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  1. phrenic

    Mitakon Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95 Lens Giveaway

    A shot from the lunar eclipse..too bad I didn't have anything longer than the Oly 40-150mm.
  2. phrenic

    G6 Added Grip

    I like the idea of bulking up the area around the buttons. I'm always palm mashing the buttons on my G5.
  3. phrenic

    Best "OM" system 'zoom' lenses

    Wow your 75-150mm is a way better copy than mine! Or perhaps I've been using it wrong.. :o
  4. phrenic

    Zuiko OM 24mm f2.8 vs Lumix 25mm f1.4

    I have used the 75-150mm and it is pretty terrible on digital at least. Perhaps film is more forgiving.
  5. phrenic

    Change in site funding

    And by posting a link to what you will buy you might encourage others to check out the product as well, increasing sales to the retailer.
  6. phrenic

    Support by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase

    Hey with Black Friday, I'm sure people can help support the site.. I'll do my part to stimulate the economy by picking up some gifts:
  7. phrenic

    Support by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase

    I guess I'm just on a shopping spree today..I don't know if this is too small to track, but hey worth a shot. I need a USB OTG cable for my new Nexus 5 (which is great btw). Gonna pick this one up:
  8. phrenic

    Support by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase

    My fellow PC gamers might be interested in Civ 5's Brave New World DLC. I'm grabbing it at around 8$, after 20% coupon code: GMG20-ODON7-FLUA7
  9. phrenic

    Support by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase

    Time to pick up some odds and ends from my favorite store..
  10. phrenic

    Support by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase

    Odd..copying and pasting the coupon code didn't work, but it is valid. I entered it in by hand..not sure if the forum formatting is screwing it up! But it does work! :smile:
  11. phrenic

    Support by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase

    Very cool. FYI for the PC gamers here, I'm picking up X-Com Enemy Within. Looks to be getting good reviews and there's even a 33% discount with this code GMG25-C5729-7SY25 right now.
  12. phrenic

    What's worth keeping?

    +1 for keeping the Zuiko primes. The rest would probably be not...very good.
  13. phrenic

    Canada: Dell has Pana 100-300 for $409 plus free shipping

    Grrrrr. I sent an email to find out why there had been no progress on my order after 3 business days. Wow. I'm pretty pissed off (first world problems, I know). But seriously, you show allow the order, you process it. Looks good for 3 days, then just tell me 'Oops' after I...
  14. phrenic

    Canada: Dell has Pana 100-300 for $409 plus free shipping

    Sweet price, thanks for sharing. I also picked one up..I see the lens go for 425-500 US used here..don't think I've ever seen it less than 600$ in Canada (or around the same from B&H after shipping and currency conversion).
  15. phrenic

    Happy Halloween! (With a bonus OM tribute)

    Didn't see any Halloween/Jack o Lantern thread so far, so thought I would share: Rough, but I'm fairly happy with the pumpkin given that I was stuck with a 2 inch little paring knife to carve. :smile:
  16. phrenic

    GX7 or EM5?

    Uh wrong system.
  17. phrenic

    Whoa what happened to my 7.5mm fisheye?! Out of alignment?

    Problem solved! Turns out the rearmost element seems to have unscrewed itself..maybe through vibration or shoddy manufacturing. Either way, I got it tightened up my my friendly local photo shop and I'm back in business. Happy to save the shipping cost to NY and repairs for what turned out to be...
  18. phrenic

    Whoa what happened to my 7.5mm fisheye?! Out of alignment?

    Yeah when the lens is only around 300$, it only makes sense to ship it and repair it if the cost is low. Kinda silly really. I emailed them 2 days ago and no word back yet. Hoping I won't have to call to follow up. And since its out of warranty anyways, I might see if there's any local lens...
  19. phrenic

    Whoa what happened to my 7.5mm fisheye?! Out of alignment?

    G5 and G1, no difference..
  20. phrenic

    Whoa what happened to my 7.5mm fisheye?! Out of alignment?

    So I took my rokinon 7.5mm lens out for the first time after a few months and noticed that it looked off..while before I could crank the focus to infinity and shoot without any problems, it's now out of alignment or something. It looks to be focusing past infinity. All at f8: focus...
  21. phrenic

    COMPLETED EM5 (Black, no bezel crack) + free EP11 eye cup & protector | Location: Canada | Ships: US/Canada

    You will get more attention but the commission fees will likely make it not worthwhile.. Though for the sake of my wallet, it may be better if it goes over there instead of a price drop. :o Being in the same city its already way too tempting..
  22. phrenic

    Your Top Five Images of September 2013

    I always like these highlight's hard to catch the image threads in this forum given all the activity. Easier to just check out a few with collected images. G5 14-45mm <a href="" title="P1050910 by illvilliaNY, on Flickr">"775"...
  23. phrenic

    On-The-Go Backup Solution for us Travelling Photogs...

    Thanks for sharing! As a frequent traveler and paranoid photographer I've been looking for this sort of solution for a while (bringing a netbook was a pain on my last 5 week trip). Now I could even get down to just an iphone and an external 2.5" HDD. :D Very positive reviews from what I can...
  24. phrenic

    Need opinions on 85mm from owners

    If you can find a SMC super takumar 85mm 1.8, I don't think you can do much better than that IQ or build quality/feel wise. Definitely one of my favs. That said, the market prices seem rather crazy at 300-450ish. I paid 150 for mine and it seemed like a steal.
  25. phrenic

    Lumia 1020 vs GX1

    Cool! The Nokia is definitely on my shortlist for my next phone (though it sounds like the HTC One and the iphone 5S are decent competition , only the 1020 seems basically built around the camera!).
  26. phrenic

    Brag About Your Computer Here!

    IIRC, even when ssds fail the data should be largely recoverable (back when people were concerned ith the lifetime wear/number of writes with ssd technology).
  27. phrenic

    Brag About Your Computer Here!

    Looks nice in there, very clean. It sure would be a challenge to fit all those HDDs into my mITX case and looks like it would be a lot easier to assemble in there. But I suppose that's the trade-off for size!
  28. phrenic

    Why MFT users are so INSECURE?

    Uh you may find this article interesting then: If There’s No Inflation, Why Are Prices Up So Much? |
  29. phrenic

    An African safari.

    Looks like an awesome trip. Thanks for sharing.
  30. phrenic

    A Big Wasp Macro

    (the title says it all) This wasp refused to leave my apartment despite all my efforts to aid ultimately he had to die, but at least in death he was able to donate his body as a model. P1050646-Edit by illvilliaNY, on Flickr P1050652-Edit by illvilliaNY, on Flickr Shot...
  31. phrenic

    Brag About Your Computer Here!

    Wow some sweet set-ups here. Sounds like you guys are using them more responsibly than me and my late night gaming though.:eek: I'm running a small-ish Bitfenix Prodigy mITX case with -i5 3570k OC'd to 4.2ghz on a simple all-in-one water loop -8GB ram -128GB corsair M4 SSD for OS -1.5TB...
  32. phrenic

    Minolta MD Macro Options?

    Scored it for 85$. :) It's in good shape and looks promising. Can't wait for the adapter to arrive. Thanks for the thoughts/recommendations!
  33. phrenic

    Moonlight Reflections under the Lions Gate Bridge

    Thanks for all the kind words. :)
  34. phrenic

    Moonlight Reflections under the Lions Gate Bridge

    And some cliche sunset landscapes as a bonus. :tongue: Show with G5, 9-18mm in raw. C&C always welcome. While I like the light and colors, I'm less sold on the composition. Some of the shots seem cluttered or imbalanced. P1050532 by illvilliaNY, on Flickr P1050528 by...
  35. phrenic

    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 discontinued!!

    I'm sure it'll AF better and quieter. But I'm doubting you'll see any IQ or speed improvement. Or if it does, it'll be larger I'm sure (*cough 17mm 1.8 & 25mm 1.4). I'm content with my current 20mm. I'm sure it'll still be the best bang for your buck/size-performance ratio in the m43 system...
  36. phrenic

    Various (cheap) accessories

    Nice thread! I love looking at the various cheap accessories available on ebay. Alot of these things are simple and should be cheap if you go right to the supplier.
  37. phrenic

    Minolta MD Macro Options?

    Hi folks, I was looking at some macro options that would do double duty on my m43 and Fuji setups. The 2 lenses I was looking at are the late model 100mm f4 with extension tube. Good condition, seemed pretty nice and light. 150$ Or This 100mm f4 on bellows: well, actually...
  38. phrenic

    Leica 400mm OM-D birding

    Looks good! Is that the big Telyt 400mm 6.3? How does it handle on the OM-D?
  39. phrenic

    Food photography-lighting and backdrops?

    Sorry for the slow response, but thanks for all the suggestions folks! I like the idea of the all-in-one kit. As long as it packs up small.. The light is mostly soft, but it's inconsistent and often my shooting is at night with only ugly incandescent lighting. I need to put a little...
  40. phrenic

    Share: Fujifilm X-images

    X-E1 with 35mm. DSCF2716 by illvilliaNY, on Flickr DSCF2719 by illvilliaNY, on Flickr DSCF2738 by illvilliaNY, on Flickr DSCF2735 by illvilliaNY, on Flickr (More of the long exposure water set here if you're interested: Vancouver Reflections - a set on Flickr)
  41. phrenic

    Woman stabbed to death in Los Angeles after photographing panhandlers

    It's amazing that people are so quick to blame the victim. I don't see why one should justify the stabbing of a person in this sort of situation when it really didn't need to go down like this. From the details from the earlier link, it doesn't seem wise to swear at that panhandler. But it...
  42. phrenic

    Showcase Tokina 28mm F/2.8 RMC

    Ah thats far nicer imo. Must have just been the nature of the background!
  43. phrenic

    Showcase Tokina 28mm F/2.8 RMC

    Looks sharp but that's some crazy rendering of the out of focus areas. Thanks for sharing.
  44. phrenic

    Food photography-lighting and backdrops?

    Hi folks, My wife has asked for some assistance taking pictures of her cooking, and we've noticed our kitchen isn't great for it. Incandescent lighting (though good diffused sunlight by day) but it would be nice to have a bit more control. I was thinking a simple 2 light source setup...
  45. phrenic

    Canada: Olympus 60mm $379! (Good prices on Black 17/45 preorder as well)

    Sweet price. Anyone ever order from them online? A quick google search hasn't shown much.
  46. phrenic

    Holga Street

    Just having some fun with the cheapo 20$ plastic lens. :) Nice to not have to focus! Odd workflow. Holga for some toy camera quality on the G5, shot using the cross-processing filter preset, but then thought it might work better in LR, so cropped to 1:1 ratio in LR and then edited in...
  47. phrenic

    Showcase Holga 25mm f/8

    I removed the sieve-disc at the back of the lens..from what I've read sounds like it's what adds the vignette and some of the blotchiness of the incoming light. Managed to put some more "character" marks into the lens uhh element? while I was at it. :wink: Further edited in...
  48. phrenic

    Infrared OMD stock vs EPL3 modified

    The modified shot is sharper/more detailed. Presumably from having a short exposure time as opposed to using an add-on filter (without looking up the EXIF I would guess a few seconds). Some day I'll get around to getting my old G1 modded!
  49. phrenic

    Your Top Five images of May 2013

    Thanks. I got a SMC Super Takumar 85mm 1.8. It handles nicely on M43 as well as on my Fuji XE1. Despite the crop factor, I think I like it on the G5 better. Seems like a more responsive EVF and with a nice grip. Here's a small set if you're curious...
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