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Thread: Helios 103

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    Default Helios 103

    So, am I incorrect on this...there is NO Contax RF to m43 adapter. They do not exist...right?

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    Okay I need to append that...there is no Contax/Kiev to micro 4/3 adapter. I saw the one that rainbowimaging has (I buy from them quite a bit) but how in the world would this...

    fit into this adapter?

    Those do not match. Add to that the fact that the Helios 103 needs some sort of focus mechanism (which I assume would be in the adapter like it is in the one for Voigtlander DKL lenses).
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    Well, if it exists... it's here

    contax to micro items - Get great deals on Cameras Photo items on!

    I'm sure you already tried that...

    Found Contax/Nikon and Contax/Yashica and Pentacon-6/Kiev mounts...

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    There isn't just one Contax mount. The lens you have is the one you can't get an adapter for. That mount only removes the front part of the lens. The helicoid is left behind. There is no adapter for that. For the Contax screw mount there is.

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    So far the options are a bit silly (for an $18 lens). There is this one from the eBay seller Amedeo at $179

    ...or I could go the 2 adapter route and get a Contax/Kiev to Leica M mount adapter for around $250 and then an M mount to m4/3 for another $25-$30. Kind of defeats the whole point of an inexpensive FSU lens. Good thing the rest of my FSU lenses are m42 (this is why its important to READ THE DESCRIPTION when bidding on eBay)...oh well, lesson learned. Into the junk drawer it goes.

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    I have the amadeo adapter - but primarily for my Sonnar mounted 1959 J3 / collapsible 50 f2 Sonnar / Helios and several J8 on my Leica M8 .
    This will allow me to adapt to my G1 with a Leica M / m43 mount .
    Using USSR , Kiev mount lenses on m43 is not an easy option , though the focus alignment problems of screw versions is eliminated on my G1 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by dixeyk
    Into the junk drawer it goes.
    ... or into the Classifieds at ?
    My photostream at is here

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdh View Post
    ... or into the Classifieds at ?
    Good point...

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    Your best bet is to get the Amedeo Adapter for the Helios-103.

    Helios-103 in Leica Thread Mount

    Or- you could get the close-up helical for the Summar and mount the Helios in it. That was hard.

    Flickr: Discussing Helios-103 in Leica Thread Mount in Russian Lens World
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