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  1. bilzmale

    It would have been cool...

    The idea is not dead - check out the Digipod.
  2. bilzmale

    The G5 does a little HS Football (image heavy)

    The slight motion blur adds to the sense of action imho.
  3. bilzmale

    Golden Hour with Flash

  4. bilzmale

    Three Shires Head

    Very attractive.
  5. bilzmale

    one from the beach

    I'm liking the muted tones and the pano crop.
  6. bilzmale

    Spider from the Garden ...

    Excellent Mark.
  7. bilzmale

    some colourful bugs with OMD EM5 & OLYMPUS M.60mm F2.8 Macro

    Lovely colour and detail.
  8. bilzmale

    Ant in the Morning

    I like these Mark.
  9. bilzmale

    Time to say farewell.

    Thanks once again. Lefty the bass sees little action these days - fingers are stiffening up.
  10. bilzmale

    Time to say farewell.

    Thanks for the kind words. I've shot almost daily with the X-E1 in July and am participating in a 31 shots in August over at SC. Feels good.
  11. bilzmale

    Perfect morning for a paddle.

    Idyllic and a very nice canoe indeed.
  12. bilzmale

    A prime a day

    I was aware of this Frank but thanks for the thought. I'm a bit cash strapped after a 4 lens splurge for the Fuji.
  13. bilzmale

    Time to say farewell.

    I've just sold all my :43: gear and am feeling a bit nostalgic already. Gear sold included a GH2 with 14-42, 14-45, 14-140 Pany lenses, Oly 9-18 and Samyang 7.5. I'm a bit fickle and like change of gear (GAS) and don't have any complaints about :43: - just found I was using it less than my...
  14. bilzmale

    A prime a day

    Nice colourful set. I'll miss my FE.
  15. bilzmale

    Hello from Valleyboy

    Hello and welcome Andrew.
  16. bilzmale

    First nude shoot with 45 mm 1.8 :))

    Not fair - they've got feathers on. Nice clear shots btw.
  17. bilzmale

    [FS] GH2+14-42, P14-45, P14-140, O9-18, S7.5 fisheye | Location: Australia | Ships: Worldwide

    Greg I'll do it for the $30 USD rate which is partly subsidised by me. That's about 18 pounds. It also includes insurance. UPDATE: the GH2+14-42 has just sold for $775 on Oz eBay.
  18. bilzmale

    My Trip to San Fran/Napa Valley w/ Panny G5

    These are all thoughtfully composed - you did well.
  19. bilzmale

    [FS] GH2+14-42, P14-45, P14-140, O9-18, S7.5 fisheye | Location: Australia | Ships: Worldwide

    Oly 9-18 sold to a member who is local - thanks Michael.
  20. bilzmale

    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Hello and welcome.
  21. bilzmale

    Just Wanted to Say Hi!

    Hello and welcome.
  22. bilzmale

    Oly 60 macro and 75 1.8 - Purty Girl

    Nicely lit and yes she's purty.
  23. bilzmale

    [FS] GH2+14-42, P14-45, P14-140, O9-18, S7.5 fisheye | Location: Australia | Ships: Worldwide

    COMPLETED:-GH2+14-42, P14-45, P14-140, O9-18, S7.5 fisheye | Location: Australia | Ships: Worldwide Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> GH2+14-42, P14-45, P14-140, O9-18, S7.5 fisheye </br>Prices</br> GH2 +14-42 $600-SOLD P14-45mm $200 - Price drop to $150 and free post.- SOLD...
  24. bilzmale

    Philippines with my OM-D!

    Beautiful, colourful images Rich.
  25. bilzmale

    barn and sunrise - waterloo, il

    As said ^^^^ this one really works for me.
  26. bilzmale

    Share: Trees

    Taken with GH2 + Samyang 7.5 and de-fished in PS.
  27. bilzmale

    Parkway Diner

    Straight out of the 50s.
  28. bilzmale

    Samyang Fisheye on GH2.

    These have been de-fished using a PS plugin (Image Trends Fisheye-Hemi).
  29. bilzmale

    E-PM1 first pics

    Impressive - enjoy your new camera.
  30. bilzmale

    Southeast PA, small exhibit of my work starting Aug. 2

    Best wishes for a successful show - your images are stunning John.
  31. bilzmale

    Hello forumers!

    Hello and welcome Vol.
  32. bilzmale

    Topaz B&W Effects at 40% off for 19 July only.

    Pick up a copy for $36 (usually $60) through Bits du Jour. Just for 19 July, although BdJ often repeat deals the next day. I have this software myself and you can download a trial from BdJ too. LINK: Topaz B&W Effects (Mac PC) 40% Discount Coupon Code
  33. bilzmale

    Table by the Window

    This image has a great feel to it.
  34. bilzmale

    Red Hill beauties with the Olympus 60mm macro

    Lovely colour and detail.
  35. bilzmale

    Imported from Detroit...well Metro Detroit

    Hello and welcome Gary.
  36. bilzmale

    Another jumping spider pic (on white)

    Good detail Ernie.
  37. bilzmale

    More Egrets

    You have captured some nice feather detail - well done.
  38. bilzmale

    Faces in the Forest

    Agree with all the comments - these are quite special.
  39. bilzmale

    Introduction from Finland

    Hello Mark and welcome - you have a very nice kit.
  40. bilzmale

    Hello from Memphis

    Hello and welcome - that's a neat introductory shot.
  41. bilzmale

    G'day from Brisbane Australia

    Hello Jamie and welcome from another Aussie. Enjoy your new toys.
  42. bilzmale

    USD first visit

    Some very attractive buildings Dave. Nicely done.
  43. bilzmale

    Personalities at the street fair

    Nice informal portraits.
  44. bilzmale

    From Malaysia

    Hello and welcome Suresh - just got back from an ocean cruise that included your country.
  45. bilzmale

    Barolo's land ... the wine cellar

    As said ^^^^ an impressive set of images.
  46. bilzmale


    Hello and welcome - it's good to have you here.
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