, new adopted doggie tied to my wrist, which equals the opposite of any IBIS / ILIS - instead you get DYCH "Dog Yanking Camera Hand". Nothing too artsy, just wanted to confirm the...
  46. Alanroseman

    Uh oh, what have I done?

    Gone to the dark side have we Master Nic? Wait, I have to go outside and catch my pig..
  47. Alanroseman

    Uh oh, what have I done?

    Oh oh... the pigs are flying :flypig:
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