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  1. barry13

    Where can we post links to Ebay Sales?

    And you can get a subscription for free if you buy something from an affiliate seller. Details at
  2. barry13

    [FS/FT] Minolta Rokkor MD/SR mount lenses, etc. | Location: USA | Ships: WORLD

    Offers welcome! International shipping available. I would be interested in a trade for an Olympus 12-100Pro in exchange for the 58/1.2 + several more of my lenses.
  3. barry13

    Guess the Location!

    Lots of communes around there.... @moonraker asked if it might be Cathar... one of these maybe?
  4. barry13

    Show LEGO

    (a large dragon over the Lego Store, Downtown Disney/Anaheim)
  5. barry13

    Photo Association

    BTW, how often do you have an image in mind as a reply to this thread, and then find a far better image in the same folder from the same shoot? (far better re a previous post, I was a bit slow to process this and @Snowonuluru beat me, but it still kinda works...)
  6. barry13

    Insulated/Waterproof Winter Boots

    Regarding quality... My everyday (literally, over 360 days a year) shoe is the Timberland Annapolis boat shoe ( I have some in leather, and some in mixed suede/canvas. I have had zero failures of...
  7. barry13

    Insulated/Waterproof Winter Boots

    Hi, I've got some Timberland low-rise boots I bought for a trip to Wisconsin last February during the storms. They're waterproof but not heavily insulated; they kept my feet dry and warm enough in the snow and wind and cold (16-26 over two evenings). I forgot to wear my thin wool socks the...
  8. barry13

    New patent Olympus 8-24mm f/4.0 lens

    Hi, the Panasonic 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8 are much smaller and lighter. Note the zoom control is in the opposite direction.
  9. barry13

    Show Orange

  10. barry13

    Show and request

    Show: busy
  11. barry13

    Caption This #166

    bump... time to choose a winner?
  12. barry13

    Issue with my Dads lens

    Hi, If the lens isn't working, a firmware update is unlikely to work and would be risky if there's a poor connection. Agree re checking the contacts.
  13. barry13

    Mu-43 teleconverters with adapted lenses

    @connloyalist, yes I'd say it's negligible enough that it can be very usable. The worst case (for pretty much all lenses) is wide-open, and I haven't shot enough wide-open portrait samples to make a firm decision there, but portraits aren't very important to me anyways.
  14. barry13

    Mu-43 teleconverters with adapted lenses

    Also note the TC is magnifying only the center of the lens’ image, which is often the best part.
  15. barry13

    Anybody else missing EXIF data?

    Hmm... definitely the EXIF isn't there... I'm not sure what happened to it.
  16. barry13

    Guess the Location!

    Speaking of Portugal, is that the right country for this location?
  17. barry13

    Guess the Location!

    Hi, You could also post a thread in the Travel Tips And Discussion topic here.
  18. barry13

    Anybody else missing EXIF data?

    Hi, just your pictures, or everybody's? If just yours, can you post an example? Are you uploading at 1600x1600 or smaller?
  19. barry13

    [FS/FT] Canon FD, EF Lenses and Macro Set | Location: USA | Ships: World

    Bump... Free shipping in USA for orders over $40!
  20. barry13

    Showcase Minolta 58mm f/1.4 MC Rokkor-PF

    I've posted a set of images with the MC-14 teleconverter added, at
  21. barry13

    Mu-43 teleconverters with adapted lenses

    I've long known that my Oly MC-14 teleconverter fits on most lens adapters for 'legacy' lenses, but I never really got around to trying it until @Brownie asked me what the Minolta Rokkor 58mm lenses (I have both the f/1.4 and f/1.2 models) would look like with a 1.4 teleconverter. One reason I...
  22. barry13

    show Signs

  23. barry13

    Show "Cars"

  24. barry13

    Post Your WTF Photos.

  25. barry13

    setting up digikam database question

    I was wrong about the thumbnails (although you can delete them anytime, and probably can limit the size.). Regardless, not huge: digikam4.db 36.0 M recognition.db 764.0 k similarity.db 24.0 k thumbnails-digikam.db 492.7 M with 42k photos in my collections. I'm not using the...
  26. barry13

    setting up digikam database question

    I think mine is under 50mb, including the thumbnails. I have about 35k photos.
  27. barry13

    EVF flicker / blackout on E-M1 Mark II

    Hi, also check the Live View Boost setting.
  28. barry13

    Show and request

    show: Deflated
  29. barry13

    Post Processing Challenge #516
  30. barry13

    Your Favorite/Top 5 or 13 images for 2019

    @Crdome, @L0n3Gr3yW0lf, I merged your 2 threads, as I am planning to feature a top 2019 thread and it doesn't work out so well if there's 2 of them. Thanks for your understanding.
  31. barry13

    Show and request

  32. barry13

    Sigma a 1:3,5-4,5 f 35-135 mm macro mc para olympus Om

    Hi, what mount is your Sigma?
  33. barry13

    Modified firmware, looking for users

    Hi, you can use it, and it will put you at whatever version the modded firmware is based upon.
  34. barry13

    Real Estate photography

    BTW, the Pana 7-14 is prone to purple blob flares on Oly bodies, so I wouldn't recommend it.
  35. barry13

    Real Estate photography

    Hi, the 4/3 ZD 7-14/4 are a bargain, and would work well on your E-M1 with an Oly or Panasonic adapter (do NOT get a third-party adapter for UWA). It is considered to be the best UWA zoom ever made. Also, it can be tricked into doing f/2.8. It's pretty heavy though.
  36. barry13

    My New Year’s Resolution 2020 – Motorsports with m4/3

    Yeah, I occasionally use that for a batch B&W export, as there doesn't seem to be a B&W preview in it. BTW, I don't use XnView MP as a full DAM; I've found DigiKam to be far more powerful, but it's too slow for mass culling imo. I posted a review of DigiKam and compared it to XnView MP in the...
  37. barry13

    Guess the Location!

    The board is open for anyone who wants to start a new round!
  38. barry13

    My New Year’s Resolution 2020 – Motorsports with m4/3

    Hi, XnView MP is free and very fast.
  39. barry13

    [FS/FT] 135mm Minolta Rokkor, Tamron SR/MD mount lenses $15+ |Location: USA| Ships: WORLD

    Bumpity... international shipping available! List updated; 5 great lenses still available! Note lots of sample images linked. These are fast, sharp telephotos at a great price! They're great for concerts, events, outdoor portraits... Questions & offers are welcome!
  40. barry13

    Sold - GX85 two lens bundle $369.95

    FWIW, Everyone's been selling it new for $447 for at least a few weeks; my friend's wife got one for him on Tuesday at Samy's.
  41. barry13

    UWA for video vlogging

    Hi, the 4/3 ZD 7-14/4 is very cheap now, but even more enormous and heavy than the m.ZD Pro. If you get one, you'll need the Oly or Pana adapter; the third-party ones are often not flat enough for UWA.
  42. barry13

    Show and request

    I was quite disappointed when I realized this hasn't been a camera store for some time: Show: surprised
  43. barry13

    [FS/FT] Minolta 200mm f3.5, f4, or f4.5 telephoto prime lenses (Rokkor, Celtic), clean, $20-39 | Location: USA | Ships: WORLD

    Hi Rose, The f/3.5 MC QF is $39. It's a bit under 3lbs packed, which would be $38.75 shipped by USPS First Class to New Zealand. International Priority Mail would be almost double that. Please PM me if you'd like to discuss further. Thanks
  44. barry13

    52 weeks in 2019

    OK, here's one for Week 7 (Feb 12-18): Complementary Colors & Week 12 (Mar 19-25): A Stranger:
  45. barry13

    52 weeks in 2019

    Sorry I've not been posting (or taking) many pictures here lately... This feels wishful to me... Merry Christmas!
  46. barry13

    SHOW: 2019 Christmas / Holiday Thread

    Merry Christmas!
  47. barry13

    Show "Shoes"

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