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    Your Top Five Images: July 2017

    This is amazing mate, one of those images that made me pause and look at in greater detail. The colours and crisp edges make for a warm yet sharp photo. I really like it. Where is it docked? best, icon
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Black Panasonic GM5 | Location: AUS | Ships: AUS

    G'day Allan. I sold the camera Saturday
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    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    My fiancé Sarah taken with GM5 and panasonic 42.5mm Sarah by iconindustries, on Flickr
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Black Panasonic GM5 | Location: AUS | Ships: AUS

    Here's a portrait from the camera. My Fiancé Sarah Sarah by iconindustries, on Flickr
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Black Panasonic GM5 | Location: AUS | Ships: AUS

    Hey Moccaman, long time no talk. I don't have the 12-32 since I bought the camera body only. It has the flash and bag along with everything else that came in the box. Strap, usb cable ect.
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Black Panasonic GM5 | Location: AUS | Ships: AUS

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Black Panasonic GM5 What are your prices? 345.00 Where are you located? AUS Where are you willing to to ship? AUS Description Up for sale is my black GM5 mirrorless camera Reason for selling is that I...
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    Tips for getting razor sharp portraits with Micro 4/3

    I agree with Vin on the contrast (hey man, haven't talked for ages:) I reckon contrast helps define the edges and our perception sees this as sharpness. This is a picture from the weekend using the Olympus 75mm. It's a sharp lens but the Oly 45 is pretty sharp too. Some adjustments to black...
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    Long Exposure Noise - Parameter That Improve the E-M5

    My brother who does lots of astrophotography photos says temperature is the biggest variable affecting noise in the image. For every 6 degrees in temperature can half the amount of noise that is produced or vice versa. Noise will increase the longer the camera I operating as the body heats up...
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    Watch Photo Thread

    My current love is for Omega. I've got a growing collection of watches now. I'll have to photograph a few more. This is one of three Omega's If someone has info on this model I'd like to hear about it, I haven't seen one like it. It's a Automatic De ville, I've seen ones similar but they don't...
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    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    My Girlfriend:) Sarah by iconindustries, on Flickr P2160841 by iconindustries, on Flickr
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    X Factor Dean Ray performs at Chinchilla

    You're making that lens sing Maria, literally. I like the 4th image, the fuzz on the guitar lead looks kinda cool. Chinchilla caught my eye because that's not far from where I am. best, icon
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    Site Software Change

    It's looking good Amin. At first I felt a bit lost but you've done alot to make it feel similar. I like it.
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    Shutter Life Expectancy - Pen Series -

    They must be pretty well built. I have a Panasonic GX1 that has done over 100K and still kicking.
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    Farm and Agricultural Photo Collection

    The time of the year when the sorghum is filling out and in need of a spray. Crop Spraying by iconindustries, on Flickr
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    Need recommendation for a manual prime lens for portraits etc.

    Hey mate, what's your thoughts now that you've got the lens. You'll have to show show some photos.
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    Comet Lovejoy & Carina Nebula

    Thank you Wjiang and Maritan! Here is an old photo of the mount, I have made a few changes since then, most notably the addition of a tripod head on the left telescope support on which I mounted the camera for these shots. Processing workflow was first to stack the images, and then...
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    Featured: 'Summer Holidays on the Gold Coast with the GX7 & LX100' by Livnius

    A nice bunch of interesting shots Joe. It's nice to see your photos and it looks like you had a ripper holiday. I visited Australia Zoo and went to the beach around Mooloolaba last weekend, absolutely brilliant. The LX100 seems to be doing a good job in the right hands. Late afternoon at...
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    Comet Lovejoy & Carina Nebula

    G'day I thought I'd contribute some of my recent images. The first is of Comet Q2 Lovejoy on the 30th of December. It consists of 8 exposures, each 140 seconds long. Captured with an EM5 and 75mm lens shooting at f3.2 and ISO 800. The exposures were tracked on my homemade wooden...
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    Need recommendation for a manual prime lens for portraits etc.

    It's crazy how the value of the older manual lenses went up when mirrorless cameras enabled them to be used again. I've noticed since starting years ago with the panasonic GF1 and back then scouring ebay brought in bargains. Now it takes a lot more to pick up a bargain. There used to be a nice...
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    Need recommendation for a manual prime lens for portraits etc.

    I'm going to vouch for the MD Rokkor lenses. The 50mm 1.4 is razor sharp and the 45mm 2 is brilliantly fast to focus. It snaps to focus faster than any other manual focus lenses I've used. 50mm 1.4 Rokkor Burning Tendrils by iconindustries, on Flickr 45mm 2 Rokkor P1160666 by...
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    Panasonic GX7 Featured in the Fotografiska Stockholm

    Recently I had a holiday Visiting Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Poland. It was incredible, I hope to post some pictures sometime. But I wanted to share this with you guys. In Sweden I visited the Fotografiska Museum which showcased four different genre's by different photographers. It was my...
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    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    My cousin with the Em5 and O45 with iso 2000 Annika by iconindustries, on Flickr
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    Portrait edit with LR and four Variations ??

    Yep, I like the 2nd as well. I agree with Don on texture -definition slider. May eek that extra bit out of an already fantastic image. best, icon
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    Busy mu43 weekend doing landscape photos around Brisbane

    Nice stuff Phil. I actually like the light you got from the sunset and sunrise. It's a more diffused purplish tone, which I like compared to the stereotypical highly saturated shots I'm used to seeing. 2nd would have to be my favourite. Noticed the horizon on the 3rd, but it may be...
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    M43 Portraiture by LivingLoud

    These are freakin incredible Maxim. I appreciate your time in compiling these short write ups, good inspiration to keep me shooting with fresh ideas. I fully agree with your thoughts on getting the real deal with people you know or people who are relaxed. Saying that, I still think you have...
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    G'day! - The Everything Australian Thread

    haha, I'd go snags and a t bone over that anyday
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    G'day! - The Everything Australian Thread

    Nice idea Ray. I have a few I can add in. best, icon Hard at Work by iconindustries, on Flickr C17 Taxing back into centre position. by iconindustries, on Flickr P8200096 by iconindustries, on Flickr P8160403 by iconindustries, on Flickr P8080334 by iconindustries, on Flickr P8070249 by...
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    .::Official Family Journalism Thread. B&W only::.

    Wow Rospo that first picture is beautiful, you nailed it completely. Love the composition and the detail in her eye. Have you got a sense of atmosphere you can share about the moment? best, icon
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    One Word - A short film shot in Tel Aviv (GH4)

    I really like this mate. Simple but powerful. It's encouraging to realise that the majority of people still want peace. I wasn't surprised at the amount of men that said milhama but was certainly surprised at the amount of women. Obviously it's not just testosterone that looks for war.
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    Made in China !

    My iPhone and Macbook Pro are made in China. It seems the more money that you give them the better the product. Plus it depends on the Quality Control of the respective Company with their name on the product. I was talking to a salesman at Harvey Norman after Christmas and he said the return...
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    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    Is that your wife's chair?:biggrin:
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    Going back to photography as a hobby

    Giday and Welcome birdie. Sorry to hear about your loss last year. I hope you'll be able to enjoy photography for enjoyment. It takes the fun out of things a little when a hobby becomes a job, but you'll love the absence of deadlines and enjoy the moment. My Grandparents used to live in...
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    Texel - The Netherlands (Holland)

    Overcast but green. I like the ambience, compared to sunny and kinda dry over here in western part of QLD. I agree with Duncan, the last picture is great. best, icon
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    A tiny Gecko in a Glass... and other maui garden shots

    Hey Kevin. Great to see some awesome pictures mate. Looks like it's nice over your way at the moment judging from the vibrant colours. The first shot of the Gecko in the glass is really cool, I like it. Also what's up with the Lizards? A bit of a pash going on?
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    Your top five images April 2014

    OMD 75mm with solar filter. QLD Australia Solar Eclipse with slight cloud by iconindustries, on Flickr Caught in a moment by iconindustries, on Flickr young and old by iconindustries, on Flickr Lead Me Onward by iconindustries, on Flickr wrapped by iconindustries, on Flickr
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    Panasonic 14mm pancake...yay or nay?

    For me the 14 and 45 are a feel good focal length. The other lenses are great but the 14 and 45 seem natural. 14mm Kicking front street! by iconindustries, on Flickr 20mm Workshop Series by iconindustries, on Flickr 25mm * by iconindustries, on Flickr 45mm Dolly by iconindustries...
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    Panasonic 14mm pancake...yay or nay?

    When I first embarked on the m43 journey way back in 2009 my first purchase was a GF1 and 20mm kit. That is all I had for quite some time and I took that combo to Europe. I tell ya those were the days when I had one lens! Now I have a bunch and the options make life harder than easier. So...
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    Panasonic 14mm pancake...yay or nay?

    I love the 14mm. Picked up a new black one for like AU $160. Great walk around lens, especially on the GM1 <iframe src="" width="1024" height="768" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen...
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    Hello from australia. Late to the party

    Giday Pav. Welcome 'ere. I'm from near Toowoomba way, few Queenslanders represent! Looking forward to seeing your photos. icon
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    Your top five images March 2014

    <a href="" title="Early morning reflection by iconindustries, on Flickr">"1024" height="640" alt="Early morning reflection"></a> Then came along a GM1 <a href="" title="Obese...
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    Steel Wool

    Nice work Nam. I bet you used a fair amount of steel wool to get those shots. Did you dunk it in metho to get it lit? I've used a fire before but that would be a bit hard where you're twirling. The green on the tracks is cool. Is that from a Laser? For those who are not savvy with what's going...
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    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    I like this photo Zebra. Especially the top half. The lower part not so much, legs aren't really doing it for me. A crop below her arm I reckon would take away the distracting masculine legs.
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    Bruges in 7-14 with a DMC-GM1

    I liked it Pier. My first impression was at the clarity and colours, they look fantastic. Did you add any colour corrections in editing? The flickering light in the water really made for a good still shot yet something small that drew me in. best, icon
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    Selling my Oly E-M5 for Panasonic GM1 i'm I CRAZY?!

    I've just sold my X100 and purchased a GM1. Waiting for it to arrive
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    .::Official Family Journalism Thread. B&W only::.

    Thats brilliant Penfan! Love how nothing is stopping him from chopping that onion.
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    Focal length of Telescopes vis-a-vis Telephoto lenses

    Telescope focal ratios or f stops are a bit different to lenses, lenses as you would obviously know are mainly measured by there focal length, but telescopes are measured by the objective lens diameter. So for instance, a 100mm telescope with an f ratio of 6 would have a focal length of 600mm...
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    E-M1 at Orion Nebula

    G'day Per, This is quite a nice image, what was the ambient temperature at the time? The noise look pretty good! I'm very impressed with the tracking, 5 minute subs at 500mm FL with a 2x crop sensor (around 30X magnification) with only slight trailing is great! You must have had a good polar...
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    Your Top Five Images of February 2014

    Old Time Flowers by nekminutehey, on Flickr Danbo and Daniello by nekminutehey, on Flickr Lights on the Hill Truckie Memorial Convoy by nekminutehey, on Flickr Mini Truck. by nekminutehey, on Flickr Double Rainbow!! by nekminutehey, on Flickr
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    [FT] Fuji X100 for Panasonic GM1 | Location: Australia | Ships: Australia

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to TradeTrading Fuji X100 for Panasonic GM1 Location Australia Ships to Australia Description I have a used X100 I'd like to trade for a GM1. The X100 has had the sticky blades problem repaired and is working brilliantly. It comes with...
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